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Koincart OTO Links + Huge Bonuses

Koincart OTO

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Koincart OTO  –  What is Koincart ?

Koincart is a first-to-marketing tech that allows businesses anywhere to sell digital or physical products with cryptocurrency checkout fast & easy, creates gorgeous sales sites with templates, & auto-delivers products after crypto purchase.

This transformational tool comes with agency rights allowing marketing companies to set up crypto payments & memberships for fees.


    – Features

Revolutionary CryptoCurrency Payments Tech – allow businesses anywhere to sell digital or physical products w/ cryptocurrency as payment in just a click.

AutoDelivery & Membership Set-up – auto-deliver products & set up memberships automatically after crypto payment.

DFY Web3-Site Templates – create site & product order pages for small businesses in popular niches that want crypto payments

Accept Crypto Many Different Ways – let businesses accept cryptocurrency or fiat in the most possible w/ many integrations

Drag/Drop Technology – customize checkout widget & clients sales sites w/ drag/drop page tech.

Sell Digital or Physical Products – Sell courses, physical products, streaming classes, ebook, & so much more crypto payments handsfree

Agency & Commercial Rights – sell access for a monthly fee, charge for setup, (a service businesses will HAVE to have


See The Demo


Product Overview



OTO1 ‘Fast Pass’ OTO Bundle Deal:- $227.00

The ‘Fast Pass’ bundle deal will appear in the funnel after the front-end offer. Once customers purchase the FE, they will get a chance to purchase the bundle for a one-time price.

How to Promote it:

If you promote mainly via webinar – schedule a webinar with us so we can talk about the bundle on it. Bundle will now seem more exclusive as there won’t be everyone mailing directly to it.

If you promote mainly via email link – mail to the front-end like normal and focus on converting the lower-ticket offer like normal. Each buyer will automatically get a chance to see the bundle deal after purchasing. If they don’t want it, they get shown the funnel like normal with a chance to buy each OTO.

OTO 2: Koincart Gold – $97.00

This upgraded, more advanced edition of Koincart includes…
Create unlimited sites & memberships
Accept more cryptocurrencies
Sell unlimited products with unlimited transactions
More DFY templates in most profitable niches
Gold VIP Bonuses
Remove Koincart branding

DS 1: Koincart Gold-Lite – $57.00

A lighter version of Koincart Gold for a lower cost, but with fewer features.


OTO 2: Koincart DFY – $197.00

Our team will help guarantee you have success with and land your first client. You’ll get…
DFY Crypto Agency website with ecommerce checkout ability, ability to showcase features, ability to show testimonials, and customization help.
DFY NFT showcase website to sell to businesses that want to create & sell NFTs to customers.
DFY Hosting Plan – we’ll customize and host your crypto agency website for you
Outsourcer’s License + Team member integration
DFY video Facebook ads to target local businesses likely to accept crypto
Ads Manager setup help – we’ll help get your ads and website up to start getting clients
40 DFY crypto stores with payment integration ready to sell & showcase to clients
One-on-One “hand-holding” help – we’ll explain how to get the clients, setup and ads, or whatever else you need help understanding or setting up
DFY Level Bonuses

DS 2: Koincart DFY-Lite $67

A lighter version of Koincart DFY for a lower cost, but with fewer features.


OTO 3: Koincart Platinum – $127

This most advanced edition of Koincart includes…
Integrate unlimited agency clients
Unlimited team member access
The ability to whitelabel the app with custom logo, and colors
DFY resellers rights – resell Koincart with our DFY funnel
Crypto Agency Suite – get DFY crypto proposal template, print-on-demand materials, swipes, contract, legal agreement, and more to start getting agency clients.
Agency VIP bonuses


OTO4: Koincart – ClickAgency Special $67

ClickAgency is our one-click solution to creating local landing pages complete with matching, congruent Facebook and Google PPC ads to drive targeted leads. Create these campaigns with our A.I. bot for clients fast and easy.


OTO 5: Koincart – AgencyReel2 Special $67

AgencyReel 2.0 Professional edition will allow you to position yourself, do the work, and bill customers as a full-fledged agency with a team while really working a few minutes each day since the software will do the client-finding, video content making, and re-scheduling you. This is the upgraded license with DFY content and unlimited features unlocked.

OTO 6: Koincart – RankReel Special $67

Our ‘behind-the-scenes’ 5-in-1 comprehensive LOCAL video ranking solution gets you or your client’s videos to page one of Google and YouTube in 2022 and beyond.


OTO 7: Koincart – Reputor Special $67
The first cloud-based app that manages and enhances local businesses’ reputation online with advanced, proprietary technology. Reputor grows your clients’ local profile listings ratings and rank on autopilot i.e.: GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, Facebook, lands clients that need reputation management services, and generates far more warmed-up leads in breakthrough ways no other app can do.


Koincart OTO Bonuses

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hi guys, this is James and I’m excited to let you know that if you are running a marketing agency, take note that on the 10th of August 2022 at 11 a.m., eastern time, the coin card goes live now. Point Card is a piece of software that will help. You boost your business and sell services to small businesses that want to collect payments in crypto currency. Now I’ve got a quick review of coin cards coming up before they check out this demo in this video.

We’re going to see how you can use a coin cart to help small businesses anywhere, except cryptocurrency, fast and easy as payment for products and services in a variety of ways. Not only is coin card the first app to allow small businesses anywhere to accept multiple cryptocurrencies and stable coins as payment in the most ways possible, all without tedious and complicated setup, but it actually goes far beyond that. This groundbreaking tool also builds modern web 3-style sites for businesses, with a few templates and hosting needed for better conversions today in business niches that are likely to want to accept crypto as payment. It’s the first ever to auto-deliver products and memberships after crypto purchase with IPN technology. It comes with advanced analytics and much more to get started. Because this could be your own product.Give your product a name or a product that a small business owns that your agency is working with. Give your product a quick description like this select payment type, meaning it will be a fixed price like 100, or give the option for the customer to pay any amount they want and Set a minimum price they have to pay, then we’ll be taken to the product dashboard where we can begin customising this product. We want to sell. Select edit and begin customising. Enter any sku number. upload a product image. If it’s a physical product that needs to be shipped to buyers now, the coin cart lets you customise the shipping information and tax info and or a thank you page that customers will be taken to after payment or choose to integrate your membership with the ipn feature.

A coin card also comes with the order. The Bump technology allows you to showcase other products you sell at checkout, then choose your template. Now, If you don’t have a nice, modern-looking landing page to sell your product on today, coincart will provide you with one. If you want, or just embed the checkout widget on a sales page you have already created,

The Coin Cart comes loaded with tonnes of done for you, product sales, page templates, and modern designs in all the small business niches that are likely to want to accept cryptocurrency as payment for their products. For instance, help a local gym, sell a streaming class, or video train internationally. A physical products business can sell their pet supplies with crypto and massively save on fees. A consultant can work with both clients and developing nations that don’t have traditional payment processors. We can preview what the site will look like, then click the check mark to choose. It then chooses how we want to accept crypto payment points. It integrates with all the most trusted and latest crypto payment gateways. With more being added each week, you can connect multiple accounts and assign which client the payment gateway will be assigned to.

You can help businesses accept cryptocurrency by allowing customers to send crypto to a specific wallet, address, or check out with a third-party service that holds their cryptocurrency, like with our crypto.com vault integration. We did this so your customers can feel safer while checking out and choose the way they want to hold their cryptos and exchange them, thus helping your store increase crypto checkout conversions. Depending on what crypto payment option you select, you can accept popular cryptos such as ethereum or bitcoin, or stablecoin such as usdt that reflects the value of the US dollar. Not only that, but customers can choose to check out with credit cards and traditional fiat currency too. If they decide they don’t want to spend their coins, So, let’s select our services and continue to seo. Enter an SEO title and description to help with rankings and metadata.

When our product gets shared and you fill out additional settings, you can add any pay-per-click scripts or retargeting scripts. You can choose to have ad pixels fire after purchase by closing the checkout after a certain number of products are sold. This is essential for physical products in our own custom domain. Now, coincart will host your modern sales page on our servers through a dedicated subdomain. But if you want, you can use your own domain too. You can make sure everything is working by leaving it in sandbox mode and testing it out, or turn it on, live to accept payments, and then hit save. Okay, awesome. Before we’re able to start selling

It’s time to quickly customise our sales page. Click the button and hit “page design.” You’ll be taken to the easy page builder to begin customising our sales page. However, you want, “Great, now we’re in the drag and drop builder.” As you can see, it’s loaded with our sales page and everything is point and click easy to customize. However, we want first, you can click this button to view each section of the sales page. You can turn the section on or off like this and reorder sections.

Like this, we can move each part up or down the page. Also, we can add more sections, duplicate sections, and delete sections very easily. Okay, then, we can begin editing the text, images, and colours. Just point and click to change anything you want. You can edit the text like this and, at any time, click the paint icon to change the style of it, for example, change the position or change the actual font style. For example, it’s very easy to insert images or change images out to new ones, too. Simply double click on the image you want to change and upload your own one in place of it. Double click on any button to edit it. You can change the color, add a link preview, our page for desktop, tablet, or mobile, and everything is auto-saved as we work. Okay, great now, our product is ready to sell now. Remember, you can also embed the checkout widget on any page or site. The client already has. If you don’t want to use the done for you template, we can click the button to share it on popular social media sites or copy the url to begin using it in product ads.

When customers go to the page, they’ll be able to learn about the product, pay with crypto, and then get the product delivered instantly after the payment is confirmed, all without any work on your part. This is revolutionary. Also note that coin cards allow you to integrate with the most popular autoresponders to start building your buyer list, plus they come with detailed product reports and customer reports. Hit the product reports button to see visitors, sales, conversions, and more stats about the products you’re selling. It to a csv file and send it to your small business client if needed. Show them how well the product is selling and let them view your customers and their emails as well. Now, there’s much more to what a coin cart can do, but by now I think you get the picture.

Crypto is here to stay and it’s only going to get more popular and more valuable in the coming months. Nothing helps small businesses break into the world of cryptocurrency like I’m on the preview sales page. Let’s go through this sales page quickly and find out what the great things about coin cut that were not mentioned in the demo and any downsides that you need to watch outfor. The vendors of fine cart claim that this is the biggest agency opportunity in 20 years because of the cryptocurrency payment acceptance, and this app sells any product. As you saw in the demo, with a cryptocurrency checkout hands-free, you don’t need any coding, you know, don’t need to set up any complicated steps, and this helps you help. Small businesses sell physical and digital products, as you saw in the demo. It is a simple three-step process to set everything up for your small business clients, and here are some of the features that you need to be aware of. That is going to be helpful for your small business clients.

Now there is an auto delivery and auto membership creation function. There is drag and drop for your site templates. You can sell digital and physical or physical products with a click. There is analytics. You can accept multiple cryptos and stable coins, and you get commercial and agency rights during this launch period, and you get local and online business clients. They will show you how to get this done.

So, during the launch period, there are no monthly fees, a special low early birth discount, and a 14-day money back guarantee.This is a satisfaction-based guarantee, so here’s the premise of why you need to offer your small business clients the opportunity to accept cryptocurrency pins. One is that there are low transaction fees compared to credit cards. There is protection against chargeback, fraud and theft. That is centralized.

Processor protection, instant, international selling as well as convenience for customers who want to pay with cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency adoption are surging. Now, in case you think that the crypto market is in turmoil today, there’s a statistic that I will be showing you in a moment now: Elon Musk says that paper money is going away, but it’s going to be decades before cryptocurrency becomes the de facto payment method. But in the meantime, there are people who are using it, so this makes sense, offering it to capture all types of payment options. And guess what guys, 99 percent of small businesses have no idea how to go about selling stuff and getting paid in crypto. The vendors of Coin Card are Ben Murray and Uphill DVD, and, as mentioned earlier, you can accept crypto payment for any one of these digital or physical services. So, let’s go through some of the other features as well. There is a revolutionary cryptocurrency payments technology that’s built into the system that allows you to accept cryptocurrency, stable coins, and fear in the most ways possible, and of course it comes with web3 style done for you, sales compute drag and drop page creation, product delivery, and membership creation after the pin, and you can organise by clients as well. This is done for you by cloud hosting, and you can have custom domain names to brand it as you wish, and that is done for you.

And, of course, you get sales and client analytics thrown in as well, and some of the other features that you need to pay attention to are. They are throwing in 24-7 support, a client management system, it’s been tested, and there is in-app training as well. So if you’re ever stuck, you can refer to these resources, and the UI is intuitive. Frequent updates are thrown in for free, and it is mobile-friendly as well now, as mentioned earlier. Only during this launch phase will you get this commercial licencing and agency licencing as well as this crypto client training right.

So in case you have this question, if you think that crypto is out of the door, well, because it is crashed or it is undergoing turmoil. This is the right time to get your small businesses ready for the uplift. Cryptocurrency is not dying, guys. It will return. Okay, so here are some of the amazing bonuses that you’re going to be getting. Number one is the agency’s client booking system bonus.

Number two is the Crypto Agency VIP Webinar Ticket Bonus. Number three is the reseller rights to amazing agency flyers. Bonus number four is the reseller rights to local e-com sites. Bonus number five is done for you. White label rights to 800k done for you, content articles now, local video spokespeople bonus number six.Besides the bonuses that the vendors are giving everyone who buys a coin card, they have allowed me to give you two additional bonuses, and all you need to do is, after you have picked up the coin card, just send them a support, raise a support ticket and request these. The first bonus is reseller rights to WP Dollar Three Pro, and the second is reseller rights to up to 100 ready-made niche blogs.

So take note that upon launch, the price will be increasing every few hours, so get there at 11 a.m. Eastern. So here is the 14-day, 100-dollar money-back guarantee, people. If you can’t get clients, you’re guaranteed a refund. So there are two versions of coin cart at the front: end coin card starter and coin card advance, and there are slight differences or other major differences between the two. But the price is 99 for both.

So you might as well jump in on the advanced version and get everything that is included in that. I’ve got more news on the price coming up people, so here are some feqs that you may be thinking about. You don’t need to understand how cryptocurrency works for you to succeed. You are not responsible for the transactions with the coin card agency program. So guys, there is a two dollar discount on the coin card front end advanced version. It’s going for 97 oto. One is the coin card gold version, which costs six or seven dollars per transaction; two is a coin card done for you, which costs sixty-seven dollars per transaction; and three is: One platinum is selling for 197 dollars; oto four is a coin card agency; real Two specials are going for forty-nine dollars each. Five is a coin cut click agency special, also going for forty-nine dollars.

Once upon a time, oto, six is coin card rank, yield; special, sorry, oto, six is coin card rank, real special going for $49. One time to seven is a coin card, a reputer special, also going for 49 one time, and there is a fast pass. You get the Oto bundle after you have picked up the front end, and this includes all the otos, and you get this for just 247 dollars. That’s all for now, guys. I hope this quick walkthrough and demo of Point Guard has demonstrated the power of coincard in helping you boost your business as well as those of your small business clients by allowing them to accept cryptocurrency payments and thus expand their business. As well, now check out the link below and discover the bonuses that I have prepared for you when you pick up a coin card through my link, subscribe by clicking on the bell icon and selecting all notifications.

So you’ll see more videos like this in the future alerting you to fantastic products.

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Koincart OTO Bonuses

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