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Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO -OTO1(4x DFY Campaigns), Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO 2(5 Figure Campaign Framework), Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO 3(Resell Rights) 4(1-2-1 Coatching)

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Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO

Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO

OTO1 :4x DFY Campaigns

  • 4x Completely DFY Affiliate Campaigns For HUGE Selling Products
  • 10x Bonus Campaigns That Have Generated Over $200k!
  • Cloud Software That Hosts Your Bonus Pages, Bonuses And Delivery – You Just Add Your Affiliate Link!
  • Use These Campaigns As Your Own
  • Everything You Need To Make Big Commissions


OTO2 :5 Figure Campaign Framework

Unlock The Email And Webinar Frameworks He Used To Grow From Zero To 6 Figure Leaderboards

  • The email framework He custom developed to make huge sales
  • The exact webinar framework He use that cuts webinars from 2 hours to 30 minutes – proven to convert!
  • Use these templates in your future promotions and never worry about conversions again

OTO3 :Resell Rights

Reseller License

OTO4 :1-2-1 Coaching

Book A 1-2-1 Coaching Session With The Product Creator


Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO

What is Newbie Affiliate Playbook ?

The Demo


Newbie Affiliate Playbook is a step-by-step video guide to creating a 5 Figure affiliate campaign.

Inside it includes training videos and full over the shoulder case study: “Hitting A 6 Figure Leaderboard As A Newcomer”

This is a fast system for new marketers to hit affiliate contest leaderboards.

Experienced marketers can also copy & replicate this exact method to move from 3 to 5 figure promos themselves…



Video Review For Front End Only

Text From This Video

hello and welcome to my newbie affiliate playbook review I am Sian and in this review I will discuss what as newbie affiliate PlayBook and whether it can benefit you or not in a nutshell newbie affiliate PlayBook is a newbie friendly step-by-step video course and case studies which can help you to get started with affiliate marketing it is about the strategies and techniques using which Steve a relatively new

affiliate marketer who started back in August 2019 went on to dominate the affiliate contest leaderboard in February 2020 Steve has documented all his journey including the secret strategies and techniques which has given him a lot of success in this very short span of time the best part is Steve did all his affiliate promotion without having an email list or product launch background and hence this will work for any newbie affiliate marketer as well newbie affiliate playbook comes loaded with full affiliate marketing training to case studies on affiliate promotions one case study on how to

grow your email list to 6 lakh subscribers and a complete traffic training on how to drive free traffic using 336 different traffic sources along with all the above it will also give you 5 software downloads which can help you in your affiliate promotions newbie affiliate playbook is available on a very special discount for the launch offer check the link provided in the description of the video also I will be giving you free

bonuses worth $750 if you purchase newbie affiliate playbook using the link provided in the description of the video if you are interested check out what Steve says on this and also watch out the membership walkthrough of newbie affiliate playbook picture this in just a few moments you can get access to a step-by-step course that will show you exactly how to turn low amounts of sales and low Commission’s into a five figure affiliate promo every time now what if I also give you the case study of a recent promotion where I hit the leaderboards of one of the biggest selling products of the

year so far did this despite being a newcomer having a small list and without spending any money on hands welcome to the newbie affiliate playbook hey sup my name is Steve Harvey and I’m an affiliate marketer based in Bangkok Thailand I started affiliate marketing in August last year when I had no own ins no website no list no experience and quite frankly no idea and now six months later I’m able to achieve the type of earnings you can see on this very page below you see until

as recently as last month I was in the same situation as yourself frustrated I wasn’t getting results I took a couple of steps backwards and focus on the areas of my business that were working and that is when everything clicked I know just how frustrating it could be running affiliate campaigns when you’re not seeing the results it’s hard work believe me I know that’s why I created the newbie affiliate playbook and that’s why this course is different from anything else out there this step-by-step video training takes you by

the hand and show you exactly how affiliate promotions work and how you can boost your commissions to five figures the best part of the newbie affiliate playbook is that you don’t need a big list a product or any prior experience to make money and I’ll show you the steps of how to hit those with lucrative promotion leaderboards Plus this is truly a method anyone can use to get results even if you plan to do your very first different punishment or if you’re already established but struggling to hit those big levels this method is the result of my own personal testing I’ve done the heavy lifting here so that you don’t have to you also

get the exact case that the and framework of my most recent set of successful promotion sound good some of my business partners Paul O’Keefe and Richard Bevan you also get access to a choice collection of software and damos and a rolodex and you’ll also get the free method that they use to grow their subscribers list to over 600,000 people absolutely free you also get access to them inside this course

I went from a hospital bed to and I think and I’d never work again – hitting the leaderboards of six-figure launches in just over six months you don’t need any spend any money to do this in fact my laptop right now is proper to have a cardboard box if I can do it so can you so it starts today get the newbie fill your plate rock for the same price as a pizza or I can’t guarantee your taste is good take care and go outside Thanks hey guys Steven Harvey here and welcome into the members area of the newbie affiliate playbook so really a couple of things

I wanted to talk to you about covering stuff for newcomers and then stuff more for experienced marketers so the course is an 11 part module course taking you right the way through the start of an affiliate promotion through to the end and it also includes a case study of an affiliate program motion I ran last month in February for six-figure launch and I managed to do a five-figure promotion with a small list so I outperformed my list several times over in that promotion and you get to see

exactly how in it inside this course so as you can see kind of going through the modules it starts off with more sort of beginner friendly things how to find guaranteed six-figure leaderboards etc and then kind of goes through into the real sort of the nitty-gritty of the course that more experienced marketers would be interested in how to position yourself correctly for promotion towards your list how to maximize your open rates and click through rates how to run successful converting back and webinars etc so that’s the kind of stuff you get inside the newbie affiliate playbook and I think you know your your list your audience will will love it too if they’re looking to take their affiliate promotions to the next level to five figures every time so yeah absolutely take a look and let me know what you think and you’ve got any questions please feel free to contact myself or my partner’s Paul O’Keefe or Richard bourbon and we’ll be seeing you next time thanks


Newbie Affiliate Playbook OTO