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The Monster Mode 2.0, product Rise Of The Cash Breeders Is The All New App Inspired By their Original Behemoth That Generated Well Over $200k In 2020.

A viral “cash breeding” $900-daily MONSTER has just been unleashed online and it’s coming for YOU. Do you remember the guy I was telling you — the dude making millions online with ingenious viral income apps after his life was turned upside down by a “surprise divorce”? Well *this* is he and his team’s latest viral income weapon – and it’s flat out brilliant.



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Video review for Front End only

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MONSTERMODE 2.0 OTO, aj Simon here, and welcome to my review of monster mode 2.0 rise of the cash breeders. Now I don’t usually promote many warrior plus products; as you know, mark Hayden, and I create stuff around builderall and create our systems on warrior plus. But the fact is, brian winters always release these excellent viral funnels that convert exceptionally well. So I would feel like I would do you a disservice if I didn’t talk about this because we’ve made perfect money with his stuff, and his stuff converts.


The reason is that it’s built around multiple income streams and has a viral component that will pay you in various tiers from other people’s work. So it’s almost like you’re a product owner or a product vendor, like you, have your little army of affiliates that are going out there and generating leads for you because it’s multi-tier, so what’s so cool about that is when you start getting it all set up And you start promoting your link you’re going to be making money


from like all different areas online like whether it be people’s youtube channels or Facebook groups, email lists, tick, tock or wherever they’re, promoting their link. If they’re not active at a certain level, you’re going to get that commission because they’re in your network, so I’ll give you a brief example. If you scroll down right and right now, you can see it says that I’m inactive for all of these different offers. So we got Mulu meme, stacker, shuffler stuff, my inbox, and 60-second traffic.


Now, these are all cache plugins that you can activate at any time and then put them into your system and then when they’re in your system, you can then copy your affiliate link, and then this is the link that you would use with whatever traffic source that You’Re going to use, which I would say, do the done for your google ads that mark Hayden and I do because they work very well they’re very high quality. They’re perfect for something like this because all of our keywords and our campaigns are about people starting A business online or done for you systems and things like that, so it’s something that you’d want to do so. For example, we have the mulu Mula meme, right. You have to activate this. You have to purchase it to earn commissions on this. Still, the thing is there are several income streams built into each something that you are buying to upgrade to right, so, like mold memes got several otos and several upsells that you’re going to earn money on From that client that comes in from that lead, that comes in so even if you only had one of these activated you’d still earn commissions on multiple levels, and then, if you have all of these started, you’re looking at like thousands of dollars, income potential because Of the fact they all have their little mid ticket high ticket stuff built into the funnel. So really, all you’d have to do is when you’re inside here.


If this says inactive, then you click it, and then it’s going to ask you to tier-one activation right and all you do. If you get it, so you click here. The button and you’d purchase this. It’S gon na pop up a window, and then from inside the window, you can make the purchase right, and then, as soon as you purchase, you close the window. Then you say click here when done, and then it’s going to take you here and then, When you refresh, or you log out and log back in, it will then say active, and then what you do is get your affiliate link clicking to activate now. So that’s how that works, and basically, every single thing that you buy in here is going to be another income stream that you can earn on the funnel.


So before I get more into that, I just wanted to talk about the otos on this offer because they’re crazy, and I think it’s something worth checking out. So we’ll talk about the monster mode, six-figure monster merger, which is 397, unlocks 100 commission on the entire thing. So basically, it’s like you’re a vendor right, you’re getting 100 of the money. So that way, you can start scaling with paid ads, and what’s so cool about that is it’s just it’s scalable. I mean that’s, what’s so cool about it right and then we have oto2, which is the autopilot traffic pool. What’S unique about this – and I haven’t seen this done very often – is that every fifth visitor in this traffic pool is going to be evenly distributed to everybody inside the collection, so you’re, basically paying to have like passive, leads, and inactive clicks sent to your affiliate link for the program and that’s going to result in excellent conversions because that pool is targeted towards that offer.


So you’re going to get outstanding results with that. So ot03, basically push button leads. They give you ten landing pages, and they also allow you to download all of the leaders in the system to import them into any autoresponder. You want, which is pretty neat because then you can start down. You can download that, and you can begin to promote other offers from different word plus recommendations, which I would keep promoting this system because it’s going to allow you to start scaling out even faster so that you can start making more money and then just it’s just really.


Cool, okay, so I’m not going to get too much intoMONSTERMODE 2.0 OTO that. One of the things I like about the ot number four is that it’s an auto webinar; it’s a high ticket. So as soon as someone gets inside their free area and they’re, like setting the whole system up, they’re going to be offered training where they will learn um about a high ticket course that they can purchase, and then you’re going to earn 300 to 400 per Sale on this – and you know if you ever wondered how these guys scale with paid ads. This is why they

have a high ticket back in. Do they have a webinar, and they have something that’s going to get their epcs, which is their earnings per click. Even higher so that they can reinvest back into paid ads and then do whatever the heck they want to do because that’s the whole purpose of having a business online, and then, of course, we got oto number five, which is the 5x commission booster.


This unlocks five tiers and thousands of dollars more in income because now you have five stories. So let’s say you start bringing in leads, and then MONSTERMODE 2.0 OTO you have a network of people bringing in other charges. Now, if they’re not active at those different levels, then you’re going to earn commissions on those other products, and they’re. Not so the commissions will get

passed up to you from other people’s efforts, which comes into basically being like having you know your affiliate army, it’s something cool, and I think you should pick that up. Still, the ones I recommend the Most are going to be oto 1, which is unlocking the 100 commissions and then the oto four and then eot05 now, that’s because I can already do my traffic. If you can’t do your traffic, I’ll get one, two-four, and five, um, because I don’t think you need um.


You don’t need number three. You knowMONSTERMODE 2.0 OTO like because you’re going to make money from the list itself from them promoting other offers like it’s going to be happening for you. So if you want it, you can pick up all of the otos. If I had only to choose two, I would get unlock 100 commissions, and then I would get the oto4, which is the auto webinar, um. But I honestly i’d at least choose three.