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Javascript Commission Bot OTO Details

Javascript Commission Bot OTO


What is Javascript Commission Bot OTO?

The Demo

Javascript Commission Bot has been created to provide HUGE value on the front end and will give any newbie access to the chrome extensions (Instagram and Twitter), which allow users to follow targeted audience on Instagram and Twitter.

We have also included x2 done for you offers on the front-end along with step by step training.

Upgrade 1 – “JavaScript Commission Bot Pro” 

Unlimited Everything – With this upgrade you will be able to use the chrome Extensions with unlimited Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Link/Url Shortener – Get your own link shortener for the offers you are promoting. It will not only just shorten your long affiliate link urls, but also do the advance tracking for you.

Upgrade 2 – JavaScript Commission Bot DFY Campaigns:

Get x7 “Proven” high converting campaigns from Jono’s personal campaigns collection that collectively made over $50,000. These campaigns include:
– Email Swipes
– Bonus Pages + Bonuses
– Review Videos

Upgrade 3  – High Ticket DFY Funnel + Limitless Traffic

HUGE value once again here. Users get direct access to jonos adwords audience by placing pixels on our sales pages for the next 365 days. It doesn’t stop there…. They also get access to jonos personal ads library plus access to jonos personal Auto-webinar funnel (complete with emails, follow up emails and retargeting). Simply use Jono’s ads, to send to jonos audience and cash in ($880/sale) from the penny clicks.

Upgrade 4  – 4 Apps Resellers License Bundle

Combined developers rights to the software, resell rights + 3 additional softwares. Buyers of this up-sell also get to sell Javascript Commission Bot as if it was their own product and take away 100% commissions on the WHOLE funnel.

Javascript Commission Bot OTO

Video review for Front End only


Text From This video

hey guys that junior welcome to my channel and today I’m gonna review JavaScript Commission bought by Sean Armstrong and see Sean JavaScript Commission bot is releasing today on 7th of July at 9 a.m. est so we are straight on the results page so what I’m going to be doing in this video is I’m going to be sharing with you the members area off of JavaScript Commission bot then I’m going to be sharing with

you what are the features inside the front end as well as what are the features with the OT use upgrades upsells of JavaScript Commission board whatever you wanna say and I’m gonna be sharing with you what are the pricing point of each of those oh to use for other features inside each of those odious and each other altars which I would recommend right now or you know choose which I would I would say you can skip it it’s not that would to get it right now or even let okay and they’ll be talking about that stuff plus I’m gonna

be sharing with you most importantly the software demo and after javis Commission JavaScript Commission bot and importantly I’m gonna be giving you a bonus which trust me no other affiliate isn’t trying to give indefinite promotion is the main thing in our business is the traffic source okay no matter how awesome you design your bonus page your squeeze page your opt-in page no matter how awesome is you offer buddy if you’re getting crap traffic that you offer it’s not gonna make you even $1 okay so imagine you are gonna be getting a traffic which is getting you results like dick and when you turn on your mobile wouldn’t

you like to see your mobile like this I mean I would love to see them over like this every single day no I’m not saying my mobile like this I was in the day but consistently at least once in a week I see my mobile like this and I’m gonna be showing you a lot of my proofs over here that I have got results and these are recent results you can see over here 24 soon my icon warrior plus over health and is from my email traffic so what I want to do is so what I want to share with you is a bonus which is a traffic provider information probably you can say he’s a solo ad vendor but I’ve been using that guy since 2016 okay and I’m I know for a fact that his traffic has made me a lot of money I’m building my list with his graphic and I know that his

traffic is really high quality in the long term if you got a good if you don’t have a good relationship with your subscribers trust me this subscribers are super engaged okay so that’s why I’m getting results like this I’m gonna be covering that part of the letter off of this video but what I’m going to share with you as a bonus is that traffic okay traffic trust me that is the only thing that’s gonna make you money okay now if you want just awesome squeeze page ah training courses softwares you’re not gonna make you money money is gonna be made with that traffic okay so if you’re interested in getting a really high quality traffic as a bonus just with the front end like 12 dollars okay literally I can save your tons of money that you are testing out different things or different vendors okay you don’t have to do that you can just I get this vendors traffic even with 100 200 clicks you would get sales now I’m not guaranteeing that because I don’t know what kind of offer you’re promoting but I can I have literally made a video on my bonus delivery page you may have literally shared with you even when have 100 clicks I have still made sales

with that guy okay so that is why I’m confident either way you can decide whether you want to buy through my link JavaScript Commission bot or you can get it through any other phillyd my friend if it’s completely no problem okay it’s completely up to you but what I’m offering that the bonus is really gonna help you okay so let’s get started let’s see what is basically a Java Script Commission pot basically it’s kind of a Chrome extension which would be I can share with you this is a sales page so if you can see over here if I just turn out you can see there’s a Chrome extension over here for one of the side and then McAfee okay so this is kind of Chrome extension you would get that will basically integrate with

Instagram and Twitter and basically what would happen is you can basically follow those people who have a large followings like in email marketing if you say ionic cigar whereas on millions of millions of follows okay so what it would do is you gotta be able to target his followers not imagine those people who are following onyx single are either interested in email marketing or either interested in making money online okay so what would happen is then you start following his

followers they would get a notification on to their mobile that oh my god these guys following me let me look at it who these guys and when they check out your profile then Instagram and in Twitter you have got an ability to put an affiliate link or your website link into your profile bio okay so maybe they will check out your viral maybe they will check out your profile and chances are they may click on your link ok now this again you can redirect it to any affiliate link any offer link or you can redirect it to any squeeze page I would rather recommend it that you should be redirecting it to a squeeze page anytime ok so this is how the software is basically designed and the good thing

about this is your own IP would be detected so that means there is not a cloud very software this is a Chrome extension by which your IP would be detected so instructor Instagram would not see that this guy is a spammer ok because what happens is a lot of other software’s were there where a cloud is software and they used to have this kind of bar software part and they used to follow up on autopilot so instructor detected that and they ban their account but in this case your IP will be detected and there’s also a way that you should be following only only 20 people 30

people a day so that it looks formal okay so if you Scott but because if you follow onyx single and hits he is got 1 million followers and you just be the one to clicks you can you send out following to a lot of people Instagram would recognize it and they will ban your Instagram account so on a safe aside this software has core also a solution where you can basically follow few people’s ok I would recommend 10 to 20 peoples are more than enough in a day ok so it will look really oh really – smooth ok so let me show you or one of the they have got don’t demo video on Twitter software because I have not yet downloaded this downloaded this and in this case there’s this guy Graham

cotton who has got our 2.9 million photos and you can basically send you can start following all these followers but you have got ability to you said how many people you want to follow after how much time you would follow them I mean it’s not like a one after one second you will follow each and every one know there is a specific time so that it looks really really real ok and then how many people max you can follow but I would recommend 10 to 20 but it’s up to you whether you want to get it far far on a fast food or not but I would recommend 10 20 but they have said up 120 okay so in this way you can basically in this way you can basically follow this all targeted audience so that they head back to you and they can basically either visit your link or either subscribe to your list if you have got good profile bio and if you have a good quality free or far to offer

them alright so this is a really smart way to you guys we get free traffic top of that what they have done over here is if you can see over here generally click on generate the campaign’s not only they have got this art training about how to install this Instagram and Twitter software extensions and they have also have to be done for your office for you when you click on this you will be taken to this page that they have got two offers cartel anims Invisibles which are rendered maze i’m john armstrong offer which i’ve been working really well so you can basically either promote this offer into your instagram and twitter promo a Twitter profile and you can

basically put in your name and suppose it put in search in here then the link I’m gonna be taking in kotl alright so I’m gonna be taking this Philip link which I have already got over here so I’m gonna be putting my link over here let’s see I do it’s pixel code if you have a Google Analytics code if you have and you’re gonna click on your rate it will generate this link straightaway and you can put it this link which is Auto bonus page which is explained by John Armstrong himself if you have got

all these bonuses from Joe know himself ready for you to crush it and then you can put in this bonus link bonus delivery link on the bonus five bonus URL in the OREA plus so that when somebody five through a link they would get access to this links where they can get delivered all these bonuses a’right so this is super awesome in my opinion okay so this is a great way either way I would suggest you you can put in your squeeze for each Thank You page and then you can redirect it to this bonus page this

would be really awesome but don’t redirect it directly to this page because you want to grab those visitors email addresses which is very powerful alright so this is the way you can they have two things for you free traffic software which would integrate with Twitter and Instagram and plus two done for you high quality campaigns which are proven to work all right and top of that I’m giving you my traffic provider which is a great combination if you get it through my link of course so introduction video over here welcome and this is all done by are basically journal you can see that training is done which a by Jono himself so that training is going

to be totally awesome it would be understood by and normal people newbie people because a lot of people in Asia don’t understand the accent sometimes so Jono is really great when it comes to delivering this in the formation okay when he explains the thing it really is awesome to listen and to follow him okay please keep good or he’s always getting into slave master manner alright and then the installing Instagram today extension you can download over here it would be loaded over here and this is access to JavaScript Commission board unlimited but they would basically give you a link shortener okay so in this case you can’t put it this kind of link into your Twitter or Instagram account so for that they would give you a link shortener which would give you a really good looking link alright okay so that is with the upgrades and then there’s an upgrade over here and this is a Java Commission body throw upgrade so the front end price is gonna be really cheap I mean that is super awesome it’s a little bit just twelve dollars twelve point ninety seven

dollars during this and that great number one which is gonna be the Java Commission board pro version which is like $14 but in my opinion if you see into this one they have a down server you can basically get it at down so I’ll show you I have okay okay here look at it to JavaScript Commission water unlimited ot one down so that foodism dollars so if you’re tight on budget and if you want to save some bucks you’re gonna get it a down so that’s no problem over here okay unlimited everything with this upgrade you will be able to use this Chrome extension with unlimited Instagram and Twitter accounts so there would be a limit with the front

end but with the upgrade number one you would be able to create unlimited campaign with unlimited what is that god unlimited everything disappear you’ll able to use Chrome extension with unlimited Instagram and Twitter accounts okay now plus they’re gonna be giving you the link shortener which is over here okay so I click on that let me show you if I can show you okay I can’t show you okay because this is just for the members who’ve purchased it to be honest okay so

I should be a bit loyal to Windows okay okay so this $42 a blur number two is gonna be JavaScript Commission board done-for-you campaign but you would get seven through and high converting campaign from your personal campaign collection that have collectively made over 50 grand now you know has a different list the he has bias ways don’t expect the same kind of results with your a promotion okay because I don’t know what kind of list you have how many people are following you the way they are falling sure no I’m strong okay so don’t expect the similar results with that but either way you will get email swipes a bonus pages bonuses reviews which is great in heaven you are promoting through email traffic or email autoresponder so if you want to have those kind of campaigns you can get it at Madison dollars but there is also down still at 70 cent also always get it at down cell 9 okay where it’s gone alright the upgrade number three is gonna be the high ticket done for your funnel but it’s

gonna be selling Jono’s high ticket webinar which can get you eight hundred and eighty dollar per sales okay all the pitch will be done by journal and if some rabbis through your link you would be getting a eight hundred and eighty dollars now in my opinion you can have this kind of high ticket our cell because in a month even if you get one two sirs that will like close to two grand in a month okay so try it now man in a month to get one self two selves not that hard to be do be honest okay and always have this kind of high ticket funnel into your promotion I always

put this kind of this great trip great tip I would give you any time I send out email are always have a free free training where I promote a webinar into by each each and every email okay there’s no other people are gonna be clicking on the first link secondly but sometimes when they have time in a day they would click on that free training link and that’s gonna take to the webinar for where they would have either Clickbank high ticket offer or either this kind of offers always have and high ticket offer in your every email this is something which I am using for now maybe one to two years and I’ve made a Commission’s with this method alright so I’m gonna take a sip of water if you excuse me my friends sorry thank you for that okay the last upgrade is gonna be ok

the hiding it done for your funnel is gonna be one-nighter sin dollars and the upgrade number four is gonna be one night in dollars which you can get let me tell you upgrade number three let me tell you if you have if I can have a down so yes you can have a down so for $19 so instead of one medicine dollar so you can get it at $19 also it’s almost half the money alright and the last one upgrade number four is gonna be one medicine dollars which is a reseller license which always I recommend for some vendors like Brendon mace then John Armstrong if you are promoting these guys offer always have a recent license

because if you see in my proof if I show you my proof every single offer which I have got sells in this proof I have bought 100% license okay so in this case imagine $11 33 181 144 80 so on 89 366 this all our through 100 passive Commission I mean I have bought Henry versus Commission across the entire sales funnel and I’ve got all the money into my pocket nothing is going to the wind is pocket they are only getting the buyers email that’s it every money is into my pocket some charges for that transfer fee are like neck like that but I made a lot of money with this recent license and I know for a fact there’s this sales funnel is gonna convert like crazy trust me okay so I would highly recommend you to get this OTO which is not one that is $1 you can get it at $97 all right so you can save some bucks on that okay so this where the information about the accused

upgrades of JavaScript Commission bought now let me come to the bonuses section now one of the guys which bought my bonuses a couple of days back he actually implemented my traffic bonus okay the way I have sure in the video on the bonus delivery page I have made another video where I have shared my squeeze page my Thank You page which offer I promoted how many clicks I bought how many sales I have made how many times I have bought traffic from this vendor and how out of how many times I have made sales like 4 into 15 times in my opinion I have bought traffic from this guy and 13 times only 1 to 2 times I’ve not made serious rest every time I have made sales from

this guy okay so that is why I’m confident okay so this guy implemented what I have taught on that phones deliver page and he sent me a message on Facebook that he started getting sells that you can see over here and then he also shared with me the results that he got but 171 flicks 7 cells 118 dollars later now I don’t know if you guys are also gonna be getting this kind of results because I don’t know what kind of offer you’re promoting but if you promote the right offer chances are you can get a good amount of cells ok so this is what I am offering and this is something that it’s important if you’re giving something as a bonus that should really help the people okay not all the training causes software’s or past crap products are gonna be helping you what is gonna help you is that traffic ok so I want to give you the traffic source which is a traffic vendor who

is charging like 40 cents to 50 cents okay and even if you buy 200 300 clicks on every 100 clicks or 150 clicks and if you’re promoting a really high converting offer with a low front end price offer you are gonna get good results all right so that is what I’m offering over here either way you can and this is not something like I have got results just one time if guy can show you donor that is today’s one so I can if I can show you transactions on today’s one I’m still making cells with this kind of traffic okay today not even I have seen overhead and you can see over here this is today laughs this is like 6th 6th of July in over here and you can see still with the email traffic I am making this kind of sales all right this is today today like I don’t know what is that 30 40

dollars okay and this account rest jvzoo and another warrior pass is there ok Clickbank is there so this is what’s something I want to share with you trust me my friend I’m not here to just a sugarcoat that buy through my link what I’m offering you as a bonus is really gonna help you okay either way when you get a JavaScript Commission bought through the link right the video you’re gonna be getting a received from warrior plus and in that receive if you go to the purchase history you’re gonna be if I go to the purchase history you’re gonna be seeing this kind of thing and here you would get access to my bonuses so if I click on this some of the offer which I have part and just to get the bonuses you would get a blue button which will say fill it bonus and when you click on this button you will get access to my traffic provider okay either way if you having any problem getting my bonuses then reach out to me you wanna facebook my

facebook link is given below in the description and then let me know and I’m gonna be sending you the bonuses within twenty twenty four hours max okay so thank you so much for watching my JavaScript Commission bot review video let me know how you like this review video if you liked it you can click the like button if you don’t like it just let me know what you didn’t like so that I can improve myself in my next review video ok anyway thank you guys for watching up until now if you up and I hope you have safe at your home with your family with your loved ones and that stay fit stay healthy and have a great day bye bye

Javascript Commission Bot OTO