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Leverage Upsell  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Links Here And Details- There IS One Front End And Five OTOs links . The Leverage OTO 1 Is The DFY Package , OTO2 IS The 10X Training , OTO3 Is The Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access) , OTO4 Is The Leverage License To Print Money , OTO5 Is The Custom DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching


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Leverage OTO


OTO1 :DFY Package

One of the keys to success here is what you give away, and the way it is done. Instead of you figuring it out yourself, we decided to give you 20 products and matching promo material we use to kill it everyday as a super affiliate.

OTO2 :10X Training

It’s no secret that there is a few underground ways to 10x your income, with the same amount of effort utilizing a few key tricks in the 10x training. Also learning how to turn clicks into customers with the written word is a real art form. Don’t stress, we did it for you!

OTO3 :Black Label Affiliates Private & Exclusive Mastermind (Lifetime Access)

Bill and I run a weekly class of hungry, top shelf affiliates that are quickly progressing to super affiliate status. This is extremely private, and stuff goes down in here that the general public will NEVER see.

OTO4 :Leverage License To Print Money

License rights to Leverage to literally print money on demand. Worth it’s weight in GOLD when combined with the main offer.

OTO5 :DFY Funnel Build & Success Coaching

Let us work for you and build you a custom working funnel that spits money out while you sleep, and THEN we will coach you until you are successful.


It’s like having two online millionaires on your staff!


What IS The Leverage ?

Leverage is a wicked sweet under the radar method that Mark has been using to absolutely dominate the leader boards as an affiliate. It’s wicked fast, and extremely profitable


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Video Review For Front End Only

Text From Yhis Video

Leverage OTO

class run by Bill and Mark and this will

be with top-rack members and

clearly can join this class and start

gaining from them so this is private

furthermore, this is something that general society

will never observe nearly 197 absolutely justified, despite all the trouble

as I would like to think sound number four we got

influence permit to print cash which is

basically permit rights to use

four seven one hundred ninety seven

dollars you can sell this item as

your very own and keep 100% of the benefits on

the fundamental item and the entire channel

alright so me advancing this as an

associate I’m making 50%

commissions I’m straight up about that

with you and in the event that you need to make 100

percent commissions you don’t need to

stress over facilitating or deals pages or


basically this is an accomplished for-you

online business you keep all the cash

what’s more, it will just cost you one hundred

also, ninety seven dollars and the last

OTO the last scene is a condom custom

accomplished for you pipe fabricate and achievement

instructing so this is 600 and

ninety seven dollars somewhat more

costly yet they will really have a

individual a physical individual signing into

your records developing your pipe

what’s more, you additionally going to get achievement instructing

from Bill and Mark OK so’s six

hundred ninety seven not for everybody a

smidgen progressively costly yet again keep

at the top of the priority list this is instructing and a physical

individual that they should pay will

in reality sign into your records and set

the entirety of this up for you in addition to you’re going to

get one-on-one instructing so in the event that you need

to get one of these sounds then you

can consider what might

truly help you realize I wouldn’t

suggest picking everything up and just

getting overpowered only thing around one

or then again two possibly in the event that you have the cash to

contribute and figure what might truly help

you like perhaps the accomplished for-you Peck or

perhaps the week after week calls thoroughly up to


sounds are discretionary as consistently and you’ll

approve of the fundamental item alone yet

on the off chance that you need to make your life a little

bit simpler or perhaps in the event that you need the

instructing then you can think about picking

up one of the

presently let me give all of you of the bones as

I got for you since I’m going to include

I’m going to part with again more than

$3,000 in worth and this is a genuine worth

OK so these are fiber programming or my

possess courses or the out and out case

thinks about these are not PLR items these

are real items that Ivor

are offering at this moment or used to sell

what’s more, used to be discounted Ivor my items

or then again items from imprint or bill alright so

as a matter of first importance let me notice to you that

labret goes live at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on

December tenth and on the off chance that you need to pick it

up from my connection you should simply

simply click on one of these blue connections on

my audit on my blog and in case you’re

viewing on youtube simply click on the

first connection in the depiction to go

legitimately to the business page the second

connection will take you to my blog directly here

on the off chance that you need to look at the composed

audit so as a matter of first importance I’m going to give

you free uniquely crafted rewards I made

particularly for this advancement now these

free custom rewards will discuss

producing traffic so creating traffic

for nothing with paid promotions and with SEO OK

so these are free specially designed rewards I

made particularly for influence you truly

truly going to cherish these and you can’t

get it anyplace else by the way I’m too

going to give you five accomplished for-you

offshoot showcasing efforts alright so

this is something that I ordinarily sell

as a piece of a sound that I have to my

possess items I’m going to get it for nothing

again five accomplished for your field advertising

battles you’re likewise going to give a

pack of dollars of the day granted

items you’re going to get explosivo

benefit vortex unbreakable nuclear benefits

occasion Gold Rush reactor the milk it

strategy PC inheritance list authority Pro

pool side benefits amateur traffic for

all the more simple benefit insider facts six minutes

benefits traffic title zenith traffic

issue delicate brisk offshoot expert marksmen and

detonate your rundown now these are all

pairs of the day granted items

these a portion of these are still at a bargain

you can in any case get it for 10 to 17

dollars a pop and a portion of these are definitely not

any more yet again these are twofold so

today were the items you’re going to get

some reward material from me you’re going to

complete email models for you records

you’re going to get potential space leads

in the event that you need to do the area flipping

furthermore, you’re additionally going to get my mega

reward and my uber reward is a sum of

forty five or more in addition to extra adjust

of the day and result of the day

granted courses and my super reward alone

is worth one thousand 500

dollars and this will bring it up to a

aggregate of 3,000 300

what’s more, fifty dollars presently I’m going to give

this away for nothing to you in the event that you’ll

choose to get it through my connection and

again in the event that you needs to get influence

through my connection simply click on one of

these blue connections directly here on my blog

or then again the main connection in the depiction

from YouTube and as consistently have a full

composed audit directly here on my blog

counting the pipe including a full

composed survey directly here including all

the verification and everything else and

counting the summarize so let me summarize

this influence audit right now so first

of this is a fresh out of the box new contextual investigation

what’s more, a strategy I never truly observed anybody

they you know joining five extraordinary

the traffic contextual investigations into one

item this is something that is demonstrated

to work and it worked for Bill and Mark

so certainly something that you can

simply pursue do bit by bit and you’re

going to get results with this you’re going to

get five influence focuses which methods for

five diverse traffic sources this is a

genuine contextual investigation and again they made

one thousand 200 and seventy

three dollars and free days which is

quite incredible you realize it resembles how am I

like 400 dollars every day beautiful

great you can begin with free traffic

you’re going to profit in 24 hours or

less and you can scale this up to six

figures every year I know by and by have

pack of individuals that are making six

figures every year with nothing else except for

associate advertising so this is altogether

conceivable you can do associate promoting

without shooting recordings like I’m

shooting you know my survey recordings you

realize you can do it yet it isn’t

essential and for this situation study you’ll

see five distinct methods for a

making associate promoting work without

doing what I’m doing in light of the fact that I know a

part of you folks don’t have the opportunity to

do like you know three to five hours for every

day of video altering and transferring and

Website optimization and so much stuff so this is for

somebody that is simply beginning

with no genuine information and you’re

going to get results with this so I truly

truly like this and simply need him

before I go I simply needed to make reference to

you that these rewards I need to

offer with this item or with any

other item are in every case consequently

conveyed to you with your download alright

so on the off chance that you’ll choose to get any

item I’m advancing through my connection

all you need to do to get my reward is to

go to your buy history so all you

need to do to do it is simply click on

your symbol directly here on the upper right

corner of warrior in addition to and jvzoo is

the very same snap on buy

history at that point click on one of the

items that you experience my connection

this will open up the conveyance page and

at that point clearly on the conveyance page

beneath the green catch that says get to

the item you will have a novel catch

saying reward from craftsmanship so this is the manner by which my

reward is constantly conveyed so you don’t

need to send me any messages you don’t

need to you know send me receipts

anything like that everything is

programmed so it ought to be there as soon as humanly possible if

you utilized my connection alright in the event that you use somebody

else’s connection at that point you’re going to get their

reward clearly yet on the off chance that you utilize my connection

what’s more, on the off chance that you didn’t get your reward for

some explanation please get in touch with me leave me a

remark on youtube you can email me or

get in touch with me via web-based networking media inside my

facebook advertising a gathering so just

get in touch with me and ensure that you pick

up any item from my connection I’m going to

send you the reward and as clearly if

you have any inquiries please let me

know in the remarks segment please like

it please buy in to the channel if

you like these survey recordings I’m as it were

checking on top items alright so you know I

saw a few remarks saying I just give

like four or five beginnings to all the

items that is the reason since I as it were

pick the best items to audit for you

folks alright so if the item isn’t great

I’m not going to audit it I’m not going

to burn through my time and your time OK so I

just pick the best items to audit

furthermore, influence

unquestionably one of these astounding items

for $18 you’re going to get a contextual analysis

telling you the best way to begin without any preparation

get traffic from five better places

also, profit along these lines so I truly like

it and again it will be going live at

9:00 a.m. Eastern on December 10 figure

it out for my connection to get the reward and

I will see you inside the following video



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