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Insurgency OTO – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5 . 1(Case Studies), Insurgency OTO 2( 10x Pack), Insurgency OTO 3( Unlimited Traffic ), Insurgency OTO 4( The High Ticket Backdoor), Insurgency OTO 5( Reseller)

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

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Insurgency OTO

Insurgency OTO

OTO1 :Insurgency High Ticket Case Studies

In this upgrade, Zeeshan will walk you through a few real life case studies where he used Facebook Ads to sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of high ticket products… as an Affiliate. He breaks the whole campaign down via “Over The Shoulder” videos so you can follow along and replicate his results.

OTO2:Insurgency “10x Pack”</h4
Get License rights to x10 Award Winning digital products to bank 100% commissions. This is like having your own “Business in a box” that comes with all “Proven to Convert” sales material, product and support. Use what you have learned from the FE training to literally 10x your results with these products.

OTO3 :Unlimited Traffic On Demand

We’re allowing buyers to place their pixels (Facebook / Adwords) on our sales pages for 365 days to gather a HUGE Adwords or FB audience and take advantage of re-targeting to a lazer targeted audience while getting penny clicks. Buyers of this package see near instant 3 figure days.

OTO4 :The High Ticket Backdoor

With this upgrade we’re allowing you exclusive access to our “High Ticket” auto funnel. This comes complete with DFY Ads & Landing Page and SELF HOSTED webinar page. All you need to do is “Feed The Funnel” with penny clicks using what you have learned so far and cash in from $900 commissions. This is as simple as it gets… Seriously


Sell “Insurgency” as if it is your very own product. We have done all the work; the product, training, sales material and funnel, You get to swipe all of this and benefit from 100% funnel commissions while we handle support.

Insurgency OTO

what is Insurgency ?

An introduction to Facebook Ads including Business Manager set up, a Basic Overview and explanation of the main features and ad types, custom audiences, pixels optimization and a step by step walk-though on how to set up your very first ads campaign. All of the training on the FE is done by Rash Vin, one of the leading experts in Facebook Ads in the Affiliate Marketing arena…. Learn from the best and get things right the FIRST Time… Skip the trial & error (not to mention the wasted ad spend)


Video review for front End only

Text from this video

g’day guys Paul here and welcome to my insurgency review so pretty excited to be bringing this one to you as this is being presented to you by my personal mentor and coach John Armstrong I’m privileged enough to be involved in a training and mentorship program that John O has going and as an extra added bonus to this course and product that he’s creating here you’re also going to be getting access

to that as well to some free training in regards to that program too but what we’re here to talk about is a review is insurgency now what this is all about is around Facebook Ads now what John has done here is gone and paid probably the top guy in the space right now with an affiliate marketing with our warrior plus and jvzoo in regards to Facebook advertising now you’re going to get a complete set up how to set up your account an overview of the Facebook manager you’re going to learn about pixels and you’re getting this from a man

called rash fin now he is an expert in Facebook marketing he does a lot of retargeting ads for all the top affiliates and vendors within these networks and he absolutely knows what he’s doing like he is bringing plenty of sales to people’s launches and their products and affiliates you know so definitely worthwhile looking at this one you don’t often

get an opportunity to get an insight into this sort of training and and really seeing what Facebook advertising is all about and the good thing about it right now for us is the fact that unfortunately due to this health crisis that we’re going through globally there’s been not a lot of there’s been a downturn and advertising on Facebook so what has happened to our advantage is that it’s become really cheap you’re getting penny clicks for to be able to advertise on there so your return on investment is really right up there and when you are getting training from an expert in the industry that knows what he’s doing here as you are with this course then you have a massive advantage and you can really get things moving forward with your affiliate business so right now guys I’m in the members area of this product now I’ve also put together an exclusive bonus package when you pick up this product through my link below so insurgency will be launching to market may the fifth at 9:00 a.m.

Eastern when you click on the link below guys you’ll be taken through to my bonus page that looks like this now I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to bring to you bonuses from John O himself and we’ll just run through them now and then I’ll get back to the the price point of this product so bonus number one guys and you want to get this through my link you are going to be getting access to the first upsell so within the sales funnel obviously you’re going to be presented with different offers and upsells if you pick up the front end through my link below you are getting access to the first OTO which is worth forty seven dollars so you’ll be getting that for free and I’ll talk to you about that when I go through the price point for the product and will give you a better understanding

of what that first OTO is so you’re getting that for free through the link below here guys bonus number two as a hack get this is from John over again get my copy paste and retargeting ads for insurgency so he’s creating obviously retargeting ads for insurgency for this product you are going to be able to copy and paste those ads and with retargeting your obviously everything is so much cheaper than your original ad spend so a pretty massive bonus right there as well to be able to get that as a copy and paste bonus number three you’re going to be getting some hacks on Bing ads so being ads are quite really good actually because they are also very cheap a lot of people go to Google but a lot of most computers and laptops now preset to being when they when you purchase them as a search engine so you know there’s a lot of traffic within this search engine as well and a lot of money to be made on on the cheap so you’re getting a how to get a ton of traffic from Bing ads on that hack be are that bonus sorry bonus number for free $90 Bing ads spend so John is going to show you a secret hack here to get that free $90 straight up to spend on your ads within Bing and that’s again another awesome bonus and their bonus number five you are going to get access to all the mentor bonuses as usual so guys when you get on this page all you need to do is click on any of these buttons here these red buttons here that’ll take you through to the sales page where you can purchase the product again like I said it’s launching May the 5th at 9:00 a.m.


Eastern click on any of these go through purchase the product once you’ve purchased the product you’ll be taken through to your warrior Plus page that looks like this this one here on the left when you pick up the purchase of your product come down to the bottom of that page you’ll have this blue button here simply click on that blue button guys to access these exclusive bonuses simple as that and you get free access to them when you purchase the front end of this product now don’t forget you’re getting the first upsell as well through this link jump on that link and let me just go through the price point for the product itself so the front end of his insurgency is only twelve ninety seven now what you’re getting from that through you know what rash even knows and his expertise within this area at twelve ninety seven you’re getting a high ticket course here for a really low cost so you’re getting that plus you’re getting this

forty seven dollar upsell for free through these bonuses so in that upgrade ization will walk you through a cessation is a business partner of John OHS now he’s going to walk you through a real-life case study where he used Facebook ads to sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of high ticket products as an affiliate he breaks the whole campaign down via over the shoulder videos so you can follow along and replicate his results now you’re getting that for free through this link guys that is massive and when we’re talking high ticket you’re talking like thousand dollar commissions every time so this is what you’re going to see this is what you’re gonna get and being a case study it is all over the shoulder you just have to simply replicate what they’re doing you’re then going to be presented with upsell number two the 10x pack for

$97 now you can get licensed rights to ten award-winning digital products to bank a hundred percent commissions so with license rights guys you get hundred-percent commissions throughout the whole funnel now you’re getting access to ten products here that have been tested proven and converted within this warrior plus network at ninety seven dollars and there’s a down sell of 67 if you’re not familiar with down sell so what that is when you get presented with this offer you have an opportunity to decline if you decline then you are presented with the offer again at a discounted rate I didn’t tell you that but here you go guys seriously you’re saving thirty bucks here $67 upsell number three just have a look at these ones here unlimited traffic on demand so what John is doing here this is at one nine seven is allowing you to place your pixel your Facebook with AdWords pixel on their sales pages for 365 days together a huge Edwards and Facebook audience so you’re going to get access to all the data from their sales pages and be able to use that for your paid advertising strategies moving forward as well massive that is massive upsell number four the high ticket back door at $97 so with this upgrade they’re allowing you

exclusive access to their high ticket auto funnel this comes complete with done for you ads landing pages self hosted webinar page all you need to do is feed the funnel with penny clicks using what you’ve learned from purchasing the front end of this product this one here you have to get on this this is John ozone personal high ticket course and which I’m involved in and 97 bucks and you’re getting exclusive access to their sales funnel you can’t go past that one that’s a no-brainer upsell number five resell rights 167 sell insurgency as if it’s your very own product so you get this full funnel here that you can sell as your own and get a hundred percent commissions across that full funnel so there’s the price points there’s the upsells 1297 at the front end guys that’s what you’re going to get that’s all you’re gonna have to pay here and you’re getting that first upsell

through my link below so just remember that one so let’s go back into the the members area of the product there so obviously it’s a pretty simple layout easy to to navigate through you’re going to get an introduction from jonno about the product itself through here and then through here you’re able to access or the video training accounts and manager set up the Facebook Ads overview Facebook pixels and custom audiences launching your first Facebook Ads campaign and a Facebook ad insight and optimization now that this

the this is all comprehensive training from rash man who know he’s the expert in this Facebook advertising so 1297 guys this is really a no-brainer this is the time to get on this as well and hope you enjoy that review jump on the link below to access this product through my bonus page and collect those exclusive bonuses also guys don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification Bell for further interviews that I’ll be putting up and exclusive bonus packages that I always put together alright guys we will see on the next one Cheers

Insurgency OTO