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MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 you well get one front End and five MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO Options . MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO all links and details bellow with discount . created by Joshua Zamora

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO Links

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Front End ==>MyTrafficJacker FE

OTO1 ==>MTJ Pro+

OTO2 ==>MTJ Academy

OTO3 ==>MTJ Trifecta

OTO4 ==>MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy

OTO5 ==>MTJ Elite

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO And FE Detals

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO

What is MyTrafficJacker 2.0?

The Demo



MyTrafficJacker is our NEWLY Updated and 100% Unique Web-App

That will allow your customers to Legally Steal Traffic And Authority From YouTube, Wikipedia, BBC and Quora And Earn Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less…

How Exactly? Well, first let’s take a look at what users can do with MyTrafficJacker 1.0.

With MTJ 1.0 users can search by keyword on either Wikipedia and YouTube and find LIVE, but EXPIRED links that are STILL posted on these sites and pick them up for as little as $10 and redirect that traffic and authority ANYWHERE they’d like!

And we’ve been getting a TON of success stories since we released MTJ to the world.

However, we quickly realized that if people would forget to renew domains that they’d published on YouTube and Wikipedia, there HAD TO be OTHER sites that ALSO had Expired domains posted on them too, right?


Well, that’s where MyTrafficJacker 2.0 was born!

We KNEW we can do MORE and we KNEW we can do BETTER!

MyTrafficJacker is our newly Super-CHARGED, and 100% unique web-app that will allow you to Legally Hijack Traffic And Authority From 4 of the BIGGEST sites online To Earn Affiliate Commissions In 24 Hours Or Less.. 

Yup, I said 4 of the BIGGEST Sites on The Web, Which Are:

  • YouTube – Check!
  • Wikipedia – Check!
  • Quora – Check!
  • BBC – Check!

Can you imagine how powerful it is to be able to pick up an EXPIRED domain that STILL has a LIVE link from ANY of those sites above?


Or be able to pick up an expired domain that is STILL posted below a YouTube video that is getting hundreds or even THOUSANDS of views PER DAY?


Or picking up a domain that is still linked to from a HIGHLY ranked post on Quora?

Or a domain that has a LIVE link from a page on BBC?

Talk about a MASSIVE Update, right?

Once your users get their hands on our web-app, you’ll be able to start legally hijacking domains from all FOUR of these sites and getting traffic and sales in as little as 24 hours.



  • WITHOUT having to make or rank any videos
  • WITHOUT having to create a website
  • WITHOUT having to pay a DIME for traffic
  • Heck, your customers won’t even need to have a hosting account!



OTO 1MTJ Pro+ ==> MTJ Pro+

Here you  will be able to lock in their discounted rate on credits for only $1. This will then automatically renew every 30 days, so they always have credits to be able to hijack domains with. They’re also getting two VERY powerful, extra bonuses, which includes unlocking ALL the new sites that we add in the future. We’re constantly looking for NEW sites that we can hijack on and we’ll be adding them as we go. I’m talking about sites like, Reddit, Medium, etc.. And lastly, they’re getting BONUS credits every single month just for taking action on this offer.


OTO 2MTJ Academy ==>MTJ Academy

You will be getting MULTIPLE over-the-shoulder case studies of us using MTJ to find, purchase AND monetize campaigns using the domains we find with MyTrafficJacker. We’ll even be showing them MULTIPLE ways to profit quickly with their newly found domains. They’re going to see it ALL – we have held NOTHING back.

OTO 3MTJ Trifecta==>MTJ Trifecta

Here your customers will be able to unlocking THREE additional and powerful features to make MTJ even BETTER for them. They’re going to be able to unlock our Auto-Search feature, our Affiliate-Spy feature AND our SubJackers Feature so they can SKYROCKET the profit that they put in their pocket while leveraging automation to free up their time!

OTO 4MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy==>MTJ + SyndLab + SyndBuddy

Here we’ll be giving you a VERY special offer to our SyndLab + SyndBuddy syndication platforms which allows them to quickly “boost” up their newly acquired domains with powerful social syndication and social sharing.

OTO 5MTJ Elite ==>MTJ Elite

With this package, you will be unlocking TWO very powerful features inside of MTJ. They’ll be unlocking our Ocean Search feature which will allow them to take ONE domain and with ONE-CLICK be able to find EVERY SINGLE video that has that domain posted on it. So hijacking ONE video can turn into dozens or even HUNDREDS of videos.

PLUS, they’ll also be unlocking our Domain Reminder feature which will identify domains that are “DEAD” but have NOT YET expired, but as soon as they DO expire, they’ll be notified and be the FIRST in line to pick them up.


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey guys Joshua’s more here and in this video you’re going to see how you can quickly collect big paydays by legally hijacking free targeted traffic and authority from four of the biggest sites online today I’m talking about legally hijacking traffic and authority from YouTube Wikipedia BBC and Korra yup that’s the biggest video site on the planet the biggest wiki site on the planet one of the biggest news sites on the planet and one of the biggest Q&A sites on the planet as well how you might be wondering well the software that I’m about to show you will find you domains that people have posted on those four sites I just mentioned however for one reason

or another they forgot to renew the domain yup perfectly good domains that are still getting a ton of traffic and authority that have expired and are waiting for you to pick them up for just ten bucks or less and you can redirect that traffic anywhere you want but more importantly you’re gonna be able to turn that traffic into profit like this where you can see this one campaign has brought in over four hundred and twenty-two bucks like this one that’s brought in a quick one hundred and forty three dollars like this one that brought in just on over just under a thousand bucks and this one that has already produced over five thousand dollars and Counting and this one that brought in a quick seventy four bucks

on Clickbank okay however I want you to know that what you’re about to see doesn’t just work for us okay right below this video you’re gonna see a bunch of more proof of income that we’ve been able to make however this works for countless of our users as well okay because what you’re about to see is the 2.0 version of our platform which has been greatly improved to bring you a lot more results from a lot more different sites okay and here are just a few of the testimonials that we’ve been able to get from our users okay and there’s multiple ways to be able to profit from our platform as well which you’ll also be able to read about below this video we posted ten different ways that you can make money with our platform and here jae-hoon found a powerful

expired domain that he’s gonna be using for his pbn sites okay so that’s one way to able to make money from this platform here is Joanne that within ten minutes of searching in her niche okay she was able to find a great domain that was able to drive traffic to her offers okay here Michael not only was he able to generate leads okay he made a three hundred and fifty dollar Commission bug down here you can see that he’s generating new leads as well with our platform okay and jaian here purchased a domain for nine bucks and sold it for fifteen hundred dollars as well okay so she immediately put a quick payday in her pocket by flipping the domain which is again another way that you can make money with this platform okay and here very Lim picked up

a domain that an expired domain that was posted below a YouTube video okay that with videos that have up to thirty four thousand views and other ones with over ten thousand views and the domain that she picked up was valued at over fourteen hundred dollars okay and she picked it up for under ten bucks so these are the kind of results and the kind of different things that you can do with our platform to not only get quick traffic and quick Commission’s but you can flip them for PIC big paydays you can get a bunch of traffic and redirect that

traffic to any offer that you want so there are again multiple ways that you can get results with this platform and the best thing is that all you have to do is just pick up our software follow our direction and you too can get these kind of results as well okay so let’s go ahead and jump into the software because we’ve literally set up our out to be a simple four-step process okay and Here I am inside of the members area and step one is pretty much to figure out which keyword or which niche it is that you want to hijack in okay if you already know what what niche and what keyword it is that you want to hijack in then you can just come in here directly to the research tab and start running your searches however if you don’t quite yet know what keyword or what niches it is that you want to go into you can come here to the keyword tab and we have a full keyword system built into my traffic jacker so if I come in here and type in weight loss which is one of obviously the most popular niches with one click one keyword turned into multiple keywords that you can potentially hijack in okay and all you have to do

if you see one that catches your attention is to click this magnifying glass here and it will take you to the research tab okay so if you want to search for weight loss smoothies you click on that and it’s going to directly take you to the research tab which is also here on the left hand side the next step from here is for you to decide whether you want to hijack from YouTube Wikipedia BBC or kora okay now obviously you see that there are multiple other sites built into here as well and you’ll be able to learn about how you can unlock those and the upgrade offer number one okay so if you want to be able to hijack from other sites plus other sites that we add into the system you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to upgrade number one however again you can choose YouTube

Wikipedia BBC or poorer okay I’m gonna go ahead and choose kora for now and then from here you can also input if you want our system to ignore certain domains that you know obviously aren’t expired I’m just gonna go ahead and create that search for now hey guys justice Moore who just wanted to quickly interrupt this video with my crazy Quarantine hair but real quick my partner Paul Venables who is the main brains behind my traffic jacker system he has a quick message that he wanted to include in this demo video which is also a bit of a case study so that you can see some additional features and some additional thought processes that he goes through when it comes to searching for targeted traffic with my traffic jackers so I’m going to switch it over to him real quick and then I’ll come back and wrap

up my portion of the video and then you guys can go ahead and pick up your copy of my traffic jacker so I’m going to go ahead and shoot – Paul Venables and then I’ll come back and finish up hey it’s Paul Venables here and now I’m going to show you some additional sites that we’ve added to my traffic jacker 2.0 and pay close attention because I’m also going to be showing you results of domains that have been expired on authority sites and places that have a lot of traffic some of which may even be available right now for you to pick up so here’s a search we did by using the Korra website we have inside of my traffic jacker for this keyword custom keto diet free this keyword was found by using the keyword search tool that we have built inside of my traffic jacker to find various versions of a root keyword to find different related keywords to search for and although this wouldn’t be

a keyword I would normally search I’m actually pretty glad that it was because we were able to find an enormous amount of results as you can see right here 275 target links and so if you see on my scroll bar here we have a ton of results to look through and I can just click has available domains and then you’ll see we have lots that are available and ready to pick up right away some of them may be getting targeted traffic and some of them may have page Authority and domain Authority as well that we could use to backlink one of our properties that we want to rank higher and the first result we see here is Kido meal hero com as you can see we can pick it up in Namecheap or GoDaddy and if we were to click right into here we could view the article in Cora where this domain has been mentioned so right here what we have is a little question can you share a simple keto meal plan for a beginner and if we scroll a little bit lower we will discover this answer right here where we have our expired domain that’s been found with my traffic jacker 2.0 and it has 4.2 thousand views for this answer and 42 upvotes so lots of views here just for this one question and there are several other links of course

so this is not going to get all the attention just from this one link because there’s other links that dropped as well but it’s nice to see it’s right here it’s coming in number one and there’s a bunch of views to it so if you’re interested in pursuing the keto niche or you already have some properties that you want to build more traffic and authority to this could be something worth picking up going back we can then confirm a name cheap real quick that this domain is available and if you want to look more into the domain you can click on the actions button and then click the ocean search to find everything associated to this domain as well so now I just want to show you some results

that were found in Forbes which is just one of the many other sites that you’ll get access to in the upgrade option so in this example I’m just going to do a quick search for saving money and then click create and see what we can find for that keyword and because I’m using Forbes there should be a lot of different articles that are and as you can see here it already found 99 results and 1799 links and 34 target links so those main links that are broken and could be available to pick up now even though some may say that they’re not available to buy right now we’ve still added in the functionality for you to manually recheck and also put in an alert so that you will know exactly when it expires so this is not available and so there’s thirty four of them in here if we wanted to go through and take a closer look so after coming through a few links you may find some that come up like the happy hour finder here that I’ve been trying to load up top here for a little while and it just keeps on saying that’s waiting so

obviously there’s something this is one of the many broken links that we found and it doesn’t seem to be working so we can just go into Whois check it out see that it’s expiring in January and that we can set a little reminder here by clicking this Bell button to let us know when it’s going to expire because as you can see look this is what just happened here that it says the site can’t be reached there’s some serious problems going on with it and they may just have forgotten about it and they just be a matter of time for when that domain is set to renew and drops and available for you to come and buy it so now I want to show you another example

as well with using the BBC for doing a search on an investment term and finding an expired domain with authority that we can use to rank higher in the search engines so when we click into has available domains we’ll find the domain that’s been expired and then we can simply just copy and paste that domain to check on the domain Authority by using a free domain Authority checking resource like we have here so we can just paste in our domain here and then what I’m also gonna do is I’m gonna take this specific URL that we found from the BBC and add it in here as well because we want to check out the page authority now the domain authority is not going to change no matter where it is in the BBC because BBC comp is the domain but the page authority will because some pages of that site will be more authoritative than others and so I’m just gonna click that I’m not a robot and then check this real quick ok great so now we can

see it’s kind of hard to tell but this story in an MA will indicate that it’s that domain and this one here will be the BBC one as you can see the domain Authority and the BBC is 95 the page authority so the authority of that page where my backlink is where the website is that I’m gonna buy that one is a 44 and then the site that we can just buy right now because it’s expired and ready to pick up that has a domain authority of 13 a page authority of 14 so not only does that have authority right there but we can also have a backlink from the BBC that’s on a specific page with a page authority of 44 so that’s a very strong backlink so in the investment niche where this is from if we had a YouTube video or website in that niche then we can get a relevant backlink with page Authority and domain Authority that’s also getting a very powerful backlink to that so that overall looks very natural and can help us rent higher and not only that but a site like the BBC does get a lot of readers

and a lot traffic so you could be getting more targeted traffic to your link and you could use it as a selling point as well having a link in the BBC if you wanted to flip a domain like this for a profit that’s how powerful it is to come in here and hijack traffic with my traffic jacker and again you can hijack traffic from YouTube Korra Wikipedia and BBC ok and once you do that you can pick up those domains automatically and we also have some other features here on the left-hand side which I’m sure you’ll see some of them are part of our upgrade offers just like our domain reminders feature this one also allows you to ensure that you don’t miss out on any domains because like I said just because the domain isn’t available today doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be available tomorrow so you can set a domain reminder so that my traffic jacker will send you an email once the domain has actually expired because if these domains

are broken for some reason but they’re not expired yet there’s a good chance that the person has already forgotten about that domain name okay but the the domain just hasn’t yet expire so with the domain reminder feature you can set a reminder and it will let you know exactly when that domain expires okay and you can be the first one in line to pick that up our subjects feature is again another part of our upgrade offer that will allow you to give the VA access to your VA to be able to hijack for you all the time ok so that you don’t actually have to be the one in here running searches or affiliate spy feature will allow you to find high converting offers so that you can monetize your offers right on what monetize your domains right away so if I click come in here and click weight-loss and hit the search button you’ll see that within my traffic jacket you’ll be able to find high converting offers

with big paydays right away ok and again this is one of our upgrade features so make sure that you check out each one when you’re going through the funnel ok I the Academy is also upgrade number two I believe or you’ll be able to get multiple case studies on how we use my traffic jacker to not only find domains monetize domains how do we we redirect traffic and how we pick our offers as well so this is my traffic jacker in a nutshell there’s also going to be a case study that you can see somewhere on this page or somewhere on the on the sales page so make sure you check that out as well but besides that guys my traffic jacker is one of the easiest ways and one of the easiest strategies that you can use right now to get near-instant traffic and an image by easily purchasing expired domains that people have completely forgotten about that are still getting traffic and still getting authority by being posted on YouTube BBC Wikipedia and quorum ok so again there’s also ten different ways that you can monetize your my traffic jacking campaigns post it below so that you know exactly how you can make money with this platform even though I’ve already mentioned a few of them by how our users are using them to make money okay so again very special offer we have going on right now especially during our 2.0 grand opening so make sure you click the link below add this to your arsenal and start getting near instant traffic in any niche right away

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 OTO