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Leverage OTO  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Links Here And Details- There IS One Front End And Five OTOs links . The Leverage OTO 1 Is The DFY Package , OTO2 IS The 10X Training , OTO3 Is The Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access) , OTO4 Is The Leverage License To Print Money , OTO5 Is The Custom DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching


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Leverage OTO


OTO1 :DFY Package

One of the keys to success here is what you give away, and the way it is done. Instead of you figuring it out yourself, we decided to give you 20 products and matching promo material we use to kill it everyday as a super affiliate.

OTO2 :10X Training

It’s no secret that there is a few underground ways to 10x your income, with the same amount of effort utilizing a few key tricks in the 10x training. Also learning how to turn clicks into customers with the written word is a real art form. Don’t stress, we did it for you!

OTO3 :Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access)

Bill and I run a weekly class of hungry, top shelf affiliates that are quickly progressing to super affiliate status. This is extremely private, and stuff goes down in here that the general public will NEVER see.

OTO4 :Leverage License To Print Money

License rights to Leverage to literally print money on demand. Worth it’s weight in GOLD when combined with the main offer.

OTO5 :DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching

Let us work for you and build you a custom working funnel that spits money out while you sleep, and THEN we will coach you until you are successful.


It’s like having two online millionaires on your staff!


What IS The Leverage ?

Leverage is a wicked sweet under the radar method that Mark has been using to absolutely dominate the leader boards as an affiliate. It’s wicked fast, and extremely profitable


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Video Review For Front End Only

Text From Yhis Video

Leverage OTO


class run by Bill and Mark and this will
be with top-shelf affiliates and
obviously can join this class and start
learning from them so this is private
and this is something that the public
will never see some 197 totally worth it
in my opinion audio number four we got
leverage license to print money which is
essentially license rights to leverage
four seven one hundred ninety seven
dollars you can sell this product as
your own and keep 100% of the profits on
the main product and the whole funnel
okay so me promoting this as an
affiliate I’m making fifty percent
commissions I’m straight up about that
with you and if you want to make 100
percent commissions you don’t have to
worry about hosting or sales pages or
essentially this is a done-for-you
online business you keep all the money
and it will only cost you one hundred
and ninety seven dollars and the last
OTO the last episode is a condom custom
done for you funnel build and success
coaching so this is six hundred and
ninety seven dollars a little bit more
expensive but they will actually have a
person a physical person logging into
your accounts building your funnel up
and you also gonna get success coaching
from Bill and Mark okay so that’s six
hundred ninety seven not for everyone a
little bit more expensive but again keep
in mind this is coaching and a physical
person that they will have to pay will
actually log into your accounts and set
all of this up for you plus you’re gonna
get one-on-one coaching so if you want
to pick up one of these audios then you
can definitely think about what would
really help you you know I wouldn’t
recommend picking everything up and just
getting overwhelmed just thing about one
or two maybe if you have the money to
invest and think what would really help
you like maybe the done-for-you Peck or
maybe the the weekly calls totally up to
audios are optional as always and you’ll
be fine with the main product alone but
if you want to make your life a little
bit easier or maybe if you want the
coaching then you can consider picking
up one of the
now let me show you all of the bones as
I got for you because I’m going to add
I’m going to give away again more than
$3,000 in value and this is a real value
okay so these are fiber software or my
own courses or the full-blown case
studies these are not PLR products these
are actual products that Ivor
are selling right now or used to sell
and used to be on sale Ivor my products
or products from mark or bill okay so
first of all let me mention to you that
labret goes live at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on
December 10th and if you want to pick it
up from my link all you have to do is
just click on one of these blue links on
my review on my blog and if you’re
watching on youtube just click on the
first link in the description to go
directly to the sales page the second
link will take you to my blog right here
if you want to check out the written
review so first of all I’m going to give
you free custom-made bonuses I made
especially for this promotion now these
free custom bonuses will talk about
generating traffic so generating traffic
for free with paid ads and with SEO okay
so these are free custom-made bonuses I
made especially for leverage you really
really gonna love these and you cannot
buy it anywhere else by the way I’m also
going to give you five done-for-you
affiliate marketing campaigns okay so
this is something that I normally sell
as a part of an audio that I have to my
own products I’m gonna get it for free
again five done for your field marketing
campaigns you’re also going to give a
bunch of dollars of the day awarded
products you’re gonna get explosivo
profit vortex unbreakable atomic profits
holiday Gold Rush reactor the milk it
method laptop legacy list mastery Pro
pool side profits newbie traffic for
more easy profit secrets six minutes
profits traffic title pinnacle traffic
problem soft quick affiliate snipers and
explode your list now these are all
doubles of the day awarded products
these some of these are still on sale
you can still buy it for 10 to 17
dollars a pop and some of these are not
any longer but again these are double so
today were the products you’re gonna get
some bonus material from me you’re gonna
get email examples done for you lists
you’re gonna get potential domain leads
if you want to do the domain flipping
and you’re also going to get my mega
bonus and my mega bonus is a total of
forty five plus plus additional balance
of the day and product of the day
awarded courses and my mega bonus alone
is worth one thousand five hundred
dollars and this will bring it up to a
total of three thousand three hundred
and fifty dollars now I’m going to give
all this away for free to you if you’ll
decide to pick it up through my link and
again if you wants to pick up leverage
through my link just click on one of
these blue links right here on my blog
or the first link in the description
from YouTube and as always have a full
written review right here on my blog
including the funnel including a full
written review right here including all
the proof and everything else and
including the sum up so let me sum up
this leverage review right now so first
of all this is a brand new case study
and a method I never really saw anyone
they you know combining five different
the traffic case studies into one
product this is something that is proven
to work and it worked for Bill and Mark
so definitely something that you can
just follow do step by step and you’re
gonna see results with this you’re gonna
get five leverage points which means of
five different traffic sources this is a
real-life case study and again they made
one thousand two hundred and seventy
three dollars and free days which is
pretty great you know it’s like how am I
like four hundred dollars a day pretty
good you can start with free traffic
you’re gonna make money in 24 hours or
less and you can scale this up to six
figures per year I know personally have
bunch of people that are making six
figures per year with nothing else but
affiliate marketing so this is entirely
possible you can do affiliate marketing
without shooting videos like I’m
shooting you know my review videos you
know you can do it but it is not
necessary and in this case study you’ll
see five different ways of a
making affiliate marketing work without
doing what I’m doing because I know a
lot of you guys don’t have the time to
do like you know three to five hours per
day of video editing and uploading and
SEO and all this stuff so this is for
someone that is just starting out
without any real knowledge and you’re
gonna see results with this so I really
really like this and just want him
before I go I just wanted to mention to
you that all of these bonuses I have to
offer with this product or with any
other product are always automatically
delivered to you with your download ok
so if you’ll decide to pick up any
product I’m promoting through my link
all you have to do to get my bonus is to
go to your purchase history so all you
have to do to do it is just click on
your icon right here on the top right
corner of warrior plus and jvzoo is
exactly the same click on purchase
history then click on one of the
products that you go through my link
this will open up the delivery page and
then obviously on the delivery page
below the green button that says access
the product you will have a novel button
saying bonus from art so this is how my
bonus is always delivered so you don’t
have to send me any emails you don’t
have to you know send me receipts
anything like that everything is
automatic so it should be right there if
you used my link okay if you use someone
else’s link then you’re gonna get their
bonus obviously but if you use my link
and if you didn’t get your bonus for
some reason please contact me leave me a
comment on youtube you can email me or
contact me on social media inside my
facebook marketing a group so just
contact me and make sure that you pick
up any product from my link I’m going to
send you the bonus and as obviously if
you have any questions please let me
know in the comments section please like
it please subscribe to the channel if
you like these review videos I’m only
reviewing top products ok so you know I
saw some comments saying I only give
like four or five starts to all the
products that’s why because I I only
pick the best products to review for you
guys okay so if the product is not good
I’m not going to review it I’m not going
to waste my time and your time okay so I
only pick the best products to review
and leverage
definitely one of these amazing products
for $18 you’re gonna get a case study
showing you how to start from scratch
get traffic from five different places
and make money this way so I really like
it and again it will be going live at
9:00 a.m. Eastern on December 10 figure
it out for my link to get the bonus and
I will see you inside the next video

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