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Magnetic OTO – There Is One Front End And Five OTOs links . The Magnetic OTO 1 Is the Unlimited  , the Magnetic OTO 2 is the DFY , the Magnetic OTO 3 is the Magnetic Traffic  , the Magnetic OTO 4 is the Reseller, the Magnetic OTO 5 is the  Group Coaching. all OTOs links and details bellow .

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Magnetic OTO


OTO1 ;Unlimited

Put notifications on any page of choice or all of website
Display duration and position
Customise all colours
Count data from X amount of time
Statistics and click through count
Customise descriptions
display on small screens
Display notification once per visitor
Trigger notification by
Exit intent
Scroll percentage

OTO2 :DFY Version

OTO 2 – Magnetic DFY ($47) – Skip the trial and error using our done for you materials, so you can start seeing results with the traffic you generate with Magnetic.
Guaranteed approvals
Thumbnails for offers
Images for offers
Lead capture page
Bonus pages
Bonus DL pages

OTO3 :Traffic version

For the next 12 months you will have the opportunity to add your pixel to our sales pages so that you can retarget the visitors.

OTO4 :Reseller

Sell Magnetic as our own product and keep 100% of the profit, while using all of our sales materials and support team. There’s nothing to upload or host, we do it all for you!

OTO5 :Group Coaching

Group coaching mastermind – be a part of a group of like-minded people being coached by Dan Ashendorf, a guy who’s generated over 7 figures online.


What Is Magnetic ?

Magnetic was made to solve a big issue that most marketers have;

Getting customers to know, like and trust them!
Because when you don’t have that, you won’t make ANY sales.
When you have a base of customers that trust you, making consistent sales online is easy as pie.
We did research and figured out certain psychological triggers that increase conversions and build trust.
Which lead to the creation of the web app that we call Magnetic…
Magnetic inserts these simple conversion boosting features into your website via a simple embed code.
Such as…
  • Informational stats – eg Limited sale until (time)
  • CTAs and Opt-Ins
  • Notifications of how many people purchased the product
  • Social Sharing
  • Random Reviews
  • Score Feedback
  • Coupons
  • Live Counters
  • Promotional CTA videos
  • Conversion prompts – eg (name) just signed up
  • Emoji Feedbacks
  • Cookie Notifications
  • Comments Feedback

Video Review For Front End Only

Text From This video

Magnetic OTO

hey men Jason Fulton right here and I wish
you had an extremely Merry Xmas and also if
Christmas isn’t your thing I wish you
having a delighted holiday it is a terrific
season I recognize for me as well as my family members
we actually love this moment of year so men
I’ve fired this video clip for you because I.
simply want to have a little bit of an open conversation.
today so I do not rely on tricks.
to earning money online now to make money.
genuine cash online it truly just boils.
down to three important points all right you.
need a site you require traffic you require.
a means to convert that traffic into cash.
so a great deal of inquiries come through my.
support workdesk in e-mail and a lot of it is.
based around exactly how do I develop an internet site.
so today I’m doing a review on an item.
going online called magnetic currently what is.
magnetic it is a software program or a great deal of.
code or a system as well as a method that’s.
going to reveal you just how to triple.
affiliate sales utilizing this easy line.
of code currently you may think just how can it.
aid me if I do not have a website I.
don’t have website traffic it another way to.
transform the website traffic that’s why I have actually placed.
together a substantial incentive to aid you.
kickstart 2020 it’s called the best.
comm maker it’s gon na expose how to.
set up your very own golden goose online.
web site in under 7 mins and afterwards.
you’re gon na have the ability to execute this.
magnetic item here as well as I’ll show you.
exactly how to make use of that in a moment within a.
couple of minutes to generate that.
web site transform it right into traffic as well as.
conversions or I so extremely really easy my.
benefit is where I intend to begin because.
like I say there’s totally free methods to create.
an income online ok genuine earnings online.
you need a website so in this bonus offer I’m.
gon na show you specifically just how to produce.
as well as develop an internet site free of charge fine it’s.
extremely thorough training course I’ve created.
just for you then you need traffic and also a.
method to convert that web traffic well that’s.
why I’m gon na use you some extra.
benefits however that’s when magnetic comes.
in also which is mosting likely to be truly.
conforming as well as really amazing means for you.
to generate transform your internet site right into.
conversions as well as cash money alright so.
cash cow online internet site reward came.
supreme con machine benefit so if you.
need to make a cash online or perhaps if.
you have some experience you have actually been.
type of knocking around a little bit.
attempting to find out exactly how to produce an.
earnings online probably really feel perhaps.
overwhelmed or you let down with.
your results until now it is begin time to.
quit doing what you’re doing and also start.
doing something various okay now.
everybody wishes to venture far from.
producing a website guys it’s really easy.
it is truly easy as well as it’s really very.
cheap good so you can either do it.
for free or you can just get a domain name.
name for 5 dollars alright which’s it.
all right after that you have on your own a web site.
currently I’ve Aten structure WordPress.
web sites for years can be found in this.
service concerning ten years of structure for.
myself to create countless dollars.
of building for other individuals to create.
them hundreds of dollars all right and also.
I have actually gone and created a high course.
training course that’s mosting likely to reveal you specifically.
exactly how to construct affiliate Payment wise.
web site totally free okay to make sure that’s right.
every person understands you need a site to.
truly succeed online I can’t hammer.
that residence sufficient currently I’m going to reveal.
you just how to do that and also get rid of the.
barriers as well as soon as you have your really own.
internet site you will start going from you.
know making a sale every so often or.
sporadically to really.
creating regular sales on an everyday.
event so my first bonus offer is gon na.
offer you a large bang Kickstarter 2020.
it’s gon na lead adhere to these steps.
Google will certainly send you traffic for free.
it’s proof that Google needs these kind.
of web sites so think about it today.
we have a site built up thanks to.
this reward my 2nd bonus offer right here I provide.
to you is internet marketers handle now.
you know that’s a big location it’s expanding.
substantially really quickly yet you might.
not have a you recognize there’s some of.
these things in position and what I have actually been.
playing I do not have felt your concepts as well as.
I have effectively market your just.
well-rounded business concept and plan is.
poor all right I intend to offer you the.
internet marketing experts handbook all right 79.
actions that you can go through you can.
start putting these right into action daily.
every person loves to have an order of business or a.
plan of action something to follow.
otherwise they get shed that’s where.
this perk is gon na have you headed in.
the ideal instructions gone to huge.
lead to your web organisation.
they’ll provide you my 3rd bonus offer which is.
obtaining points done now I’ve got a publication.
by Grant excuse as well as it’s called 10x.
rule all right currently this is a fantastic publication.
highly advise go examine that out as.
well however this is a simplified variation.
of that.
10x guideline and it’s mosting likely to lead to don’t.
show you how to obtain things done alright.
taking effective activity I recognize the.
most significant thing when you initially begin.
online is firstly comprehending what you.
require to be doing and also but after that it’s been.
regular with what you’re doing now.
this is mosting likely to allow you to do both of.
those align points obtain points done.
take action with your online company.
then I show you just how to create approximately.
thousand dollars uploading web links and you can.
put these links onto your brand-new.
site all right I’m going to reveal you.
seven various other web sites out of basic exactly how.
dollars per day starting today as well as if.
you do want to begin with this incentive and.
you do not have net or computer at.
home you can really make use of among these.
secret methods from a collection so allow’s.
connect this all up with each other now three.
points that you require to produce an actual.
income online is a website so I.
definitely have you covered there alright.
and then you require a big take regular.
activity alright and also I’m mosting likely to offer you.
the net marketing professionals playbook with.
plans action steps whatever that you.
requirement and then ultimately I’m mosting likely to show.
you exactly how to obtain things done okay to.
streamline what you’re doing and quit.
wasting time you understand experiencing.
Facebook or Google searches seeing.
youtube video clips I’m gon na reveal you how to.
definitely obtain something carried out in 15 20.
minutes a day alright but actual.
workable web content on your online.
company so secondly you need web traffic.
and also in such a way to convert that website traffic.
right into money which is where magnetic.
comes in fine so this is an outstanding.
packed plan when you placed my reward in.
this is gon na reveal you can use this.
on any type of tool undoubtedly it’s 100 cent.
legal ethical offers you these twelve.
conversion enhancing tweaks alright so.
allow’s just have a look currently simply swiftly.
these guys have had the ability to produce.
leaderboards struck leaderboards create.
associate Compensation’s all right these aren’t.
easy to strike and they’re absolutely.
squashing it so below palpable I was.
creating two thousand dollars from a.
associate competition so exactly how it works is.
you got ta have a web site and you do not.
always need a web site for this set.
too due to the fact that all cloud-hosted just.
put it anywhere however we’re gon na do is.
create a brand new campaign alright.
straightforward stuff after that you’re mosting likely to select.
conversion boosters now there’s 12 of.
these confirmed boosters that are made.
to assist you create even more sales after that.
just simply publish these what they call.
these magnetic hooks.
which will certainly generate some code for you to.
put on your site so it’s an actual.
straightforward detailed system this site.
is covered already and also you can place these.
in anywhere all right I’ll show you how to do.
all this in WordPress which is free to.
use you’ll simply place the code in and also.
then you’ll have a conversion improving.
magnetic hook developed to generate your.
sales as well as commissions alright.
there’s no catch for this set it’s a.
genuine straightforward way to contribute all right.
magnetic is an absolute game changer.
when it concerns creating these.
magnetic hook it solves troubles for.
net marketing professionals by gaining depend on from.
your consumers good and also if you just.
begin now you don’t have a brand name you.
do not want to use your own voice you.
do not wish to put your face on camera.
just how else can you generate trust fund okay you.
can use this magnetic hook you can utilize.
these magnetic piece of code that provides.
you that trust gives you the consumers.
that you recognize will trust you allows you.
to turn any kind of website traffic into significant revenues.
great it’s a genuine easy approach.
there’s no technological skills yet extra so.
people my benefit which will be offered.
initially seventy alright I want is to strike the.
ground running the utmost comm maker.
generate a golden goose online website this.
will change your life if you wish to hit.
twenty twenty hard you want to have.
something that truly functions as well as it’s.
been created me to the tune of ten.
thousand to thirty thousand dollars per.
month all right you require something like.
this in your organisation okay if you.
battling to generate income online you require.
a methodical approach to creating on-line.
income I have actually providing you that I have actually provided.
you a system that will help you 24/7.
365 every hr of on a daily basis month after.
month people I don’t instruct you exactly how to.
develop a life not simply a living choice.
this up for me as for the other benefits.
I’ve got some more supplier perks that.
you can look into right here and also there are.
some OTO s so there’s the unlimited.
variation there’s a done-for-you option.
there’s more traffic and afterwards a reseller.
alternative ago you examine them out certainly.
a Napoleon last mine attempt it.
magnetic safe alright they have actually got a.
wonderful warranty that you can check out.
click this button be one of the initial 30.
guys act with this one my name.
is Jason Fulton if I don’t see previously.
information have an extremely great New Year’s celebration.
don’t drink too much if you do with any luck.
your hangover isn’t regrettable I am out.
today it’s quite warm here in Australia.
it’s in fact in 40 degrees 40 degrees.
40 levels I think that mores than 100.
Fahrenheit between you men in the north.
yet remain great relax.
click that eco-friendly switch iron Jason fool.
over and out told ya next time check out.
that you see.

Magnetic OTO


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