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The Demo

The MyVirtualTours is an interactive 360º Virtual Tour Builder That helps you to Quickly Create High-Value “Interactive Virtual Experiences” For your clients.

With COVID-19, prospects are not comfortable to check out any space/business in person anymore.

With our software any Spa, Gym, Hotel, Restaurant, Vacation Rental, Doctor can showcase their space with a full 360 experience & Virtual Tour including call to actions, customization, videos, social sharing & more.

MyVirtualTours customers will be able to make great money helping businesses to create Virtual Tours & Experiences!

BEST PART: It also comes with LIVE VIDEO CHAT included, allowing agencies to offer a truly engaging experience in addition to background music, floor plans and many more cutting edge features.

Plus: Team Members Feature, FULL Lead-Generation Built-In (any autoresponder), Background Music, Add Videos/Images/Social Media/Maps etc. to your Virtual Tours, Export Virtual Tours for your Clients & host them anywhere, 1 Click To Live Feature, Social Sharing Built-In & so much more.



Funnel & Each Upgrade Details

FE MyVirtualTours Commercial License –

– Create Stunning 360 Live Virtual Tours Of Any Location
– (House, Office, Practice, Apartment, Gym etc.)
– LIVE VIDEO CHAT Included – Chat Live With Your Prospect
– Background Music Feature
– Perfect COVID-19 Solution For Local Businesses
– Upload Floor Plans
– Collect Leads Directly From Within Your Tour.
– Many, many integrations & analytics
– Customizable HotSpots, HTML, Files, Maps, Videos & More
– Virtual Tours Sell For Up To $10,000 Per Tour!
– Fantastic for Agencies, Local Marketers & Video/Online Marketers


OTO 1: MyVirtualTours PRO Version – 

– Additional & Advanced Features
– UNLIMITED Projects & Renders + Resell Rights

OTO 2: MyVirtualTours Interactive Video Software + ResellRights – 

– Interactive Video Builder. Create Countdown Timers, Polls, Lead-Gen, HTML or ANYTHING you like inside your videos + then add them to your Virtual Tours.

OTO 3: MyVirtualTours Marketing Kit – 

– Done For You Marketing Kit To Promote/Sell Virtual Tours Quickly

OTO 4: MyVirtualTours White Label – 

– Full White Label Rights + White Label Panels
– Upload Your Logo, Your Brand, Your Custom Domain etc.
– Keep All Profits

OTO 5: Agency Software Bundle –

– Bundle Of Battle-Tested Agency Software Apps (FX Funnels & Videoz Agency)
– Create incredible Funnels for your clients + Landing Pages
– Create & Customize Local Marketing Videos (any niche you like) for your clients









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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey guys this is uh MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO jaguar here and welcome to my virtual tours review and a demo video

i already have a mice virtual tour review access from the product creator this is um my brows and today i would like to post this video as a way to show you MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

exactly what is um my virtual tour and um how does it work exactly so uh at first i upload some example image and this is a kayaba 360 degree virtual

reality image and now MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTOs i will upload into the mic virtual store editor i have a review post about mike’s virtual tour right here and i strongly recommend you to take your time reading my post to understand exactly what is uh my MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

first road tour and uh how does look so currently we are in um inside the editor and it is uploading a 360 degree image and i have a bonus page right here so MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

if you purchase the product through my claim so you get a uh direct access to my premium bonuses and because the product is also on jvzoo so after

dubai you will get a direct dot link MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO okay um so it’s helpful upload image and you can see that this is a true 360 degree image 5 a high quality file you can see and so to record an image you need to have your mobile phones

to record but in case you run an anc some business so you will require the audience your client to have an image to a button choose your file so now

i have already uploaded image and what you have to you can do from here is to use the less so you can use a responder so you can see this is an example MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTOs

so um so um subscribe to get the this tensor send off excel discount for new customer and i click on say and you can uh just you can so and you will you can MY VIRTUAL TOURS Upsell

capture it you get from this image file and you can see that we have a floor right here so we can use a floor friend and develop a floor fan you you can upload an image file so currently as i don’t have a good

image so i just uploaded a random file so MY VIRTUAL TOURS Upgrade

um i can i just upload an example file okay just a way to show you about the flow of flow of plane so basically you should have a map or a architect file and you can drag and drop into this

image editor you can upload as many as you want so it’s up to you and you MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

can enable the floor flat you can see so you can um you can see and at here you can provide the project you can your last thumbnail your custom thumbnail

or you can play a cell when clicking on a hotspot you can allow the automatic rotation and high share button you go and disable this and you can start MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

a minimum and you can click on say and you can add sounding to your image to your graphic file you have a free dance image freedom file or you

can um [Music] and you can upload a mp3 file right here so i just upload an example file so basically it is about like you are adding an ambience into your file MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO so this is a way to improve your engagement because when people click

on the image for the files so they can hear the voice over on your site and i can click close you so you have i have chosen from media and you can click on choose right here so this is like adding an ambient and you can provide all i

think so this in case you want to run advertisement okay you can choose an in fine you can enable a live chat by clicking on starlight chat right here so right here

you can build your own slideshow and it’s like a subscriber you can see very simple MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO


some people can visit their tour and they can hear this voice fight you can enable the share option and people can visit the floor

so like the floor one of floor 2 so um so the floor option is can should only be used if your image if you’re you know if um your business location

actually have a multiple floor in the business location this is a recommendation from me okay i can come back to the editor so i guess an example was MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

for you to understand and you can enable the share button you can also ask some hotspot so the following question like what are they so actually they are MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTOs

some call to action stuff MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO


okay and can be a video spot so you can add the videos right here so here’s the video spot and for the video spot you can click on edit so you can upload a videos media you can see a video that’s

t more design no you can um provide description uh not to choose you cannot just the videos fi people you can upload your own video or you can um

click on choose and click on save the hotspot suggest an idea you can add a decent hotspot so for example the contact spot an audio spot or an image spot

so i use an image spot right here so this is like if you have a bar launch or a casio you can show us that their buys and example image you can see it’s very

simple for us so i upload an image and to edit the image file you can you can upload images into their lives properly [Music] i upload this image for example

you can also connect from using to upload the image file okay and we’re going to choose so uh image and click on say hotspot so i’m going to click on this

until we see the image file from you or can be the videos file so when you are happy with the file you have you create you can also upload a five spot like a pdf file or can be from instruction or any other stuff you can do so

out here you can add a lot of file you can use the media like a picture the icon the logo or can be the auto file type pdf file you can see that um it’s so so

fast and uh so so simple or something you can use to add value so the choice up to you um okay i don’t have a wood file i’m gonna choose a picture

or something not like they go to people five and we can save hotspot and you can add additional hotspot like a contact hotspot or urls call to action or

custom xml if you have one or some information that you want to save for people and when you have sales the entire process you click on save and install

so you can add here you have option to embed the code or you can set a MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO direct link to people so now and or you can even click on export the file to upload into your hosting server if you want so the choice is up to

you and you can come back to the project to visit the file again you can share it you can um you can install it you can duplicate it or you can edit whatever you like and whatever you want so this is like what the customer will

see so they could see the subscribe button and MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO they can click on here to visit watch the video they can come here to visit you see the image file the sample image file and now they can click on the elements like here to download

the file so it’s it’s a simple and people can one click sharing people can disable the button they can see the floor plan so basically like the floor one floor two floor three or anything you can show to people and they can

subscribe to your list or they can do whatever they want whatever they like they can resize they can they can drag and drop to see the entire virtual file so

you can see that there’s an option that people can do likely when they’re using the tool and this is an idea that you can use to increase the customer engagement and audience retention so it’s not exactly how we can use

the app so before using you can see that the software will have some integration it’s having that connection with some autoresponder server or in case there’s no subject you want you can say to your local list and now

when the upsell is about to add a voice label version where you can upload your own logo your own style icon and even as your own brand name and you

can also provide an upgrade or also people you can see and you can also set up your custom domain and you can also connect to your custom

smtp account to mouse under your own hosting under your own domain name okay and basically this is a software we mostly use to build an email list or can be a software from uh for local business MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO

or can be for amc business so

if your client can be things like restaurant a bar a relator a gym location fitness studio so you can recommend this subject to them and help them run your business and help them run their own business to get more customer

interaction so that’s exactly what you need to know is and understand about the product so let’s take a quick look at the upsell there are four ups and

total the opposite one is a pro version the sa2 is a marketing kit this is for those who want to sell virtual tour servers like a marketing kit like website proposal a client getting contract banner app and a brilliant website

the episode 3 is the white label version can be from 147 or 497 you have the white label right with a white label panel and you can run under your own custom domain and the last upsell is the anc software package bundle

so basically this can be a new software MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO


from a micro brow a previous software that you can use so you can use it too lightly and that’s the entire front of the product and thanks again for taking your time watching my video

and if you like this video MY VIRTUAL TOURS OTO don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe to my youtube channel and feel free to share this video to your friend bye