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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

It’s actually like recycled algae, Onyx OTO, so it’s kind of sick, [music].What’s going on on youtube? Ethan Sanders is back with another video today. Real quick, as you can tell, we’re in a different area for these videos. These, like a couple of Yeezy Day type videos, I want to have more room, be able to talk, be a little more open. I like the vibe of these little downstairs on the couch things, so let me know what you think. Nonetheless, you’ve seen the title.

You know what we’re going to be talking about? Let’s get right into it. If you’re not already subscribed, go hit that right now. Everybody that’s already is. I appreciate your support. So let’s go. All right, so you guys already know what you’re about to be getting into. You’ve seen the title, you’ve seen the thumbnail talking about the Yeezy Thumb, Runner Onyx, and I got them right here. As you could tell if you’ve never seen this box before, this is what the Yeezy foam runners come in. Small size tag on the outside, right: size 13 yacht gang, and foam on the inside.

It says runner behind the shoes, but I kind of blocked them out and yeah. That’s what they look like when you first open the box. There’s more to it in a second. So let me just get this out of here. You have your shoes. Obviously, you have a little tag right here.

You have paper, obviously ONYX OTO. Nobody really cares about that. This is the interesting part, though down here at the bottom. You actually have the full size label and everything like that that would be on the outside on the very bottom of the box. I don’t know why they did it like that.

I think it’s kind of interesting. I kind of like it as a little cool change up from what we’ve been seeing for like six years, five or six years. So that’s pretty cool getting right into the shoes, though, as you can see right here, all black Yeezy foam runner. I love them. They’re super sick, um. If you guys have been on this channel for a little while, you know that I have the sand colorway.

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This is like literally my favourite shoe of all time. Just about one of my favourite shoes of all time. As you guys probably know from the last video, I talked about, um, yeah love, the foam runner. It’s my most worn shoe since I got it and this black colorway, this onyx, is probably not going to change. I literally wore them as soon as I got them. I wore them the next day after I got them and I loved them, so kind of breaking it down. If you haven’t ever heard of phone runners, you don’t really know what they are. just like

Your first pair that you’re just getting in, they’re awesome. Let me just say that super lightweight super, like squishy flexible, As you can see, I don’t like it when people do that, but I figured why not show you how squishy I am? It’s made out of full eva foam.

It’s actually like recycled algae, so it’s kind of sick. Um, there’s no Yeezy branding anywhere adidas branding, except for right here. So on this little under part, there you go, adidas right there on the bottom of the foot, so it’s kind of like breaking the whole thing down. You have these little like-hole patterns, kind of all over the shoes. That’s like the toe of the foot. Here’S the inside of the shoe. Outside of the shoe. I’m sure you guys have seen pictures of these a thousand times.

The heel kind of kicks up a little bit like an easy 380s, um. I love it up here on the toe and on the top of the foot. There’s a lot of that foam surrounding your foot, like it’s not an uncomfortable amount, but it’s like you’re held in it’s not going to fall off your foot, not going to slide off, nothing like that. It’s very thick. I stubbed my toe all the time at work and I barely even feel it. You’re never going to hurt your toes in these because they’re literally like the best. There’s not really too much to say, because it’s all one piece. There’s no difference. There are no textures or colors, no different designs, just one simple, yet bizarre, piece of foam.

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The bottom has kind of like a herringbone traction pattern, kind of thing going on, as you can see, and it has like a little indentation where, like on regular yeezys, in these indents you’d be able to see through to the boost on these. It’s just their design or kind of like that, so it’s not flat. These don’t have terrible traction. I kind of like to shoot around in them, throw some shots while playing basketball. They felt pretty good.

I wouldn’t recommend playing basketball or ONYX OTO on them. You probably rolled your ankle. They’re not the worst, like keeping you grounded kind of thing, but they’re not terrible I wore them to Disneyland for about 16 hours and to Universal Studios for about 12 or 13 hours.My feet felt great the whole time. Whenever we went on water rides, my feet dried the fastest, as you could probably guess why I love them. They’re literally my favourite shoes, and they’re probably the best shoes I’ve seen in years.What are you doing if you don’t have a pair yet?

You should definitely pair these, and it’s a really sick shoe overall.I get questions and comments every single time. I wear it. Every single time I go out in public, I get stares. That’s why I’m buying them. You know, like I’m not going to buy these crazy-looking shoes for no one to ask you about them.

This is the whole point. These are statement peaks. I digress. I got these on Yeezy Day on the confirmed app, and they’re insane.I didn’t actually mean to, I meant to pull out of the draw for these, but my phone like didn’t accept it or didn’t recognise that I didn’t want to be in the draw anymore, so it kept me in it.

A few hours later, I receive a small notification.Your entry has been selected. Bam bam. I get these for 96 bucks, so I would much rather pay 90 than 200, which is what they’re going for right now. Roughly, I mean, I can’t really complain. I love them.

I had the stone sage colorway also, but I sold those ones. I don’t really need multiple dark colorways. I would love to get the MX Carbon ones that came out. Those came out on the Yeezy supply website, though, so I was never going to have a chance to get those bots eat them all up. The Vermilion colorway, the all-red awesome shoe, as well.

I would love to have those. That’s basically all I have to say about these. I love this shoe. You’re going to love it. These shoes, if you’re waiting on them to come in anything like that, I can’t say enough about them. I’m going to put on a little foot portion at the very end.


If you guys get a little quick look in about a week or two, I’m probably going to make a styling video for these. So you guys can get some ideas. What to wear! I love doing styling things because it like helps me think outside the box, like what I would wear with them and also, I feel like it helps out anybody who just got them in and isn’t sure, but yeah uh. Ethan Sanders here on SandersONYX OTO TV.

If you like the video, go down, hit the subscribe, hit the like button, and I’ll see you guys in the next one [music], [music], [music], you




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