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OTO1 : Elite 1000 stuning

Unique 1000+ Eye-Popping Logo Templates with Private

Label Rights option to Double-Up Your Profits and Sales!

It is an incredible bundle of 1000+ ‘Pro-level’ logo templates in four different formats including PSD, AI, JPG & EPS files representing 42+ high-in-demand niches for just a fraction of what you expect to pay somewhere else…

OTO2 :Captivating

1500+ ‘Professional-Looking’ Logo Templates with Private Label Rights Option to Sell and Bring 3X More Profits!!!

It is a phenomenal bundle of 1500+ ‘Professional-looking’ logo templates in PSD, AI, JPG & EPS files formats, representing 42+ high-in-demand niches – all for the price of a family pizza!


What Is LogoMart ?

‘LogoMart’ is a Stunning Collection of 3000+ ‘Pro-Level’ Logo Templates in four different file formats including PSD + AI + JPG + EPS, distributed in entire sales funnel to grab at an incredibly Discounted Price. Every Logo Template is professionally created and assorted by us in 42+ High-In Demand Niches.

And it’s not just Logos; we are also providing ‘step-by-step’ Editing Tutorial Videos. This will guide your customers through every step of Editing and Logos will be ready to Rock Literally within Minutes Only! It’s the best alternative to ‘money-sucking’ designers or complicated software, saving yours and your customers’ hundreds of dollars and precious working hours.

And the best part is – you are even getting an option of Private Label Rights as well, that means, your customers can generate sky-high profits by selling this awesome package (with their name on it) to anyone they want. That’s a real-deal!

Over 3000+ ‘Pro-level’ Logo Templates (PSD + AI + JPG + EPS)
With Private Label Rights Options
Editing-Tutorial Videos Included
Fully Integrated & Highly Converting Sales Funnel

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Vide Review For Front End Only


hello is fast yeah welcome to my level
welcome to my logo Matt’s and review
today is telophase of October 2019 and
local mods will be launching at 11 a.m.
that’s it that’s it my typing error
there so this this product I’m telling
you right now below will be launching at
11 a.m. Eastern Time on that offense so
now if you want to take a look at what
this product is all about why I’m taking
you to what is all about doing a review
on what is all about please click on the
link under this video and I will bring
you to this my bonus page where you can
now take a look at what is all about and
see for yourself if this is what you
looking for and if this makes any sense
to you now this is the reason why I
would suggest that you click on the link
to come to my opponents page because
here my bonus page I have got some
fantastic bonus that I’ll be offering in
case you decide to pick up this product
here my link so and other for you to
pick up this photo here my link like I
said earlier you have to click on the
link under this video that you’re
watching right now if you’re watching on
YouTube when you get on this page so you
click on the yellow button which says
click here to secure your copy and the
bonuses now here are the policies that
I’ve got in place if you decide to pick
up local mods via my link I have got a
fantastic bonus here which is a
WordPress and creation training is a
step back
their tutorial which is taught by
professional workplace I mean a wet
website design professional who knows
what he’s talking about he knows what
he’s doing so it’s step by step and it’s
not into cell okay it’s just just the
training alone is fantastic it’s amazing
you even love it
anybody can use that to create fantastic
and stone in WordPress website and then
bonus number two this is created by me
myself is a Amazon passive income a
fantastic way which I use for generating
money from Amazon so if this is what if
this is kind of bonus that will entice
you and you think that it makes sense
you’re looking for a way to make some
extra income from Amazon so you please
get this product here my link and all of
these bonuses will be delivered to you a
teacher card page now when you check out
from where depending where you’re buying
this product from if it’s from jvzoo or
is from warrior applause now you have to
go to the blue part in Oasis assess the
affiliate bonuses now this product will
be delivered on this particular product
am logo launch will be delivered to you
on jvzoo so you can see it says assess
your product and it says assess
affiliate bonus so you click on that
link and that will take you to where
your opponent is now what is logo mods
now I’ll take you to the local market
sales page where I’m going to play a
short video where it does even a much
more better explanation on what global
mod is all about real estate they may be
with no design and tech skills and
without paying through the nose a logo
is the reflection of the brand’s
identity boy often it’s the first thing
a potential customer will notice about
your business it is a point of
recognition for clients and important
foundation for the branding of their
company in fact unloading is one of the
most important branding investments the
business can make and that’s where I’ll
start a show that 67% of small
businesses are willing to pay $500 for a
logo design and 80% of small businesses
are willing to pay $1,000 for it
the reason is know goes immediately
connect our minds to the business in
question without needing to seal its
name this type of instant recognition is
the holy grail for businesses now
getting captivated logos for many
businesses and Web projects is not cheap
and easy
let’s explore options you have to get
breathtaking beautiful logos for your
businesses government creating and
designing it or logos you can create a
logo on your own but design logos is
plain difficult you need creativity and
designing skills and you could be
spending hours trying to figure out what
colors you should use and how to do the
design apart
if you need the entire Sun Liberty hire
a level designer when you need to know
if this is very expensive a decent
graphic designer will charge anywhere
between five hundred to two thousand
dollars for just one logo that may or
may not fit with your business take a
look pretty expensive right on top of
that you need to be 100% sure that the
logo we are using is 100% copyright
photo use as your own trademark miss
that perk and make it easy be in dire
straits such as an email from a lawyer
informing you of a pending lawsuit with
an immediate
stop and decease letter and co-host that
can be quite scary and something that no
one should have to go through we know
both these options suck it’s been a
problem for quite some time now but
starting today those ways can end
forever we take pride in presenting
model Mart a striking collection of 500
plus pro level logo templates in PSD ni
JPEG and EPS file formats at a price
much lower than we are expected to be
paid for even a single one forget about
money second graphic designers and
tiresome work indoors now you can build
one of those within 5 minutes only in
just three simple steps
open template in your movie editor do
simple editing save the template and
you’re done and we are also providing
you with step-by-step editing tutorial
videos and the best part is you are
getting everything with an option of
private label rights that means you can
sell it under your own name and generate
in saving purpose considering the fact
that people are going to pay hundreds or
even thousands of dollars for a similar
logo design this package is a goldmine
for you no kidding the real world value
of this package is more than $250,000
but you don’t have to pay this much not
even half of it today you can get Mega
Mart and a tiny fractional amount of
what you expect to pay somewhere else
and we philippi are our licensing option
this is your chance to establish
Authority and get a more sales and
making more money than you always
deserve or emerging the hungry market is
out there running behind you with
warrants open in their hand for this
simple essential package innovative
dream package of every smart
entrepreneur is here but it can be waste
and extremely discounted
right now ready to expand the Davis
online with complete domination admin
and instant access to this amazing offer
boom so this is for any person wants to
probably create logo from there for your
business use it as a business model to
to create logo for other businesses and
then make money so it says grab this
stunning collection of 500 plus pro
level logo templates so they are pro
level templates they are already
available so all you do is you they
deliver them to you and then what you do
is that you now tweak them according to
how you want them to be so but they’re
giving you an idea already on how to go
about them on how to create them and
they come with them private label rights
options they come also with personal use
if you don’t want to use private label
rights so what with the private level
rights the reason is because you might
decide you want to do it as a business
to earn some income so I’ll show you an
example if I take you 8 to 5 this is 500
Carmouche is a free Alliance website if
you decide you want to create a logo
right now what you do is that you go to
freelancers to places like an OP work
places like and guru.com
places like Fiverr and other places
where people gather online in order to
provide social services and one of those
kind of a place is fiber yeah I’m here
on a five hour website as you can see if
I type logo okay at 5 we see it comes
now with a different different different
options you got logo design logo logo
animation logo business logo minima logo
reacts dead so let me go to logo design
let’s take a look at what we’ve got you
on Fiverr so yawn 5 you got people
offering services to create logo I live
in the United Kingdom and as you can see
you see our studio we’ll make custom
logo design and animation and how much
ah – ah – starting this as starting from
81 points 20 ok
starting from 81 that does not mean that
you pay 81 pounds 20 you could pay more
than that and then you got this one here
starting from 32 pounds I will do unique
logo design within 24 hours and then you
got another one year and so many of them
and if I scroll down you see some of
them at the price that you will not
believe it okay I scroll down you can
see the $40 40 pounds as you can see 121
pounds 161 pounds starting from that
price okay and if I keep going down you
can see there 1050 56 pounds that’s what
they’re charging for creating logo you
can see 138 dollars I mean 38 pounds
which is higher than dollars okay and
and and it goes on and on you can see
another one here 1624 pounds that’s what
they’re charging for that so now if you
decide wanna ask someone on five a year
to to create the minimum they will
charge you is starting from
starting from twenty-something plans
that something plans now but logo max
local max itself it’s just only about
twenty seven dollars if he’s I don’t
think it’s even up to that I’ll take you
to the prices and review the prices to
you the upsells and the dancers because
there are some down cells which is
available and I will show you what they
are all about and how you can save on
that okay you can save the save a whole
lot of money by picking it up via my
link now so with local mod you could get
by local Matt come here and then you
also put out some gigs like this and
said yeah I can create you so and so and
so logo whatever kind of logo that
you’re looking for are created for you
and this is how much I’m charging now
good thing is that this place is like up
walks like a fiber they don’t charge you
any membership fee for putting your gigs
out here it’s free to sign up and then
you put your gigs and you leave them
there then whenever someone sends an
offer that offer is emailed to you
automatically and then you now follow up
with that offer such offer and and you
provide those those services that is
needed now back to what local Matt is
all about like I’ve explained to you
let’s see what they’ve got what is
saying here logo Matt is a stunning
collection of three thousand-plus Pro
logo pro pro level logo templates in
four different files format including
PSD plus AI and jpg and EPS distributed
in entire sales for now to grab at an
incredible discounted price every logo
template is professionally created and
sorted by us in 42 plus high in demand
niche 42 plus in the
my niche so ouch and I’ll take you
through those niches some of the
snitches the ones I’ve been able to to
grab so I can show you as an example
okay and it’s not just logos we are also
providing step-by-step editing tutorial
videos so this comes with videos on how
to do all of these things how to create
those logos how to design them and all
the rest which means you don’t even need
to have any technical skills to do this
so this will guide you it will guide you
or probably your customers if you are if
you decide to buy it as a private level
rights to sell it to your customers or
guide them how to go through
step-by-step editing and logo editing
and logos we’ll be ready to rock
literally within minutes okay so as you
can see this is for the accounting firm
accounting and financial you can see it
says company name so you just all you do
is just insert the company name and then
put in some some text whatever text they
want you to put and then you present it
to them and if you are running a con
accounting firm you can also do that for
yourself this is for agriculture and for
company name enter the text and you got
your logo there BAM and then you got
here our church you go yet art and
okay so many of them got your attorney
and law
you got your computers you got your
construction and much much more
okay so now you can read some more on
this page I take you through the pricing
how much is local max going for oh my
god this is unbelievable this is going
for I was remember in when I
previously I told you if this is going
for $27 it’s not even $27 this is the
price look you go back to Fiverr see how
much people are offering you to create
only a one-time logo and over here
you’ve got 500 plus or 3,000 plus
already made logos all you have to do is
just edit them with the company name and
the rest put it put inside your company
name inside em and the text or ever you
want to inside look at the price here
the front end price is going for $12.95
for personal use and if it’s a private
label rights you’re picking up you pay a
difference of just 3 is it 3 yeah
$3 to get the private rights okay now
there are upsells of cells number one is
going for $24.95 which is personal use
and if it’s a private level right then
you pay additional about five or four
dollars to get the private level right
now when you get on the off salt or
Chucho to you one page which is offset
one page so if you click no you don’t
want it this is what will happen this is
I’m telling you t so that you can use
this to save a whole lot of money for
yourself now you click no and it would
take you to another page I used to be
getting the same off cell number one
what you’ll be getting it for $20.95 for
the personal use and you be getting the
private level right one for $24.95 for
the private label rights now there is
also off cell number two also number two
is going for $31 for the personal use
and 37 dollars 95 for the private label
rights and if you decide that you don’t
want that if you click the no button
it’s going to dancer it’s you want the
same thing that you get from the opto
from the off cell so
at the same to you be getting for buying
the down sell price at a bouncer price
and you be serving quite a whole lot of
money yeah so instead of paying $31 you
be paying twenty four ninety five from
the personal use and then for the
private level right
instead of paying thirty seven dollars
you pay $29 something so you seven
almost eight dollars here and there’s
nothing to download nothing to host okay
these are the benefits that come with
this nothing to download nothing to host
is a beginner friendly to use and I you
could also use it to start profiting
profiting as quickly as possible now
these are all one-time low price so okay
now if you on my bonus page like I told
you earlier or you choose to click to go
my bonus page there’s also a demo video
right here that shows you how this
product is is how to do the editing okay
how to fix those local and all the rest
now again don’t forget to pick up
through my link so that you can get
those exclusive bonuses that I’ve
offered here on my page and I just wanna
say thank you once again for taking the
time out to come check scuse me to come
check out this I’m a local mod review
video thank you bye bye and have a very
good day yeah bye

LogoMart OTO