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MergeHost OTO Links + Huge Bonuses

MergeHost OTO

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Merge Host OTO  –  What is MergeHost?

MergeHost allows you to host unlimited hosting website Hosting, Unlimited Video hosting and unlimited drive storage for lifetime without any restriction at all. This will help your customer to save thousands of dollars every year.


100% Cloud based app allows you to host unlimited website, videos and store files.
Host unlimited websites, videos and store files without any restriction for a low one-time fee.
Blazing fast web hosting and light fast video hosting is optimized for high speed.
Create Unlimited Domains and Unlimited Sub-Domains.
Free SSL Certificate and Highly Secured hosting.
100% Uptime
Easy to use Control Panel.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Automated Daily Backup
100% Cloud-based and SSD Server helps you get faster loading speed.
Newbie-friendly and easy-to-use software.
And Many more.

The Demo


Product Overview



OTO #1:  Unlimited ($37- $47)

Unlock Unlimited Website Creation, unlimited file storage, and Grow Your Business INSTANTLY up to 5 Times The Profits In 300% Easier Way & Twice as Fast


Who Is The “Unlimited” Upgrade For?

For People Who Want

  • Unlimited App Creation
  • Unlimited Notification scheduling
  • Commercial License
  • More features from the software
  • A huge increase in your Profit
  • A more consistent income
  • More Secured server with sophisticated website data protection.


 OTO #2: MergeHost Agency Rights ($37- $47)

Here’s How You Can Sell The MergeHost For A Higher Profit & Without Doing Any Hard Work

Sell Agency license On Autopilot With The Done For You Marketing Materials

Here’s What You Are Getting With An Agency License?

  • Create Sub User Account Yourself & Give Access to Your Buyers: You will get access to create the account yourself for the customer. We will provide the control panel with all the essential setup. Now you have control over creating and deleting accounts yourself for your customer…Now take over MergeHost for yourself for a low one-time fee today.
  • Sell MergeHost Accounts and Keep 100% Profit: Now sell MergeHost to your customers and clients using our DFY marketing materials. You can create a Basic or Pro account for your customer using the control panel yourself.
  • Freedom to sell at any Charges: Now you can charge monthly recurring and yearly payments to your customer… You can even charge $1000s of dollars for one Pro account. You can charge them fees through PayPal, wire transfer, and bitcoin anything you want.
  • Done For you Sales Materials: We are providing all the Done for you Sales materials like Video Sales letters, High converting sales copy, Premium built sales pages, and many more to help you make more profit. All you need is to sit back and relax and start making easy Income on autopilot with our Done for you sales materials.
  • Expert Guidance to Sell Product: Our Sales team expert will guide you to get the best results by selling MergeHost software. We are here to help your agency business grow.
  • We Provide Technical Support to your customer for Lifetime: We provide all the support to your clients. You don’t need to worry about the technical support of your clients… we take care of everything and you can start making some serious moolah.


MergeHost OTO #3:  MergeHost DFY Setup ($147- $297)

Add DONE-FOR-YOU Traffic & Sales To Your Order Only 25 Spots! 100% Setup For You – Shortcut To Profits – No Monthly Fees!

  • We’ll Give you DFY Contents that are drives unlimited traffic…
  • We’ll Do The Setup For You…
  • We’ll Give Website Profit Maximizer Training
  • We’ll Select Products For You…
  • We’ll Drive Traffic For You…
  • We’ll Drive Sales For You…
  • Finally Leave Your Day Job…
  • Quit Living A Mediocre Lifestyle…
  • No Tech Skills, No Products, No Problems..
  • Breakthrough To Financial Freedom…


MergeHost OTO #4:  MergeHost Fortune 500 Profit ($27- $32)

Steal Our 500+ of Our Money Making App For Just 0.09 Cents Each Take Our Million Dollar Apps For Yourself

  • Grab our 500+ our Best selling products for just $0.09 Cents each
  •  40 of our best products will teach you about list building, and generating traffic.
  • 160 Products will show you how to make 6 figure income/year.
  • This 500 Bundle offer will not be available anymore after this
  • So, use this opportunity to grab this most valuable offer.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


OTO #5:  MergeHost Enterprises Edition ($47- $67)

Get 10 Of Our Best Money-Making Products For $0.10 Cents Each!

Plus Faster Servers, 1 on 1 VIP, Priority Support, Premium Training & More…

Introducing The Copy-Paste DFY System

Here’s The Summary of The Enterprises:

  • Unlimited campaigns & generate unlimited leads without any restriction
  • Step-By-Step Training Course
  • Graphics Bundle
  • Done For You Email List
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Make Money Like The Gurus
  • Acquire High-Income Clients


OTO #6:  MergeHost Reseller Rights ($97- $197)

Easy 6 figures Income By Selling MergeHost & Keep 100% Profit With You! YES! There is no typing mistake! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and get paid! We Will Do All The Hard Work For You!

Why You Must Upgrade to Reseller License?

  • Get 100% Profit from the product.
  • Create an account for your customer.
  • Legally Steal the MergeHost app for yourself.
  • Take all our high converting sales materials worth $22,700.
  • Make easy 6 figures with this reseller business.
  • We will handle all the customer support work for you.
  • Get 3 Fast action Bonuses along with the Reseller package.


MergeHost OTO Bonuses




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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

OTO to MergeHost 2.0 Hi there, this is David, and today I’d want to tell you about a new software application that I’ve just discovered. As a matter of fact, it’s going to help your company, and I’m going to give you an in-depth demo of that software program right now. I want to make sure you know about the unique perks available before you check it out. With me, there’s a link below this video, and if you click on it, I’ll reveal all of the extra perks that you’ll be eligible for. Let’s go straight into the demo if you receive this amazing new device from me.

Let me extend a warm welcome to you here at the demonstration company. scale. Agency Range is a management and development approach for agencies. The OTO for MergeHost 2.0 is This is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based software program that enables you to establish a scalable business around any and all tools and services that you have purchased in the past. There are now three primary gadgets in this system: the client finder can gather hundreds of leads in any specialty or area.


As a result, you won’t be wondering where to get new customers. Everything you need to run your business may be found in our company CRM. Your leads, your customers, your billings, your clients, your solution plans, proposals, bids, and nearly every business procedure that a firm needs requires our devoted blueprint. The Module contains more than 30 of the most successful, highest converting goods of the past year. You’ll obtain every little thing you need to expand swiftly using the best items in the industry, so you can simply link as well as play them straight into our agency CRM.




Today, in this portion, we’re going to look at the blueprints and also how vital these blueprints are to your success, which is why we had to put them in. You have even more than 30 of these ideas for all the top goods that have arrived in 2015. Each of the plans will include this sort of information. Let me go over it very fast for you, so below’s one thing that’s included, online content, hamburger right. We arrive here on the left side. We can see what’s included. There’s a product summary. There’s a pricing list. There’s a rate guide for online content, burger, there’s a fiverr supremacy area, and subsequently a config person for firm scale.




As you arrive to the better side, we click with you. We shall take a look here at the item introduction beneath the item summary. We know what it is, therefore you’re not certain in this circumstance. You aim to go grab it. You can do that.




The company places your target audience on how to cooperate with neighbourhood services. So we click on the product review, which leads us to a website with an assessment. A short clip evaluating web content hamburger in corporate range, what it is and how to execute it. The positioning for your firm demands you to assist identify your regional target or target audience: regional companies, brand names, product owners, and also publications, all of whom supply you with particular things to accomplish with each of them. That’s the item introduction.




MergeHost 2.0 OTO improvements


Currently, right here’s here’s where it truly begins to increase to glow right here on the consumer getting checklist. Yes, this helps you gain your client’s list. We’re gon na be making use of three various approaches for online content; burger customer, acquiring approach, main is uh, and the tools and also setup essential for that, and so forth for second and three, so I’m gon na. Really, I adore this. It’s time to in reality earn some cash. The three various techniques are: the content, burger 5k as well as 30 day list, the challenge right, our neighbourhood outreach for services and also our own places, as well as cool e-mails.




Initially, one supplies you step-by-step. Below are the tools. You need no specific gadgets. Optional gadgets you might require to set up with the social media sites’ corporation, website, and brand social media web pages. Below’s the process step. One survey your list and offer information on how to do so. Here’s an e-mail layout to do it correctly. Here are some pro tips. Tip 2: Put together those steps.




You got this email from MergeHost 2.0 OTO, correct?




You see, this is precisely how comprehensive this is. Also, to the point of advising you how long to await the replies, construct an exquisite solution based upon those responses as also as reply to them with number four follow-up correct, that’s customer getting approach leading to this. One piece of content, a hamburger. Here’s second right as well, since this is local outreach for groups in a local region.




Right, you can receive the exact goods. To utilize the step, you’ll need some form of prop. One may run a search to observe how it performs. Right here’s precisely how it leads you through right here’s number: 3. Use our customer finder to send cold e-mails to folks. In the other locations, in this video clip, you observed how the customer finder jobs as well as below are some cold emails that you can use. We’re not also halfway through this listing.




On the left side, people, assess the person for content burger. How can you value this if you’re putting up an agency? It offers you various instructions on just how to put it up. True, the bulk of enterprises will spend between 500 and 7000 or more on social media and similar things. However, for you, as a new person, you wish to go with a smaller price than you think about. Is the software you intend to utilize to service these consumers so you can think of your rates? It provides you issues to contemplate, as you establish up your organization, the aspects that you’ll need to form your prices and, after that, some sample rates packages to get you started on what some individuals can accomplish today. If you do not desire to form a full-fledged business immediately,




You may go directly to Fiverr and apply this and also end up becoming a consultant on Fiverr, developing freelancing solutions. We provide you employment immediately away. Right here’s a job created for you. I will be your social networking manager. The Creator gives you with the genuine point to make use of in the title. For your fiverr account, explore several permutations on the professional concept. We will give you all these parts.




Why should I justify why here are your basic pricing, criteria, premium, rates, and job number two?




I will record your articles and submit them to Spotify or another podcast site.




Here’s another job. We guide you through jobs; 3 gigs, 4 gigs, 5, you pleasure in gigs, six jobs, 7 gigs, eight nine! All of these items through job 9 are included.




Currently, Remember that this is just one product: there are more than 30 products that offer this sort of information for you to utilize, and there is a configuration overview for agency scale itself.




Here’s just how you get into a business scale and also put it up so that you are setup to make use of material burgers within your company scale. We provide you all the material outside of the agency scale. We offer all of the equipment within the agency size.




MergeHost 2.0 OTO upsell


This is merely for one of the more than 30 goods you’ll join the plans with theMergeHost 2.0 OTO front end copy of agency scale. Our firm crm tool starts you off below at the control panel, where you may take care of tasks, clients, support tickets, and also money. Each has their own own dashboard. So we have a look at the leads that we have really gathered. We have the option to monitor our leads here, follow-up schedule, stuff like that. Take a peek at our total amount of leads. Overall, leads that we have turned immediately into clients, as well as our pending follow-up. We have a kanban form.




We can add new leads and also we can make a lead type that we can then place on a website, and we can completely modify it so that it creates the stuff for us. We merely have to insert the iframe code on our websites beneath the clients. Once we’ve converted them from lead to client, we move them to this part below, and so we can track down all our customers and also what they’re doing as well as what they’re involved with. We look at including a customer. We provide all their complete details, so we can monitor them swiftly and we can set up follow-ups. Job helps us to manage our contracts, projects, tasks, calendars, and time records. As we look at the contracts that we have really established, contracts that are going to run out, and agreements that have concluded, it helps us to manage and keep track of everything.




MergeHost 2.0 OTO Demo


That’s coming as well as going contract reasonable. We can monitor our tasks to see what jobs have occurred. The OTO for MergeHost 2.0 is What has not yet begun? What is past due? So we can monitor all those projects in progress as well as those that have already been finished, so we can nail down which ones still need to be done.




We may preserve them and generate templates for projects if it’s something we use over and over again in our employment. Multiple tasks form a job, as we indicate the jobs below. We may appoint them per the job that they belong to. We may generate task tags as well as develop additional requests. We can construct groups that we can, after that, allocate to various occupations, so they may be employed on different tasks again and over. Once again, when we repeat the work, our finance area includes quotations, invoicing, our billings, our settlements, our expenditures, and also our recurrent expenditures, all monitored inside our finance area.




And also, clearly, if we go to our money control panel, we may acquire a rapid overview of each of the sections. It has its own own dashboard task dashboard. We have a client control panel, we have a human resources dashboard, we have an assistance ticket control panel, and also, obviously, our financial control panel. We can monitor our tickets for help with tickets that have really been opened up. We can examine our fad chart, see how things are progressing with ticket arrangements.

MergeHost OTO