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Product Overview

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Video review for Front End only Koin 2.0

Koin 2.0   – Text From This Video

Hey guys, Silver here Welcome back to my channel and welcome to my coin 2.0 review. So this is going to be a Point Zero review and it is going live today. Today is the 22nd of October and it was released on Warrior Plus by Billy Dar. So this is really a rehash of his, um.

I mean the previous product. I was called “coin” that he really released six months ago, and the only thing I don’t remember is that product. I do not think I re-reviewed coin, which was created six months ago. I don’t think I reviewed that one, but I do remember it and I actually recall going through the members area, but for some reason, I think I didn’t have the time to shoot the review or something, but I believe he added this. These two new features, my mining and airdrop, So, as you can see, I’m right inside of the members area, so I’ll give you a walk through this product. We’ll go through the sales page.

We have the whole funnel. This is, um, The Funnel is here. The so-called “super sexy funnel” Ah, this is Mr. Billydar and his team.

Okay, so guys, this building is all to do with You know, all kinds of cryptocurrencies and all of that. We’ll have some training here. I mean, this and that. I’ll show you exactly what you will find inside. So, if you’re into crypto, you may want to like give it a go. I mean, I would not. To be brutally honest, I would not entertain this method. You know, besides, if we go through the claims they actually made on the sales page and that product, I don’t know how the thinking that the product can actually, you know, deliver what it says on the sales page and they say that they claim that others are launching to the bank.

Koin 2.0 Local OTO

Sorry, it’s getting late here and I’m tired.Others are laughing to the bank after saying hello from Poland, and now it is your turn to laugh to the bank.What I don’t know-maybe I’m not thinking quickly enough, but the set and forget app gets us 39 in free Bitcoin every 12 hours. So you know, this claim here is totally unrealistic. I don’t know, I think they took it out of finer or something, because nobody can do it.

I mean, this product can help you. You know, make that every hour, not every 12 hours, [, music]. Anyhow, guys, I assume you hear me also, because you are trying to learn how to make real money online. If that’s the case, I’ll send you to some free courses that are listed in the description box down below my review. Check them out guys, they are totally awesome. Okay, all you need to do is click on these blue buttons Here you can sign up for the free courses on affiliate marketing, traffic generation, and email marketing in Discord. Free courses really kick-started my journey of making real bugs online.

Okay, I have gone through all of them. I know what I am talking about. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend them to all of my viewers who have the marathon marathon mindset who are not You know, easily deceived by those push button systems, they’re like yeah. You just push one button and you’re going to bank 39 every 12 hours or so. Yeah, in the description box you’ll find the link to this page.

Now, let’s go and see what else they say on the sales page. They say this is really like the same sales page from the first launch of coins. So this is coin 2.2, but they say exactly the same thing in this new 2023 wave today. I mean, fully automated 30 second setup, like this automated 30 second setup.These are guys who obviously always have red flags, so you know, be aware of that.

That will indicate a shiny object. Okay, so you know this sales page is actually screaming at you to stay away from me, because I am nothing more than a shiny object that works for ordinary people, ordinary extraordinary people, people who are 100 percent fresh and easy. It’s not fresh. It’s not new. It’s just a rehash of the previous product.

It’s like a switch and you’re ready to rock and roll Yeah, to roll, rock and roll. I mean, yeah, as if that was just about flicking a switch right. Finally, unlock the laptop lifestyle. Okay, it either works I will send you 500 bucks. Guys, try this method. Just prove it to them.

It was not making you 39 bucks every 12 hours and you requested 500 bucks from them. If you manage to get it, please get back to me. Let me know you have been successful with it and I will be so impressed. Trust me. Okay, one day, my money back guarantee. That means you have one day to chase them for the refund.

Okay, The sales page is a navadic story. Nice pictures. I actually wish Okay, so many pictures–and this and that–and I was probably a broke bastard who was disgusted.And then I found coin 2.

Okay, in my dreams, right?So this is the team. They do create shiny objects. What can I say they did? Okay, Billy Dara is well known for it. This product is like, I mean, I must call it a shiny object, especially if we compare what the actual product is, what we find inside of this dashboard and compare it to the sales page, it absolutely does not deliver.

Koin 2.0 OTOs Linka

Yeah, you’ve got some training videos here. You’ve got training on not really crypto, but on like this. What you will find inside of this product is how to start Bitcoin mining currencies, exchanges, and the dictionary to do it. Like you know, cryptocurrency. There is no terminology right as if you couldn’t go to those main websites and learn it from there, and this is always the best way. So you know, start with repeatable platforms.

If you’re serious about Bitcoin, I mean cryptocurrency, I’m not into it at all, so I do know a little bit about it, because I did a review on quite a few products on like nfts as well that you buy for crypto. Obviously-and so I did familiarize myself with what this was like, how this blockchain works, and all of that, but it’s like no, I wouldn’t go into it and it goes up and down up and down, you know, so out of balance, you can’t really rely on it.I mean, like, yeah, one day you can be in profits, then you lose everything and it’s like, you know, like a roller coaster, like you know, Merry-Go-Round sort of thing, so yeah, you’ve got the, but you do have some videos, some training, what to do with the actual product right? Let’s start from home, so what it really is is like a bunch of plugins. Okay, guys, here you see, I’ve got the dashboard, then you have the currency currencies, so how much it is currently going up and down you want.

You can buy, sell, and all of that, and then here they show you the exchanges, so it really is these ones. I think these are like different platforms where you can buy and sell Bitcoin. So, let’s just open up one of them and I do believe that they will have something like affiliates, probably programs. So if people buy those Bitcoins via your affiliate links, then you get a minimum of a real commission. So, let’s just see, if that’s what I think it is, it’s about yeah, they will probably have some.

You see, that’s where you can, yes, buy and sell, and then, probably, as you scroll down, yeah, there you go, you will have them. You see the affiliate program for affiliates, so you sign up and you become an affiliate. If you buy from you somehow, people obviously have to find your website. You know you will have to find the traffic. Somehow it’s not like you know, they give you traffic here or something. Oh yeah, and then the mining thing.

I know it takes a lot of processing power. You know, to start a free Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining is totally not worth it. Uh, they say it’s It’s doing this nice hash. I mean, if you want to check out this website on its own. Go to this website called Nice Hash.

Koin 2.0 Local OTO

Okay, let me just show you the website, so it’s www.nighthash.com, yeah just.com, right hash.com, and you can study from here. I would go directly to this platform.

So, as I said inside of my point is, inside of this product, you will have a bunch of information, okay, but this information is not going to make you money. Okay, you will have a bunch of information about cryptocurrencies, different kinds of currencies. How much do you know about what they are currently doing? They are going up and down about this whole market, but again, you can learn all of that with some basic and reputable platforms to do with Bitcoin. To begin with, you don’t need a product like that. If you’re into cryptocurrency, um yeah, and then you have this one here. It’s called air drops. So I think they’ll give you access to a bunch of companies where let me see where you, okay, if you sign up here, uh, say: okay, if you subscribe to the email list, they will probably tell you that you can maybe earn some free crypto, but it’s going to be really really minimal as well, and then you’ve got the news.

Okay, in the news, and then I don’t know how new the news is because, as I say, it’s just a rehash of the previous [music] product, that was just called coin. And then you have the lock for you here and then. The second watch list looks like that. I think especially here, and then we have the dictionary for all the two terms. Okay, so and more. You can just Google this stuff, guys, uh, go to some of the main websites to do with crypto.

And then you have the tools, so currency converter website, which is buy and sell instantly crypto asset score, Bitcoin Explorer Explorer, and then you have the upgrades, so you can upgrade from inside of the members area, and now we’ve got seven upgrades here all right. Now let me see if I can give you more information on the upgrades. So the front end is uh 17, and I believe on the sales page, at some point, if you want to like exit the sales page, you will describe scrolling up and down this pop-up. should pop up at some point. You did see it at the beginning, didn’t you, so they will probably give you four dollars off. So it’s going to be on the 13th for the front end rewards for the one and only app that gets us. Every 12 hours, 39 dollars in free Bitcoin are distributed.

There is no guarantee. You know this product is going to help you make this. I mean, they don’t even show you any proof that they are making this money inside of this product. I did not find it. I mean, it’s all made up. It’s just like some silly claims now. Option number one is the Unlimited Edition for 97, so the Unlimited Edition of coin 2.

This allows customers to enjoy unlimited usage, unlimited traffic-free traffic, and more. If they had access to unlimited free traffic themselves, they wouldn’t have to come on Warrior Plus and create these. They loved these shiny objects because they would have unlimited free traffic themselves and they could sell them whatever they wanted. Okay, now option number two is coin-done: coin 2.0!


Koin 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is Koin 2.0 ?

Koin 2.0 is a groundbreaking app that creates next-generation sites that do the hard lead generation, product selling, & community building for you automatically. 

In a click, auto-build sites with engaging communities that grow via gamification for passive leads while simultaneously selling video courses & products to members on the site! 

This disruptive app comes with agency rights & technology, letting you charge monthly fees to other businesses that understand they need to build their ‘tribe’ online to survive a possible upcoming recession.  

Finally, help small businesses ditch dying ads & frustrating funnels for an all-in-one site building & lead generation solution.  

2- I’m new to this; can I still use it and earn money with Koin 2.0 ?

yes you can to use Koin 2.0 and its very easy to use it

3- On which devices does Koin 2.0 work?

Yes, Koin 2.0 work on both Windows and Mac.



4- Can I receive a refund if I don’t like Koin 2.0 ?

Yes . With our 30-day money-back guarantee for Koin 2.0 , you are completely risk-free.


5- Does Koin 2.0 charge a monthly fee?

No, no any monthly fee for Koin 2.0 you can to Pay once for Koin 2.0 and there will be no recurring charges.

6- Do I Need Previous Experience or Technical Knowledge to Use Koin 2.0 ?

no, its very easy to use it for beginner, no any tachnical you need for Koin 2.0



7- Does Koin 2.0 include training?
The Koin 2.0 have advenced training for you to knew all things about it


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