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Logii Browser OTO  –  What is Logii Browser?

Replace Multiple Computers With Virtual
Browser Profiles
No more banned profiles and ad accounts!

With Logii Multi-Login and Anti-Detect Browser, you can do your marketing in peace.

Logii provides anonymity, complete confidentiality, replaces browser fingerprints, and allows you to work with multiple accounts at the same time on one computer.

For each browser profile created in Logii, you have an isolated browser environment for it with its own separate cookies, local storage, and even cache. There is nothing in common with the other profiles.

Now sites that are trying to fingerprint your browser and destroy your business can’t do it anymore.



The Demo

Product Overview


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Logii Browser OTO Hello there guys invite back to my network today, I’m going to reveal to you a logi evaluation. So what really is the logi individuals? Logi is the utmost multi, login and also anti-detect marketer’s web browser to run numerous advertisement accounts, multi-account social media, blog site and also team advertising and marketing campaigns, while keeping your accounts secure creator of the software logic serial did, and this software application goes survive 7th of march 11am, est people, I’m in the Sales web page right now of the software application logi, I’m going to reveal to you a detailed all the details regarding this software logi. How actually works this software? I am mosting likely to reveal you the full demo, so please maintain fishing and also enjoy this video clip till the actual end, since I Logii Internet browser OTO will offer you 3745 dollar bonus offers people.

Believe me, my incentive bundle will save you time cash as well as make your life a little simpler. Really, all right, guys, I’m simply going to get on my blog passive man college. I composed the full review about this software program logo here on my blog site, there is a great deal of info I put like what is love all about. Logi functions. 5 simple actions: login software application total product overview right here, okay, a login demo below – is the complete demonstration logic facers hot Logii Browser OTO logi can do for you.

Logi will certainly benefit every person’s login bonus package. This is the login perk package. This benefit will certainly provide the supplier and also these are unique 3745 buck incentives guys. I only give you this kind of incentive on the market today, and also here is my tight exclusive incentive. I am just swiftly revealing you, I’m going to show you a detail.

Logii Browser OTO upgradesLogii Browser OTO

All the bonus offer so remain tuned. Okay, men right here is my third unique benefit and also I will certainly provide you my special perk. Exactly, how to create leads. I am mosting likely to reveal to you uh my secrets. Logii Browser OTO Just how I actually produce leads and make quick money from online alright and just how to assert your incentive.

I’M mosting likely to show you likewise all the details, alright, as well as also this software program is logi – will provide you with thirty days’ cash history. So you have actually got nothing to lose. Okay, men, today, I am mosting likely to reveal to you what is love all about you currently understand. Logi is an internet browser, specially developed for advertising. It enables you to take care of numerous accounts as well as visit safely by running its identity in its very own virtual room, separating it from the other accounts.

I’M going to reveal to you the full trial, after that you will certainly be ideal as well as totally understand so guys, remain tuned, do not miss this! Okay, right here’s a lots of information. Logii Browser OTO I place this. All information will assist you to understand the software logi. Thats why I placed here all the info below.

Okay, you can take a look at all the information web link in my video clip summary below fast link. Click: the link, fine, men extraordinary scene field to use a step to select any type of login and also go surfing step number two produce several profiles with individual atmosphere action number 3: proxy as well as environment control supports internet browser history, action number 4, offer others you’re visiting web browser id Step number fifth run: multi login alongside. Support expansion run numerous tabs in is a login. How in fact works this software application and also how to uh log in your multi-accounts, I’m mosting likely to reveal to you all of the information men. The platform is an ideal substitute for numerous computers or vps.

That’S numerous marketers have been compelled to use it as a very inadequate, solo as well as pricey compromise. There are lots of faces or realities into this tool, making it one of the most effective multi-profile browser software. I have actually seen when you get fortunate, you don’t just obtain the tool, you likewise get the roadmap. They will reveal to you what to do with logi to get your target market beginning Logii Internet browser OTO to buy from you. They will certainly provide over-the-shoulder detailed video tutorials within the logic software participant’s area.

Okay, people, the best part it consists of the industrial permit, I’m mosting likely to reveal to you the two licenses readily available below: all right, the individual permit as well as a commercial license. i’m mosting likely to show you all the information get logi internet browser in this unique cell today, and also they will certainly give you a cost-free upgrade to an industrial certificate. It accredits you to run customization campaigns for other business answers in a timely manner or call for a charge for them. There are so many methods to generate income from these. You can recreate clients and sell outreach as a solution or even sell leads get accessibility right here individuals you can generate income.

Logii Browser OTO upsell

If you wish to really make money from freelancing marketplace like five rough job freelancer.comguru.comforward.com, you can quickly earn money from this market using a sell your solution in fact using this software program logic, Logii Web browser OTO fine and how other individuals earn money. I’M mosting likely to show you the details, I’m mosting likely to show you the endorsement.

Okay, men right now, I’m going to reveal to you logi a full item summary. The product name is laggy, supplier’s name is serial. Jit launch date is 7th of march 11 am esd. This is the official website of the software program logi. Right here is the cost just 67.

All this is the industrial civil liberties consisted of. I’M going to reveal to you the two licenses below. This is the sales page guys here is both licenses available. Okay, I’m mosting likely to show you right here, you can see the primary elite monthly payment license is the seventeenth dollar and also the elite of annual repayment license is only 67. This is the most effective offer Logii Internet browser OTO that I recommended you voices this deal.

This permit business license. Okay, and 3 thousand 7 hundred forty 5 dollar bonuses that I will certainly offer you to tell totally free, additionally one month, refund granted this software program – i also placed the demonstration below. This is the official demonstration, as well as this is the lucky facers heart logic can do for you. I’M going to reveal to you all other information as well as also I’m going to show you the quick rewards, people that I will certainly give you so remain tuned, so interest fleas today, I’m mosting likely to reveal you the main demonstration, this demonstration creator of the software application proprietor serial Act, that’s why I shared this demonstration with you. So, let’s see it if you’re a new marketer, Logii Browser OTO it’s an absolute certainty that you’re dealing with among these problems.

Ad accounts banned for no factor and also not able to develop new accounts, arbitrary restrictions on outreach campaigns on social media, not able to lease advocate customers, because you obtained ta login into their accounts, can not upload in teams and also forums as well as markets, or you have no natural reach in any way, even if you attempt to post in there and if you want to deal with multiple accounts, you have to visit and log out throughout the day and you need to manage our mess and also messages on phones, it’s actually impossible as well as you can not operate in a Group, because you can not appoint your social accounts to an employee securely without needing to share the password and after that going through an OTP aid. Well, it’s time to put an end to every one of that, due to the fact that now you have Logii Web browser OTO logi web browser the very first multi-login multi-account and also anti-detect internet browser for our market. It is the growth of cyberpunks, the preferred browser and with it you can secure on your own from browser fingerprinting and also work with multiple accounts.

Logii Browser OTO Demo

Several logins, all at the same time, when you pack up logi, you obtain a screen where you can actually select the profile that you want to deal with, to develop a new profile. You can click on new account, provide it with a name like my brand-new profile as well as perhaps provide it a make believe name jackster, whatever you desire, and I’m gon na attach my account to a proxy, since I wish to have the ability to visit from different locations.

In the same internet browser currently I have actually got 4 profiles. Logii Browser OTO Each of these accounts exists in its own digital area, protected and independent of every other profile over below, so consider it like four various internet browsers running in their own shell space very own digital area and for every website that you see separately from these accounts. They can not track you, they can not discover you as well as they can not web browser finger print you to identify and also know that every one of these profiles are in fact running from the very same computer system. Lets have a look and see something in action, so I’m gon na open up the profiles one by one below we are. I have actually got the four profiles open.

Among them remains in Canada in this computer. In this browser, I remain in Netherlands and also in this web browser, I remain in a unified kingdom and for google, I’m going to google with this with this four accounts, this is in the us for google. Logii Internet browser OTO Each of these browsers is almost a various computer system. Google can not browser finger print you as well as understand that this is really on the same computer, so you can now go to Facebook. You can run your ad accounts.

You can go to social networks, go to LinkedIn go wherever you want to login right into different accounts in every one of these web browsers. Each of these web browser profiles are identifiable. You can see the name of the profile that this browser is visited as well as in each of these internet browsers, when you most likely to a particular website, let’s say you go to Facebook or linkedin or any various other site that is known to track you and understood to detect. You it will certainly believe that each one professional each profile each gets on a specific computer and also it can not fingerprint you and also link you to all the other profiles. So you can run the ads represent yourself, numerous ad accounts, without being attached to every other, without having to acquire vps on the exact same computer, Logii Web browser OTO utilizes your net connection without needing to invest in a bus or logging into an extremely slow-moving vps trying to get things working.

You can run advertisement accounts for your client, so if you’re running an agency, you can go into one advertisement account over below one more one over here – one more one over right here and run all the advertisement accounts simultaneously from various regions. If you want I’m making use of proxies below to just illustrate just how secure it is, each browser remains in a separate home window and it’s a several uh tab internet browser. So if you intend to open a brand-new tab, it’s completely possible. Logii Web browser OTO It’S just like your routine experience in your present internet browser today. You can even install expansions.

Each of these internet browsers is a different digital setting and huge sites can not finger print. You can not find you, so you can carry on and scale your online marketing like you, have actually never done before, utilizing any one of the internet browsers and without needing to spend money on vpss or proxies or vpns. You do not require any one of them. Each internet browser preserves its very own. History maintains its very own cookies and sessions, as well as not just that it.

There are in fact numerous points or numerous manner ins which internet browsers finger print. You sorry that large size finger print you each browser is private in that regard. So when you log in into Facebook, allow’s state right into your Facebook ad account from below, Logii Browser OTO constantly has the security of the logi internet browser that secures you from large sites that track you now. This is an essential browser for net marketing experts agencies, development, cyberpunks, because you wish to run experiments, you want to help other individuals and also you wish to do your social media advertising from several accounts. This benefits industry.

Marketers, posters. This benefits online forum posters, Logii Internet browser OTO people who want to work with multiple accounts and be able to share these accounts. Despite having your team. Since’s an added function of the logi web browser. You can really export your account.

Theres an export switch. You can click on the export switch. It will certainly make a zip data of your profile. You can consider that zip file to your employee and also if they have logi browser, they can just import the profile using this button and also choose from the computer system, the zip data, it will certainly be imported as well as they will certainly have the account benefiting them. Logii Internet browser OTO No demand to worry about sessions cookies, logins, since all of that will be carried along with your profile.

Logii Browser OTO Grab

You will not need to visit again picture that you can log in as soon as without having to share your password or stress over otps, or anything like that. You can just consider that profile to your staff member and they can proceed functioning from there, to ensure that is the power and ease of logi so guys if you’re gon na be a net marketer, if you’re gon na be a growth hacker if you’re running an agency, If you’re running Facebook, advertisement accounts or any type of ad accounts, this item is definitely essential for you, since it can stop the monitoring that makes you prone for troubles all right. Allow me reveal you an example men. I hope you completely recognize concerning this software logging. Okay, have any problem any kind of Logii Browser OTO concerns you guys simply click the web link in my video description listed below and also check out all the details that I placed here on my blog likewise document, all the official all the demonstration.

Logii Browser OTO