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Notifio OTO  –  What is Notifio  ?

The Demo


Notifio is an app that lets you use push notifications for yourselves and your clients to obtain new customers and expand revenue with ease.

FE: Notifio + Commercial Rights 
Notifio is an app that allows anyone to collect leads and send notifications and messages to these leads via the web. Get push notifications.
Get a Fully customizable widget creator.
Get an Easy notification sender.
Get Major browsers support.
Get Foreign language support.
Depending on the version, personal and commercial license included.


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Notify OTO Hey JV friends, tahi here. Thank you so much for checking out notify JV page um in this quick video. I’m going to give you a quick demo of nutrition, and before that, I want to tell you what notified is notified.

It is the best push notification tool made for local consultants that allows them to offer a unique service to local businesses to help them get responsive leads as well as generate more sales, and revenue from these leads pretty much on demand notified easily create lead-generating widgets.

So if I can show you a demo here, you can see that you know this is a notification created by notified and what you see on the screen right now. It’s completely customizable, so the image you this can be replaced with a logo.

This text can be replaced, these buttons can be replaced, and it’s fully customizable, and as soon as you hit allow, the lead will be added in your notifio dashboard, and from there, you will be able to um [ Music ].

You know, send notifications on demand and on top of that, uh to help your users get started right away. They are also getting access to thousand pre-qualified business leads, and you know that they are not using web push notification notifications.

So this is a complete package on the front end. So let me log into the notify screen right now, and as soon as you log in, you can see this uh beautifully designed notified uh screen. Where you know, you can see the number of uh widgets.

You have created notifications, how many leads you Notifio OTO got and how many emails you have sent, and things like that. So there is also a graph that will show you, um, the same data now, creating a widget similar to this one that you see here it’s.

Pretty simple: all you need to do is click on create, create Notifio OTO widget, and then, as soon as you know, you start typing in all the details here. In this form, you can see the changes, uh, so there’s a live preview as soon as you enter things in the widget.

It will show the live preview here; as I said, what you see here, it’s completely customizable. You can add your own logo, or you can just, you know, keep this icon. There are a few icons that we have added already in here, so you know, you can use them, and then there is a text which can be like.

I said you could give away something, or you know just to tell them that you know you’re, giving them something away, and then you know, for example, just an example right. So, as you can see, as soon as I have entered the text and then you can change the buttons, so you can see the buttons have been updated here.

So this is completely customizable. You can change the background—color of the widget. You can change the button. Color, if you want something, let’s, say red: you can. You know, just change the colors of these buttons and no tanks.

Button color could also be changed right. So once you are done, once you are satisfied with your widget, you can like it. I said you could add your logo here. All you need to do is just click on generate code.

Okay, so I’ll just give in the url here and then hit generate code. Now all they need to do now is copy the code and add it in there on their website. So there is a complete training on how to uh do that.

Um, so you know once they follow the training, they will be able to add the widget, and you know from there uh yeah, that’s. The preview of the widget now, um, that’s. How simple it is to uh uh turn and from here let me tell you they can also.

This is a very neat feature. We have added where they can. You know, turn off the widget, so let’s say this guy. This client has stopped paying um them right, so they could just turn off the widget, and it will stop showing them on their website.

How cool that is. I really like that uh feature now; apart from that, we have two more uh important upgrades. There are three upgrades, basically, so the first one is notifier pro that you can see here.

It will, uh, do the styling, and it will add more options uh to the widget right. So the pro version of nutrition unlocks advanced features, like, you know, scheduling, of push notifications, so users could schedule the notification in an advanced and reminder feature that sends a daily reminder: notification without any manual intervention, and you know there’s.

Also, a tab alert feature that brings the visitor back as well as access to detail, reporting center, and the ability to export subscribers and send the export directly to clients via email. Now that’s, that’s, a very neat feature.

Now let me tell you guys: there are few um free options, but then you know they are very limited. If you want a notification added to the website, there are a few free options available, but they are very limited.

They don’t allow more than five subscribers, and you know Notifio OTO they are very limited and things like that, but you know what they get with notify it’s. A complete package now upgrades two, which is notified.

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