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LifeSites OTO

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LifeSites OTO  –  What is LifeSites?

The Demo

FE – With Commercial License (Sell Readymade Websites)

100 DFY Websites, Pages & Blogs

Add 100 Domains


OTO1 – Unlimited

Unlimited Website Creation

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Hosting

OTO2 – Elite

Unlock DFY eCom Funnel

DFY Blogs

DFY Squeeze Page Funne


OTO3 –Ulimited Local Edition

DFY Membership Portals

DFY Course Portals

DFY Affiliate Promo


OTO4 – Agency

Get your Own Agency with 250 accounts of LifeSites so that your clients can create Unlimited Local Sites, Membership sites, Local Funnel Pages,

Course Portals, Affiliate Promos

OTO5 –Whitelabel

Whitelabel Version, Just add your Logo, Brand Name and Sell it as yours

OTO6 – 1K Academy

Learn the DFY System and how you can sell LifeSites on Fiverr, Flippa and other portals with step-by-step training.

How to setup the product

How to get the approval

How to sell products



LifeSites OTO Bonuses


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

LifeSites OTO Hello guys, Mr farson here, and you are welcome to the review of my live site, so in a nutshell: this product is a cloud-based app that will enable you to create, don’t for you bonus pages, don’t for your blog sites. Don’T for you become websites, um pages funnels, and a whole lot more. You can also create a review blog page, also right here from the member’s area, which I’ll be walking you through in a second. So, however, I do need to point out something quickly here. If you are looking to use this as a long-time product, this type of product, don’t actually last um that kind of long.

LifeSites OTOLifeSites OTO

So that’s why I’ll be putting one of my bonuses right here; for you, I’ll be able to create your own personal WordPress website, which will be able to access my bonus page when you click through the link in the description. Below? If you are interested to know more about this product and stick with me to the end of this video because I’ll be talking to you more about the pricing and also the upsells that are included, and also my amazing bonuses. So when you click through the link in

the description below, you come through to my bonus page, which looks like this, so I can go ahead and click on any of these red buttons, which then take you to the sales page where you can go ahead and Pick up live sites when it goes live so with that being said, however, you do need to do this before the countdown here on my bonus page is zero because when

it does, all the bonuses are put together for you will expire, and that is not something I would like you to miss out on so with that being said, let me walk you through all the bonuses that I’ve put together for you. You choose to pick up live sites, so my buddy’s number one, as I said,LifeSites OTO is how you can be able to build up your WordPress website so a product like this, and if you are looking to grow up a long time page, you have to. You have to have your own personal website where you’ll be able to promote your own products, because when these types of products die, all your pages will just die, um, and that is not something I would like to happen to you.


So that’s my bonus number one, and it’s a very, very high cost that I put together for you. Bonus number two is an additional high-quality page view that I use personally, and it also comes with done-for-you campaigns. Bonus number three is two high-quality traffic sourcesLifeSites OTO to use with the live site. So another problem that I find out I found out in the live site. Are they only give you walk-through videos on how you can use live sites? They don’t show you how you can be able to send traffic to these pages, and having these pages are going to be so useless if you cannot drive traffic to them.

So that is my bonus. Number three, then bonus. Number four is how you can be able to use bing ads now. Bing ads is an ad platform, and I’ve been using it for years now, so you can be able to drive um penny clicks, for you can be able to drive traffic um for pennies to your

pages, and you’ll be able to make sales with this type of traffic, so that’s my bonus number four bonus. Number five is access to all the additional bonuses the vendor has given to me to give to you now.

These bonuses also include, um, number one. You get athletes, a market management system, you get a defense calendar, and you can post and read through the description right here. You have a dynamic website compressor, and then you have a superstore finder, and that is

LifeSites OTO

the last bonus from the vendor, which you’ll also be getting as well. So with that being said, let me quickly run you through the website, and also, a quick tip here is that all these bonuses are 100 free of charge. Even if you pick up the front end of this product, which will cost you only about 14, so this is the website right here, and then the headline here says now: 30 seconds is all that you need to create a stunning website.

Okay, futuristic ai technology creates automated high converting websites in just 30 seconds that you can sell for the top dollar in hotel snitches. What they are trying to say here is that you can be able to create um websites with the templates. They offer you right here in

the member’s area, and you can be able to sell them on sites like Fiverr, um sites like this on Fiverr, and you’ll. Be able to sell this type of services, um, like people who offer websites like website development; you can be able to offer the service as well to them. You can see some people here right here, charging um around three hundred dollars to offer this type of service.


So skip hassles to directly dominate trending niche like fitness, dating pets, self-improvement technology, affiliate marketing finance and countless other instantly. Some of the features right here that are included in the product are the ultimate digital empowerment tool for local businesses. Three clicks, high quality, attractive website creation, and they have a drag and drop editor

for quick addition of glamour elements. Then we have lighting speed loading with SSL and encryption, which will enable you to have um a protected website for your visitors. To trust, we’ll have limitless hosting included at no extra cost SEO optimized websites to help you stand

out from the rest. You have used your own domain, built-in WordPress, the installer you’ll, be approved and locked by experts, premium, support, and customer care, 100 secure and effortless, unlike any other software in the market.

LifeSites OTO

So I would, I wouldn’t recommend this product that much because this type of product actually doesn’t last for a whole long time, so you do have to know how to build up your own WordPress websites, which I’ve also included. That’S one of my bonuses right here. So this is the sales page. You can come here and check out the sales page in your own leisure time. It’s a pretty lengthy sales page, so I will not be going through it with you guys right now.


So, let’s quickly head over to the member’s area, so this is the member’s area right here, and all you do need to do is just go to the dashboard, and you’ll be able to see a number of ways that you can be able to um. So you are, you can be able to create a new site, you can be able to view

all your sites, and then these are the walkthrough. Videos are included in the member’s area um right now. It’S not included yet, so you’ll be able to get them when they include them, and you have this support. This is where you’ll be able to get access to the support, and then you’ll be able to get your bonuses also as well.

So the first step is to click on the create a new site, and then this will load up different templates for you, like in for a done-for-you membership important now we have two different products: two different teams right away, be able to um create a website from I’ve done for you agency, and all you’re doing to you just click on the view. Template, and you’ll be able to see examples

of these sites that are um editable on the website. Right now, the site is loading, and we have different orders, niches right here, and types of websites that I can create with live sites. But I’ve done, for you become income stores which give you access to four high quality um templates to use what I’ve done for your sales when else what I’ve done for you squeeze page, for now, so I’ve done for you athlete promotion. I’ve done for you review sites now.

LifeSites OTO

This is one of the templates right here, which is included, um, where you can be able to edit easily in the member’s area so to edit. The website. All you need to do is just click on the select, and it will load up the editor for you. You just need to add up your website, let’s say, for example, um:

that’s it, and then you would put up your site type tool, and they’ll be able to add this website right here. So once you add it, it will take you to another page where you’ll be able to see a number of different sites that are being included.

So all you need to do is just click on the visit, or you go back to the dashboard, and then for this now, you’ll be able to click on a visit, and then you’ll be able to see the type of sites that you have created using live sites, And this is the this: is your link also that uh I will be able to promote on pages and to go back you’ll, be able to click on the save changes? If you have added a new websiteLifeSites OTO, and then you are able to view all side’s walkthrough videos, edit site content, this will be able to edit site content.


LifeSites OTO