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MarketPresso OTO – 1,2,3,4- All OTOs Links and details bellow . OTO1 Pro Version , the MarketPresso OTO 2 is the TEMPLATE CLUB , OTO3 PREMIUM  , the Marketpresso OTO4 the MOBILE APP Version . All details Bellow


MarketPresso OTO

MarketPresso OTO

Front End ==>MarketPresso FE
OTO1==>Pro Version
OTO3==>Premium (Agency)

MarketPresso OTO Details

OTO1:Pro Version

Multiple Upselling ability for users
Recommended for you
Immediate Order upsell
Cashback reward method (Wallet)
Upsell feature
Ability to give coupons
Ability to give bundle deals
Ability to give 1+1, 2+1 giveaway deals
Loyalty Points
Upselling based on delivery time & number of words
Customisable Pop Ups for showing offers/etc
Ability to send special offer via chat
Unlimited Marketplaces


Template club for a ONE TIME PRICE
No Recurring
Freelancing Theme
Agency Theme
Local Business Theme
10 DFY Marketplaces
50 DFY Services Description in Internet’s Most Popular Niches
DFY Marketplaces Crafted by 7-Figure Copywriters

OTO3:Premium Version

Allow others to sell in your marketplace & take commission on every sale (just like Fiverr)
Allow others to create their own marketplace using the agency login

  • Mobile App Version of the website

What is the MarketPresso ?

The Demo



It’s like your Own Fiverr. List your services &
sell at your price with zero competition.

Front End Features

Create online marketplace for anything you want to sell online
Messaging & Texting
Creating categories
Creating sub-menu
Payment Gateway Connect to collect payment
Unlimited Hosted on our servers
Custom Domain Setup
Put your own logo & branding
Ability to add custom code (for retargeting users)
Profile page for branding
Offer categorisation
Badges on offer
Inbuilt Checkout System
Languages Translation
Order Notification & Message Notification via Email
Notification system like FB on the main interface
User login
Customise your order processing form
Order Info
Panel to show product details
Service Info
SMS Integration
Email Integration
FAQ Addition
Mobile Friendly
User Management
Customers Profile
Add To Cart
Ability to create basic/standard/premium package
Adding Blog/Content for Traffic

Front End ==>MarketPresso FE
OTO1==>Pro Version
OTO3==>Premium (Agency)

Video Review For The Front End Version Only


TEXT From this Front End Video

Hi, there, this all about negative side, and it is a demo video for market peso. Now in only some seconds from now, Im gon na create a excellent looking market right in entrance of you. Identical to this one right with your panel snapshot with the classes correct over right here with the about this description right over here with the patron

Testimonials your whole offerings that you’re gon na be offering and you already know the subscription box and together with this, when we Go inside the just right-looking garlic web page, the service page, that you’re offering correct and the checkout web page and everything the fundamental regular premium applications, your classes, subcategories everything proper over right here all the portraits on this alignment right over here and let me show you the way easy it’s to create a marketplace like this using markup. I see alright, so let’s imagine leap into it. Ok, so within your dashboard, you’re going to go over here and

Click on add new right. So what i’ll do is i will create one from the scratch right in front of you, alright, and lets give it a reputation. So, for instance, let’s imagine DG market: lets say I give it the identify digi market and it’ll exhibit you but whether or not it is to be had or now not proper.

So that is the first step, now when it is accomplished, you add an emblem in your market. Very well, you click on on upload pics after which so what i have performed is, i have already created the pics in order that I wish to respect your time proper. So I’ve already created the pix, so i’ll just choose them right over here proper and then you definitely

MarketPresso OTO

Prefer the favicon image, so were gon na leap right back correct over here, you are gon na click on the favicon picture, and just like this, you understand it by using bit dragged into the OP, we’re gon na, create your just right-watching marketplace right, so the elemental configuration is finished now. The following factor that we are going to do is we are going to add a provider all right. So now what i will do is i am gon na create a service right now once more, MarketPresso OTO simply to save your time. What I

Am going to do is i am gon na open the demo, which i’ve already created, and lets say I open this, so i’ve created a doc so just to save some time over right here, all correct, all proper. So heres the article. So the provider is ebook quilt, define so had been gon na call. It ebook duvet design proper after which MarketPresso OTO we come again over right here.

So we will be able to write this down. I’ll create a respectable e-book or guide cover they believe so. The following factor is the about this service, so that is what we’re doing. We’re giving in the carrier right and do we want the append textual content? I’ll show you, i will exhibit you later ok and then we will upload a provider photograph proper over right here. Alright, so i’m gon na go over here. IM gon na return to the demo. Okay, after which i have the photograph within over right here. So i’m gon na click on over here and i am gon na choose an image. O.K., k, so i have this snapshot and then i am gon na store the

MarketPresso OTO

Carrier. All right, i’m gon na save the provider. Now we created one 2nd, ok, let me exhibit you what to will we are growing already o.K., so we created digi market. All right, let me open that, for you, the marketplace is already created, RC magnificence, it’s simply accomplished in a 2d proper like so let it load and now we have this you recognize demo snapshot coming just through default or late, so do not worry about it and we can have the whole lot in a position proper over here, all right, so

MarketPresso OTO

Let’s go inside and lets click on the editions for this provider. O.K., so what we’re going to be doing is we are going to be supplying the basic package deal lips apples, the elemental bundle proper after which we are gon na. You know quilt the description correct. So excessive decision second and 3d cover whatever like this.

So the short description: what’s going to be the rate lets feel $ 50? O.K., so it is by default in greenbacks, all right, after which it robotically will get connected with the global fee provider that we’ve integrated. So you do not have got to worry about that. Ok, just if you are selling it to a couple other. You realize the nation and any other forex, ok. So what better delivery time? Lets think 5 days and lets feel we’re gon na do

Three rebels within that was once only for the demo after which what are you giving in this special provider? Let’s suppose you are giving industrial use? Is it okay, so all right, so you are gon na click on? Yes, then, it will come over here all proper. What is what is, let’s believe, you are additionally giving the 3d photograph all right. So its gon na come over right here all proper now, let’s add any other variant right. So some thing like this basic general and top rate alright, and what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na supply it a price, like consider hundred bucks, its over the one hundred fifty, and this is some thing if you want to be delivered in 4 days. This is something in an effort to be delivered in two days all right, and we have now come visions over right here. Lets believe we’re doing 5 revisions over here and again, MarketPresso OTO

We are going to be doing five motives over right here and both of these offerings are going to be to be had over right here and what else? What else may also be overlaid? Think we don’t wish to present again in the backbone within the normal package, so i’m gon na once more add this again in backbone. Okay, anything like this. So this is without doubt one of the deliverables inside de guide construction, however i do not want to offer in the common package deal. So i am gon na click on no correct. Let’s believe I need to present this in each of them, so i’m gon na click on yes correct now. MarketPresso OTO I wish to be certain that the premium carrier is a winner, so i am gon na add something. Lets believe three licenses to inventory snapshot, similar to this all right after which now i’ll click on on. No, i’ll click on on no and over right here. It is going to be sure right, of path, and now what else?

MarketPresso OTO

What else? So we would like some quick description over here. So the short description for the top rate bundle is that this: o.K., now, some thing you want to the pinnacle facet, let me simply exhibit you in a couple of seconds where it’s gon na be noticeable all correct and the elemental description for this average package

Is going to Be this right? K, so I feel we have blanketed the whole lot. So let me click on on the identical variant. Ok, after which we go within the media all right, so the entire images that you’re going to you recognize that you wish to have to exhibit on your market can be visible right over right here. So, lets feel I decide upon this picture correct and, lets believe I opt for this snapshot so again over here we will show more than one images.

Of course it is sensible that you add multiple snap shots, and you just flaunt your work right, so I click on over right here. I click on over here, k, MarketPresso OTO so lets me pick this photograph after which let me pick this one after which sooner or later, let me prefer this one correct, so the four graphics we’ve got chosen for this targeted you understand variation right now. Can we want to add to FAQ? We will wait so, lets suppose, ok, so now we have not whatever over here. So, lets suppose a

Only a query: k, how a lot will be the supply time? Lets believe whatever like that? Okay, and let’s believe three days I mean just for the demo motive, all right, we are able to add extra questions over here, all right, ok, so let me shut this MarketPresso OTO down and now now, lets look, let me exhibit you that we don’t have this service in a market As of now in the homepage, ok within the homepage k proper over here, however now that is the nice phase right. You could permit that you understand which provider you wish to have to be. You realize you wish to have in the homepage proper so now, when I MarketPresso OTO

Permit this, i’d see that this specific provider is now visible within the homepage. So clearly, the provider was once already created inside the marketplace, but again it is

Entirely under our manipulate, so at which targeted carrier we wish to show within the house page correct just like over right here in this precise marketplace, the demo market that now we have created. Do you see that we’ve got proven more than one, you know so we are saying right over here right and

Now I was speakme in regards to the badge correct. Do you see this badge proper over here prime silho? Now, lets consider, if you want to highlight a few of your different, you already know provider. So what you are able to do is that you can go back right over right here and it’s suppose you need to highlight this one for in these days. So, lets suppose what you are able to do is that you would be able to write down high vendor, scorching sale or whatever like this they usually on the discount, whatever you wish to have so as to add. You are able to do that proper

MarketPresso OTO

Over here and if i go forward and refresh this so correct in front of your eyes this well, we will be able to have the highest seller badge right over right here correct, that you can manage the you already know, heritage color and the whole thing. So don’t worry about that now, let’s care for one of the most no customizations.

So let me go to the paid settings right over right here now we are able to add the categories: do you see these categories? Graphic design, writing and translation, digital advertising, all these categories and subcategories? So this is something that may be constituted of here correct. So, let’s feel my class is e-book creation considering that we chosen a carrier like that proper. Do we want a service? K, so the outline?

Ok, so i’ll create the book for you right. So perhaps i will create reliable ebooks for you correct and now what will we need to upload within the class image? So i would advise that the the file photograph that we selected for the carrier. ItS not chosen for the category and we are able to pick a different snapshot

If you need or other ways for you understand, saving the time. I am deciding upon this precise photo proper now. I have this category proper over here, however once more it won’t be seen available to buy. Except i would opt for you understand, i’d allow this option all proper. So this is the way you do that now.

What you can do is you could go to the customize page settings very well and over here you could change into the whole appear of your marketplace right identical to this, so you’ve gotten the entire drag-and-drop choices right over right here. So, for example, that is my history photo via default as of now, but i will be able to effectively click on over right here and i will be able to add a background picture once more. I’ve created a history

Snapshot already once more to appreciate your time right and so, lets feel, i will upload this exact image correct. So there demo photograph correct and we click on on keep k, and you may see that the snapshot that we uploaded is you understand proper over right here right, but what which you could additionally do is you could upload another picture all right, that you could upload

Another image. Lets suppose you additionally want to allow other, you understand the heritage photo, the profile snapshot and lets prefer this as well. K, and let me click on keep and now inside of my marketplace. We will be able to have this distinctive snapshot as a banner snapshot proper. So now we’ve this after which we’ve the legitimate offerings like proper, like we did simply now. So that is the class proper. This is the category

Now that is the default text. Which you can alternate this, so what you must be doing is come over right here and reputable category. No, this isn’t looking good set I yeah sufficiently category now and let me click on on shop all right. K, the reputable category proper over right here proper. Now we have the

About D marketplace proper over right here we’ve got the SUBSCRIBE section and we have now everything now. The great factor is which you can alternate and drag and drop. You already know the whole thing right over right here, for illustration, for instance. Lets suppose you do not want the SUBSCRIBE choice on your, you recognize marketplace that you could with no trouble disable it now. For illustration, you need a purchaser testimonial part to be below the services part.

Okay, so what you are able to do is that you would be able to click on over here and now the offerings part you know it comes up and the customer testimonial section at goes down late. I imply the whole lot is dragged into up, easy correct and, similar to I recounted that you could change the entire. Colours of the marketplace,

And you understand mess around with the color is rather like this now. This one is looking neat right, so this color would now be applicable within your all over the place, actually everywhere. Okay, so let me just exhibit you proper over right here, so we’ve got this marketplace and k, so now we have these offerings enabled correct away right here. So in the featured part, what Im gon na do is Im gon na permit the classes or the services identification

I’m gon na enable the offerings part, and when I come back, i have my service. I’ve this top seller badge. I’ve this class proper. I have this history photograph. I have this category correct over right here inside the menu. My weblog part is here my you know USD , forex section is here: folks can sign into my market or gesture inside of my marketplace. My company details the over right here now. For instance, I want to alternate this okay, the

About part. I want to add my own photograph correct over here, the image of your enterprise, your company or some thing I come to a decision. So let us have the about s. Branding right. I need to exhibit you the whole lot so that you understand you haven’t any confusion now you could. You realize, exchange this article in keeping with your enterprise correct.

So let me now not dive into that and i’m gon na click on on retailer and as soon as again, i’m gon na the actual-time exchange right. So the whole thing is something which is taking place in actual time correct yeah. Do you see this? We have the snapshot correct over here and yes, we created this service. So let me click over right here and do you see this? We’ve this. You already know the entire photographs that we chosen right over right here. We have the basic usual and the

Top rate bundle and then we now have the concerning the carrier. We’ve got this compare package deal, we created TFA, i’m right and then the patrons can go ahead and try to order the provider correct. They will go ahead and they’ll see. Okay, so common package fiber is a livery. ItS a Levison and ebook duvet design. Now, okay, we haven’t any reports but so, let’s additionally create a overview. Incidentally that you would be able to. The customer is to your market. Now can order the

Provider to the customer. You’re. Not sorry, can order the service. As you know, within the cart. They are able to add it to the cart. Oh, they may be able to straightaway order it correct from right here correct. So we will have the cart web page.

We can have the straightaway order now page write. The payment choices would be proper over right here and what else? What else? Let me show you the reviews correct. So, lets go back and lets add some reports, so the reports may be the testimonials that we will be adding proper. So, lets click on add new

Assessment now this can also be executed in two ways correct. So, lets think a purchaser Sarah is adding the reports correct and let’s assume she says I adore it and he or she loved the ebook quilt design service after which i can add the duvet. You realize patron picture now, the experiences will also be added in two approaches.

So your customers can have the option of including the stories by means of themself, otherwise you also have the choice of adding the reviews manually inside your market. Now, each the views.

Ok, the the stories that your customers could be adding and the views that you would be adding all of them will go within the pending tag proper over right here after which it is fully as much as you that means. You want to approve it or now not. Now this evaluation has been approved so now. That is anything with a purpose to be obvious inside of this provider. Ok, that is anything in order to be visible throughout the provider. Do you see this, however yet that is some thing which isn’t yet visible

Within the foremost homepage. Now, for that, what I must do is as soon as again again: it’s completely below your manipulate that, with whether you wish to have a designated testimonial to be noticeable within the homepage

Or not in order of now it was not there, but once once more now i’ll refresh So now you’re going to see that the testimonial can also be over right here right. Do you see this and of course you could, you understand mess around

And you already know that you may carry this up carry this down. You can do the whole thing so, similar to the audio add the testimonials you’re the offerings. You’re the above description. You are to seem, you recognize the classes, your categories proper over right here and if you’re going to come to this pattern

Marketplace website online, so we’ve created this category. Now we have created de. We’ve got not created a subcategory, but again we can add one other category and just like that, it’ll come down proper. We can pick and then we now have selected these classes proper. We created these classes.

We created t about a section. We created this consumer testimonial web page.

So I simply added one testimonial in entrance of you: that you would be able to add multiple testimonials and you realize they’d be visible correct over. Right here we created one carrier whilst in entrance of you you will add extra offerings and then that you would be able to prefer, which detailed provider will have to be obvious proper over here. Then we have now the web publication

Alternative proper just in case you want to have a look at that, so now we have the web publication option within your marketplace by the way with automatic Google indexing, so this web publication routinely will get indexed in Google as soon as you publish it. Ok, so for which exact marketplace do you need to post the blog? You opt for the blog, you understand you decide on the marketplace and then you decide upon the title. You decide upon the author identify, you decide on the weblog content, upload the picture and just like that. Your web publication would be created inside your market web page. So this is how yeah I mean it

Would have taken us like 15 minutes but again, 15 minutes full fledge jogging trade. Identical to this with the best, you realize your market location of your possess with all of your services correct over right here, it can be a significant time-saver. While, the perceived value, the perceived worth of your enterprise,

Your these offerings and also you you are positioning because the go-to service. Man on this specified industry in your unique area, it goes up correct. So it is a totally void if you understand you’re in a wholly void set of FY that you’ll be putting for 15 minutes 20 minutes id and similar to that, you are excellent, looking marketplace could be capable proper. I might say that: go ahead, add your offerings! You know classes and all that,

And just like this, your marketplace would be created in telling the whole lot we are going to educate you throughout the individuals area methods to maximize the competencies of your marketplace. We’re going to instruct you throughout the market, so the inside the contributors field learn how to put the right variety of photographs and what will have to be the psychology in the back of these? What should be the, you know, advertising, you

Know, how will have to you be doing the marketing for your marketplace,

So the whole thing we’re going to coach you throughout the members subject right so and as soon as once more, this is me so the hen nagar, the probably the most cofounders Of marketplace so and i’m utterly pumped up to host you inside the members discipline, i’m serving you well over there later so see you there, bye-bye

Front End ==>MarketPresso FE
OTO1==>Pro Version
OTO3==>Premium (Agency)


MarketPresso OTO