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I don’t know if you can do that now, possibly a beer. Thanks, sweetie, yeah. I have no idea if you will discover it proper away, however I come from Bavaria. More precisely, from Munich and, as you all be aware of, there may be in Munich the freshest football club on the planet and still FC Bayern. Yeah, does it want that? Gerhard Polt, one of the excellent-recognized Bavarian cabaret artists and lets get it right away. Now I must, have you ever, you don’t have any beer? You need a drink or, I need a beer. So, let’s do it. They received me into the web, how do I get out of there? I already have a plague. Already bought a pandemic from the web. How do you get out of there? I’m afraid not so quickly.Yeah, we put it on the web. Shortly about me. I have been setting up formats for radio, tv, on-line and offline for 20 years. Have moderated twelve years a morning exhibit in Nuremberg and Munich. Used to be the final six and a half years CEO of ski legend Markus Wassmeier and now help small and medium-sized corporations with my owncompany to installed hybrid advertising systems, but additionally to put in force them. Like you quickly i’m already a licensed Klick-Tipp advisor and it fairly did, Mario mentioned the previous day: "You ought to keep in touch the benefits. You ought to tell them what this is about." And it is been that way on account that I became a licensed consultant, you don’t pay for public transport anymore. Lufthansa improve gratis, no main issue in any respect. And most significantly, it can be super-good with the ladies. But now actually, no, truthfully, my individual advice, if you have this logo, put it in your presentation, put it in your concepts, given that it shows your customers and skills shoppers as soon as again that you just quite have a clue about this story, if you’re making a pitch or some thing identical, simply put it on it, that without problems presents a trust like that again. To Gerhard Polt, this man has been within the exhibit industry for over forty years, cabaret artist. An awfully humorous, very informed character. Has an audience of hundreds of thousands, millions of clicks on Youtube, but no own channel, no possess content material. These are television recordings of performances and there used to be the elemental thing when I sat down with his son. Man, we have now traffic somehow, Gerhard is digital, however it’s much lost, unused site visitors. Now, look, i am trying to give an explanation for this to you again. Imagine you go to a woodland festival at the Tegern Lake and there at the moment are 20 sweet bunnies, , with one of these fairly first-rate balcony, and they would now all be capable for, I say, relationship-unbiased Amore, you understand? So they’re into you and also you dickhead races residence and not using a telephone quantity, huh? So that is unused site visitors. Sure, I must give an explanation for it to you. You understand what I mean? , Dirndl didn’t give you a number. What was once our purpose? Gerhard Polt has new release-spreading humor, quite a younger, young target staff, which we wish to tackle, we need to create our possess transmission time impartial medium. We all know television, radio, but I have to make an appointment, given that it runs at 2 pm and i’m not there at 2 pm, and the target was, now not you come to Gerhard, but Gerhard comes to you. Gerhard Polt, in the trouser pockets of his P1 lovers, everlasting buyers and his fans. P1 are fans who devour everything from you. In order that they buy each CD, every e-book and rumble at each occasion. And the goal is, of path, every person has smartphones, and how can we get Gerhard on this little smartphone? And of direction the funding within the new digital process, to refinance at some factor, however with out making intrusive product promoting. That is very, very primary on the grounds that Gerhard Polt has a philosophy and i consider it is mega cool considering the fact that you rather have to be tough.Gerhard Polt will on no account and never will ever promote a product in his lifestyles. So we realize it from other cabaret artists, Otti Fischer, who then marketed for a giant furnishings retailer, Gerhard Polt will not ever do this,even though there are huge presents. And he’s no longer one to stand up and say, "purchase my e-book." which means we particularly needed to suppose about it. So what was once our message now? We’ve got digital attain logically by way of all of the Youtube videos, however they do not belong to us, you normally need to pay concentration when others put it in there, ok? But the purpose was to have our possess fan neighborhood, which we could also manage. Then one factor, at the opening, I fairly stated, "i do not want to." that’s when he stated, "No, we’re no longer doing that," and that is our PR strategy. I’m at all times this type of buddy of do excellent and ship out a press liberate, since the gents in the market, yes, they continuously get nothing and there you continually send a pleasant press free up. And that i consistently do that with other initiatives, he says: "Ah, look, there now we have a fairly first-rate story" and said: "We’re not doing that", however we are going to really care about attention on fb after which they may get that already after which we would like what it’s imagined to be, journalism, what we, oh, that is a subject matter, i’ll ask about it, i’ll do some study. It labored super-well and relatively the entire huge newspapers, the Sddeutsche has pronounced extensively: "Ey, Polt, what are you doing?" Of direction, he kept a low profile: "yes, we are going to try something, now don’t get so excited." And really received us various visitors. Then it was once clear that we wanted this thing to be one way or the other exotic, that it should only exist in this web, and the excellent factor is, in case you, I imply, the phrase internet is nothing new now, however that it already creates the sort of meme, if then it is spoken in yet another context and then persons quote, as Polt method, in the internet, whether it is for illustration concerning the growth of digital fiber optic cables in some municipality. And relatively obviously, a tender advertising and marketing approach, so we are not able to get out and "There you’ve a book and there’s my adaptation", but we make it whole, very soft.And we are presently constructing our own Polt world, a Polt product world, there would be the merchandise, now we are back in onlinemarketing, strictly restricted, only for a short while. What did we absolutely do now? That is Martin Polt, by the way, we sat down, stated: "Ah, historical content material, stop it, there’s Youtube, we’re doing some thing new and we’re opening an online series." Then we produced an internet series with rather short video sequences that go a maximum of three minutes.The movies are to be had solely on the internet site, so now not come what may, now we make a Youtube channel, take a seem. And that you may handiest get this video should you get a video link by way of e mail. What have we created? A a hundred-day e-mail tunnel. To be able to speak an evergreen method, when you consider that if you happen to signed as much as begin broadcasting, you are now on episode 5, and if you happen to signal up today,which i would recommend you all to do, sure, then you are commencing episode 1 of this net series in these days. Well, it will have to be very brief. Briefly, why? Since we effectively additionally want, in the event you take a seat in Munich at the tram and wait rapid, which you could watch a video of Gerhard, which we send to you correct now, speedy on your cellular mobile. Then a huge topic, in case you work in conjunction with the sort of quality humorist, already the registration will have to be enjoyable. Now the Klick-Tipp double opt-in system is not so funny now, is it? So I most of the time take a seat there and suppose to myself, "hey, huhuhuhuhu, and", no, you don’t have to clap now, Mario will do this correct away.No, we said that the registration have to in some way emerge as an experience. We want the user to watch for our e-mails with pleasure and pleasure and we wish to be in contact authentically. And i just ask you to take a seem at it and simply steal it from me, because one thing all of us ought to be trained, men and women don’t learn anymore. If it says, "you can get an email, open your e mail box." "I under no circumstances acquired an electronic mail," so and now we’ve got, and i’ll exhibit you ways we transported that, that is the affirmation web page we rebuilt now. Let’s examine if this works. Sure, i’ve now there a dry flour, ah, now not dry flour, a mail, e-mail despatched and just want the affirmation, which, as they say in German, confirmation. Exactly. And when i’ve them, so that you can also get them by means of the post, the postman comes, throws the confirmation into my mailbox, I get it out of the mailbox, and when i have them, then I say: "thanks. Thank you and Merci very much. Yes? And with that I support and get the attention and say, be careful, right here comrade, i’m sending you an e-mail correct now, confirm that. On the thanks page we have now the entire thing again and Gerhard Polt thanks you in twelve special languages for your affirmation. Why Klick-Tipp? Ha, ha, ha, ha. It’s simple. At the starting, before we developed in the challenge just a little bit, we just started with Klick-Tipp average. And that is the scorching Klick-Tipp, that you can upgrade quite speedily to company. So we did, I did, it’s really quick. It used to be half prior three at night, simply came from the sheep’s head, I concept to myself: "Man, name Jannis. Jannis, what’s going on within the center of the night time? Emergency? I say, "sure, we’d like Klick-Tipp organization. What’s it appear like? No hindrance at all, which you can call me whenever, give me a cellphone number. When you Enter, I was going to move to the enterprise anyway", and wham, we were already on organization.No, it can be exceptional, the boys are particularly making an attempt. Good, that’s a bit of like loved ones, isn’t it? Even if they’re all Prussians, it’s household. You’re supposed to have a cosmopolitan coronary heart, we Munichers have that. Then, what used to be very main to us, reliability in registration. So this has to work technically good, when you consider that if there is all of the sudden, wupp, visitors on it, then it might be satisfactory, because the people, , who appear and ask: Ey, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Then they name and textual content the pole: "reply it, it doesn’t work. I cannot. So that’s the best factor about Klick-Tipp and the one choose-in option is of course on hand at Klick-Tipp enterprise for press enquiries. Possibly that is a kind of topics on the field of automation. It was, it was a newspaper like this writes. Then they wrote to the company: "You, we will write anything about Gerhard, are you able to send us photos?" sure, we are able to send you. Do they ship their image back to the editor, the editor says: "You, the photograph is exceptional, do you’ve got that in better resolution?" Then he says again: "yes, however that does not go via with the aid of e-mail" and many others and this whole thing we now have now readily computerized moderately, and there is a press subject on the Polt.De web page, we now have a kind, I ask, who are you? What do you need from me, what medium do you write for, what’s your mobilephone mobilephone quantity? After which he routinely will get an e-mail with a link to the dropbox, there are all his snap shots in it, i do not ought to contact whatever anymore and have the abilities that i will be able to acquire all the contacts and if I bring out a Gerhard Polt cookbook the day after the next day, then for instance I could come up with the idea of conveniently informing my heat press contacts about it with one click on.So it is particularly notable. To the landing web page, how did we proceed? We made a very quick teaser into a series. Having communicated a non-binding sequence start, is now as Radiomensch simply under no circumstances my topic. Considering you all be aware of this when you’re on the radio and at three p.M. The presenter says: "And swap on tomorrow morning, at 10:00 p.M. We will ask you what a mysterious sound that is and you win 10,000 euros". Most often you attempt to make an appointment with any one, i.E. A listener or a spectator, as soon as viable. So switch on at ten past seven and so forth, we deliberately left that out for the reason that we wanted to hold the anxiety up, given that of course the click has already asked: "sure, what are you doing there now? Back and forth, we failed to unlock whatever before except the teaser. So we have now kept individuals at stake, then simply e-mail handle, that’s my experience from other projects too, as soon as I first name, last title,blood crew and what is your favorite pet, then individuals are so eh, eh. But such an email deal with I give already fast and gladly. Definite, maintain it easy, clean web page, no menu. Either electronic mail address or sneak, proper? Where did we arrange our site visitors? Of course from fb, we then took over an unplayed fb web page with about 3,700 lovers, which used to be again hooked up through a buddy of Gerhard, said: "yes, i will do it once" and there used to be somewhere the last post from 2014, and we then from December 2016 until now to October 2017 we have scaled up a little bit to 32,000 fans.The objective was once to organize the enthusiasts for the new format a little bit as a substitute than saying: "Ha, we are going to do anything" and "Oh, appear" and "Ha, if you provide us your electronic mail tackle". And of direction to use existing Youtube content. So i have a lot on Youtube about Gerhard and i will be able to play and use that. After which there’s a mega hack from me, you have to test it out. And of direction the interplay of the lovers. So Gerhard just has sketches, these are evergreens. The quantity with the Oktoberfest or New 12 months’s Eve or Mei Ling, which you could still appear at it in 100 years, it is content that does not ruin. To our fb promo.At some factor we let the cat out of the bag and wrote on July 10th: "Ey, there may be whatever new coming from Gerhard, take a look and please do not cross it on, yeah? What does a character do? I will go it on. And we began the fb promo again then, had 27,000 fans on the facebook web page as a foundation, then spent sixty six Euros with the influence that we collected 2,343 leads on that day, how a lot came out in at some point, on the following day there were not so many, I suppose there were so viele, da waren es, glaube ich, blo 2.200und jetzt knnte man natrlich, jetzt sitzen handiest 2.200 and now you could of course, now there are sitting quite powerful online entrepreneurs and i am virtually as a bit shameful, due to the fact so this, as we did with the publish, we just really have posted promote to the fans of this web page and their neighbors and ready, yeah? And that thing went off like the Luci. However of path there was once quite a bit going on at the web page and it used to be very, very predominant that Klick-Tipp works well and that there aren’t any aborts or something like that. So, now i’d prefer to give you a hack, one or the opposite will already realize it, and at some point the clicking can have understood it, oh, the Pole does something new, we’ll write about it.And i’m at all times this type of pal where I say: "Man, there is content, i would love to use that content material, you recognize?" but what i do not like is it can be like when you decide on up an historic lady and ship her to your snitch, i do not prefer to let site visitors go. And there is a cool device, that’s known as Snipli, you set a hyperlink in it, so we had a press file from Merkur, then you definately put a link in it and it shortens the link for you and you can add this sort of lovely, any such gorgeous banner with a name-to-motion. Which means that when he clicks on it, he now involves the website of Miesbacher Merkurs, to the article and at the backside left there will likely be a different banner with call-to-motion click right here. Works mega-cool for us, conversion expense 5 percentage. So for site visitors i’m gonna lose, i’m gonna get whatever out of it. And, and now you must do so bsssip. It also works with Youtube hyperlinks, that is, Mario tells something first-class, i will share this Youtube video on my facebook page, for example, i will be able to do it with Snipli and i will do my name-to-action below if you wish to know why Mario Wolosz is so positive, click on right here. Excellent. That was it at this point, i am hoping all people understood me linguistically or, we truely wanted it in, no? No, then is, then we are able to talk to one another once more, then I explain it once more, proper? So. And then i would say, let’s have a seem at a kind of episodes we produced there. Its the current episode of "The monetary Juggler" and i wish you already a variety of enjoyable. Lars. Hey. Servus. Lars, he’s again now. You haven’t been around in a at the same time, yeah, yeah. He has had an extended stay now, since he, yes, well, he’s an ancient monetary juggler, financier, huh? And come what may it’s a harmful Band-aid today. However you’ve got lost a variety of weight, I need to say. Yeah, no longer a lot, just 15 kilos. 15 kilos? 15 kilos. They must have visible it earlier than, but it surely appears excellent on you. The keep wasn’t so dangerous. Were you stupid, I ought to ask, Landsberg, or have been you in Straubing? You have been in, yeah, handiest 9 years in Landsberg. He used to be handiest in Landsberg. He used to be in Landsberg, however that is interesting what he says.He says, for instance, the kitchen in Landsberg is healthier than in Straubing, due to the fact he says, if for illustration anyone now, due to the fact that there are so many humans of Muslim faith and if any one likes lamb or such matters, then he also gets it, in view that they’ve an international delicacies. But like this, and now what are you doing? Actual estate, I feel. Now he opens up, now he does actual property and car finance you too? Automobiles, private well being coverage, constructing plot, correct? So when I need money, there he is. He’s bringing it here. Style of. This one, appear. That, so, there we’ve produced some episodes of, so my advice fairly on Polt.De just enter as soon as and benefit from the fun. We additionally don’t consistently say when the following episode is coming, however just have down, you, be careful, the next episode comes someday at quarter past seven. There you go.Now not on the thirteenth, but at a quarter prior seven. Also um da auch wieder ein bisschen Spareinzukriegen. To be able to get some fun again in there. If, then, we’re or me otherwise you or everybody, i am of course at all times looking for wonderful strategies and projects that probably just a little distinct. We’re presently planning some thing specified with two different better known personalities, then get in contact with me, can now take a photograph of this thing together with your iPhone, I do not know if it really works on Android, and then we will get in touch, as a way to speak. Now I want you a really first-class time there in Sofia, i am hoping to see you tonight with one or the opposite, with one or the other measure of beer tonight and, sure, thank God and thanks very a lot.Have the honour..