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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Newsly OTO Hi guys, and welcome to my latest review. What is new? This is what we are going to determine in this video. I’m going to show you exactly what it is. You know exactly what you can expect from it now. To put it simply, it’s an automated viral news site creator. Now that was inspired by a 62-year old ex-secretary, Linda Bachmann, who discovered a way to monetize viral news online to the point of being able to collect

You know, weekly paychecks of between 24 and 2K to 4K. You know, on average, as you can see, you know, and the interesting thing is that she’s able to do all this automatically whilst being totally anonymous. We will see exactly how this software works to instantly create beautiful, professional-looking, and easily customizable viral news sites, which was recently OTO, and with no technical knowledge experience or even hard cost in hand.You know, filled with thousands of hot, up-to-date trending news articles. Now this is Newsley’s, you know, official page, and I’m going to leave a link to it below. But, as you can see, everything is well laid out and it completely shows and explains to you exactly what we’ll be getting you and exactly what this software is.

Newsly OTO upgradesNewsly OTO

You know, some of the case studies of those that have gone ahead and implemented them? You know this method of making money online whereby they utilise viral news to get online? You know, having your own thing that makes money. You know, if you have the right tools in place, that is going to be very easy and usually tries to help you go in and monetize viral news without you having to go in and manually write all these articles yourself. So what newsley does is that it automatically finds trending news articles and writes and posts them on your own website, which you don’t have to manage or anything; it’s all done by the software.

So the only thing is to monetize, you know, your website and then that’s it. So, as you can see, everything is explained to you. Some of the trending news will be You know, similar to this

You may recall the case involving Johnny Depp, as well as Elon Musk and Twitter.You are familiar with Russia, Ukraine, and anything pertaining to viral training.That is because it will bring eyeballs, you know, and when people come, you know, while reading these new viral news articles, they do click on the ads. You know they do. You know, if you recommend products to them, they are going to consider buying, and they will go and they are going to buy.

As you can see here, some of them sell snapshots of some products that have been sold via this method. You know, even just from reading news articles, you can make $500 or more in a week.You know, you know a thousand dollars, and this is what Newsley is going to help you tap into. No, you have to realise that you know viral news. These things work.

You know, they do work. You know, people love reading all this news because people want to keep getting updated on what’s happening all over the world, so making money with news is not something that is going to be hard or a concept that has not been proven. It has been proven. Every country, in fact, has a local news channel and even an international one, so when it comes to keeping you informed, you are informed, and the internet is no exception. Also with viral news.

No, they are specifically, you know, created in such a way that they are going to arise. Curiosity and people come in and read these things. Otherwise, you know.You are recommending things. You know they are going to take action now.

This software also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means that you’ve got 30 days to test it out and ensure that it’s actually you that’s not living up to its promise. So currently, you know when you go ahead and get the newsletter, you know for 30 days it will be risk-free. There is nothing that you are going to have to worry about because all you’ll be doing is just utilising that software to see how well it makes you money now. Doing so will be easy. Just simply, you know, click the link below, go, get your own copy, activate, you know, the settings and all that, and then you start profiting.

You know, there’s nothing much to it. It’s simple, you know, they’ve done everything to make sure that you get started with it. It will be easy. Now you are going to get a whole lot more with Newsley. As you can see, everything is in there.

You know some of the features and all that you know about hosting and training. All these things are going to be included for you, including even bonuses. You know you are going to be able to get bonuses, including a live master class. You are familiar with training.We are going to be getting a commercial license.

Newsly OTO upsell

You know another good thing? Similar to a million dollar a year blueprint, this is something you can follow along with, follow through on, implement, and begin seeing results online.So if you’ve been struggling online, trying method after method without seeing much luck with him, try the new you for 30 days. You are going to be able to do this risk-free and if it doesn’t work as you conceive it, they are going to actually send you, you know, a hundred dollars for wasting your time. This is what you can expect, and, as you can see, the product is only for nineteen dollars, and if you act now, in fact, there’s a two-dollar discount that you can take advantage of. So you can actually get the software for seventeen dollars.

If you act today, here’s the summary of everything that is included for you with News Lee, or rather, what you will be getting with News Lee. So, as you can see, this is a solid product, plus the vendor himself. Branson is well-known for his ability to create.You know, amazing software and products that you know go there and the people have been using them and they have been getting tremendous success and results with them. So it’s not going to be any different for you. You’re going to succeed.

So this is a collaborative effort between Linda Bachmann and, obviously, Branson Day, but this is what you’ll see on the news list.You know, sales page, so come in, you know, read and see what else is included. What else do you stand to get, and you know, as always, get your copy? You know, implement everything that you’ll be learning, all that I’ve seen, and then you know, you’re going to start seeing results for yourself. Now here is a short demo.

You know, a video to show you exactly how this software works. You know, so let’s just watch it a little bit. As you can see, the sites are beautiful. You know, this is something. This is what you can expect. You are aware of how to create it with newslink. As you can see, it will be accompanied by a subdomain.

So that means that you don’t need to worry about having to also pay the twelve dollars for a brand new domain. As you can see, the articles are long enough. You know, and also you can build your own email list, which is crucial because you know how to get people back. You know, on their website and also directly in their inboxes, they recommend affiliate products. So, as you can see, you know how the general concept of newsletters works. There is nothing that is complicated about it.

You will also be getting You know, the ability to go into, um, the admin panel, not the back end, and be able to set. You know, some settings are so that you know your website looks and feels just the way that you want. You know, there’s nothing complicated. You can rename everything. It is easily customizable.

Newsly OTO Demo

You know so because you can see the software is amazing. It’s cool. There’s nothing that is confusing. You know, there are so many options in there and, remember, they do also support So, if you run into any problems, as you can see, they are there to help you.

There are also different templates that you could use. You know, until you find something that looks and feels just the way you want. So you have to agree with those who know the websites do. Look, you know a professional. They are looking good.

You can change your logo, you know, just make sure that you customise it. You know, to your liking and actually just brand it, and one thing about New Zealand is that you could even flip them with this even uh, website. as they are. You know, you only need to prove that they are making money, and that’s it.

You know your potential customer is going to buy it personally. I’ve sold websites online, and I do know that it all works. You know how it all works. Obviously, when you apply yourself, you have to apply yourself. There is no shortcut to that. One

As you can see, there are so many options to go through. You know to ensure that you are newly You know, viral news sites. You know, they look and feel exactly as you would want. You know, a one-of-a-kind professional.

You know, so that no one site looks like another. You know, you’ve got plugins, you know, for analytics and all that, so making sure that everything will be You know, easily engaged, you know, you’ll be able to get your marketing efforts and all that to ensure you know exactly. What’s working, what isn’t, in fact-and you can also add your own custom domain. So this means that, you know, even if you want to flip this thing, you know, looking extremely professional, you can go ahead, get a brand new domain, you know, connect it in and that’s it.

You know, when you are selling, you’re actually selling something that is even more professional, something that is even more believable. So, as you can see, Newsley does indeed give you so many options. You know, you can even write your own posts. You know, you don’t necessarily have to depend on those that will be getting fetched and rewritten or anything. You can come in and edit out any article you want, so say you found an article or a new story that you want to write and monetize. You know, you can come in, you know, write up that article, post it and then you are done.

Newsly OTO Grab

You know, you love your own uniqueness. You know the news to tell, you know the story to tell, so this is it. You know, as you can see, you’re not limited to only letting it run automatically. You can come in and actually put it in. You know the manual work. If you want, but it’s not necessary. It’s just optional.

It’s just an option for you. If you want, you know, at the end of the day, all that matters are options. You know, like today, you’re even getting an option to get a newsletter. You know, you could either create such a website yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You know, for thousands of dollars, or you could just utilise it.

You know, like $19 or $17. If you decide to activate the discount and just come in, you know, test out your ideas over here. You know, if you wanted to see whether you knew a certain way or a certain product could sell with viral traffic coming in, you know, try with the newsletter. You know exactly how well this product is going to perform.

You know, test it on the ground. You know, and it usually is going to give you the platform from which to do this. You know, everything is in there. You know this. There is nothing that has been left out.

An email list is crucial because it has the ability to build for you. That one by itself is worth the price, because, you know, creating your own website and making sure that it can do everything that it needs to do is not something that is easy. But with muesli, you’ll be able to do all these things. You know, if you want to put in the manualNewsly OTO work. If you don’t want, everything is out there for you to decide.

Now this is the power of muesli, and this is what New Zealand is all about. So that’s it for this newsletter review. I hope you find it valuable. If so, ensure that you go and check it out. You can get your own copy. Subscribe to the channel for more awesome videos to come, and until next time, happy earning and God bless you.

Newsly OTO