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Mailzapp OTO  –  What is Mailzapp?

The Demo

Mailzapp is the world’s first and one-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-powered,

fully-featured autoresponder that promises to transform your email marketing and optimize your outreach and maximize conversions. Not only does it reliably sends out your emails and has

a powerful automation engine to automate your campaigns, comes with loads of gorgeous templates for your emails and newsletters, but it ALSO has powerful artificial intelligence

that the vendors have built, which manages your campaigns and maximizes open rates for you. This is also a super-intuitive and easy-to-use software that makes email marketing super-fun

and attractive again. Email marketing still is – and will continue to be – the holy grail of any online business, and Mailzapp enables you to be perfectly positioned to grow your business using the power of email.



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Video review for Front End only.

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hey, what’s going on? Everyone, this is akin here. Welcome to my mails app review. In this review, I’ll let you see what the mails app is, and not only that, I’ll be revealing the high-value custom bonuses that I’m giving away to get you the best results with meals up launches on the 26th of march by 11 a.m eastern time. This is a relaunch meal up was first launched about a month

ago so this is an ai autoresponder, and this basically allows you to optimize your email marketing, so this has so many features that ultimately improve your open rates and click-through rates for your email and, as you know, already

Mailzapp OTO


affiliate marketing involves email marketing. Basically, this is the backbone of affiliate marketing for the majority of super affiliates, so there are so many features here that actually help with your email marketing. One of

them is the ability to actually test different titles for your email to see which one is actually getting you better results, and then it actually sends these emails using the one that brings the best results to the majority of your subscribers. How about cleaning your email list and removing old subscribers

that is basically no longer opening your emails and no longer interacting with your emails, so this has this comes with so many features that are going to be useful for you if you are doing email marketing or if you are

thinking about going into email marketing, this would basically make the job easy and fun for you, so I’m going to be reviewing my bonuses right now, then I’m going to let you see how this works. My first bonus

you’re going to be getting access to some done for your affiliate marketing email swipes. These are emails you can just go ahead, copy and paste and send to your subscribers, especially if you sit down and you are probably thinking

of what you send to your brand new leads; you don’t know how to start these emails. You don’t even know how to convey these messages. You are going to be getting access to something for your emails. You can basically go and edit based on the offer you are promoting, and then you can send these

to your subscribers. Also bonus number two, you are going to be getting access to my cloud-based Instagram traffic software that allows you to drive a ton of traffic from Instagram. This allows you to connect multiple

Instagram accounts; you can use brand new accounts. You don’t even need to have any followers on the account. All you need to do is add your links in the bio of this Instagram account also a bonus number

Mailzapp OTO links

three you’re gonna be getting access to cloud-based software that gives you access to don’t for you squeeze page templates that allows you to collect leads, and then people actually give you their emails they are going to be

redirected to affiliate offers you are promoting, all you need to do is to write a captivating headline on your squeeze page and then slap in your affiliate link you are also going to be getting access to done for you lead magnets that will basically make

people give you their email addresses, so this allows you to build your list for affiliate marketing. Also, bonus number four, you’ll be getting access to a video

training where I’m going to be showing you how I make upwards of one hundred dollars per day with affiliate marketing using completely free traffic and also bonus number four bonus number five is another

traffic training that shows you how to drive high-quality buyer traffic from Facebook for free all you need to do to lock in all these bonuses is click on any of the red buttons on this bonus page, and if you click on any of these red buttons, it’s

going to take you to the sales page of mail’s app this is where you’ll be able to pick up news and where you’ll be you are going to be getting full information about the cloud-based autoresponder software

so it says introducing the first-ever email marketing tool that automatically manages and boosts your email opens and clicks with zero monthly fees, finally an email autoresponder that works harder to get

you results so feel free to come to check out the video presentation uh on this sales page in order to get more information about these it has powerful tracking and reporting to boost your results integrates with zapier and many more

Mailzapp OTOs

automatically optimizes your emails in real-time before and after they’ve been sent you get access to drag and drop template a detail with so many templates you can actually go ahead and choose from, so feel free come check out

this sales page in your own time to get full information about uh mail zap right now I’m gonna show you the pricing, and then I’m going to let you see how this works this comes with two licenses two different types of licenses in the front end you have the silver that goes for 47 dollars, and then you have the gold that goes for 97.

The first oto is the mills up platinum that goes for 97. the second oto is the male zap commerce that goes for one four seven the third one is the males

up resellers, you have three different variants here you have the reseller ninja, you have the pro, and you have the light, and they go for 497 297 and 197, respectively, and then the final upgrade is the mill’s app done for your email park that goes for 97, so that’s going to be my review

for meals up right now, I’m going to let you see the demo, and also, you’re going to find the full demo right here on these sales on this bonus page. Thank you for checking out this review, and eat bye for now. You’ll have contacts here and uh, your active

contacts and now these are your lists okay so your lists are actually what holds your contacts, okay so so you can there are various ways you can do that you can manually add contacts you can upload lists there

are various ways to do the waste ways to do that so let’s just create a new list so you know we can import this uh with you know using a file, uh you can copy-paste uh your contacts in there one by one

Mailzapp OTO doesn’t miss

so let’s do each one of them um so you know, let’s say so this is the demo uh import file so I imported these from a file you can just write this to just to remember how you can import from a file you can copy and paste or you

can just manually add a one by one okay so um so here you go so you need to select your um sender name, so I’ll just select some center name and just put a line here, for example, um so, and then you select your sender email address and um like I said I won’t be importing uh you know real data to this uh right

now uh, just not to compromise any information, and what you can do from here is that you can upload your CSV file so unsubscribes duplicates, or role-based email addresses will be removed now when

you’re going through the process of uh uploading the list be sure that uh you know you’ll have to wait a bit because the verification process is going on and uh and uh you know it might take a bit of a bit of time for you to do that okay because we are checking the addresses

in the background, this has a very powerful algorithm uh installed in it um so so you know you can um uh be sure that the list that you have ultimately in here

uh has already addresses that are verified by us, so we want to ensure that your delivery rate um is the highest okay, so that was contacts you can also obviously um add contacts one by one like I was saying uh okay so basically what I did

was um you can add them one by one you can copy and paste contacts demo CNC for example copy and paste so paste let’s say the sender name again the sender email address yeah oops something wrong there

uh, I don’t have to do that again. Copy and paste demo cnc there you go, so I’ll just write copy and copy and paste. It should actually not be copied, so copy and paste copy and paste. I am the sender now

this is all suggested by chrome, not by the ai, but uh you know like I said the other ones, uh ai will be uh suggesting that okay so then you come here and then you can um copy you know paste your uh some here at whatever my email address is this dot com or whatever right now when you

save the contacts just do it with my ventures address um so when you save the contact, your contact list will get saved successfully, okay so now you have this contact, and you see

Mailzapp OTO here

over here that the contact status is deliverable because the system has checked instantly um you know using our if this address is deliverable or not if I would use a bogus address like what’s my uh

then it would show this as risky or under liberal, and your emails will not go out to that address, so be sure, and you know to be sure to keep this in mind that the email addresses are, um okay now then there’s

a possibility to export if you have your list over here, especially if you’re you know uh you want to store your lists, or you can even print them out okay then you can do this segmentation, and you can say you know I want to create

a new segment and here uh you select which costs you know which uh let’s just take the demo camp that we just created um so so this is the description you can modify the description, and this is basically a text field and then you can uh

select um what criteria you want to add very very powerful so you can select you to know I want a segment based on the date added or my on the first or last name I don’t know or job title for example if you’re using this autoresponder for uh you know

targeting only c level executives so so the job title, yeah you can uh you can do that yeah um you can add criteria so for that so once you do that you know you can say equals or let’s say uh contains so I’ll say uh if I see

if I’m targeting c level people, so it’ll have chief executive officer, chief marketing officer chief, I don’t know financial office or whatever, so you can add another condition so things like these yeah or the date so you can see each of the conditions can be um updated accordingly

Mailzapp OTO bonuses

and there are lots of things you can go by country by city, so you want to target a segment of people, uh if you’re selling them tacos only in in in let’s say I don’t know uh Houston texas then that’s uh that’s where this is our state you can

do all these kinds of things with list segmentation and then set while sending the email out you can send it only to those okay so I just speed up slightly because you know this is a demo video and not so much of a tutorial video um so here you can create automation it’s a very very powerful tool

Mailzapp OTO


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