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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video


M A G I C OTO Hey, everyone invites back to magic orthodoxy. My name is David, and also this is a magic evaluation. [, Music,], hey everybody! Invite back to the network. Thanks for being here, male. This has actually been a really fun week for me, and actually, fun week since I reach evaluate several of my really favored things, uh obtaining testimonial a magic pocketbook.

I got to discuss pig cake and also uh. Now we’re doing an esp deck. I love esp decks if you see my network for any kind of amount of time. You recognize I’m a large fan of book tests, magic wallets, as well as esp decks, and also this one is amazing.

I love this uh alexander marsh connected to me because I was doing some evaluations for 1914, as well as he stated, hi there. I got a new esp deck coming out. You want to take a look at it. I claimed yes, and so he was gracious adequate to send this to me.


You can discover this at alexander marsh’s website. I will certainly put the site down below in the description. However, it’s. Alexander rush marsh dashboard mentalism dash myshopify.com, yeah, that’s. What it is this is the af esp deck from alexander marsh, all right, the af esp deck.

What is it, and also exactly how do you obtain it? One uh, you’re gonna go to his my Shopify store. It’s 28 pounds, okay, 28 pounds which are approximately 40 American. So let’s state you pay your 40 dollars to uh alexander marsh.

What are you gonna get? Uh, you’re gonna get M A G I C OTO the cards. Naturally, I’ll talk about all the cards you’re. Additionally, gonna get a string as well as washing machine envelope that you can put all the cards in, so no card box is sort of like a just a trendy envelope to bring it all in, and also you’ll obtain accessibility to a 31-minute instructional video.

All right, so the cards: what are you gonna obtain uh? You’re gonna obtain 30 cards, which’s five of each symbol, 5 of each sign: five, ten, fifteen, twenty twenty-five! Thirty! That’s right, there’s.

Six icons; six symbols in alexander marsh’s deck. He is even more of a follower of using the symbol triangle instead of wavy lines. Now the wavy lines are typically the three right. It’s the number three in the deck, but a triangle can additionally be three, therefore with him.

He feels that the triangle is even more of an all-natural sign than curly lines. He also doesn’t like saying the word wavy lines. So I guess you could utilize this in a number of different ways. You can eliminate the wavy lines and use the triangle as the 3 signs and also utilize it as a typical deck.

You can eliminate the triangular as well as put in the standard wavy lines as well as have your esp deck as you know, or you can maintain both, as well as you can make use of the deck with six symbols rather than five, then you’re, going to get some gaff cards.

Magic OTO

You’re going to get a double backer, which, obviously, you know exactly how to utilize. You” ll get a real dual facer that has the same symbol on both sides, and after that, you’ll get a prediction style dual facer that’ll have various icons on each side.

Then you’ll, obtain uh, 4. All symbol cards, so you obtain 4 cards which contain all the signs and uh there’s, some variants on them, depending on which one you want to utilize, and there’s, also one last educational card.

That shows you exactly where the markings are and the one-way mark, and it gives you a link to the tutorial, all right. So is it what I assumed? Allow’s. Speak about the cards some extra. They are high cards, alright; they are taller as well as thinner.

They are not like a typical having fun card. M A G I C OTO You’ll additionally notice that they are a complete bleed, which indicates the plaid back goes all the way to the edges, and also I believe that plaid back design looks a lot like the recent oracle system.

Tarot card cards. If you take place to select those up, is it well made? They are very durable cards; they don’t feel like bike cards. However, they also feel like a much better, stronger uh supply than, claim like a video gaming card or an Uno card.

Magic OTO

These feel like truly excellent glossy nice cards. Allow’s. Talk about the video also. The video clip, like, I claimed, is 31 minutes long. It’s fired with him seated at a table in his cooking area nook. You additionally get some over-the-table shots so that you see everything, which is great there’s no music! It’s.

Well, miked! It’s well fired as for what he’s mosting likely to show you; he’ll review what you obtain as well as talk to you about how to check out the marking system – and also he spends a lot of time here. To make sure that you really recognize how to review them.

Uh, he’s, going to discuss uh exactly how he functions ideal with the triangular, as opposed to the wavy lines, but uh, every one of them has its own mark. So uh you can pick which one you like ideal. He’s. Going to speak about how to utilize the gaff cards currently promptly.

These are not full lessons, but it does offer you a few suggestions regarding exactly how to use gaff cards with the esp deck. After that, he’s, mosting likely to talk about Banach’s, educating on psychological, requiring, and exactly how to require one symbol in a team of five, and that takes you about to the midway mark.

Then he’s. Gon na instruct you his technique for M A G I C OTO the five for five compare, that’s, where you have five cards, they have 5 cards, as well as you will certainly lay your card down first prior to they do and also when both sets are flipped over.

Of course, they match. You’ll obtain some online stage video footage of him with an actual spectator in real life, and after that, he’ll clarify the method pocket space. Every little thing ought to suit the little drawstring envelope. As I stated, they’re longer as well as thinner than a basic playing card.

They are leading trump dimension cards. Can the cards be evaluated? Absolutely I believe uh esp, cards must always be cards that the speculator can also hold, especially if you’re gonna work like a five-for-five compare, yet they can flip the cards over even if they presumed that they were Significant this is a real marking system.

They’re not reader-backs. Your spectator would certainly never ever locate the secret. How much technology does it require? The good news is, it does operate in a one for a one-two for 2 icons. So if the cross gets on the front, after that, there’s a symbol for the two on the back.


It’s not a real numeric. It is a mark, as well as it’s extremely, really easy to check out. It did not take me long in any way to learn these marks, and I can fly with these cards in any type of order and tell you the face so fast like faster than many like.

These are a few of the fastest uh red cards that I have for M A G I C OTO esp cards. I enjoy the marking system. I enjoy the back layout. I love the face’s positives. I said sufficient love didn’t. I claimed sufficiently: love uh already.

I can’t say sufficient wonderful features of this alexander marsh, of course, uh fastest turning into one of my very favored medalists as well as a guy that puts out magic products uh. He’s incredible, and so I look I do.

I enjoy these cards. I love the truth that they don’t resemble playing cards. I like that. I think some mind readers intend to distance themselves from playing cards, and also, I think those who do it right have actually just had them be a little bit bigger.

I suggest they’re like I claimed they’re. They’re closer to tarot cards, back style, and shape-wise. So I believe that works flawlessly for experts, and also, I assume the marking system is awesome. Um, negatives, let’s discuss negatives! Personally, I wish he had actually made the wavy lines.


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