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Mailvio OTO – There is One Front End And Two OTOs Options . The OTO1 Is The Credit Version And The OTO2 Is The 6-Figuare Mastermind . From Two Bog Vendors ” Neil Napier And Simon Warner “


Mailvio FE =>>Mailvio FE

OTO1 Credit Version=>>Mailvio OTO1

OTO2 6-Figuare Mastermind =>>Mailvio OTO2


OTO1: Credit Version

You Well Get

-250,000 or 500,000 additional email credits every month ,
-An Additional pre-made Email Templates
-Superior IP Allocation
-Higher Minimum Starting Limit (for account protection)… And More

OTO2 :6-Figuare Mastermind

-Get 8-Week Masterclass
-Get Focus on List Building and Paid Traffic
-Get Focus on Email Copywriting
-Get Focus on Better Inboxing
-Get All sessions will be held LIVE

What Is Mailvio

See The Demo

Its A full-service autoresponder with Active Campaign style automation and built-in SMTP

Mailvio is a full-service autoresponder with Active Campaign style automation and built-in SMTP (in partnership with an 8-figure company!)

Mailvio helps you to increase your sales by getting personal with your leads. With tags, dynamic audience response, and geo-tracking – you can make each of your leads feel as if each email was crafted specifically for them.



To see clearly how wonderful this Mailvio can be, I would like to guide you through the feature highlights where you can find what you can do with this autoresponder and how special it can be to stand out from the crowd:

Creating Emails:
Ready-to-go, time-saving email templates
Build your perfect email from scratch with your bespoke drag And drop email builder

Putting Your Best Campaign Forward:
Quickly work out your best performing campaigns with automatic A/B split testing
Speak to your customers like a friend and increase your engagement with dynamic email personalization.

Advanced Yet Easy Effective Automation:
Be a total pro with easy to set up and manage your workflow automations
Customise your workflows to suit your every need: Create both evergreen and longterm flows
Choose from a multitude of effective workflow actions

Segment and Hyper-Target Your Campaigns:
Easy (Yet advanced) segmentation gives you total flexibility to target exactly the groups you want for optimum results and maximum profits
Pick one list or pick multiple lists to mail

Smart Scheduling and Personalization:
Hands free campaign scheduling: Automatically send at the perfect time. Every time
Give that personal touch with the option to prepare each campaign uniquely
Keep your customers for life by personalizing your unsubscription page

Perfect Your Emails For All Mediums At A Glance:
See exactly how your email is going to look in different email inboxes with your at a glance email viewer
See exactly how your emails will display on mobile with just one click
See exactly how your emails are going to display on every device with the preview mode

Contacts and Leads:
Adding new contacts and uploading lists couldn’t be faster or easier
Store and utilize everything you know about your customers in one place with contact customisation
Easily create opt-in forms to gather more leads in a flash

Achieve Sending Perfection:
Create multiple email senders
Test for perfection by creating and managing a test list
Perfectly organise your business with smart folders

Reporting and Statistics:
Check out all your important campaign statistics with just one glance
Event Logs: Check out all your important event statistics with just a glance
Email report summary
Easily find out where all your customers and sales are coming from
See exactly which of your links are getting all the attention with their live click tracker map

You Well

-Get Unlimited Contacts and Unlimited Lists
-Built-in SMTP
-Get 100,000 Email Credits per month
-Get Pre-made Email Templates
-Get Drag and Drop Email Builder
-A/B Campaign Testing
-Built-In Variety of Email Previews
-Deep Email Segmentation
-Email Workflows and Customer Journeys
-Advanced Segmentation
-Built-In Optin Forms
-Manage Multiple Email list folders (perfect for client work)
-Detailed reporting and analytics

Mailvio OTO


Mailvio FE =>>Mailvio FE

OTO1 Credit Version=>>Mailvio OTO1

OTO2 6-Figuare Mastermind =>>Mailvio OTO2


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Video review For Front End Only

Text From This Video

hey miles here miles Becca calm in this
email marketing video you’re gonna learn
exactly step by step how to broadcast an
email to your email list this is the
ongoing kind of to do of email marketing
and I’m gonna show you over my shoulder
on the computer exactly how to create it
send it test it and we’ll talk a lot

about the little intricacies within the
copy itself now if you want the theory
behind what we’re doing here I cover the
six components to successful email
marketing in a previous video that will
be linked down in the description also
if you’re wanting to learn how to set up
your follow-up sequence because these

Mailvio OTO

broadcast emails go out after you do
your follow-up sequence the link to that
video will also be in the description
below this is once you have a subscriber
they’ve gone through your follow-up
they’re on your broadcast list or your
broadcast segment and you want to do
your daily emails your every other day
emails etc to continue to build a
relationship to drive traffic to
ultimately generate some revenue so
we’re gonna jump on the computer now and
get going so I didn’t rewrite or pre
write this in any way shape or form I
wanted to be kind of off the cuff so we
could talk about it as we go I’m sending
an email to my current list which is the
DIY sales funnel video email now I put

Mailvio OTO 

together a DIY sales funnel video series
I’ve been growing an email list based on
people who watch that series and go
there and I don’t email that list enough
so the first thing is what am I gonna
mail them to and I’m honestly gonna have
to separate locations that I’m gonna
send them to you’ll see how that rolls
out because I want to remind them that

they can get my daily emails if they’re
not already but ultimately I have a
video called the treasure map that I
think is a great explanation of how to
make money online so I’m here on my
channel and I’m just gonna search on my
channel search bar the treasure map and
it’s this video here is what I want to
send them so the first thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna copy this link just so I
have my link where I want to go and I
prefer personally to actually write
everything and work everything inside of
a notepad file and the reason I like to
use notepad file is sometimes inside of
the editor

if you hit backspace when you’re not in
the typing editor it can actually go
back a screen and you can lose your work
you’ve probably been in a web-based
field or foreign before click something
weird and all sudden you lose all your
work this is how I make sure I don’t
lose my work and the first thing I’m

Mailvio OTO
gonna do is type out my working subject
line as I type these things out I’m Mailvio OTO
gonna speed up the video for you so you
don’t watch me slowly typing and I’ll
come back in when I’m sharing what I did
and why I did what I did so my first
topic on the shove the subject line I’m

thinking I want to go curiosity I’m
gonna use that treasure map idea and I’m
gonna ask them a question so let me get
that down real quick Mailvio OTO
so in the subject line I’m asking a
question did you get and then i’ve got
your so i’m talking directly to them
using that second person talked to them
i match that conversation in the head we
talked about that in the previous video
and then the treasure map it’s like what

Mailvio OTO Mailvio OTO
is this treasure map idea right that’s
kind of my my curiosity at the end and
i’m even gonna put the word free in here
because free is one of those power words
one of those words that captures
attention and now i’m actually pretty
stoked on that subject line so from here
now i’m thinking about the users
experience right there in their email
box they see that subject line of did
you get your free treasure map though
like huh what’s this they click now i
need to kind of answer that right
they’re curious they’re wondering what
this is obviously they want to get that

free thing if they haven’t got it yet so
i want to get in and get to the point as
quickly as i can and i want to get them
the link to deliver all my promised

because i’m making a promise right here
right i’m promising them that they can
get a free treasure map and i want to go
deliver on that promise quickly so i
don’t lose them in the email so i’m
gonna write out the first little bit
here and i’ll come back and share what i
wrote and why i wrote it the way i did
and again we’re gonna get into the
actual email system and send this out to
so let me get this first piece of copy

Mailvio OTO

okay we’re back and now I’ve got the
kind of shell or the basics of the email
that I wrote we’re gonna go through the
copy real quick just to help make sure
you understand what I did and why I did
it because there are some intricacies in
here mainly to make sure this email gets
into their primary inbox if you get some
of these things wrong you’re getting rid
of the spam folder you’re gonna go to

the junk or the promotions tab and your
emails don’t get read which is a huge

problem so first thing is the subject Mailvio OTO
did you get your free treasure map cover
that it’s curiosity inducing it offers
something free it’s a benefit it’s a
unique new idea and I’m calling it their
free treasure map so they can already
own that they’re gonna want that they’re
gonna click I feel like that’s got a
really good potential for an open rate
and then I share what it is so a couple
days ago I published a powerful new
video for you again I’m telling them I
made it for them and I wanted to be sure
they saw it right so it’s this whole did
you miss that thing I made for you I
want to make sure you got that present
I’m giving you is the kind of theory

behind that line the video reveals the
free treasure map to earning income
online so now I’m connecting the idea of
a treasure map to that big goal that
they have they want to make money online
but you notice I didn’t say make money
online that’s a spam word that’s a spam
trap word and if you use phrases like
make money get rich bunch of dollar
signs anything that’s really really
closely related to literally making
money Google Gmail Yahoo Mail all of the
different mail servers are going to flag
you as a spam mail and that is a quick
way for you to make sure you don’t reach
their potential inbox so you notice I
said earning income online now I’m gonna
test this but that’s one of those
phrases right like growing your profit
is another way of saying that you gotta
use creative phrasing in order to get
your point across without saying those
exact phrases that are spam words how do
I know what the phrases of spam words

are well I’ve been testing my emails and
I notice when emails go into my either
promotions folder or spam box there’s
always certain phrases and I keep
tweaking with them until they make it to
the primary Inbox
that’s how I identified the phrases that
don’t work and then you just kind of
grow and adapt and you learn by doing so
then I share often time the path to
success is too confusing
and it can overwhelm you so I’m talking
to their problem now right I’ve
transitioned from that free thing I’m
reminding them that there’s a problem
there’s a challenge here and I help them
understand that this is a super short
and fun explanation of how it works
I want to give them an aha moment I give
them an analogy I’m turning the process
of internet marketing into a board game
because that’s kind of what I did in the
video itself they’re gonna learn this
that the other and then this one is a

much watch here is the URL I’m gonna let
them know remind them that they’re gonna
have a big aha moment in this one for
sure then I enjoy I do this little kind
of get myself a middle name pick that up
from Andre chaperon actually it’s just
something I like to do for fun I like to
mix that up sometimes to try to just add
a little more personality to it to help
them realize I’m kind of a real person
and I’m just a joking kid a little bit
and then I have a PS a postscript if you
haven’t been through my full free course
yet the seven steps from side hustle two
million dollar business blueprint be
sure you get it here now and this call
to action is because this is a separate
I don’t merge these people onto my main
list I do require them to kind of go opt
in on the other list if they want to get
my daily emails and I want to remind
them that there’s more value if they’re
interested and they want more and I’m
showing them where to get it so this is
kind of the soft PS and this is the the

main call to action here so now that
I’ve got this all roughed out I’m pretty
stoked on it let’s actually jump into
the email system and get this built so
in here in Aweber the first thing you
always do is you make sure that you’ve
got the right list that you’re mailing
to set up on top which I do so I simply
click the big green create a message
button I’m gonna use the drag-and-drop
email builder but one quick note if
you’re not on a Weber yet it’s what I
recommend for people getting started

I’ve been on Aweber for years and years
and years it’s the simplest most kind of
the greatest deliverability it’s got the
highest deliverability rates in the
industry they’re the first ones to the
game they are by far the long-standing
leaders they have all the tagging the
automations the campaign functionalities
what’s really cool is they now have 24/7
support so if you’re working in the
middle of the night and you can’t get it
to do something you simply click on help
up here and then there’s a forum they
literally have people there customer

support 20
four hours a day seven days a week ready
to help you get your email broadcast to
your campaigns your follow-ups etc all
out and running for you their support is
absolutely great so kudos to them that’s
a new update and I just wanted to share
that because I think it’s great that

they’re really offering that 24/7
support so again we click on create
message here and then we use the
drag-and-drop email now this is kind of
like a template builder this is gonna
try to get me to write a fancy-looking
email but we’re gonna set this up to
send a very basic looking email I want
my email to look just as if I sent it to
a friend Mailvio OTO
directly I don’t want it to look like a
corporate email with headers and HTML
and images nothing like that I want this
to look just like I’m sending an email
to a friend asking that hey did you get
your treasure map because that’s what we
open that’s what we’re used to so I put
my subject up here on top if you notice
I don’t like capitalize the first letter

in each word I’m really trying to make
it look like a subject line I would send
to a friend that’s that’s always my goal

is to give that feeling of like oh yeah
my buddy miles just emailed me right
that’s ultimately my goal so I’m gonna
copy all of this I’m going to highlight
that and paste it in now when I paste
from notepad I don’t get the exact I
don’t really get the exact layout I want
so I gotta go add a few line breaks
cool at this point I’ve got the line
breaks so it’ll re really easily now you
notice I try to use very very short and
punchy sentences none of my paragraphs
or even over two lines right the longest
one is like a line and a quarter think
about most of your subscribers are gonna
be on mobile they’re busy nobody wants
to see a block of text that big we can’t
read through it it doesn’t work great on
phones it’s so I really keep it really
short and punchy I use a lot of ellipses

to try to hang those sentences out there
to keep them hung on the word so it
makes it really easy to just read
through the one change I make I
highlight the whole thing and I want to
set the font size to 16 points now this
makes it super readable inside of mobile
and if you get my daily emails from the
miles Bechtler com forward slash free
course which is right here you’ll know
for for sure that my font is generally
large it’s designed to be super readable
this not only helps her for if you
haven’t kind of an older demographic but
it just helps everyone on the go to
consume it really really quickly so this
is all of the tweak I’m gonna do to it
to the actual text now I’m gonna
highlight my actual URL here and I’m
gonna click the little link button and
it’s gonna allow me to put that link in

there now it’s gonna be hyperlinked and
you always want to hyperlink your links
because some email providers don’t
actually hyperlink it for you
Gmail is really good at it but Yahoo’s
really bad at it so I just set it up as
a link and now it’s actually trackable
from Aweber they’re actually able to
track this for me if you want to this is
optional and you don’t need to you can
use a little bit of bold to make your
emails more scannable humans we are so
busy we have such short attention spans
we often scan things now this is a
really short email so I’m not gonna use
bold in this situation but if I had a
longer email which I write sometimes to
my main list and you’ve probably seen
them I use bold to really help them jump
from the main idea to the main idea in
case they’re skimming I would never put
two lines bold in before I generally try
to bold just the main key lines like
this right here and I might bold
something like this so the I could go
from here to here down to the link
itself but again this one’s short I
shoot for 200 words in my emails at a

minimum – 300 words in in my emails at a
minimum but sometimes they get up over a
thousand words and I’m okay with that
that’s just how I roll
you’ll find your happy spot for you now
I want to test it I need to make sure
this actually makes it to my inbox so I
click the preview and test and it’s got
my email ready in there already and I’m
gonna click send test and it’s sending
now it’s sent so now I jump over to my
and then i refresh my Inbox and I’m
gonna give it a quick second there it is
so now notice I’m in my primary tab here
and it went straight to my primary Inbox
if it went to the promotions tab I would

go back in I would find out what words
could potentially what phrase did I have
in there that made Google think this was
a promotional email if you sound like
you’re promoting something if you sound
like you’re giving them strong
guarantees and really aggressive calls
to action they’re gonna throw you in
here and that means that’s killing your
email marketing you have to land in the
primary folder then I open it and I take
a quick read and I want to read through
it I’m double-checking my work and then
we do something that’s super important
you must do this every single time we
test our links I hold ctrl and click on
the URL and then I open it and I want to
make sure it actually opens the video
that I wanted it to open looks like it’s
good and that’s it this is the video so
I’m gonna pause it right there if you
haven’t seen this video yet it’s
actually really quite good which is why
I’m emailing it and then I’m gonna test
my second link in here make sure it goes
in my landing page I’m running a split
test on this you can see I got variation

a the older one and I’m gonna hinder my
own split test because I’m just closing
that out but it worked as I wanted so
one of the thing I’m noticing is that my
my kind of required information down
here is really close so what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna add one simple line down
at the bottom so I need to go back
because this is the previewing test here
is the actual where I edit the email
itself and you can see I ended this line
right at the bottom
there you go I’m gonna remove that
hyperlink cuz it wanted the link you can
see there’s the link icon with the X in
it so I’m gonna remove that and it just
picked it up because I started typing
straight from there so I said check it
out now and then I put a line break and
a period down here and that’s gonna push
down my kind of just other stuff lower
to where it makes it a little bit more
readable nothing feels super crowded I
didn’t want all that other data touching
up against my link here and I’m done at
this point I think this is great and I’m
gonna click down here in the corner I’ve
got the save and exit link I’m gonna
click that and now it brings me to the
screen where I can see all of my past
drafts and I can now send out this email
so if you’ve got a bunch of old drafts

you’ll see them down here you’ll notice
this has created six minutes ago and
it’s got my subject line so this is the
one I want to work with if you’ve got a
bunch of them down here because you
started a couple of drafts and you
didn’t finish them you can simply click
this box here and then delete them I’m
not gonna do that right now but just to
let you know it’s really easy to do but
we’re working on this one I’m ready to
send it so I click the send options here
and you can see I can add it to my
follow-up series if I want but I don’t I
actually want to schedule a broadcast so
I click on schedule a broadcast and this
is when I get to decide when I want this
email to go out now I want this email to

go out right now but if you’re trying to
set up a few broadcasts to cover you for
a weekend you’re going on a camping trip
with a family you’re doing a little road
trip or something and you want to cue up
an email for Saturday Sunday you can go
here and you just click the edit when it
says when should this message be sent
you choose the date and you enter the
time right so I could send it tomorrow
morning at hope that’s the the time zone
I sent it tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m.
if I want and that’s it I would apply
this and I would send a message now but
I don’t want to do that as I said I
always try to send my broadcasts
immediately I think it’s just a good for
the flow for me it really works but
sometimes when I’m traveling I do queue
up these broadcast emails so that’s good
then to show you some of the kind of
advanced stuff now I’m not going to go
into this at this point but we have the
ability to add tags to people if they
take certain actions with this email so

if they open this email I could apply an
tag and then I can go re email people
who don’t have the open tag right so 30%
of my people open that means 70% didn’t
open I could go email that 70% SEC
segment a different headline a different
subject line trying to get them to open
or I could add tags if they click right
so I could add a tag if they click to my
site I could add a tag if they click to
YouTube and then I could again email
those who did not click to my site I
could send them another email trying to
get them on to my list that’s some
advanced stuff and I honestly don’t do
very much of that at all
I’m most interested in building the
relationship through one handwritten
email a day every day to really just
push that forward and at this point I’m
done I don’t you don’t need the quick
stats if you don’t want them you don’t I
do recommend you track the clicks

because we can do that audit that I
talked about in the previous video and
then we click send message now it says
hey are you sure you want to do that I
click send now and indeed it’s sending
it out and that’s it we have together in
a matter of minutes created an email
with a very focused goal and we’ve got
that email now sent out to my entire DIY
sales funnel video list
you saw the process in action I think of
what am i with my overall action going
to be I wanted to share a helpful piece
of information and remind them about my
free course cool I went and grabbed the
links for those then what’s the subject
line that’s gonna pique their curiosity
but it’s gonna get them excited that’s
gonna get them interested and then
that’s what I laid out was the subject
line I thought was gonna have that best
benefit of doing that and then it’s like
how do I answer the question I posed in
the subject line how do I deliver all my

promise of the subject line in a way
that’s gonna get them to take action to
remind them of the benefits to remind
them of the challenges that this is
going to help them overcome and at that
point I got my links in I made sure
they’re hyper linkable and then we
tested the email we send it to ourselves

Mailvio OTO
I prefer testing to a gmail address I
think Google has the toughest spam
filters in the industry and a lot of
your subscribers are gonna be on Gmail
or Google Mail if they’re in another
country and I really think that if you
get to Google’s primary inbox you’re
pretty good through the Yahoo’s and the
AOL’s and the other emails and the hot

Mailvio OTO
mails and the proton males of the world
so it’s kind of my focus then we
test our links always test your link
I’ve sent big broadcasts with very Mailvio OTO
important sales messaging to actual paid
products that had broken links in them
it’s no fun it happens so please please
please always test your links when you
confirm that all the links are done that
it looks good you get the good font size
it looks like an email you would send to
a friend go in set your broadcast up
send it out whether it’s immediately or
in the future and that’s it then
you are done with your email marketing
for the day it’s time to shift back in
to create more content go optimize your
conversion points right get more

subscribers to your list and that’s the
game of growing a business online that’s
what I do every day I send out my emails
I create my new videos like I’m doing
here with you and I do a little bit of
social media marketing and ultimately
I’m just trying to give of myself and be
of service to my audience and when you
go forth growing your business being of
service to your audience helping them
accomplish their goals avoid their fears
avoid their big problems solve their

Mailvio OTO
problems and challenges you’ll be amazed
at what you can create I hope this video
has been helpful for you I’ve got more
email marketing content coming out so
subscribe if you have not already leave

me a comment if you have a question
about this process or about any of the
processes if you’re not yet on Aweber
Myles Beckler comm /a Weber you’ll get a
30 day free trial I highly recommend it
I’ve brought hundreds of thousands of
subscribers through a weber i’ve sent
millions upon millions upon millions of
emails with Aweber they are the most

bulletproof simple easy to use system it
is the one I recommend for beginning
users and ultimately I think you can
grow massive I mean we’ve been we made
over a million dollars email marketing
through Aweber so it’s a great system be

Mailvio OTO
on and on that note I’m gonna call it so
thank you for your time if you have any
questions get at me in the comment give
me a thumbs up engage share the video do
what you do anything you want I Mailvio OTO
appreciate the engagement and I look
forward to connecting with you on the
next video until then be well

Mailvio OTO