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LeadSell OTO – There Is One Front End And Four OTOs Options . LeadSell OTO 1 Is The Pro Version , LeadSell OTO 2 Is The Training Version , LeadSell OTO 3 is The Reseller Version, LeadSell OTO 4 Is The IMX Version . All LeadSell OTOs Links And Details Bellow .

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What IS LeadSell ? 

The Demo


Quickest Way To Create Offers With ZERO Tech Skills & Start Selling Instantly!
Our Point & Click Editor Creates Stunning Offer Designs With Ease!
Utilise Multiple Quality Ready-to-Sell Product Supplied With LeadSell!
Full Hosting For Any & All Offers You Create!
Create Unlimited Offers By Carrying Out Simple Clicks!
Built-In Social Traffic Included…Facebook, Twitter, Reddit + Many More!
Commercial License Included: Offer This As A Service To Clients!
100% newbie friendly software!


Instantly Create & Sell Any Offer Without Any Tech Experience.
Ready Made Offer Templates To Select From.
Embed Your Videos & Images Inside The Offer.
Create Unlimited Offers Without Needing Hosting.
Option To Embed Offers Inside Website Also.
Drive More Sales, Leads & Traffic With Automated Built-In Social Traffic Feature.
We Provide Your Customers With The LeadSell Software, Video Tutorials And Everything Else Needed To Succeed – This Is The Complete Package!


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Video Review For Front End Only


LeadSell OTO

I don’t want to but and let’s just see
how it looks okay so this is how the
tail looks you can share this deal right
from here and you can see how it looks
this is the regular price and this is
the deal price and this is showing you
you you say 49 percent and this is this
is the button that will take you to the
your affiliate link so this is a timer
and now this is all mobile-friendly so
if somebody opens this on your mobile it
will show correlate on to your mobile
screen so let’s just proceed now this is
where you can attach our done-for-you
bonuses at these eight bonuses included
inside the elite cells but we are going
to add more and more a lot of bonuses
into integrated inside leads onion you
can choose from dildoes let’s go ahead
and select t3 at the moment and I will
proceed now there are some you know some
information that you need to give this
is a deal name let’s say hello deal ok
so this is the website in case you want
to embed it on your website on your own
domain so let’s just say
a little craving calm this web client
name is Raven okay so how did you should
appear it should be a pop up model okay
proceed this is just for the reference
so I’m just gonna go ahead and send it
to the tester and I’m just gonna go
ahead and add some image into it and hit
and now these are some SEO settings if
you want to do those you can but I’m
just gonna go ahead and submit it
without there save settings okay
so as you can see this is the embed code
if you want to embed it on to your own
website now this is the link that is
hosted on our side you can preview it
okay so this is the link that you are
going to be spreading around and this is
with your affiliate link when you click
this it will be redirected to your
affiliate link and it will make you say
there’s a thank-you page right here you
can set it as a redirect link into your
PayPal or whatever wherever you want as
a thank-you page this will contain the
download links for the bonuses as you
can see I’m just going to go and show
you so this is it and this is showing me
in the application and you can download
both the the download link to the
bonuses so this is the deal redirect
link to when people buy from your
affiliate link so you see it’s all done
for you you can share it right from here
when you click you can you can click it
and share it to different social media
and the traffic will be taken care
through the social media and this is how
you can instantly put up an offer and
sell it right away so you can choose
customize deals as well the done for you
templates and there you can also edit
these deals further on in the all deeds
section there are the deals I have just
created color deal so this is the stats
on the dashboard and total cater deals
sort of a stuff like that so this is how
it works
hope you enjoyed the video if you have
let me know thank you

LeadSell OTO