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MediaCloudPro 2.0 OTO

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MediaCloudPro 2.0 OTO  –  What is MediaCloudPro 2.0 ?

The Demo


the MediaCloudPro 2.0 is an advanced and highly innovative media editing platform that consists of massive searchable stock assets library of images, graphics, icons, audios and HD videos etc. . with two live image editors to edit & customize images and graphics or gif files along with an easy-to-use meme creator to edit videos – both are distributed throughout the sales funnel.

And it not just editors..

Get 9 Million+ Searchable Assets (Images, Graphics, Memes, Stickers, Icons)
Get 5 Million+ Searchable Stock Videos
Get 50K+ Searchable Stock Audios
GEt 260K+ Hi-Def Stock Images
3000+ Editable Logo Templates now
15k+ Downloadable HD videos
750+ fourK videos
500+ Motion Background Videos
15000+ Vector Graphics

8000+ Animated Gifs
520+ Graphic Illustrations
350+ E-book covers
3500+ Stock Audios
1300+ Sound Effects
475+ Avatars (Gifs & Images)
1400+ Quote Images
250+ Quote Videos
And so much more…



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO great i’m mosting likely to do an extremely quick walkthrough of the media cloud professional application this is the dashboard when you visit it is a web-based

application so you can use it despite what sort of computer you have uh if you click

on discover media over here on the menu and afterwards click on photos you will raise a key phrase search function where you can search over 7 million photo

possessions and so let’s simply claim we intend to look for man all right because something that a lot of individuals like to utilize is stock images of individuals particularly

therefore definitely you’re mosting likely to find lots of individuals supply images in this substantial library of over 7 million assets currently let’s expect we desire a man

using a computer because that’s something that Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO I would certainly tend to utilize in a sales video or a PowerPoint discussion or something like that so certainly you

can see lots of extremely appropriate results being returned and of course, we can remain to fill even more photos and there are most likely hundreds of perhaps even

thousands of outcomes and also we can continue to narrow it down from there so that’s the photo search after that you have the gifs slash sticker labels look and so

let’s state we want to look we’ll simply again we’ll look for guy alright so uh here we can see some presents a lot of funny things these are things that you

can use for uh social media sites for going Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO viral uh allow’s type in words amusing and also see what it generates there all kinds of amusing gifts and i’m sure we

can maintain scrolling down as well as filling more and more as well as a lot more uh after that you can likewise uh search for stickers let’s look for funny stickers see what

it comes up with all sort of funny sticker labels and afterwards the following one is a professional function that’s video clips as well as memes once again let’s look for woman this time

female video clips as well as we can see all sort of Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO uh lady video clips as well as we can additionally search for memes all kinds of memes that we can make use of and also all of these so we can instantly download them we can include them to our collection within

this media cloud so you can essentially develop your very own collection of possessions that you can refer to in the future and then you can also immediately modify

the photos which i’ll show you in a moment uh you can also look for icons let’s simply search for let’s state let’s state tree icons uh fine so generally

these are like you understand png layout sort of Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO images uh next we have something called campaigns this is where you can really create uh videos modified

video clips and after that we have uh let’s see your very own in-house collection sorry I’m missing one we have actually got audios and also right here you can really download

this is a professional attribute too you can download and install uh 12 collections of stock audios and after that you’ve obtained audio effects and right here you have actually Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO obtained it arranged by

category so let’s say we want some electronics related sound effects I’ll click on that category and below you can see all kinds of things varying from

a phone sounding to electronic camera shutter we’ve obtained 56 sound Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO effects just in that group that’s a professional function as well after that we have the library which is basically where you can conserve any one of the assets to your individual library as well as

after that we have uh image properties that you can download also so these are basically like fire sale plans consisted of within the media cloud pro so

you recognize each of these might conveniently be Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO a launch within itself these are in fact most of them were stand-alone product launches for stock picture

packages and also you get to download all of these substantial plans in addition to these packages of over 8 000 presents and afterwards the video clip possessions is a pro

the function you’ve got HD video clips you have actually got Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO hundreds of HD videos that you can download and install and afterwards you have 4k videos as well I believe there goes to least

750 actual 4k stock videos for you to download and install Media Cloud Pro 2.0 OTO quickly and after that you get the logo collection once more you’ve obtained some samples below and then you’ve got

the plans that you can instantly download you have actually obtained the viral quotes which is a pro function again some previews and then all sort of quote packages

for you to quickly download and after that you’ve got the avatars again these were launches by themselves maybe simply this as well as yet this is simply one little

component of media cloud pro and then you have vectors these are basically uh png images you have I imply thousands of 10s of thousands of images that

you can download you have actually got 3d covers along with 2d covers and then we have other possessions which include quite a great deal consisting of PowerPoint covers cd styles facebook timeline covers channel picture layouts associate

banner styles money back secure layouts call to activity button styles history images this is primarily like a massive graphics fire sale

plan again consisted of below within media cloud pro and then the bonus is well don’t take too lightly the bonus offers since each of these once more has essentially been a standalone launch I was really surprised when I saw

what we’re including right here we’ve obtained this the animal stock photos bundled the gorgeous outdoors humans, uh several of you may remember this

was a top seller right humans stock images pack um just on its own and also yet you’re obtaining this in here equally as component of this incentive collection every one of these are benefits that can be quickly downloaded and install and there are video

packages graphics bundles all type of graphics as well as picture packages that you can download and install right here and then, certainly, the support link currently the last point

i was mosting likely to reveal you was how to promptly edit a photo return to photos and also we’ll look for the guy again and also if I click among these images you

can see if I just hover over it gives me the choice to either edit it with pixel editor or modify it with photo p alright therefore these are on the internet editing and enhancing programs that they’re no additional cost and you can edit these pictures

straight out of media cloud pro so if I as an example click on edit with pixel editor it’s going to open that image in pixel editor so I don’t need to go via

the process of downloading it and also submitting it as well as all those things is simply going to transfer directly into pixel editor where I can then begin to modify

it and also you can see below it claims modify image all right from below you can apply filters all sort of different filters you’ve got sticker labels you have actually obtained message you’ve got

blur framework form draw crop change all examples and after that you can promptly wait so it’s as easy as that without needing to go via the extra

actions of you recognize downloading posting as well as all those things you can merely modify it directly out of media cloud pro and then wait precisely just how you want

it and after that the very same thing with picture p we click the edit with photo p is in fact going to open up that photo in photo p all right and for those of you that might not know with an image pit is basically a clone of

photoshop fine it has generally the exact same attributes and device layout as photoshop has the exact same capability it has the capability to create layers therefore you can

edit it right below utilizing every one of these the requirement devices that you would certainly find in photoshop and after that save it straight so simply another of the many effective features that you’ll locate in media cloud pro you

Media Cloud Pro2.0 OTO

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