Live Build #1 with David Lemon


We’re live whats up guys so that is David lemon i’m the neighborhood manager over at groove digital and i’m establishing slightly prior a few minutes previous just to ensure each person everything works i’m going to simply go by way of and see if it is functioning well yeah welcome welcome please become a member of in i have awesome news to share with you i’ve a exceptional build that we’ll be doing today so in case in case which you can hear me please type zero hi Yoshi okay please kind 0 right here within the comments in case you can hear me thoroughly ultimate thanks very a lot so yeah guys that is me that is David i’m right here at in Croatia at the second it can be 6 p.M. Or no longer now not yet it is 1745 so 5 p.M. Past forty five minutes I decided to start just a little early just look forward to every body to come in they’re getting their notifications now at this moment so might be they simply have to style out the youngsters or turn on the pc and things like this so I just need to give them some time to come back and become a member of in one after we get began with the whole thing we’re establishing in a few minutes however yeah this is my first time doing anything like this so excuse me if I do whatever mistaken and if i exploit some grammatically mistaken language my English is the third language that I I realized so at this moment it is going particularly good I believe so yeah if if I do anything that I wouldn’t have I do say sorry for that in advance if I sense say some thing improper then yeah the equal factor i’ll most often mumble a bit of this is this is ordinary factor even as i am on digicam and and doing anything in front of 20,000 individuals yeah this can be a groove Digital official crew at this moment has greater than 20,000 people so it can be a colossal community and i’m very joyful to be a part of it i’ll be watching after you guys the nice as i will be able to yeah and that i see 15 folks joined in please style in zero in the comments in case which you can hear me good it can be fairly most important that everybody can hear me and that i simply want to get began proper away with the whole lot working to not be fixing some disorders afterward ok ideal so I just want to mention guys that Monday’s will be the time after I’m doing like live builds will do Mondays as are living build day I can be doing a bit of longer reside webinars or not webinars but existence plays with the live constructing of over full pages or funnels internet sites and things like this so in case you need to join in after which do it with me this will be on Mondays other days within the week i’ll try to do 5 days live per week i’ll attempt to do two days off essentially simply to be with my family a little bit and have some social life this is wonderful don’t get me improper this is that is I cherish to do this i am at all times on my mobilephone checking the messages making an attempt to answer as speedy as i will be able to but of direction my wife my child want me so yeah i’m going to give them some attention two days in every week the opposite days i’m yours so we have 14 persons at this moment watching simply please style in zero within the feedback in case you can hear me well i’d respect it thank you very much and simply have a look on the clock 10 more minutes for getting started with the presentation in 10 minutes yeah there may be remarkable matters going down at this second in groov digital organization will be revealing one factor that you could be or may not have visible occur already however I suppose the people that simply joined in lately they’ll be very very glad with that one yeah best so I see Tracy I see Christine I see Yoshi right here I see Elizabeth hello guys thank you for coming welcome that is me David lemon if you are not familiar with me there was once a tremendous submit about me a couple of days in the past with a horny photograph that I despatched Donna that is the only one the place i don’t appear like a potato head but that I could find no longer only one current that I would find on my pc at this moment Christine says thanks for everything you do i love how you educate you can see her comment right here thank you Christine i love educating you guys yeah i’ll be sharing some matters here that that some of you may or won’t recognize matters and yeah so we’ve now extra people becoming a member of in simply please style in zero within the comments if that you would be able to hear me I need to it as as excellent as feasible good so we nonetheless have a couple of more minutes i will just try to let you know my story in order that we once we start in in like eight minutes we just go by means of the whole factor after which fairly construct out the page as pleasant as we are able to so I was once shopping at searching fb someday and i saw an advert popped up this was once an ad for guru funnels Mike field identical was talking in the video and that i inspiration that it was particularly fascinating considering the fact that they were promising a the fastest page builder a page builder funnel builder which you can construct internet sites that you can acquire join limitless customized them and and all kinds of mighty stuff that’s in most cases the software that fees like five hundred 200 300 bucks per thirty days can do and this used to be on a lifetime deal and i used to be like ok i am beautiful familiar with all of the page builders i am myself some type of an online fashion designer marketer I developed internet sites with WordPress I built web sites with click on funnels and simile and Brizzy editor and all types of specific distinct editors in the marketplace at on the moment and i was once like okay this appears to be an intriguing deal so I went in and bought the deal this is how I grew to be a purchaser this was again in 2019 I went to the application and i determined it very very buggy god it used to be it was now not a just right expertise so I wrote in to to support like k I skilled lots of bugs and i really want my a reimbursement and then I used to be virtually writing to John John John Garcia he is doing the webinars on Thursday and John promised me that better matters are coming if I see this authentic like potent stuff will happen after which i can’t must pay monthly and all different types of stuff so I was once like k make sense so let’s simply sit by means of it it was style of a hard time at that second in view that I used the last credit score on my credit card we are to purchase this application and it was now not a very proud second for me after I told my wife that yeah I purchased this program for that so much cash and it’s yeah we should not have a credit score on our credit card anymore so she was once no longer a completely happy puppy haha yeah I sat by way of it and i started experimenting I used to be just simply utilizing it it is like seeking to construct out pages it used to be no longer very first-class considering the fact that it had loads of bugs but I saw the potential in it I rather did and i used to be I was once very general on each of the webinars they have been enjoying for groove pages on Tuesdays after which groove card on Thursday so I i tried somewhat of this somewhat of that i attempted quite constructing out first rate pages some of the one of the vital factors weren’t working as as it should have however but like overall the application used to be very usable and really satisfactory something new on the market so I stated to it and that i used to be also a bit of lively within the groove digital team so every time I took my mobile I saw the persons asking the identical questions again and again and again and again in the workforce so I was like ok God let’s just I mean i know the solutions i attempted the program i do know I i’ll reply to them and frequently it simply took a long time for the individuals from groove digital to answer the questions so I began replying the the questions from the from the customers within the groove digital fb group and i answered over and over and again the equal questions I even did like WordPress a long way is not the WordPress sorry a phrase file with original questions and solutions to all of them so i will just replica and paste it swiftly in groove digital neighborhood and after some time I was once like i do not want to do this at all times so I took a software Camtasia on my on my pc and that i just began recording short videos putting them up on YouTube on on within the team and yeah that is how I began i attempted to support men and women as so much as i will be able to so in the beginning I was once replica pasting all this it was once very tough I could handiest support one character at the time however I figured if i will be able to report a video it can be like more people will see it it will keep within the staff so in case someone searches the question or anything like this they are going to be ready to look it so this way I would have helped much much more after which many extra humans at the same time so i suppose this is how the guys saw my videos from group digital and so they they they wrote me like hi David let’s chat and yeah i’m here now and i am formally the group manager of groove digital that is my story shortly so I developed out a presentation I can be going by way of within the subsequent few minutes let’s have a look at so now we have three more minutes so it is 5:50 7:00 p.M.Where I are living so we are going to simply wait except 6:00 p.M. After which we will get started with the entire presentation so we have now many more men and women now within the workforce if you would please variety in zero in the comments in case that you can hear me that might be high-quality i’d rather recognize it good enough you just put again my wonderful self here on the monitor so we’ve a couple of persons here commenting hi guys welcome completely satisfied to peer you here i am hoping you will you be taught anything valuable from this presentation in these days ideal the zeroes are coming in thanks guys you want to have some suggestions adequate let’s try some thing else so simply please sort in one in the comments in case you’ll discover me and as good my monitor on the following to me very clearly I would really like to have feedback before we start officially i’ve a comment here from a user it says hello David lemon so blissful you’re doing all this i am completely satisfied with your training and bear in mind your enter useful thanks very a lot at this second I can’t see one of the most names we are going to go by way of it in a second excellent Christine typed in one hi Aziz first-class to have you here perfect beautiful the quantity ones are coming in so you will find me and as good on this part the display that I will probably be sharing right here and we will be building out the the page that I confirmed you the day past within the video good let’s have a look at how are we with time a different minute to go that’s high-quality Aziz typed one thanks very much okay so let’s just go to the subsequent slide here I wanted to ask you please in case that you would be able to variety into your browser this URL circulation yard com ahead decrease fb this is most effective so i can see your name and a profile snapshot the app we are making use of at this second for streaming is movement yard comm and it requires it requires the user to approve so that the app can genuinely use the profile photo and the name in order that while we’re doing these live movies reside webinars then we are able to see the volume is just a little low but i can crank up my speaker guys if everybody can hear me ok is is the quantity low with for your facet as well I had Kevin Fung simply wrote up that the quantity is low k so yeah i’m going to simply repeat so in case which you could head over to this URL flow yard comm or come to facebook there where we shared the the webinar there’s a hyperlink within there and this quantity is perfect ok so right here the place we are doing the live video now just please come here and click on on the flow yard comm forward reduce facebook this may permit me to see your names so after I after I show it like this for instance Christine wrote this comment out this is how it shows up after which if anyone else writes it then it indicates up like this I cannot see the identify and that i cannot see who wrote it so if you would simply please head over to movement yard comm forward lessen fb and simply approve so i will see your name that will be exquisite Aziz ask if this might be recorded if sure the place will we discover it later so guys this can be recorded this can be in the facebook crew and as good on YouTube we have been having some difficulties at present with YouTube they did not approve us yet to report a are living webinars on there or or reside movies so at this moment we can be just taking the video from it and then importing it individually on YouTube but yeah it’s going to be it will be a replay recorded k so I feel it is time now i will simply go ahead and with the entire presentation i will simply allow you to be aware of in how this may increasingly work and simply eliminate this one over here and i’ll go away Christine she wrote it fairly effectively in significantly better English language than I might have accomplished it so for those who if all people could please just go to circulate yard and comm ahead reduce facebook and simply show it so i will see your title please ultimate so yeah guys hello i am David lemon i’m the group supervisor you have to have noticeable my wonderful profile picture in the group with some females and i used to be replying to most of your questions within the crew and as well posting some videos that you’ll have noticeable and try moving your cursor on the video there’s a volume there beside your computer perfect yeah so this is how one can turn up the volume when you are not able to hear me so yeah I became the neighborhood supervisor within the group digital company I used to be helping out individuals in a facebook group and i was recognized via the blokes Michael Sam and Donna Fox and they received me over to come to to without a doubt control the community for them which I genuinely love to do i really like buyers i love giving suggestions i really like helping and and that is I suppose what I was born to do so i’m completely satisfied to be here and i am joyful to be serving to you guys so let’s get to the first slide here so how will this work that is my first time doing a fb live so we may just exchange it within the subsequent couple of days as I stated prior if you weren’t right here I will likely be looking to do a facebook live five days a week so I will likely be going continue to exist Mondays doing a bit of bit longer movies where we can be doing a whole construct and and the other days for the period of the week we will be able to simply be doing just a little bit shorter movies answering detailed questions and i will be displaying you how one can do specific matters in the within the Builder additionally with team promote so so yeah this is how it will work so another time please go to move your comm ahead reduce facebook this will permit me to peer your profile picture after which to peer your identify in any other case I shall be just seeing folks like this so I might not be able to to look your title and that i will not be equipped to reply your detailed query in order I already began I I asked some questions in case which you could hear me well then press this button in case you can find me then press this button so I would prefer you consider in the event you might participate in these this will enable me so this will likely provide me suggestions so i will do higher for you guys after which of path in case there are some problems to vary up some matters so just please attempt to perpetually take part if I ask you to press a number for days press that yeah and we can be doing a live Q&A at the end of this whole construct we will be able to be going over some questions however unfortunately I do not know the updates how are the updates coming or what what’s going to be launched when so if it might be super for those who do not ask me these questions considering that i wouldn’t i would need to leap over them i am the neighborhood supervisor and i do not need all these know-how about when the updates are coming and what is being labored on at this moment i will best see what has a bug that didn’t have a trojan horse then I count on that this is being worked on considering that once you are within the program industry you do something and then the entire on other workforce breaks fully so I understand so please just do not inquire from me for the software updates I may not be equipped to reply them for you yeah so we will be able to have we have now two varieties of questions that I desired to say that you probably have them for the duration of the build simply write up this this question preserve up with some stars after which ask your question this may allow me to see quickly adequate it is a query about the build I have to keep up and answered it at the same time we are working on it on account that if I if i’m going by means of if I build out page and then appear at the question then it would be that I leave out the query or I miss the entire thing so in case you have a query that wishes to be answered right away in in regards to the construct simply write up keep up and then some stars with with excessive with larger case letter or gigantic letters in order that i will be able to see them and then deal with it right away the opposite style of questions I would prefer you to just type in like this query with some stars on the aspect and then write for your query these can be answered on the finish so in case if this is not concerning whatever that we’re doing at this second on the display just sort in question after which we can be answering it on the finish of the entire presentation and the construct I will be holding a Q&A session there so sure so you probably have a question that’s not concerning the build type in query with the celebrity stars if you have a question related to the construct what we’re doing proper that second simply sort in hold up with uppercase letters after which just put some stars earlier than the question okay let’s go on I simply wish to tell you that i am no longer your guru i am like this child in this video so I will likely be in entrance of you nevertheless it does not imply that you’ll now not be passing me like the opposite ducks let me simply make it better here so you can find i’ll try to consultant you as much as possible I particularly I really will however a few of you could have extra advantage that i have a few of you’re going to go me like the geese i will repeatedly must step in a pond i will routinely get into right into a computer virus or whatever but i will attempt to go on and this is additionally for for the questions I don’t know the whole lot i’m relatively just testing it out and i’m reeling just studying it at this moment with you there may be so many updates so many new matters popping out all the time that it’s simply fairly rough to preserve monitor of and to understand the whole lot so you will be the ducks at one point but you are going to pass my talents and move me within the whole thing so yeah just are trying to try to learn as so much as viable now not only with me however to your your own as well so so yeah i’ll aid you as a lot as i will however I rather have no idea everything let’s simply go to the agenda web page so we’re going to do an introduction on what we can be building i’ll exhibit you whatever awesome i don’t suppose the various individuals do this of their own webinars i’m going to show you a fine clip from a film which I learned lots from the following factor will likely be i’ll introduce the tools that we will be using for developing growing emblems that you should use to create logos to create mock-americato to rather spice up the web page to make it your possess to rather to particularly customise it the way that you just’d like the following thing will be the touchdown page build this would be the longest a part of the entire of the whole video I think even longer than my renting on the on the establishing of the video but yeah at the end we can have a Q&A and i will just repeat please no update questions considering that i actually do not particularly know when the updates are coming and what updates will be so i might respect when you miss those questions with me and possibly ask anyone greater up the company degree so let’s simply see what we can be building in these days in order I confirmed you in a video the day gone by we will be constructing out this web page it can be a pretty easy page in case we seem at it by using the constitution however a few of you could have been struggling to constructing out anything with Groove pages however no concerns about that i’ll exhibit you and and hold your hand we’ll go step-by-step and we will be finding out how to do this build this present day or today and then the opposite Monday’s shall be constructing something else so we will be able to create a logo together we will be able to put it on a on a web page on this block we will be able to add on a headline the subsequent block might be this way block with the headline on it after which we are going to just customise the button and the form fields the next block you’ll discover here it includes two columns over right here and there or one column over here which is in actual fact these are some record gadgets with the heading and on here on this column there may be just a snapshot or an picture and this phase is clearly just a replica of the higher upper type we just eliminate the history we do some border across the field for the shape fields and sincerely we’re achieved we just alternate the font color after which the final phase this block is only a easy empty block where I pulled a image of those this banner that is referred to as as visible on banner this can be a this can be a block where folks by and large on their website lists out where they have got been obvious or the place they have been featured on on what websites or on what businesses so yeah we’ll i’ll educate you the right way to create trademarks like this I can even instruct you it is a enjoyable section I may even coach you no longer on this the live video however i’m going to show you exactly find out how to construct out this this mock-up which I created a separate video for you guys that you may follow in case you’re curious about constructing out your mock-usathere are paid types you can do that but I might be displaying you a utterly free variation which is a bit more it used to be slightly extra time invested in it however at the finish you could construct out the excessive fine relatively fairly excellent mock-u.S.A.That you can use to your own designs i will show you the place you can get icons like these ones that you should utilize after which with the intention to be the tip most of the time of the construct so let’s simply hearken to Batman let me tell you a narrative i’m a giant colossal fan of comedian books and superheroes and marvel and DC and all forms of stuff and i love more wonder than DC but in the final Justice League movie are the one Justice League film that in my time used to be created in 2017 it is a film about Superman being lifeless and then Batman one lady Aquaman and flash want to revive him to to fight the evil aliens who got here to to collect some bins anyway the film was once like me it used to be nothing targeted however there is one scene that i will don’t forget forever and that i desired to show you guys this one so I simply put the video right here in the within the presentation and that i won’t want us to look at it collectively if we are already doing this video I rather want you to feel or to have that Biffen in that I had so let me simply give you a brief backstory they they’re assembly the bad guy for the first time so Batman and and the other guys are getting ready to fight the unhealthy man and this happens i am afraid of bugs it is relatively cool you guys seem capable to do fight and stuff but full transparency I’ve not ever achieved fight I just push some persons away keep one retailer one character Oh which one don’t speak don’t combat get in get one out you understand that is it guys this is very strong i hope you will remember this one as well so let’s just recap what happened so flash is new man is new within the entire superhero thing he on no account did combat he he even says I just pushed some people and ran away he is a kid and he’s expected to do a enormous battle the it is a feeling that all of us will have at some factor in our lives for example for me this was at present i am beginning to do reside movies which I under no circumstances did before the one position where I confirmed my face was once on a photograph that was extremely edited in Photoshop after which I put it on facebook and this can be a new factor for me so I was like oh my god I have no idea how to do that i am so scared and i and i thought about this scene like simply do one minute of the video this is how I used to be telling myself like one one minute and i was once ok do not talk don’t battle get in get one out so do not over complicate things don’t do not suppose about what could occur if simply do one minute over the video and simply simply just just finish it I used to be like ok after I the first minute i will understand that is what even Batman said and then you can comprehend and at the finish of the whole scene that you saw right here flash swoops in he takes one man or woman out after which he’s like huh and then he runs back in and then saves everybody so that is what i’m doing at this with its are living build and that is what I anticipate you to do as well together with your build with your corporation so you will have been being affected by the whole factor like in some a part of what you are promoting like you do not know what to do you don’t know the place to start you you are overthinking matters just don’t suppose in regards to the whole thing one factor do one thing after which the whole lot else might be a lot simpler then you can recognize after which it is going to simply give you a push in entrance and then you will be equipped to just simply maintain occurring with none hesitation so that is what i want you to don’t forget and simply do not overthink it just do one factor you simply construct one page with me simply build build your self some thing just do the sort of after which you’ll know you’ll be able to recognize for those who like it you understand for those who should you don’t find it irresistible you understand if you want to proceed you you’ll recognize if you want to hire somebody else however just do do do one factor and simply consider in yourself don’t over ticket don’t talk do not battle get in get one out guys okay so support is the key phrase this is what I desired to study to let you know if it’s not relevant what variety of page you build or what you do with it the important thing is that you support a person so don’t feel oh where will I put my button and what colour must I used to – I do not know to maximise the sales that’s now not primary guys this is thoroughly not main it’s not relevant in case you if you happen to just put black text on a white screen it’s not relevant when you have a discussion board and and on automation and then this after which that how one can help men and women is the predominant thing you probably have buyers that need aid with with making themselves lovely let’s say you are you are proudly owning a hair salon you need to support individuals by make them beautiful buy make to make them feel appreciated to make them win over a guy or a lady you are serving to them attain a intention you have to consider what your goal is you ought to feel what can you support them with on this video i’m going to be displaying you how we can a web page in an effort to aid humans clear up a quandary their hindrance might be to have a guide of find out how to construct a touchdown web page so essentially I will probably be freely giving a guide but that is now not the point of what i’m why i’m making a web page the point of why i’m creating a page is to help the individual that wants support with the landing web page created i hope you understand me what i am seeking to say so it’s not it doesn’t matter should you do a button here in case you put a design like this and then you do this some fancy stuff how you can aid individuals is the is the principal stuff so I believe we will simply go on after which work on the subsequent thing serving to is the great advertising and marketing campaign should you aid one individual that one person will come to you again when you aid for example in my case I recorded a video and put it in a bunch many individuals noticed it and now they believe me they truly recognize who i’m they began following me each video I put out they they watched generally i hope they did however i’m trying to help i’m now not trying to like purchase my stuff I might readily feel all these 20,000 individuals after which just pull them into it to my program and simply promote them anything however that is no longer what i’m trying to do i am seeking to relatively aid you guys succeed with this program it’s it’s an terrific software for my part one of the crucial pleasant on the earth so support one and then you’ll know so simply do your possess thing in case you’re selling books just promote one guide and simply particularly try to aid that client obtain their goal in case you’re doing I do not know if you have a you are selling flora you probably have a flower keep simply particularly go in and then help that character obtain the intention that they need to do with that plant life in the event that they wish to win over or ask somebody to marry them simply quite support them ok this is the fine advertising they are going to be coming back to you 100% assured when you help them with whatever that they want to acquire and as I already talked about in my my appoint at the commencing so begin helping as many men and women as possible in case you in case you remark on a fb question you simplest helped one person but shall we embrace in the event you do a video and then like two thousand people see this video you did the same thing however you helped as many individuals as viable you support them in scale so once you put it on YouTube let’s assume this same video you put on YouTube hundreds of thousands can search for the same thing so the extra you help the more individuals you support to extra the more in actual fact earnings you’re going to do the extra purchasers you’re going to have the more success you will have ok so listed below are the tools I recommend and we will be making use of in these days so in case you need that you could open them in for your tabs over there so we are going to be going over to flat icon and this is the link so WWF lat icon calm we are going to be getting our pix and icons for our build from this facet the subsequent factor we can be using is image P photograph P is a web based tips on how to say it can be a it can be an editor that can edit pix and mock-usaand all forms of good stuff so we will be able to be utilising this one after which this this presentation i’ll share with all people so they can have it after which they are able to click on the links you want in case they wish to go back and then just use the hyperlinks from here however I created a full mock-up tutorial of the of the entire thing that basically the the e-book that we will be able to be utilizing in our build I created a full video it is a 20 minute video that you would be able to just go to peer utt dot ly forward slash lemon – mock-up so Christine is just typing within the hyperlinks in the comments in case you need which you can just click on on those thanks very so much Christine I can not put up feedback here unfortunately whilst i’m doing this live video so I particularly admire your aid this is help one man or woman after which you’ll understand that is what i’m talking about so flat icon there may be photograph P after which the last factor is that this reduce Lea so Cu T te ly forward curb lemon – mock-up it will advisor you to YouTube to my channel where I where I hosted the video that you could watch it in a while i’ll share the photo the picture of the of the mock-up I will give you now for this constructing case you’re following it step-by-step as a way to use it as well but these are the three tools I recommend you you seek advice from so open these two up on your tab and then maybe retailer this one for later you can go forward and watch the video in case you’re focused on constructing up your mock-united states of americait is a free approach that I showed you there are also paid ways with making use of instruments like position it web you need to use both those as well but that is only a free variant that you should use k let’s simply go on and let’s constructing so enough about about me speakme I feel it is time to go and soar into workforce funnels and then absolutely begin constructing outside so i cannot go over the dashboard via this time there’s a couple of movies even on YouTube and on in the staff you can go and have a appear about the best way to get to and what are these buttons sincerely when you come right here to groove Ono’s app guru funnels comm you login with your your small print you just click over right here to show pages and this may occasionally get you to to your team pages account so let me simply open a blank one right here that I created let me simply ask you this guys did any of you already already built out some thing utilizing grew funnels unfold style in three within the comments if you happen to already built out whatever with crew funnels simply just press the number three enter and that’s it I quite wish to recognize roughly the information of the individuals which can be observing in case you are aware of it or should i am going particularly relatively particularly from learners from-from like completely in-depth or must I just speak more in regards to the construct aspect of matters or should I also mention on this facet you’ll be ready to search out the factors on this side you can do this please style in three in the comments when you already build out anything only for me to peer ok i am starting to obtain some bushes thanks Jim there may be somewhat I quite recognize your support guys you’re fairly particularly doing whatever right here and i are we i’m particularly quite joyful that you are participating so let’s have a look at Kevin Fung says three except have no longer inserted created a video yet utilizing Tom’s advisor from previous trainings that is no quandary will I will be going over and displaying where to do these matters but I may not be doing a video like inserting or embedding a video this might be regularly subsequent Monday’s construct we can be doing a vesl landing page truly a landing web page with video revenue letter that is the place you’ve a web page and then in the core of it is a video after which some some more k so we’ve got aziz rahman he says none as she are sheep he says no Christine case she says no so there are some men and women that already developed out stuff Jim Elizabeth can and one different individual that I can’t see the title from anyway it’s going to be on facebook however it’s just now not here on this in this platform that i’m utilizing so it’s kind of a tie go and broke okay let’s go on anyway it is type of a tie i’ll go i’ll go in depth ultimate so we’re constructing out this page it is a one block this is a 2nd block it is a 0.33 block and it is a fourth block so it is four blocks after which we are going to be constructing out the stuff on it so what do we wish to with is an attentive block let me just do away with this needed so I can be doing it from scratch utterly from from from nothing okay so i’ll just prefer an empty container pull it over and then I will likely be constructing out first the the factors of the page so this can be a block there’s an photo and there’s some textual content some heading textual content so let’s just pull in an snapshot snapshot and then some heading ok this one this is our first block that is the way it appears like quite simple the next factor the block shall be with a type so we’re just pulling in another block for the types I do advise you to make use of probably the most pre-made forms on this case i would go along with this one this appears essentially the most similar so identify e-mail as you will find here name e mail the next block we can do from scratch again so we will simply pull in an empty block and do two columns so let’s go over wireframes empty right here we go here and then we are going to go to elements tab and put in two columns as we see one after which two so we’ll just put it on our block right here after which on the backside there would be the other so basically the replica of this one that is the the form block that we’ve got here i’ll just go here and just pull it lessen or without a doubt no longer we will be able to simply leave this out at times we can build it construct this one out first and we’ll simply duplicate it so the textual content the styling stays there so i will just go forward and save for this now not to disappear after which i will start constructing it out from the highest k so let’s simply put in a history section we will be able to click over here after which you will find on the within the menu down right here at the bottom it says block so we have to decide on k keep up question let’s have a look at are you able to specify what you are clicking on in the left menu at the same time you might be doing it thanks certain so essentially I pulled in blocks as you can find that is one most of the times you’ll discover which are the blocks with the aid of the separate separating full-width separation of the of the ingredients so that is one block that is one block and this is one block ok so I was once pulling within the blocks from the blocks part from the blocks tab here so I pulled in I clicked here in the wireframes after which went to empty container then I pulled in a container basically an empty block on this empty container I placed an aspect of picture considering that you will see here is our photo after which right here is our textual content so I pulled I clicked here two elements I went into the picture I pulled it over here after which I just took a textual content element this is heading and that i just pulled it in okay over right here we pulled in type form from the wireframe section and that i just used some of the pre-made ones this one here I simply pulled it in and in the last block I once more went into the empty and then I simply pulled in a container and then separated this block using two columns this is in actual fact that you need to you want to do a layout like this I put pulled in a block to be because the because the history this white phase within the background and then this is one column and the opposite column is that is one other column k so can this is how I separate it or this is what I pulled him so it is a container and this can be a container these are these are my columns so this can be a two column layout k i’ll just continue going on so I click here in the historical past of it and then you will find now the container is chosen I wish to put a historical past photograph into the block section so I click on the block and then i am going here to background pick photograph after which this is where which you could decide on your picture i will go and decide upon a free stock snapshot i will sort in metropolis hello i would like some thing with the city it’s not relevant which you can pull on your possess photos but shall we embrace I need to select this one I click on on it that is now importing it in my picture library it’s now selected you can find this crimson or red define of the picture it is chosen here and it’s displaying that the facet ratio so if something is larger than the 1080 then i’d just just style in right here and ap this may make it so much smaller and then essentially this will fit all displays it’s going to be to be first-rate but it will be not like 4 thousand 4 4 instances enormous so that is it now one can find the heritage changed but we need to click right here on the cover a further time and alternatively pick it and now it aligned it here to be adore it was like this and now it handiest smushed it so that it matches the heritage the the weblog section over here after which i might go forward and click in the middle this will align the picture in the center of it so if you are if you are dragging the web publication part to be bigger the photograph will normally keep within the center so although it can be like this tremendous it’ll invariably keep in the middle so that is it that is for my heritage section the heritage snapshot however I is probably not equipped to look lots considering that it is quite vivid so we are going to come right here i am guidance the history part over here i will click on the color now click on the black so now it can be completely blacked out and i will go ahead and pull this lever a bit bigger that is the opacity this is the transparency of the photograph so in case you need to make the photograph bit a bit of darker this is how you are able to do it simply increase or cut back the opacity of the photo so i would like the photo to be there however I do not need it to be in the middle of the entire thing in order that simplest the image is seen and now not the text on it k so this is our text i’ll just go ahead and copy the textual content from here so I click on on the textual content I click on the T button this may increasingly bring up the the textual content editor menu every time you see the textual content editor that means that this article is editable k so I chose it now I pick the heading and that i simply say manage V or to stick it i’ll now use the quick or the quick code or now not quick code but the shortcut manage a or command a to pick the whole thing decide on all and i’ll go ahead here after which i’ll put it on white so i will see what’s occurred okay let’s just go and reserve it simply in order that it stays in case some malicious program seems now it is saved so now now we have a back floor we’ve got a textual content on it and we have now an photo of a snapshot or this will probably be our brand that we will be growing later on so how do i align it so it’s within the middle this can be a predominant question a number of humans were having so after I decide on anything in a on this situation the place I want to align it i will go to container you see there’s a another option that suggests up design i will just show you an extra time I click on on the picture there is not any design choice right here however after I go to the container so I click right here on the container or just click this one to go one up this layout button or layout tab appears so i will go to design I need to have the direction vertical I wish to put them within the center did you see it guys so it was once truly clicking some thing within the block and making sure that i’m going to the container section of it then the design box or the layout choice appears right here after which I prefer vertical on account that it is vertical and horizontal that you would be able to additionally do it horizontally and then just making definite that that is on the i don’t believe so just do it vertical after which align it in the middle I made a mistake simply do it vertical and then just pull it not like this but like this in so that it’s within the center this is how you are able to do in actual fact an individual says so just right i’ve been stuck on that for a long time yeah it is a gorgeous hidden hidden thing that they yeah it can be it can be variety of hidden on account that you handiest can try this on a container no different aspect or for those who click on on a block it is it once more doesn’t show it most effective shows if you click on the container ok so it can be an attractive helpful factor to know so anyway very important vertical and then you definately simply click on on the this one to center it I received a comment from anyone I do huh k so mr.To John I suppose an individual wanted to yeah an individual wanted to write down down me to John recognize where is everything is sorted so that is how we get this everything within the center ok so we have now the the content material put in we can be doing the the logo in a while let’s just proceed with the next section on the web page this is the form discipline or the for type block so we are not looking for this section we’ll simply take away it now we will simply replica over this text which you can in case you need to have this web page open which you can head to growth dot roof pages comm ahead slash lemon built one so this is in actual fact if I would i’d publish this in the possibly like this definitely guys know when you you acquired it however boom roof pages calm forward curb lemon construct one this is the place that you could reproduction the text over in case you need to build exactly like egg on the distinct page like this so that you could just replica over the textual content that i take advantage of so I simply copied over this text and then i will click on on the text aspect here and click on this one manage a this may opt for the whole lot and control-v or command-v this will probably be pasting the whole lot the text within ok so we have now this colour this can be a greyish colour so after I clicked on the block you will see here the the block is chosen i go here to the history part and that i simply select a gray color simply this one it’s this blue that you can pick a customized colour if you go into this circle then that you would be able to pick colour here it isn’t important which grape simply let’s just keep it on this one and that the font color is white so I click on on the textual content again right here in the text control a or command a after which come over here and to the to the primary a letter that you simply see in the bar after which just click on the white so now now we have a white textual content in on a grey historical past okay excellent we can be continuing we will be able to make certain that the form fields have white color inside so once I click on on the for illustration the identify area i will be able to edit the history part as well of the of this detail so i will come right here to heritage and i will decide upon the white colour you will find it transformed right here and i might change the history from the email and i’ll exchange that one I here as good I click on on the button at the end and just to alter it to the yellow ok after which the text is black color so i’ll close the heritage section right here i will open the text option due to the fact that on the button you don’t get the textual content element the textual content bar you see whenever you click on text and also you go to edit the text you acquire this bar which you could edit the text aspect with this color however when you click on another detail you don’t obtain the text bar here so that you may edit the color of the textual content on this place ok so I just want to click on on black and now that is it send me the guide is the text written on the button so we’ll simply edit that one now so as soon as our button is chosen you can find right here form there publish is chosen we head over to configure and then right here where it says button text that is where we will be typing in the text simply bear in mind ship me the advisor ok so with uppercase letters send me the guide and once more sure what an action will probably be submit after which update whenever you click replace it suggests up right here however you must click on it one other time to clearly take the replace in so when you handiest click as soon as it it simply changes it so you’ll discover it but it surely doesn’t save it this manner ok the resizing and everything we will be able to do later on so the to to dimension the font that and the textual content element we can do in a while we simply want to be certain we pull in the entire elements and just edit the colours and and the design to match the one that we need to have ok so the following part is the two column block right here one block has record factors and the other one has an photograph this picture you are going to be competent to create your self utilizing the video it’s it’s on the link cutley forward diminish lemon – mock-up so in case you wish to have to peer the best way to create this booklet I will likely be sharing the hyperlink afterward within the feedback or the outline of this presentation and the are living essentially on in the team ok so we can be establishing pulling within the factors that we want so I need to have a heading i’ll click on the elements tab and then pull in a heading I need to put it here and then the 2nd thing that i would like is a record record element so let’s simply discover a list detail there is a few them there is an icon list object there’s an snapshot record item and the ordinary list so the icon list item is exceptional from the photograph record object that groove pages there are already built in hi Jeremy I see simply joined us welcome i hope I imply you there shall be a replay so you’re going to be ready to from from the beginning after which join us there however anyway the icon record object is the place you prefer from groove pages the groove pages has already built in icons so you select the icon from there however in case you wish to have to do your possess custom photos or your customized icons you may need to use the snapshot list object ok so i will just pull in one k Tracy’s asking what is the lemon book hyperlink again so the lemon the the page that in case you want to have this web page boom-growth dot staff pages com ahead cut down lemon construct one and in case you need to gain knowledge of the right way to create the mock-up is cutley so CU TT dot ly for reduce lemon – mock up k so lemon – mock up reduce li forward shrink lemon – mock up k let’s simply continue building out the the page so we pulled within the heading that we will want after which an photograph list object ok and on this aspect we will just put in an image so we will simply click on on the factors due to the fact we need to pull in an photograph to the proper hand part column and the photograph is within the media section so we will be able to simply pull it in over right here ok so now now we have a heading now we have a list object and then the photograph superb so i will put in my book so I click on on this image placeholder I click on here configure prefer photograph and i will simply put in a e-book that I created you will be equipped to create yours and that i will also share the hyperlink the place that you may get it for yourself let me just try this quickly [Music] so drop ler I failed to put together this earlier than however I will give you the hyperlink now k so if you want to get this distinct photo you could head to t dot p r /i forward slash eight X X M N and the tremendous n i will attempt to place it here in the chat I do not know if you’re going to be capable to peer it lamentably I are not able to remark even as i’m doing the are living video yeah Jeremy is asking is that the Google Doc you simply pulled up available to us yeah so Jeremy this is a presentation I can be sharing with all the hyperlinks throughout the die i’m using this you’re going to be competent to make use of the links from this presentation this can be within the description of the reside presentation i’ll update it as quickly as the the video is over and so in case you want to look this page to your section increase that groove pages dot-com ahead slash lemon construct one and alternatively this mock-up that you can down load from P dot p r /i forward lessen eight x x m and and the massive finish ideal someone anyone already wrote it in to the team thank you very much unluckily i can’t see your name here i had on the beginning a slide the place it mentioned please had circulation yard comm forward lower fb this will basically are ultimate donna thank you very a lot Donna so in the event you had to circulation your comm ahead scale down facebook this may occasionally open a hyperlink where that you may click approve that is essentially to approve so i will be able to see your your profile snapshot and your title considering the fact that in any other case it indicates up like this right here within the within the nook it says person facebook consumer without an snapshot so please head to circulate your comm forward minimize fb this will probably be allowed and then next time whenever we have now a are living like this we will be able to be competent to peer you and notice your photo and then additionally also reply your certain questions Lilliana right here I wrote out the whole thing is the replay going to be in groove at Academy will ensure that it is posted up there as well here are the three links acknowledged by David Oh perfect Liliana thank you very a lot she wrote out the whole lot after which this one is a 404 web page perhaps I misunderstood it ok so reduce that Lee lemon – mock up with out dot-com so HTTP forward decrease ahead decrease cut Lee dot ly sorry cut CU TT dot ly ahead lower lemon – mock up no calm on the finish but thanks very much Liliana it is extremely valuable ok let’s go on with the invoice so just to be certain we save it that it would not disappear so now I as I shared the book with you i will simply put it within my construct as well so I pick the publication and i simply stay up for it to load here decide on and then update ultimate right here we go right here we see we see the ebook and this because the book came in the web page used to be this this hello and now as the as the snapshot is throughout the photograph made the the entire section the whole block bigger or clearly wider okay let’s simply replica within the textual content explanations to down load the free guide so we just click the heading click on on the text here and then we simply paste ctrl ctrl a to choose the text manipulate-v or command-v in case you are on a mac then to paste it after which as well we will just replica over this newsletter speedily ok so that is that is an exciting thing I desired to talk about so that you recall we pulled in an detail known as photo list or list photo element anyway this is this one that is the fairway outline that you just see right here but this one detail is separated in two so one is the snapshot phase or just this fashion if i am watching myself on the digital camera this fashion this phase is the the image and that the opposite part is the textual content so when you click on the the text part itself you can see that it is only identifying the text once you click on the photo part over here this is now that the small green box it is just deciding upon the picture so that is how one can edit edit these individually in case you want to move it all collectively so it’s shall we say you wish to have to add some spacing to both of them not only the snapshot to each of them you then must click on the list – snapshot so it selects the entire each of those you see here and then that you could move them up and down and do clearly changes to both of them even as let’s just transfer this back okay so I want to paste in the text to the text element you can find here i’ll click the T button this may occasionally open up the textual content editor once more ctrl a and then ctrl V ok this we will be hanging in our icons so I need to I want to just duplicate the entire factor so the record photo so then it copies over the picture and the text as well together so i’ll simply click on one two times here we go so we’ve got three factors right here one two three now we now have duplicated it so now we have one two three 4 so now we’ve this developed out i will leave this for last and now i will transfer again to the to the commencing after which I wish to show you how one can construct out your your logo something like this this can be carried out in simply a few minutes and also the place you can find these icons so let’s just do this quickly as I stated earlier than in the tools that i am making use of I mentioned a flat icon ok so just go go over to flat icon i will open it right here in a brand new tab ok Tracie is asking is there a template identical to that we are able to snatch and go together with versus building from scratch yeah i’ll mention that on the on the tip of the whole construct i will show you how one can take this certain web page in and put it into your own groove pages account and edited using this replay so you’re going to be in a position to comply with the replays from follow the video which you could import the page that we create after which you can use that one as well so you’re going to have also the finished i am sorry a finished product and as good a video consultant on how to do that let’s just cover this so now we’re right here at flat icon I enormously suggest you to create an account I already did that for my my side and i created an account I simply logged in using Google with my gmail account this may occasionally permit you to change the pics on the essentially the icons that we can be settling on so what I did here is I went and typed in advertising and marketing they sort in advertising after which I do not need the entire icons I wanted them to be from the equal collection from the equal % with the intention to say so I clicked here and i decide upon packs adequate then I click search once more there are some pop united statesideal so this may increasingly load the percent p.C. That implies that they’re very very similar in a similar way that is intellect icons you will see that these are the ones I had been I used to be making use of here so I clicked on this one and these are designed by means of the equal clothier and the design very very in a similar fashion and this may occasionally preserve the whole design personalized and appear professional not one graphics from right here one photos from right here these are all from the equal clothier these pix are free you could down load the whole p.C. However I need to show you anything more more brilliant so as that you would be able to take into account i’ve this this icon here the primary one and sorry within here you could have a button that looks like this one if you you went and selected the design that you such as you click on here after which that you would be able to edit the colors of the of the of the icon you see here so i need it to be let’s consider this colour I click on it and it converted the color so which you can edit sincerely your possess company the colours that you may you can put your icons into your own company colours you could put yellow that you would be able to put so for illustration if we might be doing that for fb fb has the exact blue colour which you can put in the hex code from the from the color over right here or which you can select one right here on the this colour picker so adequate i am blissful with this I want to download it I wish to make certain that I down load it as a PNG PNG that implies that it is going to preserve the transparency of the of the image but it’s going to be it is going to be in pixels this different choice is a vector photograph this is an SVG this is a vector photograph this i would not be going into this now this is a bit bigger photograph modifying higher stage photo editing but I desired to show you you can edit your possess icon color and then download it to be used so what i most likely do is i download it in 256 pixels this is big ample so that i will be able to apply it to my on my designs and however it’s it is no longer as giant that it’s like 1 megabyte at 2 megabytes or or or a significant in measurement I imply ok so this is without doubt one of the graphics I need to exit and then prefer the other one this is anything I used I wish to make certain I edit it first here you can see the historical past of the colors that you just were using so I simply click on it download and as I used to be downloading it 256 that’s it and then the 0.33 icon that I was once utilizing is that this one the puzzle I need to edit the colour over here modifying the colours that you would be able to most effective do once you whenever you create an account here on a flat icon so simply just just login utilizing your Gmail or or fb account you can do that one as well adequate so I just click on the color I would like I click on download and that i just go and down load the scale that i want best so these icons we will be pulling in to the record item right here good enough so i’ll click on the picture one can find this grey outline across the picture it says it even here picture click on configure prefer snapshot after which which you can pull them in right here if you are utilizing Google Chrome the down load will be it will be down there so simply pull them in be certain it is in someplace in the core of the entire upload image factor just unencumber it and right here you must ensure you upload the photograph so you click on add as soon as it’s over here then you can find it so it is 256 with 256 this is how we want it prefer and update best so now we imported the photograph the sizing we will be able to be working on the sizing in a moment in a second but let’s simply pull in the different photos so I click again on this placeholder photograph I wish to go to configure pick picture I will likely be pulling over the 2d image that we are the icon that we downloaded making sure to upload it in order that it seems right here very good and then selecting it click on update to to make sure it can be here after which if you click update and repair within the the changes and then i am just saving it one other time seeing that the day past where I was doing the identical thing so I was once doing this one then I I acquired a trojan horse after which I had to refresh after which the snap shots were not saved however anyway let’s get click on once more on the image configure opt for photograph relatively we are going to just pull in the the final one who we used k right here we go perfect make sure that it shows up right here prefer update and update again very high-quality so now we can go ahead after which reproduction over the textual content for the other different record items as good ok so you see now as we put in the snapshot though we click on the textual content but the textual content didn’t have the outline these small things are going to be modified that is this isn’t some thing you have to worry about good enough this may just take the last one best so now we click on on the on the blower next we paste in our textual content that we copied over and we ensure we reserve it adequate and now I need to I want to create a logo from right here i’ll just really let’s do it from scratch so for my brand I went once more in flat icon and i simply typed in as that you can wager lemma is how my icon appears just like the lemon constructed there’s a brand editors things like canva.Com and stencil calm nonetheless if you are on a free account if you do not need the paid variation of those application you are not able to create transparent snap shots transparent transparent image signifies that once you pull it to your you are basically the web page that it would not take over the history snapshot or something and that it will handiest show up the text and the snapshot you set in it could be a white box round it in case you do an logo utilising canva however as I gave you the instruments here we will be able to be making use of a different carrier referred to as photo P this is Photoshop it’s online so you don’t need to install any program this on-line needs in actual fact free to use and this is what I will likely be making use of for this for growing a logo so I went over to flat icon and i choose this image here you will discover this is the lemon that I was using I was simply downloading it in any dimension shall we embrace just PNG i do not need to modify it I really like how it’s free download it downloaded it here go over to picture P click on a brand new undertaking and you will discover in case you’re designing some thing else for prints for image for four screens which you can can select exceptional size of monitors i’d simply click on HD I consider that it can be best after which i need the background to be huge that’s first-class ok so that is now a blank canvas feel of this like a white paper so we can be pulling in the picture the lemon simply align it somewhere and now this is it is a very main factor so here if you click this one and you want to resize it it changes its mushes and it does not preserve the side ratio so it would not it would not keep the the design of the of the as it was once firstly okay so i want it to be the equal equal it can be just much smaller ok so although you can find right here these are layers that is you have got a paper and on the paper you’ve got an photograph and on the image we can have some text unknown so these are layering up in actual fact and you can find that the background is below and then we’ve got we have our lemon on the top so these are layers of the photo that is how Photoshop works so once we click on the on the picture right here within the layers that you may click on right here to transform controls then you’ll discover this outline the place you that you may pull within the photo press shift after which pull in the snapshot you will find now as I resize it anywhere it stays the equal it continues the facet ratio okay this is very main to understand ideal we just click enter after which it’s reliable so now we have the the lemon within the center we will be able to be putting in some textual content on the side I wish to click here to the textual content text variety device or press the number T for your keyboard and simply click on somewhere on the on the screen you will see that this field appears whenever you start typing it honestly typed out on the snapshot layers tab you will find that it is typing on top of everything here so if we if we drag this it’s going to be on prime of our lemon okay let’s just kind in eleven I wish to select all after which broaden the size just be a huge bit bigger okay I wish to select a further font i don’t absolutely recall the previous day which one I used however i’ll use it any would not matter which one let’s simply use this this i’m i’m showing you how one can create your own brand you don’t ought to do that the equal thing that i’m simply typing in now ok perfect so that is it I click on the layer once after which it saves the alterations and you can click on the layer with the right click reproduction layer okay so now as I click on on this move software i will be able to create one of the most duplicates one of the vital clones on the opposite side right here you have got you will find that is lemon reproduction chosen I double click on right here in this white space where i have the textual content the T and i say grilled and lemon constructed flawlessly conclude I just click right here and i exploit the move software to move them around k i’ll click on this one press shift so that I make it a bit smaller if i will be able to control to grab the article here press Enter I wish to pull on this one slightly I need to pull in this one somewhat I suppose it’s high-quality however what we have got to do is make it white so i’m going over right here to image Pete I double click on this one after which I click on two instances here on the lemon section I click on here to the black part where this is the color that that we now have the textual content in and then I just drag it over to end up a two to be white k it is very predominant that we do it first in black seeing that now as the historical past is broad it disappears ok so let’s just see it k you do not see it anymore whilst you hover over one can find that it desires to decide on the text however it is there do not fear about that so we need to double click on the white box with the letter T in it after which we want to trade the color to white okay that is it let’s click on it yet another time and that is it we just created a fast logo in Photoshop cs6 my the son is chosen we simply click on the delete button okay this may delete the background so now as you can find it’s a gray and white checked examine board right here or I do not know how you name it but this means this gray white squares implies that it’s now obvious as one can find that you may here see the white why the textual content that we just create so the final thing we need to do is just crop out what we want to keep I wish to preserve this part so i use the crop tool here that is the these l-brackets that is crop software which you can press the letter C to enter it swiftly after which once we crop it out you just press Enter or there used to be a toolbar up here you just press on the on the examine mark i’m just watching over here i have Tracy right here saying i love what to be best – yeah it is straight you recognize I agree I truly wouldn’t have Photoshop just when you consider that of this these – at any place guy at any place i go if i’m in a motel I wish to edit some thing rapidly on and that i would need Photoshop I are not looking for it truely it’s it can be there it is free see my setters as good thanks for the tip of photograph P very welcome sim Cara Lynn Baker great mini tutorial photograph P superb I agree as good thank you for that one so yeah let’s just export it swiftly so then we go over to workforce portraits and we proceed with our build so now we have now everything as the whole thing set up we just want to go here and export as PNG P&G means that it keeps transparency in the background when we put it back to JPEG you’ll find that the whole thing becomes white and this does not have transparency anymore so should you pull it to your internet site it will be a white field with a lemon within for my case but we want to make P&G for transparency ok it’s a bit gradual due to the fact that i am recording enhancing and basically the whole lot even as so anyway i’ll just must shut snapshot P due to the fact that it is a bit buggy but what you want to do is export it as PNG click store and it comes down right here at the backside of the on the bottom of the entire thing ok it seems it is working now let’s just export it without taking part in with it export PNG yeah anyway i’ll simply leave it guys i’ll proceed on so that is how you export it you can as well put it aside as a PSD so that you could import it after which continue working on it in a while you need to beautiful helpful device anyway once we exported our our emblem we had over here two grew funnels we click on the picture here we make certain that we’ve the image factor clicked let’s shut this one we go over to configure select an snapshot and then we can add it I actually uploaded it already it doesn’t you just pull it over to right here or you just click on it and then you definately pick it in Europe on your file explorer or nonetheless it is referred to as on the on the apple computer systems but we selected the the logo we click update and it is here you see that is how it’s it’s this enormous on the grounds that we failed to resize it yet now we will go over and then resize the whole thing on the web page to make it look exceptional so we click replace and simply make sure you put it aside right here ok we waited for the greenbox perfect let’s go and resize the picture there used to be a query yesterday from from I i am sorry I forgot the name however there used to be somebody that asked how to resize the picture so we are going to go over that as one can find there is a small worm that simply seems I click on the photo after which it does not open it it just pops from side to side so i will reload the Builder after which continue engaged on it there are some humans coming in pronouncing hiya y’all lamentably I don’t know who that is due to the fact I cannot see their names and profile picture however i’m going to just go speedily and should you didn’t see it but whoever and simply joined in please head over to circulation yard come ahead scale back fb this may occasionally allow you to truly do you will have to approve movement yard to be utilising your name and the profile picture in our builds or else you are going to come up like this one here in the corner fb user and i have no idea who that is we will be able to be doing every day reside movies so it is you sincerely do it as soon as the circulate me on facebook and then I can be able to see your name and profile photo within the upcoming days let’s simply read let’s simply conceal this one and then let’s move over so when I click on this one you see there is no computer virus anymore it permits me to edit the snapshot when I click this one i will see that this is 100% photograph and then you can come over here for 2 sizing after which that you would be able to pick the width and then if you wish to do handbook sizing you click on the pixel and then you definitely broaden the size of the photograph as you want to see you simply ought to be certain it’s an photograph selected so I really like it right here 450 pixels and then as you will have noticeable in case you are becoming a member of already sorry in case you are becoming a member of in now we click to container this pops up this alternative and we aligned it right here to be within the middle of the page once I remove this it strikes to the part that is customarily the way you see it on newer to your part as soon as you are opening constructing some thing however while you click on to the container ensure it’s block and then a container on it you click on to the container the layout alternative will pop up you click to vertical and you then need to click to this one this will likely center the whole thing that’s in this container k ok sim is asking will this session be recorded so i will be able to assessment later of curl of path him will add it to YouTube as good and it’s going to be available in the fb team also so you can just return after which truly do it for your own percent I quite wish to go by way of the whole lot and then later on once you are able to building then that you may simply open your computer put in a video after which slowly that you would be able to additionally minimize the pace of the video and then that you may comply with it fairly step by step yeah Christine reply to this one yes all their items are invariably recorded and posted thanks very much Christine in your aid in answering the questions so let me just continue with the construct and i want to come over right here after which just broaden the text size of this one as you can find on the page this article is a so much better than what we’ve here so when I selected the text aspect you will see here the text aspect is chosen and i’ll go over here pick all control all after which simply expand it like this superb and then I need to change the font i’ll use the font Tilian internet and you will discover that is additionally a worm earlier than it was once one other form of text and now it can be this type of textual content it’s not relevant we are going to simply continue working with it we want to use till um Feb and put it on a semi daring okay or semi daring i am sorry I think we will do an extra dimension yes this is higher k excellent so now now we have photograph now we have the textual content dimension we simply have to put right here spacing so spacing here after which spacing right here after which we’re truly performed with the with the header snapshot so what I need to do is I want to be certain that i am on the textual content aspect i’ll shut this one and we will come right here to spacing i’ll click right here on the padding up and padding down and as I increase it the textual content element stays on the position however the padding so up and down it simply continues increasing you see that is why we clicked on this one and this one to increase it both at the same time so it might be like this in order i am growing it you will see here is increasing and here as well so I think that is watching just right now we will simply depart it as it is if we close it we will see it yeah let’s simply simply do a little bit extra yeah so we come over here to the textual content okay we’ve got the textual content detail we are able to put a bit of spacing here and it can be that too large let’s simply let’s simply leave it like this that is ok um i have someone I can’t see the title I intended I noticed it however no longer seeing tips on how to hyperlink or connect it to it reside i am now not fairly sure what do you imply in case you wish to have to to come over and and be reside sincerely do not move yard simply go to stream yard comm ahead cut down facebook this fashion i will be able to see your name after which see your profile image so i do know who i am talking with or who i am talking to i’m no longer fairly certain if that is what you mean however yeah let’s just proceed with the construct we need to slash the text size on this one we wish to add a little bit of spacing up absolutely surely lowered spacing so i will simply click on the text and ensure here the text is chosen I click on manage all and i simply edit the textual content size here there is no like commonplace how we’re doing this I just I just go together with the water glide and and do it do the scale that I think is fine excellent I believe that is exceptional I wish to just lower the scale of the textual content over here in order that it matches in a single line in order I stated when whenever you choose a button there is not any more text text bar up right here so for the text dimension on the button you have to cut down over here k when I click on out i can see that these kind fields are greater than the button itself so i’ll just go and edit the spacing within the kind fields so I selected the identify of the basically the name area come right here to spacing you will see that that there is already some padding sincerely that is the field and that is the padding it is already extended now we wish to put it a bit of a bit of push collectively so we keep in mind that is 5 5 4 4 so after we move it it’ll disappear so we wish to move it to 3 now and now let’s just put it again to five 5 I wish to pick both of the perimeters even as and just broaden them to five okay let’s simply do it an additional time only a bit slower right here for the e-mail discipline I click on the email make certain that it’s on input click on the spacing you will see that the spacing is already utilized yeah so in actual fact Donna is announcing that thanks for every body on our first scan of circulation yard that is in actual fact the primary video we’re making use of this platform with we are exceeding essentially the limitations of the webinars so extra individuals are joining to the crew extra persons are coming into to the manufacturer to the staff funnels and to use the program and then once we invite every body to the to the webinars we haven’t any extra seating areas so we inspiration of the place are our customers they are here in the group so let’s just go to the group and simply let’s do are living there so there isn’t any registration needed or something that is what I consider is the exceptional on account that extra people can come more persons can attend and likewise it’s the position where it is going to be saved as good so we do not have to do like importing and this and that and so it would be on YouTube and facebook we can do are living we’re live webinars there or now not webinars however reside videos there so let’s simply proceed with the whole build I chose the e-mail subject and that i need to cut back the top and the bottom once I transfer the lever it will disappear the numbers will disappear so we have to be certain that five is on the aspect and we wish to transfer the highest and the bottom to a few you see now that is matching the button after which we will dis decide on it so make sure it is no longer red anymore we wish to decide upon the left and the right padding to be crimson after which we simply develop the lever to the dimensions 5 ok sure so it is variety of matching the button the button is probably might be somewhat smaller but I believe this is excellent sufficient so let’s examine what we nonetheless have let’s simply take away this one k so the the scale of the entire container of the whole block is probably just a little better than what we at the start did so i will simply click on on the block you see right here I selected the block there is not any UP button anymore seeing that that is the final one right here and then i will just go into sorry the spacing you see there’s already already spacing utilized I click on the highest and the backside after which this will take away it both oh so everything will disappear here I just want to make make it this significant like shall we say 5 after which the left and the proper i’ll put back to 4 yeah that appears just right ok this sort of suits the one that we have in case you need to change the sizing on the on the form fields you click on on the form discipline and you click on on the sizing you can find here that it is full essentially this is a container that is that has three columns so one two and three so two of them are or basically like this for yet another digicam two of them are the form fields and then one here that on the top is the bottom so now the shape fields are put to the whole entire width of the column to the whole width of the column so after we click on the aspect the thing that we need to to alter the sizing of we click on on the aspect here sizing after which we are able to edit by means of pixel you can find here through pixel if you want or if you wish to have that you can decide upon relative to the dad or mum the father or mother is the container of the entire thing so one can do we can do how significant it’s so let’s put this one as well related to the dad or mum and you let’s just put this fashion so that there is a bit more room between them k and let’s speedily save it let’s proceed on with the sorry the cut down a part of the of the web page let’s have a look at how it is here so we’ve got just a little of padding here as you’ll find there may be some house between the text and the higher block so we will simply do that one so we’ll click on the textual content so actually no longer the text but the butter container right here now the whole container is chosen with the whole thing within so the heading the the record items the whole lot is chosen you wish to have to expand the the padding on the highest so that is the element they need to add just a little on the top so we develop the padding let’s consider 210 let’s just go away it at then I consider that is satisfactory ok let’s go back there’s a bit of padding here however let’s just edit these first so I want to click on the photo and increase the sizing of the picture you will see that it is already it already has some some sizing setup so due to the fact that I need to be in a position to to edit that i’ll click on on pixel as you’ll discover here now once I expand the pixel it does not it it cuts cuts it off for some purpose that is seeing that of this when we alternate the height to now not be confined to whatever so in case we’ve got the photo right here and then the peak of the photograph is that this one we can not put the picture this fashion for the reason that the height is most effective right here like this fashion ok however in case we put it on auto it is going to robotically exchange the dimensions of the hole of the height when we develop it right here you see this is very main as soon as you are working with with photographs like this you at all times have to to make the height and the width you have got to play with it somewhat this is not universal this isn’t something that you can use whenever the equal thing to use that is some thing you will need to discover and play with more extensive so that you can follow it in your possess designs but let’s simply put this one on 80 pixel and then i will need to alternate the textual content dimension a bit of so that it lets 26 ok so now you can see that the the top of the icon is here and this is somewhere where the textual content starts however for me it appears sort of weird I would prefer the textual content to begin from here that is where we use best the textual content aspect and then we put padding on it so this is the picture that is the textual content the text is is someplace right here but I wish to be ready to push down the textual content a little so that it it begins a little scale back i am hoping you fully grasp me guys if you you do not appreciate something or you’ve got questions i’ll simply return to my presentation and in case your you’ve questions in regards to the build simply write in comments maintain up after which write up your question this will likely this can be a query that i will answer that is regarding the bill that we’re doing correct at the moment if you happen to you write in case you have different question simply variety in question with some stars on it and then we will be able to be answering that at the end of the entire whole training so if you have a query in regards to the construct and that i ought to answer it proper that moment simply form in and comments maintain up after which form to your questions and then i will answer it for you or else you probably have a question that you could kind it in any time simply put this one in front so question after which then what you would like to be aware of and so let’s continue building there yeah so now I wish to push down somewhat the the textual content and i will do that utilising the padding as well one can find and now in my view this looks slightly better i know that the icon starts here but that is how I appreciated it ok so let’s simply continue I will be showing this I might have executed this as soon as after which simply duplicated it but I relatively want to show you guys how you can do it your self so I click the picture I need to go to to sizing as I did earlier than top I need to placed on Auto then I want to be ready to vary the pixel of the whole photograph i’ll put it on 80 pixels this is the identical equal width measurement that we did the the primary picture in ok and i will simply swiftly do this for the final snapshot here so sizing height to auto after which sizing of the width we can just put on pixel after which just put it to 80 pixel i will return and remind myself what the size was once of the text so it’s twenty six pixels so that is how i do know to to edit the other textual content so I clicked on it I went to do the text editor you will discover we have now a text bar I click control all comment all after which I put twenty six pixels equal thing right here I clicked on the text there’s this icon seems it indicates up down here that this is the text aspect is chosen click on it manage a or command eight choose all after which twenty six pixels superb so now I wish to separate these icons as you can see they are very very tight collectively however I need to make them somewhat separate this is the place i’ll pick the list picture aspect essentially the photograph and the text all collectively so I move it just a little down however i do not want to separate them like this i want the whole thing to head down at the same time so I went right here to the list snapshot i will show you a further time after you have the textual content chosen or the photo you simply must go back one one over right here record snapshot object is chosen we click on spacing and we add top padding and this separates it a bit of like this ok so now it’s all watching just right what I would like to edit still is I wish to trade the text for this software to suit really I did not alternate it right here anyway let’s simply go away it let’s just proceed constructing it so right here there’s a little bit of of margin or sorry padding so I click on on the on the heading here and i want to put some spacing beneath it seeing that i would like the textual content and then this article the first textual content – – to push down the other one okay so I improved the padding on the bottom I simply put it to 5/4 yeah that is seem satisfactory and then this photograph is a little bit scale back on the on the web page and i additionally want to make it within the middle at this moment it isn’t within the center so I I come right here to select the photograph i’m going back one right here to the container as you’ll find now we have the layout choice right here we click click on the design vertical that is the course i need it to head and then right here this may occasionally center it so now we have two containers and in the container i want this to be within the core no longer on one aspect or the other side this will be essential after we put it on a different or smaller displays it would go that it goes by some means while you once you are studying it for your phone or your tablet but if we put put the container and we middle align it then it is going to stay on the on the center of the monitor anywhere your your scrolling or anywhere you are going with the whole whole page so I see individuals coming and going from this group i’m hoping i am now not boring simply please tell me guys if i’m boring if I ought to continue quickly or or what must I do due to the fact at this moment we have now 29 gazing before there was once nearly forty I rather do hope i’m no longer boring um anyway let’s just let’s simply click on on the snapshot and expand the the padding on the top in order that it’s someplace in the middle here perfect you’re doing robust thanks that is my first time I was once particularly fairly worried at the starting if you happen to see the replay you’ll realise you are going at the best percent thanks very much Elizabeth I fairly admire your comment ok so let’s see we are already one hour and 35 minutes in doing exceptional man thanks very so much I lamentably can’t see who is that this but I will be in a position to look it later on in the in the in the comments on facebook i’ll simply go back one other time to say that in case you are simply becoming a member of in or in case you’re new please head move yard comm ahead lessen facebook after which that you could approve in order that i will see your snapshot and the identify otherwise when we’re doing the the fb lives next time I might not be competent to peer your your picture and and your title it will be showing up like like you see here on the bottom of the web page facebook user k anyway let’s continue with the bill that this we constructed out and let’s simply return and simply speedily alternate the font i need all to be until in Bab this one as good text font teal even web this one as good font dealing internet this one as well [Music] oops now not this one but the font after which text dealing net okay good i need the button textual content to be as good tilling web it’s just a design factor like and i’ve Jeremy here commented i love seeing you regulate all these little matters I was getting a little bit annoyed this morning whilst engaged on my page this morning yeah so it is it is a work in progress there are pre-developed blocks that you should utilize for for designing these but I relatively like to to head in and do my own and this fashion once I’m displaying you which you could that you would be able to go in and particularly appreciate the building blocks of the web page and the way the things are built and how a website sincerely comes collectively this is the padding’s and sizing and this and that this is very main as soon as you need to switch the blocks as well if you if you take a pre-designed block and you need to do some alterations and tweak it a little bit and there it is particularly just right to grasp so that’s why I quite need to exhibit you guys the best way to start from scratch so I will likely be duplicating this that is the hardest phase that I I consider of the whole build we can need to reproduction it replica this block over right here and pull it to the backside the day gone by I used to be I was once at this approximately for 1/2 an hour I feel at present will have to go higher on the grounds that otherwise i’m going to simply seem like a idiot it’s a it is a worm at this moment dragging and shedding already developed in blocks but on the finish the day before today I found out that i can do something robust with this little button here but extra to return on that so now we construct out this we’re going to build out the minimize contact type block so we duplicate this one and we attempt to pull it right down to the backside of the page and it works and it works the day before today it undoubtedly did not work in any respect so it can be it is good this is a excellent thing guys i’m very joyful about it in any other case if it offers you i’ll simply exhibit you anyway in case it offers you errors or it offers you so the white perfect thanks very so much it’s essential see you here Dwight he’s he’s an extraordinary guy I need to exhibit you here i’m going to recreate this after the livestream I agree he’s an top notch dude where I used to be I yeah so the day prior to this I used to be seeking to pull this block to the bottom of the painting for for God’s sake it did not simply go there it was once it used to be going far and wide the situation it simply failed to go where i want it to be however at the finish I discovered that there is an superb factor here in case we come to the block and we simply make it favor it we pick the class we would like but that is no category is first-class seem what happens you come right here to block you come here to all blocks and it’s here see this is the one I imported from the day prior to this however this is here that is the new one that we simply designed so which you can just with no trouble pull it in after which it could work yesterday the duplicating and just pulling it over it was simply it used to be only a mess guys it I’ve relatively spent 30 minutes unless I remembered Oh God there is this favorites blog factor however yeah i am nonetheless studying as I mentioned i’m now not your guru i am still studying i’m regularly finding out slightly turbo and quicker ISM as i’m attempting out all these expenses but yeah i’m not there yet anyway let’s simply go back till you internet is chosen I need to select the black color since we will be able to be doing a white heritage even as I still see right here I want to pick the the email subject placed on a border so after I click on on the border here I wish to do a border throughout so I click on this one I want to do a two pixel or dimension two border I wish to put it a very very an extraordinarily very light gray we will simply depart it on this one so I got here here to the title discipline click on border once more I wish to do a border everywhere so all around the entire area click on the discipline with two after which I simply prefer this it is a light gray which I preferred and now we are able to go forward I inspiration I changed i am because we modified we modify the text utilizing this upper textual content bar although i alter the textual content colour right here it failed to alternate so we have got to go back here and then exchange the text color right here you see now it converted the black so i will opt for the block and that i need to make the historical past colour white ok so now it starts watching just like the one we have right here I just want to make certain that that is really a black color that is the darkest black that i will anyway well as I click on the block in order I click right here I want to decide on the block and i want to push up a block a bit so that it’s kind of greater on the page shall we say maintain up exhibit that again i am sorry I so i am sorry Christine I failed to I failed to see it but she wrote again nevermind it labored after I refresh the web page k just right so is he screen very blurred for all is it blurred this might be on the grounds that of my web or probably your web I particularly have no idea i’m going for walks a lot of apps at this second to be capable to stream this one however yeah i am sorry if it can be blurry there shall be a replay it’s going to be in excessive fine there Donna Fox says that you could keep any block into your favourite beat within the web publication part then a star icon will show up hit the then your block will also be determined below your favorites by no means blurry for me ok ok so Donna says no longer not blurry Tracy says it can be fine Elizabeth says and not blurred from me equal says no longer blurred so I suppose Jeremy could be whatever on your aspect that you may that you can check or maybe it perhaps it can be the the web it relatively wishes numerous a massive pace to to load in all this life stuff taking place let’s simply continue on so I want to now pull this up and we do that in the spacing section but we do it using the margin I want to make poor margin after I click on on the negative here then i can pull this up you see I suppose this one is best good yeah that is when you need to put one item up throughout the other or on high of the opposite that is how you should use it so that you click the block or you click on the element you need to pick you head over to spacing margin at any place you wish to pull it and then make terrible this fashion that you can which you can pull pull it up on high of something I just pull it everywhere you see now here in the booklet that is clearly we pulled it over and now it’s masking the guide and protecting the scale down part so we pull the entire block with the white heritage over the over the other one so we don’t need to try this we simply want to pull it slightly like this in order that it can be it can be it looks adore it’s it can be one block altogether k one thing we’re missing we will be importing oh sorry we will be striking in an empty block right here on the bottom after which we will simply pull in an element so that it will be an snapshot detail we will be able to just pull it in the empty container as you almost always don’t forget I showed you earlier so when we click on the on the photo I need to be capable to middle it center align it so I come right here to the container now we have the layout button I click on on the layout button I wish to put it vertically in the center so now something I do with it if I if i alter the the sizing or at any place some thing the dimensions of the image can be it’ll normally stay in the middle so even on the smaller instruments it’s going to it’ll stay within the middle ok so I need to pull it in an photo a banner that looks like this that is called an As visible on banner you’ll find these on google when you see as visible on so for those who search as noticeable on P&G or something anything like this we’ve many of these you just need to make sure that these are obvious so that you for illustration this one you will find the gray and white examine assess field or examine extra like the packing containers within the heritage which means it’s transparent which you could create your possess thing like this using the picture pea procedure truly you just open a blank reveal you pull in all the pics and then you definately simply delete the history as I showed you earlier in while we have been designing the emblem you are able to do your own for example in case what you are promoting was I was once seen on the television or used to be featured on one other internet site which you can simply pull of their emblems two photograph P create a banner as a sum sum photograph that is sized horizontally like this and then that you can just pop on your logos and just pull it in pull it into groov pages I already saved one from here that appears like this i’ll simply put that right here in the snapshot so I prefer the snapshot element you can find it is an image aspect configure pick image and that i decide upon the person who I uploaded the day past i do not want to go back and simply download it again I did that the day past so that’s it now now we have it in the center center aligned and it appears satisfactory I can be showing you how you can how you can make sizing of it higher as you will see that after we selected the container the container is just not all of the means I cannot close it now and show however let’s consider that that is the web page the container is only this huge but I want to be ready to to expand the size of the photo now not best this far however somewhat further away so I click on the container and i’m going to sizing I wish to decide on the max width to be full so now you will find the the container is just about almost to the border or it’s just about to the border to do to the block so it can be it can be a full width container now so when I go into my picture it can be a ship I click on I click on it and it pops back let’s just put it aside swiftly and refresh the browser yeah i’m hoping it saved it now anyway this is superb to grasp if it if it happens to you as good you must ensure you put it aside all the time okay no blur nor blur can you place a bunch of hyperlinks in a container like the footer for FTC compliance you can do that nevertheless let me simply return to this question afterward so Tracy is asking a very very fascinating query i would just go go and answer that one at the finish there can be a Q&A session so in case I forgot Tracy simply please strike a cord in me to reply your question okay yeah so you see we did not put it aside and we saved it last time once we were pulling up this block on top of the books so let’s simply let’s simply bring it again so we click the margin make- we simply wish to push it down a little bit okay so i’ll reserve it the next move used to be to to drag in an empty block right here k I pulled in an image i’m simply doing this guys very speedily when you consider that it due to a bug it dropped me out so I chose the container I made the layout vertical I decide on the snapshot and configured it to be the banner that I wanted to import replace replace once more i’ll say that this time just in order that we have now it this is where we stopped and i used to be explaining you to come back to to change the scale of the container we clicked sizing max width to idiot and when I opt for the picture let’s just put it aside k saved it’s clean hopefully the code comes again to the person who I wish to edit yeah I see how excellent ok so now it lets us to choose the snapshot as soon as a trojan horse appears just speedily put it aside refresh the page it will have to be working no predicament okay so I need to expand the dimensions of this image so I I clicked on the photo I need to go to not spacing however to sizing and i need to increase the width by way of pixels and then I need to do that right here k yeah you see this is the picture the container is huge so I will even go and max weight so clearly click on on the photograph click on the max width to be full ok and now relative to the mum or dad we will edit it like that yeah I believe that picture this photograph shouldn’t be now not as giant so that it would not go over I wanted to exhibit you you sincerely expand the dimensions from before earlier than it was once a bit of smaller than the shape but now it can be it is it’s big so it relies on your snapshot so so it relies on your graphics that you just pull in if the photograph is is that many pixels it can not be this many pixels due to the fact then it could no longer seem excellent and maybe the at this second the editor are not able to work with greater pix than they’re sincerely excellent so now we now have that one we saved it let’s just go over and see what we are lacking k so we have to put on this page we now have the historical past section in an extra color this is the sunshine gray colour that I used so I I click on on on this phase and that i be certain i go again to the block part after which right here in the block i will prefer the sunshine grey colour that I used to be utilising possibly not this one make this one yeah so I went into this part and then the backside one I used after which that is the light gray that I preferred that I used on the earlier so on right here k after which for these ones we are going to just put in a historical past colour for subject elements so that it looks like anything individuals need to fill out if it can be if it is best huge it’s k however it’s it is extra seen like this so let’s store and let’s see what we have here now okay in my view it looks good it looks readable we have now a symbol we’ve got a heading form ultimate I think this is ok now the next part will likely be to connect type to an autoresponder essentially to a program that we can ship emails to so if a person comes right here to subscribe in order that it definitely takes their important points and imports them to the autoresponder to the application for sending out emails like MailChimp Aweber GetResponse and things like this there is plenty of them at this second I most effective have MailChimp account this is I created this previous and i’m very aware of MailChimp i am not very familiar with the opposite ones but this will not topic very quickly in view that groov fundamental is coming if in case you have upgraded to the greater greater applications you’ll be capable to make use of groov mail in the event you did not either you improve which I incredibly suggest you to upgrade to a higher package deal or you go together with one of the crucial integrations that we’ve presently happening so yeah so we need to come here to the identify discipline you ought to configure this one so enter id and input identify wants to be named for the reason that this we are asking people to enter to position of their names we’d like we want simply to let the autoresponder software be aware of that we are importing a name so this is the place we sort in all lowercase letters very important guys identify making use of lowercase letters this one is title and this one is name okay now the 1/3 one the enter placeholder this is the text that is written right here so in my case it says first identify first title ok add validation ideas that means that the device says right here we go and looking ahead to team I meet you man me too so the validation rule is in actual fact used to determine in case somebody varieties in some thing and let’s consider someone types in an email to the title discipline this may increasingly admire it and it’ll say oh please put the right like please put your first identify or last name or please put the legitimate legitimate input inside okay after which if we examine this one who implies that we are not able to anyone can not subscribe and click on this button with out filling in first this field okay so now we now have first title we did the whole thing here we click update you will discover now it says first name we click on replace once more in order that these alterations take result we head over to the other one e mail will come here to configure so the input identification and enter name must go together with lowercase letters as i’m asking for their e-mail handle i will simply put for the identification e-mail email and right here e-mail as well and then for the placeholder text that is what it will say within the subject e-mail address and now here the validation rule is electronic mail it is not textual content anymore it’s e-mail that is specific one so in case an individual forms in their identify here it wouldn’t go through for the reason that it method it is lacking the @ signal and the dot-com or or a site like dotnet without that one it anyone clicks the button it wouldn’t go by way of and of path I wish to click on input cannot be empty ok replace this may take effect it’s going to show up then the placeholder text that we typed in then that’s it ok so the backside we already edited we modify the font we are going to just go forward here and alter exchange the font on these fields as good you will see that after I click on it it pops back and forth so i’ll make sure I put it aside and then refresh the web page okay so let’s go back and see if it really works now k it worked let’s simply see if these setup settings stayed yes they did and that i wish to just trade the text to tell him internet for some purpose I decided that this would be the the font I can be using within the entire entire build so now we’ve got that established i will store and i will do the identical thing an extra time for the humans that rather have to simply simply see how it the way it worked so we click on on the name subject we come over here to configure the enter id enter name must be have to be the information that we’re asking them to form in so we’re asking them to type in their name so i’ll simply sort in utilising lowercase letters name this one as well title title after which the placeholder you want to know their first title I bought a query from Jeremy i do know that this is not an foremost question now for the construct however query or Tim’s web site or my web builder com aha ok so this is regarding a previous question that Jeremy had so we will go back and them and then see that one later on let’s just proceed with the bill so we are asking them for the title we wish them we wish to say that that is first identify okay add validation rule that is tax and it cannot be empty we replace click on one more time e-mail configure so we need to ask the email here as well and then email address at the validation rule which wishes to be an email replace and replace once more let’s simply put it aside so now we mounted the shape fields and now we will be able to go forward and say mounted the entire integration so while you click on out here you can see that the green define is is with the whole so essentially the 2 fields after which the button can be selected so this is what we want to select we ensure that this is the shape container we go right here to configure the form container and this is the place we combine the have interaction integration so that you would be able to opt for put up or integration this one I nonetheless have to determine what that means but the integration is what we need to prefer integration goes to my MailChimp account the integrations that you can established clicking right here and then click my integration it is going to be asking you to import an api from from your e-mail carrier provider let’s consider I wanted to integrate groov pages to work hand-in-hand with MailChimp so I needed to head over to MailChimp take a code put it into the to the workforce pages in order that that implies that I gave staff pages the deal with so it could possibly go there to MailChimp and then give the expertise it can be like a postman this API is it’s like a postman bringing the information over to from one / from position to another k so that is the integration you go over you go over there and established with your autoresponder at this moment it can be it’s a MailChimp account for me and there’s a separate video on YouTube that you could comply with when you’ve got MailChimp account or in case you wish to have to understand learn how to integrate your own e mail responder k so you go here after which that you could add an integration I is probably not doing that now I simply want to exhibit you easy methods to set up installed the form of the form making use of an integration so MailChimp testing account it’ll ask what record do we want men and women to go to once they typed in their first name and email address that you would be able to have a list for I don’t know i am promoting plans i need people to to go to a record of summer time summer season offers or I need to go to I have no idea an extra record the place I shall be collecting other humans for every other purpose proper on the second I handiest have one after which this is the place you decide upon the place you want to ship the persons to you could send them to a web page or URL or someplace else that you may create a web page that says thank you for signing up you’re the guide is being sent to you using an e-mail or utilizing your email or it’s being brought to your email address or anything like this you are able to do that as good on the pop-up so as soon as somebody puts in their important points a pop-up seems after which it says thanks for subscribing we’re sending over the consultant in an electronic mail anything you prefer to at this second I might not be going over how to do this one and perhaps we can do it in an additional an extra tutorial k so we just click replace one more one one other time in order that it takes influence so this used to be the shrink phase kind that we’ve here let’s simply go here to the higher type save it make sure we put it aside I clicked normally type container object I wish to pick all three whilst I click right here to configure integration my integration is MailChimp I need to put them on this list and that i wish to do nothing after they subscribed k reserve it best here we go let’s submit it let’s have a look at how it looks like and if it really works at all so i might i would I shall be publishing it on increase dot guru pages com4 slash reside ensure you kind in right here lowercase letters I had I had to aid a person that typed in their domain right here utilizing uppercase so with a colossal letter and then it released it virtually but it surely was once not readable since you are not able to publish on uppercase letters from right here so are living like this put up we’re ready for the green box right here okay here is the golf green box let’s just go over there and notice how it appears like BAM it would not work k let’s simply see why simply put up it again simply preview it to look if it really works okay with the preview it really works it’s no quandary let’s simply go over there and see you can ah right here we go so that you saw I published it and i didn’t work I used to be attempting to determine why I was once looking to preview it I used to be seeking to believe about what would go fallacious I didn’t nothing went improper I simply published it again it then it took result maybe simply want a while perhaps it’s the trojan horse it’s not relevant it is simply that you simply ought to attempt to experiment with these matters a little to see if it really works on the end out so yeah now it works that is the web page that we developed out let’s simply test it out after we click so I just wish to put the first identify and i put my email address ship me the advisor subscribing subscribed it worked guys in case it says subscribed that signifies that the combination is working after which now in my email carrier provider so in MailChimp i’ve i have a subscriber with the identify David with the email scan one over here after which it’s in my list in MailChimp in case I wanted to I would have despatched them to another page truly let’s do that quickly it’s no longer fiddle right here ok I need to decide on the shape container and i want to established a redirect link to a URL I need to ship humans to prove digital enemy is bps forward curb forward cut back groov digital Academy comm replace store k let’s simply go forward and put up it once more it’s a little I let me just deliver you over the mouse there’s just a little says first-rate job I like it thanks for displaying us you are welcome i am no longer particularly sure who this is however thanks David nice stuff you’re very welcome Dwight my man congratulations thanks guys thank you guys for every person Dwight thanks on your comment i am hoping you discovered anything from this one let’s simply experiment it out and i’m additionally curious if it’ll work so let’s just put up a different time see this time it really works okay see mostly it works generally it would not let’s just put up it a different time go over to progress pages hmm we broke the web site guys we have been celebrating too early to look if it works in the preview mode ok e mail address I mean yeah I can not click it within the preview mode in view that the integration just isn’t let’s just reside B [Music] John thank you for comment so he has a query see the shape when it set up where does it go how do I hyperlink it up so that is like we have been doing it correct now so once you click on the form here let’s simply refresh it it’s kind of buggy but it is a that is the enjoyable phase guys let’s determine why it’s no longer working I really do hope it will work very quickly due to the fact that i do not wish to maintain you here waiting but John for you in case we click on and select the forum container the primary title field e-mail handle and the button all collectively you can find the green outline around it and Oh Michael thanks Michael i am a tremendous fan of you thanks for all of the OMG stuff you are doing i’m relatively relatively a huge fan so Michael lengthy is here it can be such an honor sir okay so let’s have a look at we selected all the three factors even as and John right here you’ll discover we go to configure tab right here it says thank you redirect you a link so this is the place we make a decision the place we need to send the consumer when they subscribed so if we decide upon a URL then we will ship them over their groove digital Academy let’s simply try to ship them to Google ok ideal save it saved let’s publish it saving and i might say k let’s jump into this one heads first BAM Wow k let’s test it out let’s not celebrate too early again David email handle let’s simply use any of those ship the advisor it’s loading and we’re at Google guys did you see the way it how easy this used to be it was once handy nevertheless it’s ok so it can be very most important the URL hyperlink you we must experiment it out it is a bit I I used to be taking part in with this before Michael Wong says haha you are welcome David i will be assembly with microsomia in about an hour I figured i would get through me previously thanks for that Michael i’m really comfortable that you are right here I was without a doubt gazing you for an extended long time now i am glad that you are observing me you see how the arena works so small I imply the sector is so small so yeah guys this redirect URL at this moment this isn’t not working a hundred% of the time as we’d love it to work but this i am hundred percent sure this might be worked on one day to make it simpler to make it more snappy and to make it more effortless at this at this moment typically when it redirects it just spray soreness sorry breaks the page however that is that is embed emoticons beta or how folks say it grew funnels just isn’t a fools full program but but the things that we are able to do at this second it can be robust i am relatively really pleased with with what they managed to do even with so so little time in the bit better mode or beta mode the scholar becomes the instructor Jeremy you’re most likely proper great overview David thanks Tracey said IC FTC along the backside is that is that the saved box I see FDC i am now not sure what FDC is i am not fairly certain what you imply however i’ll attempt to reply Tracey’s question she had before okay so am i able to put a bunch of hyperlinks in a container just like the footer for FTC compliance ok so this one is an intriguing thing what i would do is i’d put a block like this empty container ok like this and then i’d go into the elements and decide how many blocks i would like so that is that is my web page and that i wish to separate my page to be we could say one column two column three columns if i would like that i’d simply pull in the three columns tab I want to put some hyperlinks right here I need to put the shall we say copyright at lemon media and then here I wish to put the social media icons i will not do all three however i will show you one I want to exhibit you how to put in the hyperlinks what i would use for that’s just a simple paragraph detail I just pulled it into the first container I click on the textual content to edit it I select all my command all and then i might go here to say privacy coverage and then a few areas after which contact and one two three after which I put phrases [Music] the whole thing stipulations ok I want to decide upon the design k the i will attempt to select this container that’s protecting only the text aspect and that i want to click on on design vertical middle and i need it to be on the center of the page this is not moving good anyway I believe that is considering the fact that we failed to put whatever right here so if you decide on the container you possibly can be in a position to so the container looks like this and then we core-aligned it so we put it in center now this is our container and that i wish to to drag it down that is the way you do it in vertical and you then choose this is the highest that is the middle after which this is the backside that you may make a decision if you need it to be within the middle or on an extra place in vertical role and then i would go and hyperlink in utilising hyperlinks i would not do a menu considering that a menu breaks rather particularly quickly at this moment i am all of the high-quality to the builders of this application I quite relatively feel tremendously of them but at this moment that is the excellent method I located to use it in case we click on privacy coverage and we click on here to this link aspect click on on this and then we we decide on the place where we want to send the persons that click on on this link so let’s assume HTTP colon ahead decrease forward minimize google.Com ok and then let’s put it aside you’ll find it became blue and it is it is now a clickable aspect if you would like that you would be able to nonetheless exchange the colors of this to check your brand color let’s put it in orange it can be still a clickable aspect and it’s it can be a menu that you created kind from paragraph text and this is in my view ok Christine says hold up get rid of the comments so as to see what your oh sorry guys oh god i’ll eliminate it ok so I over so I went in there I put a paragraph textual content you noticed that one I simply typed in privateness policy area area we can see considering that the comment yeah i noticed that i’m quite sorry guys so right here I put in a paragraph text after which I simply typed in privacy policy house area then I sort in ‘contact however space area than phrases and conditions so then I pick the text and then I come right here to this hyperlink icon and then I form in basically the where i would like the persons to go once they click on it so i’d ship them to HTTPS and then fb k now it’s blue it is a blue button but we can go inside of and also you opt for the textual content and decide upon the color you wish to have it to be let’s put it in red see now it’s purple it is nonetheless a clickable detail and i observed that this is the quality way at this moment to create a footer menu you could put in a like a different paragraph text where is a paragraph word paragraph here we go I click on on the textual content I simply right pap proper and then and XYZ organization that is would not subject what it can be written out I just want you to realise that it will how it will seem like vertical this in the core of it then let’s simply pull in social media icons if we’ve got something like this if we don’t we are able to just use our own I just put one icon in for and for the foot dis and then you will see that that is now a footer menu created custom John says man I notion I was doing k with this I’ve realized so much just staring at this today Thanks you’re very welcome John so this is the way you create a custom footer menu and then if you go into the block so given that we have this block which you could develop the spacing shall we embrace on the top which you could expand the spacing on the backside let’s just do it like this and you can find now it can be it can be within the middle after which sincerely it I mean you can need to do extra customization but this is how i’d i might create a footer menu with with clickable clickable intended a clickable menu on within the footer for the reason that there’s an element that’s navigation these are here navigation bar there is no navigation element that most effective pulls in these links so I determined this just a little complex so for this reason i use the paragraph textual content as as a menu on the footer let’s just post it and spot the way it the way it works and i promise this is the final factor guys will go into the to Q&A so you will see this is the paragraph scan the final one we failed to alykum linked up to whatever so it is not clickable but when we hover over the contact and over the politic privateness policy this should lead us to Google yeah it leads us to guru after which the opposite one should lead us to fb yeah we’re over to fb so that you see that is how it will work we will put in our our social media icons as good on this phase and then it could we will link these up as good without any disorders so that’s it guys i’m no longer quite certain if I’ve managed to do the whole lot that I promised let me just go over relatively swiftly cutting-edge agenda touchdown page building by way of the making use of to take heed to Batman and you and i Q&A guys shoot me over the questions you want and i will just start pulling them up from the top i am I recall Jeremy had one ok Jeremy had this question I wish to recreate one of the crucial pages in finding center of attention calm you confirmed us in the getting started with our affiliate promoting the place must I get images like those they’re utilising ok let’s have a look at what he’s using I already forgot i’m concerned about that this was a touchdown page that he had this was Wharton I don’t forget him k let’s simply click on Martin right here he has the this one over right here excellent focus dot link okay so what style of elements does he use you imply this one or this one on the highest hi this so to do these you would simply do it do it effortlessly in in image P truly you do you do a photo or an picture background you place it on on orange and you just do these splash marks like lines in white and just minimize the opacity it’s lovely easy I may not be going by way of this one now Jeremy i’m sorry for this photo that is only a screenshot that he did I believe this is over on GRU cell that he just took this photograph or Cellcom I suppose this snapshot that he used yeah so he just downloaded that one okay let’s see if we have now any further questions ok i’m simply scrolling to the top on the on the opening of the whole factor if I pass over whatever please form on your questions now in order that we will reply them when you’ve got please do not ask about upgrade questions i’m no longer getting something new so we’ve got the Q&A now guys in case you want to ask some questions in case you want to know anything specific ask them now in case i don’t i do not reply or i don’t inform you the answers on that one in the subsequent couple of days we will still be doing reside videos everyday not lengthy no longer lengthy movies as this one much shorter ones however I just need to be aware of what you are desirous about so if you could type in a query right now that would be notable k so there’s a remark from a person unfortunately I do not know who this one is however yeah he answered to the question or a comment on the top the place a man or woman linked within the the hyperlink the place I put within the the mock up video yeah so cut dot ly forward cut down lemon – mock up with out the dot-com on the end this is where you ought to go for those who would like to see the video I created this morning on how one can how you are able to do the in the e-book mock up this one ok so yeah and i was very completely satisfied when I saw this one guys let’s just go into the staff are you going to have this as a recording sure we will be staring at pushing this one up as quickly as it is completed it is going to be on hand on YouTube and on facebook as well are you covering browsing carts in a few of your videos so John shopping carts i would not go into this one there’s two more reputable folks than me a covering browsing carts at this second on Thursday and they’re doing the browsing cart or the shopping application group card snap shots at this moment and they’ll be speakme about that afterward once this challenge is completed ah in case they neglected out something i’d commonly go into it after which answer the questions when you have had white says you answered all my questions in between the presentation that’s wonderful I fairly wanted to listen to information guys I was once just k right here is me but wouldn’t have had another factor that I wanted to only simply mention so it is magic going down I do not know when you’ve visible this one however the free participants had no customized domains availability however now now sincerely individuals can join their customized domains even though they are on a free plan guys this is significant this used to be now not this is not possible with any of the firms i know even corporations that cost separately to attach your possess customized domain so in case you’re new you are on a free plan you will have to be very very glad with this one so that is it guys i will i will finishing up with my webinar or the are living I really do hope you enjoyed it and that you just realized whatever and that you probably have some questions and you need me to to mention within the next webinars or the live videos i will do the following couple of days these will be so much so much shorter movies on certain questions I shall be answering precise special themes and head over to ask brunette and just just request the educational or request the video or simply tell me what you might be being affected by or what your what you want to in finding answers to if i know the solutions i’ll happily create a video for you and for each person else that have in a while these questions in their possess heads so yeah that would be it for at present he says michael says nice job David thank you very a lot Michael I particularly appreciate it thanks guys for staying this long I thank you guys for participating for commenting asking questions and it makes this a two-means conversation as a substitute of only a one-approach conversation which might truly mean that i am loopy talking to myself however you are here guys and i am doing this for you that is it see you in the crew bye-bye


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