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Leverage OTO  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Links Here And Details- There IS One Front End And Five OTOs links . The Leverage OTO 1 Is The DFY Package , OTO2 IS The 10X Training , OTO3 Is The Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access) , OTO4 Is The Leverage License To Print Money , OTO5 Is The Custom DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching


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Leverage OTO


OTO1 :DFY Package

One of the keys to success here is what you give away, and the way it is done. Instead of you figuring it out yourself, we decided to give you 20 products and matching promo material we use to kill it everyday as a super affiliate.

OTO2 :10X Training

It’s no secret that there is a few underground ways to 10x your income, with the same amount of effort utilizing a few key tricks in the 10x training. Also learning how to turn clicks into customers with the written word is a real art form. Don’t stress, we did it for you!

OTO3 :Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access)

Bill and I run a weekly class of hungry, top shelf affiliates that are quickly progressing to super affiliate status. This is extremely private, and stuff goes down in here that the general public will NEVER see.

OTO4 :Leverage License To Print Money

License rights to Leverage to literally print money on demand. Worth it’s weight in GOLD when combined with the main offer.

OTO5 :DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching

Let us work for you and build you a custom working funnel that spits money out while you sleep, and THEN we will coach you until you are successful.


It’s like having two online millionaires on your staff!


What IS The Leverage ?

Leverage is a wicked sweet under the radar method that Mark has been using to absolutely dominate the leader boards as an affiliate. It’s wicked fast, and extremely profitable


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Video Review For Front End Only

Text From Yhis Video

Leverage OTO

influence by Bill Hugo and Mark Barrett

audit and 3,000 300

furthermore, fifty dollar reward hello what’s up

folks this is craftsmanship from Arthur advertising

blog record and this is my influence

audit fresh out of the plastic new contextual analysis and course

discharged by Bill Huebel and Mark Barrett

presently I know two of these folks truly

truly well bill Hugo used to be my

web promoting mentor so he really

took me from making $3,000 every month on

Fiverr to making 10,000 or more for every month

simply propelling items so he certainly

realizes what he is discussing inside

his courses and really I was in the

instructing bunch together with Mark so me

what’s more, Mark were his understudies presently Mark and

Bill collaborated and I met them two

by and by numerous multiple occasions clearly and

I realize that these two folks know how to

profit on the web and in this new case

study they will give you five influence

focuses and influence focuses are

basically traffic sources that

you can utilize and on the off chance that you are new to making

cash on the web on the off chance that you don’t have the rundown

on the off chance that you don’t have a web-based social networking let it

develop this is something you can begin

utilizing without any preparation I’ll begin making

cash and they really made one

thousand 200 and seventy three

dollars in three days beginning from

scratch and they incorporate a contextual analysis

alright so we’re going to go for every last bit of it as

continuously and I have an enormous 3,000

300 and fifty dollar reward

that I part with for nothing on the off chance that you’ll

choose to set up for my connection so let me

share my screen and how about we hop into this

influence survey and before I’m going to

show you the business page I really

contemplated something I just went to

fiber to the web traffic classification and I

simply looked at how a lot of individuals are

charging for traffic and remember

this traffic on fiber is phony alright

so individuals once in a while go to fiber you know

I like to show fiber in my audit recordings

they go to fiber just to possibly get a few

traffic and I realize that some of you folks

may even feel this is genuine

traffic yet it isn’t this is traffic

just for sites just to siphon up the

stairs OK so like on the off chance that somebody has a

site that they need to sell clearly

they need to show that they get they are

getting some traffic to it and

you know along these lines the purchaser will think

that this site really gets traffic

yet, it’s everything counterfeit it doesn’t work these

are not genuine guests these are and it

just purchased PC bots that are

visiting and setting off the calculation

alright so as should be obvious individuals are

charging somewhere in the range of ten to like a

hundred and twenty dollars for these

gigs so this person says I will drive 25

days Google natural hunt traffic do

you realize this is a trick since it says

is for twenty five days I will get

guest traffic Boyle focusing on search

motor systems that is a trick also

I will send German visits traffic

Germany and so on trick also you know nobody

can promise you at you know traffic

from a specific source except if they

they’re similar to a colossal site you know no

one will do it for ten dollars I just

thought I’m going to impart this to you

since inside the influence you’re going to

get five diverse traffic sources that

you can utilize again beginning without any preparation

so in the event that you need traffic don’t go to fiber

try not to purchase these gigs in light of the fact that these gigs

generally are a trick and you

realize individuals purchase these gigs just to siphon

up this test is these are not genuine

individuals and all things considered we should

look at influence and their business page

furthermore, as should be obvious it says influence case

study uncovers a spic and span beginner

well disposed strategy for banking 1273 that

three dollars and forty six pennies in

three days with no related knowledge

or on the other hand specialized abilities so again both bill

what’s more, mark they really have records of

experience yet they made this case

study like they would be absolutely new and

they would have only just

information on the most proficient method to make cash alright so

they didn’t utilize any current email list

they didn’t utilize a current web based life

accounts they began without any preparation alright

so this is the thing that they will show to you

inside the contextual analysis so again this is

mark this is charge these are the two folks

behind this new contextual analysis and course

influence as the name of the item

clearly this is my influence audit and

this is the outcome alright so as you can

see they made one thousand 200

seventy three dollars and forty six

pennies and they have in every case all these

diverse traffic sources alright

so as should be obvious the first made

them like $177 the second 136 the third

one 134 and so on so it you realize the all out is

one thousand 200 and seventy

three and the thought is that they use

these five influence focuses which with

influence being traffic sources OK so

again one thousand 200 and

seventy three dollars and on the off chance that you would

rehash this at regular intervals you would

make one hundred and fifty 4,000

dollars in a year which isn’t exceptional

I know many individuals that make six

figures every year doing nothing else except for

I feel it advertising OK so I’m going to

have a few tributes directly here 30

days unconditional promise as usual

these folks will give you some rewards

you’re going to get my 3,000

dollar reward over various stuff

basically it you can experience all of

this time permitting and right currently let

me show you within the individuals

regions so clearly this is a contextual investigation

so everything is shot in an over your

shoulder video design so as should be obvious

we got these recordings directly here so

above all else we get the review we have

setting it up section 1 and section 2 we have

picking offers we have influence

follow-up then we have influence point

number one two three four and five so

these are the five points of just

producing traffic they call it influence

since clearly you need a few

extra influence on the off chance that you need to begin

profiting on the web as a complete novice as

somebody that never made a period on the web or

perhaps doesn’t generally have a clue how to

produce traffic possibly you made a couple

deals online previously however perhaps you didn’t

very see how you did it perhaps

just got fortunate perhaps simply shared

something on Facebook and made like a

barely any deals however this is something that you

can really do reliably alright so I

can’t generally share all clearly these

traffic sources would be at the present time

since that that would overcome the

motivation behind making a course however trust

me these five traffic sources is

something that you can begin producing

traffic with without any preparation you needn’t bother with

an encounter basically you are

utilizing another person’s current

traffic source alright so clearly in a few

cases this will be paid traffic in other

cases it will be free traffic yet you

can basically

normal previously existing traffic sources

furthermore, that is the reason it is so splendid the

case so we can basically use

another person’s as of now existing on the web

business and make benefit from it alright so

as should be obvious then we have genuine benefit

what’s more, the end so this is a case

study since he clearly can join

Bill’s YouTube channel here and Marx

YouTube channel directly here you can

contact their help and that is

basically it again I like it in light of the fact that

it is an over-the-shoulder contextual analysis it

depends on the genuine outcomes and they

as a matter of fact made one thousand 200

what’s more, seventy whatever-it-was dollars and

they tell you precisely the best way to do it so

they utilized five distinctive traffic sources

five diverse influence sources and you

can utilize a couple or every one of the five completely

up to you so this is what you’re going to

find inside the individuals territory and right

presently how about we look at the valuing what not

of the applications additionally as should be obvious the fundamental

item will be twelve ninety seven

insane low on the off chance that you want to

make a hundred times that and in a

matter of three days alright so they give

it away at a super minimal effort

under fourteen bucks overhaul number

one will be $67 I’m going to let you know in

a second what these are I’ll be number

two seventy seven dollars overhaul number

three $197 overhaul number four 197 as

well an overhaul number five 600

what’s more, ninety seven and allow’s look at to

which is the thing that alright so again influence

principle item 1297 everything that I just

indicated you is remembered for the principle

item influence sound number one that is

it accomplished for you peg alright so for sixty

seven dollars you are getting a

accomplished for-you peg which incorporates 20

items and coordinating promotion material

OK so basically twenty accomplished for you

the promoting efforts then we have out

you number to 10x preparing and done trick

you follow-up arrangement so this is $77 so

clearly on the off chance that you need to scale up this

pay you realize you won’t be capable truly

to do it with what you get in the principle

item you will in any case have the option to make

six figures on the web however on the off chance that you need to

10x it you’re going to get extra

preparing every one of the stunts on the most proficient method to turn

clicks and to clients with nothing

else however a composed word alright so that is

extra preparing and accomplished for you

follow-up arrangement seven

seven dollars OTO number two sound

number three we have dark mark

members private and elite

plan so for $197 you can join this

engineer so this will be a week after week

Leverage OTO2