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Instant Puzzle Generator OTO


What is Instant Puzzle Generator ?

The Demo

The Instant puzzle generator is not just another app to create puzzle books, rather its a complete puzzle book publishing suite.

Instant puzzle generator was created by me for my own publishing business. I wanted the flexibility to do changes and variation to my books so I could add value and differentiate from other books in the KDP marketplace.

After having used it for months together and improving it, we have decided to open it up for our customers so that a select group of action takers can take advantage of the KDP success monster we have built.


Check out some of the cool
features below…

Customize Title & Description
You have 100% control over your titles and descriptions. Customize them at will.

Quick Edit Dashboard
Quickly add or remove words from your puzzles right inside of the dashboard.


Detailed Training
We have created step-by-step detailed training videos to help you get started quick.

Download Individual Puzzles Or Whole Books
Download either an individual puzzle or a complete 100 page book…it’s your choice!

Use the global edit settings to download the entire books
Use the local edit settings to download individual images

900+ Font Options
Yep! That’s right! You can choose from as many as 900+ high quality fonts for your puzzles.

Multiple Grid Sizes
Want to change the grid size? It’s as easy as a click of a button.

Use 8X8 to 10X10 grid sizes for kids puzzles
Use 12X12 to 20X20 grid sizes for complex adult puzzles

Multiple File Formats
We provide output files in PNG, JPG, PDF and even PPTX format! Ease of Use is the name of the game.

Multiple Page Numbering Styles
No detail is too small for us! You can select from as many as 4 different page numbering options.


Puzzle Regeneration
The app allows you to shuffle the letters to create a whole new puzzle variant using the same words.

Multiple Trim Sizes
Create your book in the trim size of your choice right inside the app. You are not limited to specific trim sizes.


Puzzle Clues
You get to position the clues in 3 different styles. How cool is that?

Place the clues as comma separated phrases at the bottom in a paragraph format
Place the clues in two columns at the bottom of the puzzle
Place the clues on the right of the puzzle should you fancy that
Stunning Border Options
Choose from a variety of border options…

Outer border only
Outer and inner border
No border on the puzzles

Multiple Answer Page Layouts
Choose from 1, 2 or 4 solution images per page for your answer sheets.

Multiple Solution Styles
Don’t stick to boring solution images. Create stunning solutions that stand out…

Solutions with bounding box around the answers
Solutions with circles around the letters of the answers
Show the filler letters and the answers in different colors and shades
Choice to remove the filler letters and show answers only

Multi-Color Puzzle Options
Complete flexibility to choose the color of fonts and borders of the puzzles.

We are paranoid about our customer support. We have got a manned helpdesk and a community of publishers in the form of a fb group to help you get unstuck.






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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey this is chris with and also in this video i’m mosting likely to do a little bit of a various evaluation of a product it’s called immediate puzzle generator and also the reason i’m doing an evaluation on this

item is because it works effectively it’s a really strong product it’s most likely something that not everyone’s going to have an interest in however it does work effectively and also if you do any kind of

Immediate Puzzle Generator OTO
type of uh marketing of e-books or anything like amazon or with the kindle then you may actually be interested in this as an alternative source of income and even a new income if it’s something that you have actually been thinking of attempting so this is the control panel of instantaneous challenge generator it’s an incredibly very easy device to utilize and also generally it develops out word

search problems for you and also it does it extremely fast and also it creates them really nicely so under this video will be a link that will take you to the sales page and also you’ll additionally find information about this Instant Problem Generator OTO
item under this video clip in the summary box there’ll be the pricing information the upsells and additionally some extra incentives you can pick up which

are some done-for-you puzzles you can get if you take place to get this via my link so this is the dashboard and truly there’s very little to this product so you have some training below that you can discuss i’m mosting likely to show you practically whatever that you can do right

now in this video clip as well as basically all you have to do is click on word search and you wish to come here and click create a problem and also you wish to offer it a name so with halloween coming

up allow’s simply do something on halloween as well as click produce so what you can do below is after you produce your campaign Instant Puzzle Generator OTO
s you intend to click sight as well as you’re going to submit a listing of key words so i have actually currently got

a listing of halloween search phrases i’m going to go on as well as select those and you can choose in between csv and also text data click open and also in simply an issue of secs it lots the file as well as develops these puzzles for you currently i’m mosting likely to scroll down here and also reveal you some of what this does and the options you have with this so with this problem number

one you can see where it actually has a title and a little of a description whereas these other ones simply has a problem leading 2 or 3 so whatever is completely editable you can edit

the title you can edit a personalized description uh or you can just leave it as a default which will just show us puzzle one 2 three four the amount of ever before it develops so the amount of puzzles it develops is based on the amount of key phrases is in your message documents or your csv file so if i show up right here as well as click on modify you’re gon na see

my keyword checklist as well as after around 10 search phrases i have a room so what that room does is divides problem one from problem two from challenge 3 and four and more so if there weren’t no

areas in this key phrase listing after that it would certainly simply develop one great big challenge now you can see right here how i have Instantaneous Puzzle Generator OTO
shalloween problem primary as well as you do that by putting in title and after that your colon right here and after that halloween puzzle number one and also

after that for your description if you desire that you would place in descriptc and then don’t get startled out or whatever you want that to say which’s what will turn up so i just done this for the initial problem though but you can modify all of them like that if you want

so i’m going to go and shut this okay so um for modifying this each box or each challenge has options so for each and every puzzle you can modify them independently or you can modify every one of them making use of the

options over below so if you wish to transform uh let’s simply review below into international settings i’ll go ahead Instant Challenge Generator OTO
and also click on setups and these are the same settings that you’re going to find if you look at below and

click the little telephone call symbol for the individual problems yet you can alter the typefaces you can alter the sizes of the titles the description of the problem the challenge grid size the problem hints so if we scroll down right here you’ll see these are the hints down here as well as we can

change these we can simply put on all-time low if we want it simply separates them by comma or you can do uh by two columns 3 columns four columns nevertheless you wan na have it set up

you can likewise add boundaries so if we click on exterior boundary it’s going to put a boundary around the outdoors and afterwards if you click on interior grid lines it develops boxes for all the letters i typically do not do that so i’m simply mosting likely to transform those off and then down below you have options for the solution setup so the option

setups are undoubtedly where it’s going to show you the services for each and every problem as well as you can come down below and also you can modify the shades of every little thing the border the Immediate Problem Generator OTO

filler the letters the descriptions titles everything can be modified below so what we can do is if we click this switch below what this is going to do is reveal the solutions for e.

ach challenge so if i scroll down you’re going to see that there are 6 challenges and that’s it if we click this button it’s currently mosting likely to reveal all of us the services for each problem so i’m going to proceed as well as untick that so once you have all your challenges done and ready you can click download and it provides you an option of downloading and install.

it in these different data formats currently i do have the professional version which likewise enables me to download it in powerpoint so i can better tailor them if i want to i’m simply mosting likely to do a pdf paper you.

Instantaneous Puzzle Generator OTO.
can choose the web page trims to different sizes you can choose just how it’s phoned number each page is numbered i’m just mosting likely to do claim web page i’ll just do like one of 24.

It simply reveals you the number of our pages there are the complete number of web pages and after that the number of remedies per page so this is going to reveal you uh the options of each problem and it’s mosting likely to put 4 of them on one web page which will save you uh web pages rather.

of simulating one per page and also i’ll show you what that is here soon let’s go ahead and also download it as well as i’ll open it alright it’s downloading and install.

and also allow’s open it all right so here’s problem leading you can see down below where we have one of 8 2 3 4 five and 6 and afterwards we’re going to have four solutions.

Instantaneous Problem Generator OTO.
per web page so this is where you can save a lot on your web pages by including uh four of these per web page or even if you wish to do two per page or the amount of ever you want to i assume 4 is plenty when you print it off it looks really excellent just like this therefore that’s it for this tool it’s it’s primarily a uh immediate puzzle generator that’s that’s what it is it does it effectively as well as.

whenever i’ve utilized it has worked out ideal so several of you might wish to use this perhaps you can include these to your internet site to bring people back provide these cost-free on your website occasionally tell them to you understand maintain come back to my website.

and also get free problems for it uh you can offer these as maybe perks depending upon the kinds of products you’re promoting or even marketing or you can also produce these challenge books yourself and also try to sell them on so there’s all various ways you can use.

this product but it does work very well which is why i wanted to do this testimonial on it if you individuals are interested i’ll place the link below this video clip along with the details regarding the item the pricing the upsells and bonuses you can obtain if you purchase it through.

Immediate Problem Generator OTO.
my web link to make sure that’s it for this video clip i wish you people appreciated it if you did please offer it a thumbs up register for my channel and also i’ll notify you when i do even more testimonials of various other products thanks Instantaneous Puzzle Generator OTO.


Instant Puzzle Generator OTO