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What is that my stunning ninja family in this video i am gonna be showing you how this bizarre high 10 quickest trains on the earth video remodeled 100 and seventeen thousand bucks revenue and the fundamental part how any one anywhere even if you have a zero experience and zero subscribers can earning profits in these days on YouTube without making any movies yourself I promise you that is gonna be a excellent one keep tuned [Music] all right guys so in this video we will be displaying you the right way to make $100 or extra right the examples that we’re gonna give in this video these humans are making way more than $100 per day actually making movies on YouTube without doing any of the recording your self you do not ought to be on camera you literally do not have got to do some thing all you ought to do is remake videos that you are allowed to use proper that is 100% legit I did all of the study there may be anything called ingenious Commons that we’re gonna exhibit you and speak about a bit of bit later in this video i’m gonna exhibit you guys how one can start making a ton of cash from YouTube actually simply re importing movies which can be already on YouTube in view that i know quite a lot of men and women should not have cameras plenty of persons do not need to get in front of a camera however anybody at any place with zero subscribers can start to do this and to make a ton of money doing it so most people think that you’re not definitely allowed to just reuse you recognize YouTube content and different individuals’s content material that they add on youtube people suppose that there is espresso rights folks consider that they’re no longer allowed to sincerely reuse that and quite a few times that’s definitely genuine however not always there’s something referred to as ingenious feedback and what ingenious Commons is is it allows any individual wherever to reuse the video content that men and women add to YouTube if they mark it as creative Commons and the cool factor is it’s virtually very effortless to figure out what’s creative feedback and what’s no longer inventive feedback if you know how however as a warning guys do not skip any of this video given that there may be one principal factor that you simply most likely have got to know to be ready to make this work and i know some humans are gonna skip components of the video or pass to the tip and matters like that you’re not going to make this work except you already know each step you guys there’s one critical mistake that various newbies make and should you do not make that mistake then which you can in reality go on to rather start making a ton of money like again this video proper right here that made over 100 and seventeen thousand bucks revenue and should you don’t think me i will show it to you in only a few minutes okay so I wish to show you guys just a few examples of surely humans who’re doing this so we’re gonna share my display quite fast and what we’re looking at right here literally all i typed in was once simply scariest right so like scariest one can find 6.5 million views thirteen scariest videos located on the dark internet correct you see 6.8 million views seven years in the past high 10 most annoying scariest braveness the Cowardly canine episodes correct however you are able to do this for whatever like you can do that you can actually just search top 10 correct and which you could look in any respect of those distinctive matters correct right here you can see 4.Four million views proper too two months ago 1.2 million views a hundred sixty five million views all of these distinctive you recognize videos and which you could enter matters which you can enter all forms of things my favorite matters to absolutely enter are you realize things that need to do with health conspiracy theories sports correct for groups matters that individuals certainly search all the time proper so you’re announcing yourself probably Kevin yeah these persons have thousands of views however how are they without a doubt making money right and we’re gonna speak about precisely how much cash 1 million views by and large is for all these youtubers and how so much they’re without a doubt bringing in you realize from a profit viewpoint considering that according to trade Insider proper most youtubers usual about $3 CPM and what that suggests is how a lot you get paid per 1000 views so if a video has one million views right and you’re getting paid $three per thousand views you are getting paid three thousand US bucks a hundred percentage profit proper for each million views that you just honestly have and so this is an additional instance correct top 10 trains high 10 quickest trains on the planet 2018 it can be actually a compilation of the quickest trains on the planet you can see a 12 months in the past it has 39 million views so if we pop up the calculator proper right here we can see 39 million views times 3000 greenbacks like I just proved to you right there getting paid $3,000 and that’s most of the time minimal guys $3,000 per million views so 39 million instances 3000 is 100 and seventeen thousand greenbacks profit for literally uploading a instruct video prime 10 fastest trains on the planet so you are normally saying your self ok Kevin how do I figure out which of these movies i will be able to truely use after which how do I definitely generate income doing it good that’s a good question and the best way that you simply truely do it’s via utilizing what’s known as creative commons so every time that I really typed some thing into YouTube what i will do is come to filter correct right here after which i can literally variety in creative Commons correct so what ingenious Commons way is it means which you could sincerely down load these videos proper and if you don’t know how you can down load a YouTube video all you need to do is google search how to down load a YouTube video correct there is mp4 downloaders it’s very very convenient to do and once you filter for ingenious comments like I simply did it’s going to exhibit you videos any video that pops up with the creative Commons filter on and as slightly notice at any time when you do a brand new search you want to make certain that it can be on due to the fact regularly it without a doubt turns itself off however you’ll discover that it can be surely on proper right here each single this type of movies is free to use right so i will actually down load this specified video with 39 million views and might be I could download another high 10 quickest coaching compilations that are additionally inventive feedback and what i can do is i will be able to reorganize proper i will use a free editing application like iMovie like a ton of different enhancing software and you could reapplied the identical video with another thumbnail and an additional title proper all you need is an eye-catching thumbnail and a good-geared up title correct prime ten quickest trains on this planet 2018 there isn’t any high ten quickest trains in the world 2019 correct men and women consistently wish to see probably the most up to date actual thing that they’re looking for on YouTube so what are truly the most beneficial niches and subject matters to in reality do this for right considering the fact that that you can make prime 10 compilations top three prime 5 for whatever but there is a number of genuine categories where you’re going to take advantage of money and if you are saying to me Kevin however i have zero subscribers i am simply opening how do I virtually make this work every single this kind of persons who does this right when you appear on YouTube begin to actually consider about it these humans are uploading these high 5 and prime tens no longer in view that they love doing it they may be doing it seeing that YouTube is paying them 1000s if no longer enormous quantities of 1000s of dollars to do that and all you ought to do is get one video that goes viral with the YouTube algorithm proper it was free for this individual to create this six minute compilation it mainly took them a couple hours they downloaded distinctive videos from around YouTube they usually truely simply created a compilation a top 10 they reloaded it delivered a fab thumbnail introduced a fab title and so they have been on their means but what are absolutely the excellent niches and issues to try this for it in view that in case you decide upon the mistaken subject matters no person’s gonna watch it and if no person watches it you are not gonna make any money so let’s speak about what the specific exceptional issues are to do these compilations for but quite speedily I do want to provide a enormous shout out to our remark winner yay um and if you want to be the comment winner and get a shout out on our subsequent video all you must do is three easy things you will have tact that like button ensure that you do subscribe to the strongest loved ones on YouTube and go away a remark down beneath letting me recognize what you might be being affected by proper now if you are earning money on-line if you’re just getting started let me recognize the place you’re at so i will be able to in my opinion help you to your experience to start making more money on-line k so what actually are my favourite matters to make these compilations about realistically the first-rate matters that folks are constantly gazing daily are fitness correct humans love client see theories like if we sort in conspiracy we can see you understand 5 hundred and ninety forty 9 thousand eight hundred and forty-one thousand two point four million right lots of extraordinary genuine videos right here fifteen million prime ten conspiracy theories of all time folks love staring at these items it’s the strangest factor but they without a doubt do proper humans love looking at physical activities highlights so should you go into here like high ten sports after which we go filter inventive Commons you’ll discover 5 factor six million views the satisfactory jumpers on the earth right you will find vlogbrothers you’ll discover lots of unique stuff to really take a look at right here and you are able to do high ten physical games compilations highlights first-class dunks there’s so many exceptional matters you could definitely make video about so physical games is another one that I quite love recent information right if matters go viral gaming is more commonly the quantity one factor that men and women are honestly looking at movies on on youtube so in case you kind in gaming here you recognize that you could also kind in like general games like fortnight for illustration and you can additionally use matters that Google and YouTube tell you might be widespread so as to see proper here that there is definitely a youtube trending and to find this all I did used to be Google search YouTube trending I mean you will see YouTube trending actually for gaming and you already know what persons are certainly gazing correct two million views in 19 hours 1.1 billion million views in 20 hours like actually you will find these matters that persons are observing after which which you can literally remake ones of videos with out making any movies your self just with compilations and reposting videos which have inventive comments and enable you to do it correct this is not shady in any respect you are not going to get shut down YouTube is a hundred% okay with this all you have to do is be certain that they are without a doubt creative feedback with the intention to reuse the footage and another cool device that you may really use to peer how much money these individuals are making from YouTube channels and we can use a large youtuber like rice gum for example what we will do is we can take his his YouTube username and we will go to a website called social blade so what social blade does is it will actually exhibit you the way a lot an estimate of how much money that they may be making so he’s making estimated 1.Eight million dollars from YouTube every single 12 months and that is most of the time scale back than he surely is right considering that my estimated earnings if we go to mine right here so we’re gonna decide upon my channel right here and what we’re gonna do is so this is definitely the month-to-month earnings and that i most effective be aware of the specific might the correct month-to-month profits of my channel I do not know what rice comes definitely making I’ve certainly not requested him however i know that from what this estimates my month-to-month earnings are i know that it is actually realistically about four or five instances greater than that so if rice gums was 4 or five occasions bigger than that then he could be making you understand up to ten million dollars a yr from his YouTube channel without doubt he has a massive channel however socialblade is a fairly cool instrument that you’ll find to estimate how much individuals are honestly making from YouTube with their channels founded on the quantity of views all correct guys so let’s summarize really speedy so how do you surely do this proper the pleasant approach that you simply do that is you go into YouTube and you literally search for widespread movies which have the inventive Commons license which is utterly free to reuse in anything means you need after which you are making better versions of their videos you are making a greater thumbnail you make a greater key phrase wealthy title and then you definately re upload that video correct possibly you see 10 special compilations of the fastest trains in the world and possibly you already know number two is lame might be quantity three is lame and so what you do is you’re making a greater grasp variant of all of those already widespread videos and then you could have reapplied it and your first video could no longer be superb and your second video would not go viral but i’ve pals who are actually making 1000s of 1000s of bucks doing this specified strategy and they all started with zero experience and 0 subscribers and so all you have got to do is simply get started and try to position out you understand one or two movies a day the place you are just downloading them making them higher re uploading them having higher thumbnails proper and which you can get thumbnails made on fiverr.Com for actually five bucks right there’s no excuses guys you are able to do this men and women are doing it every day just do not be the ninety nine% of people that on no account takes any action correct be the 1% who genuinely tries these items and virtually makes it work due to the fact that recall all you need to do is solely remake better videos that have the creative common license add them and watch the view start coming in considering that there’s hundreds of thousands and millions of folks on YouTube every day and that is an potent option to earning profits on-line to begin making $a hundred a day on YouTube with zero money to begin all right guys so final factor should you enjoyed this video ensure you do me a want it can be 1/2 the little like button it helps me reach more men and women it helps me reach more humans who can in reality to make use of these tactics to make more money on-line and make sure that if you have not faucet that little subscribe button turn on notification bill so that you are going to be the first character to know after we unlock a brand new video on earn money online and learn how to be financially free this yr so i hope you guys enjoyed this video go away me a comment down under letting me be aware of what you’re being affected by go away me a comment down under letting me be aware of if you’ve ever made even a single buck on-line or if you want support and i am gonna try to personally respond to every single remark down below that is you guys leave serving to you for your course to fiscal freedom so until next time guys completely happy client [Music]

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