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Leverage OTO  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Links Here And Details- There IS One Front End And Five OTOs links . The Leverage OTO 1 Is The DFY Package , OTO2 IS The 10X Training , OTO3 Is The Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access) , OTO4 Is The Leverage License To Print Money , OTO5 Is The Custom DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching

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Leverage OTO


OTO1 :DFY Package

One of the keys to success here is what you give away, and the way it is done. Instead of you figuring it out yourself, we decided to give you 20 products and matching promo material we use to kill it everyday as a super affiliate.

OTO2 :10X Training

It’s no secret that there is a few underground ways to 10x your income, with the same amount of effort utilizing a few key tricks in the 10x training. Also learning how to turn clicks into customers with the written word is a real art form. Don’t stress, we did it for you!

OTO3 :Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access)

Bill and I run a weekly class of hungry, top shelf affiliates that are quickly progressing to super affiliate status. This is extremely private, and stuff goes down in here that the general public will NEVER see.

OTO4 :Leverage License To Print Money

License rights to Leverage to literally print money on demand. Worth it’s weight in GOLD when combined with the main offer.

OTO5 :DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching

Let us work for you and build you a custom working funnel that spits money out while you sleep, and THEN we will coach you until you are successful.


It’s like having two online millionaires on your staff!


What IS The Leverage ?

Leverage is a wicked sweet under the radar method that Mark has been using to absolutely dominate the leader boards as an affiliate. It’s wicked fast, and extremely profitable


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Video Review For Front End Only

Text From Yhis Video

Leverage OTO

leverage by Bill Hugo and Mark Barrett
review and three thousand three hundred
and fifty dollar bonus hey what’s up
guys this is art from Arthur marketing
blog account and this is my leverage
review brand new case study and course
released by Bill Huebel and Mark Barrett
now I know two of these guys really
really well bill Hugo used to be my
internet marketing coach so he actually
took me from making $3,000 per month on
Fiverr to making 10,000 plus per month
just launching products so he definitely
knows what he is talking about inside
his courses and actually I was in the
coaching group together with Mark so me
and Mark were his students now Mark and
Bill teamed up and I met both of them
personally many many times obviously and
I know that these two guys know how to
make money online and in this new case
study they will show you five leverage
points and leverage points are
essentially traffic traffic sources tha you can use and if you are new to making
money online if you don’t have the list
if you don’t have a social media let it
build up this is something you can start
using from scratch I’ll start making
money and they actually made one
thousand two hundred and seventy three
dollars in three days starting from
scratch and they include a case study
okay so we’re gonna go for all of it as
always and I have a huge three thousand
three hundred and fifty dollar bonus
that I give away for free if you’ll
decide to put up for my link so let me
share my screen and let’s jump into this
leverage review and before I’m going to
show you the sales page I actually
thought about something I just went to
fiber to the web traffic category and I
just checked out how much people are
charging for traffic and keep in mind
all this traffic on fiber is fake okay
so people sometimes go to fiber you know
I like to show fiber in my review videos
they go to fiber just to maybe buy some
traffic and I know that some of you guys
might even think that this is real
traffic but it is not this is traffic
only for websites just to pump up the
stairs okay so like if someone has a
website that they want to sell obviously
they want to show that they get they are
getting some traffic to it and
you know this way the buyer will think
that this website actually gets traffic
but it’s all fake it doesn’t work these
are not real visitors these are and it
just bought computer bots that are
visiting and triggering the algorithm
okay so as you can see people are
charging anywhere from ten to like a
hundred and twenty dollars for these
gigs so this guy says I will drive 25
days Google organic search traffic do
you know this is a scam because it says
is for twenty five days I will get
visitor traffic Boyle targeting search
engine networks that’s a scam as well
I will send German visits traffic
Germany etc scam as well you know no one
can guarantee you at you know traffic
from a certain source unless they
they’re like a huge website you know no
one will do it for ten dollars I just
thought I’m going to share this with you
because inside the leverage you’re gonna
get five different traffic sources that
you can use again starting from scratch
so if you need traffic don’t go to fiber
don’t buy these gigs because these gigs
for the most part are a scam and you
know people buy these gigs just to pump
up this test is these are not real
people and with that being said let’s
check out leverage and their sales page
and as you can see it says leverage case
study reveals a brand new newbie
friendly method for banking 1273 that
three dollars and forty six cents in
three days without any prior experience
or technical skills so again both bill
and mark they actually have accounts of
experience but they created this case
study like they would be totally new and
they would have nothing but just
knowledge of how to make money okay so
they didn’t use any existing email list
they didn’t use an existing social media
accounts they started from scratch okay
so this is what they will show to you
inside the case study so again this is
mark this is bill these are the two guys
behind this new case study and course
leverage as the name of the product
obviously this is my leverage review and
this is the result okay so as you can
see they made one thousand two hundred
seventy three dollars and forty six
cents and they have always all these
different traffic sources okay
so as you can see the first one made
them like $177 the second 136 the third
one 134 etc so it you know the total is
one thousand two hundred and seventy
three and the idea is that they use
these five leverage points which with
leverage being traffic sources okay so
again one thousand two hundred and
seventy three dollars and if you would
repeat this every three days you would
make one hundred and fifty four thousand
dollars in a year which is not uncommon
I know a lot of people that make six
figures per year doing nothing else but
I feel it marketing okay so I’m gonna
have some testimonials right here 30
days money-back guarantee as always
these guys will give you some bonuses
you’re gonna get my three thousand
dollar bonus on top of this and that’s
essentially it you can go through all of
this in your own time and right now let
me show you the inside of the members
areas so obviously this is a case study
so everything is shot in a over your
shoulder video format so as you can see
we got all of these videos right here so
first of all we get the overview we have
setting it up part 1 and part 2 we have
picking offers we have leverage
follow-up then we have leverage point
number one two three four and five so
these are the five points of just
generating traffic they call it leverage
because obviously you need some
additional leverage if you want to start
making money online as a total newbie as
someone that never made a time online or
maybe doesn’t really know how to
generate traffic maybe you made a few
sales online before but maybe you didn’t
quite understand how you did it maybe
just got lucky maybe just shared
something on Facebook and made like a
few sales but this is something that you
can actually do consistently okay so I
can’t really share all obviously these
traffic sources would be right now
because that that would defeat the
purpose of creating a course but trust
me these five traffic sources is
something that you can start generating
traffic with from scratch you don’t need
an experience essentially you are
leveraging someone else’s existing
traffic source okay so obviously in some
cases this will be paid traffic in other
cases it will be free traffic but you
can essentially
average already existing traffic sources
and that’s why it is so brilliant the
case so we can essentially leverage
someone else’s already existing online
business and make profit from it ok so
as you can see then we have real profit
and the conclusion so all this is a case
study because he obviously can join
Bill’s YouTube channel here and Marx
YouTube channel right here you can
contact their support and that’s
essentially it again I like it because
it is an over-the-shoulder case study it
is based on the real results and they
actually made one thousand two hundred
and seventy whatever-it-was dollars and
they show you exactly how to do it so
they used five different traffic sources
five different leverage sources and you
can use one or two or all five totally
up to you so this is what you’re gonna
find inside the members area and right
now let’s check out the pricing and all
of the apps also as you can see the main
product will be twelve ninety seven
crazy crazy low if you think you can
make a hundred times that and in a
matter of three days okay so they give
it away for a really really low price
less than fourteen bucks upgrade number
one will be $67 I’m going to tell you in
a second what these are I’ll be number
two seventy seven dollars upgrade number
three $197 upgrade number four 197 as
well an upgrade number five six hundred
and ninety seven and let’s check out
which is what okay so again leverage
main product 1297 everything that I just
showed you is included in the main
product leverage audio number one that’s
it done for you peg okay so for sixty
seven dollars you are getting a
done-for-you peg which includes 20
products and matching promo material
okay so essentially twenty done for you
the marketing campaigns then we have out
you number to 10x training and done fool
you follow-up series so this is $77 so
obviously if you want to scale up this
income you know you won’t be able really
to do it with what you get in the main
product you will still be able to make
six figures online but if you want to
10x it you’re gonna get additional
training all the tricks on how to turn
clicks and to customers with nothing
else but a written word okay so that’s
additional training and done for you
follow-up series seven
seven dollars OTO number two audio
number three we have black label
affiliates private and exclusive
mastermind so for $197 you can join this
mastermind so this will be a weekly

Leverage OTO2