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The Demo

the vendor has been in the crypto game for years. he exposed the NFT world four years ago with a product called Crypto Kitties exposed, and now I’m taking it a step further.


The vendor said it four years ago, and I will repeat it. NFT’s are hot.

NFT’s will change the world.

Will you listen to me this time? I don’t know.

It may be that the NFT market bombs tomorrow. Do I think it will?

I think it will have ups and downs just like Bitcoin does. Bitcoin pumps, and then it crashes. It pumps again, and then it hits.

People LOVE to focus on when the crypto world crashes.

“You see, I told you it was a bubble.”

Then when it goes crazy high again, another group of people all of a sudden are experts.

NFT’s will be the same. You have to understand that. I believe in the end, and it will dominate. I said it four years ago, and I am on the record again saying it.

The dumbest thing you can do is spend money you don’t have on anything crypto-related because it is speculative. Most people that are uninformed get in at the top. Spend their money, it goes down, and they sell. Don’t be that person!

In my opinion, as I said many years ago, I believe Crypto will change the world. It changed my life already, and it can change yours.


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Text From This video


Robin Hood, the mobile stock trading app, has added two new cryptocurrencies like ca oin and Bitcoin cash have been added. They join Bitcoin and aetherium. Robin Hood launched these crypto trading services back in February, and Robin Hood says their crypto platform is available in 17.

Our states but expect it to be available in all of the conditions by the end of 2018. Now there’s, certainly no shortage of these platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. You all know that there’s the largest US-based platform, that’s coinbase, of course, but there are dozens of others out there, including crack and Polonia x, BitFenix bit tracks, both in and out of the United States.

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There is no difference between these platforms; the most important thing today is that Robin Hood offers a no-fee trading service. That’s. Quite remarkable coinbase could charge almost four percent.

Many of the other exchanges charge twenty-five to fifty basis points. Robin Hood seems to be hoping that they’ll get more customers in the door for different kinds of trades. They’re likely selling those orders by the way to market makers and collecting some fee.

Now, whether Robin Hood, which is an app that appeals primarily to more casual traders, can pull in serious crypto traders, that’s the issue. It remains to be seen the other platforms charge fees. Still, they’re used frankly by more serious traders; regardless, it’s good news in general for everyone involved in the community because they’re likely to see a bit more downward pressure on the fee structure overall; keep in mind this moves into the crypto space come even as Bitcoin continues to sell-off.

Remember it’s down more than 50 % this year back to you, Melissa, all right. Bob thanks, Papasan e greaser prized BK that there wasn’t. A better reaction in the device of Bitcoin goes right to exactly how dour the sentiment is in crypto right now.

If this news had come out in December, these things would have been up. 10, 15 % in the day that news came out and people went. Oh, nothing is going on. I mean, it was. It was amazing. It’s very positive news in the long run for the sector about Robin Hood.

Has 5 million accounts now part of that is due to using Bitcoin and crypto as a loss leader, so in general, I think it’s very positive, but I was disappointed in today’s reaction; all right back in June, we asked Our next guest, if he would invest his there’s, money in cryptocurrencies here’s, what he had to say: yeah, absolutely and it’s all about sizing appropriately.

So, even if you’re the most conservative investor out there right just because there’s a lot of volatility, the actual risk-adjusted returns are quite well relative to other asset classes. Mom’s always right, but maybe not this time.

Bitcoin is down about 7 % since that call. Joining us now is Christopher Matta, the co-founder of Crescent crypto asset management. He’s back. He’s, brought some more advice for his mom, all the other moms out there in the whole blurs.

What do you tell your mom? She’s probably hey, son. What happened? Look, I would say, stay calm. This is a long-term investment, which I said last time earlier in that clip, and I think that’s.

The main point, if you’re, if you’re bullish on this technology and this asset class, you know one month period it. There is a lot of short-term volatility. If you’re looking to two-five years out, which we recommend to all of our investors, the bull of sentiment hasn’t changed over the last six months.

Regulators have started to step in, but their general sentiment has been positive, and we think some more smart regulation in the space can be good; and right now, we’re trading in the tight band, and we think over the long term.

We’ll continue to appreciate it. Are you worried that maybe the cryptocurrencies aren’t acting like they used to act because there are certain structural changes to how they’re traded? I mean, with the introduction of Bitcoin futures, for instance, that creates a whole other.

You know that that may have dampened volatility permanently. BK was noting how the reaction and the coins that were added to Robinhood today there was no reaction. They still traded, lower things, aren’t trading as they used to trade, yeah, but the volatility is continued to stay at a heightened level.

It’s not like it’s tough to draw a correlation between the futures, launching, and decreasing volatility or downward trend. I don’t. I think there’s necessarily causation there. I think, over the long term.

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Additional products like ETFs and things can help increase access to the asset class, ultimately being a positive catalyst for space. I thought we’re just in the downward trend, which we’ve been in several times in passed in the cryptocurrency space.

So, anyone that’s been in investing for the past. Several years have seen 70 % pullbacks multiple times before. As I said, if I were giving you advice to holders, it would be to stay calm, steady hands if you’re bullish for the long term.

Six thousand is a decent entry point and continues to hold. So, Chris, what about new buyers when we need fresh money, a lot of the run-up we had in November December with the speculative frenzy of new retail money coming in? What do you see from your fun stance? Are you seeing new buyers coming in new investors? We’re still seeing new investors come in that are interested in the space, and thankfully smarter heads prevail, and in that, they see this pullback and see a better entry point.

You know you want to buy low and sell high. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the crypto space bought a 20,000 and sold it 10,000. Panic sells, and I think, over the long term is the infrastructure continues to get built.

That’s one of the biggest key pieces as ETFs get launched as there are options available as the custody piece gets figured out and the infrastructure around security continues to improve. That will help bring not only retail people into space but also the institutional money that’s been sitting on the sidelines waiting if scarcity value was the reason I own Bitcoin free futures, the futures market, basically diminished that scarcity value and Take one of the catalysts away: I think that’s.

What happened with gold, by the way, with the gold ETF? I don’t know if you can make that comparison, but that’s my view; no, that’s physically bad,k isn’t it well. You would well that’s, a much look, yes, and no, quite frankly, no.

I think I think the scarcity is still there and holding the underlying Bitcoin. You’re gonna get, unfortunately, all the forks and things that come along with that. That is, it makes it more complex to hold the futures, which aren’t physically settled.

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Why? I think ETFs that are physical, backed, or digitally backed by Bitcoin will be a huge impetus for space, but no, I can’t make that connection, Chris. We’re gonna have to let you go. Thank you so much good to see you again.

Thanks appreciate it. I, like the argument I understand in terms of hold or hold less, have seen these drawdowns before, but at some point as a trader, if you’re, if you’re in this and it’s, not a five-year Trade, it’s, something a little bit shorter term at what point you say, you know what I’m, not I’ve seen 70 % all right traitor.

If we were independent of what the underlying asset was there, you know you you go in. First of all, with the stop-loss or a risk level and based upon the product’s underlying volatility, you give yourself a little rope or a lot of rope.

It would help if you had a lot of rope here, and every person that comes on that’s an advocate of Bitcoin or the crypto space says. Look. We’re five or six years into a period where this is not in any way unnatural to what we’ve seen. What’s interesting or what would be interesting, Brian? What changes this thesis when every guy can come on here and say, you know what, I’ve got a lifetime to see this go higher.

Well, what changes? The thesis is fresh money coming, that’s. Why I asked about it, so we know that fidelity is probably. Is it bad? What turns it back, and you guys can’t show up anymore and say you know what? In two years, it’s gonna be higher.

I don’t care what it does before then, uh. Well, I mean, you have just more sellers coming out of the wood, right. You don’t get all those catalysts. You don’t get an ETF. You don’t get retail money, and you don’t get institutional money and, and people give up.

I mean, remember that Bitcoin, while there is scarcity value every 10 minutes, twelve and a half Bitcoin hour per our printed and the miner cell, let’s. Call about half of that roughly, so there’s a constant Bitcoin supply here without new capital in and nobody buying it.

That could turn a negative answer. Your question like, when do you bail? I think the question is really when you go in, how much do you go in with, and we talk for a long time about having it be a tiny part of the portfolio, knowing that it could be nine times or zero, right and so for to Me I’m happy to sit with a small bet.

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