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In this video, I’m gon na be sharing with you, the best WordPress plugins for 2019. This is my guide to the essential plugins for plugins, and these are plugins that I use on pretty much every single website that I set up. As I said, I think they’re pretty much essential if you wan na get the best from your WordPress website. Let’S get started: ( gentle piano, music, ), Hello, It’s Alex here from WP, Eagle, Hope, you’re all well Now, before we get started just a quick couple of things, If you’re new here, why don’t you subscribe? It’S really easy to do. Just click on that subscribe button below Make you sure you click the bell to be notified. When I upload new videos, which tends to be every single week Also, you might wan na check out wpeagle.com Over there there’s great WordPress stuff. There’S articles, there’s videos, there’s infographics

All kinds of stuff Go check it out. When you get a few moments, You could also purchase some WP Eagle merch, which at the moment is just t-shirts, but I’m gon na be adding hoodies and other stuff real, soon Find a link in the description to a post over on wpeagle.com, which is all around This video and on that post, you’ll find links to all the plugins that I mention. Let’S jump into the plugins, I’ve got 17 plugins, I’m gon na be sharing with you today, They’re mostly free. I think there might be a couple of premium ones in there too. You’Re, probably not gon na use every single plugin on every single site that you set up. Maybe a few you will use on every single site, definitely because they’re essential. You also wan na keep in mind when you’re, adding plugins, that the more plugins you add the slower your site can run Just be careful with the number of plugins running and only use the plugins that you really really need.

But anyway, on that note, let’s go (, smooth, electro, chill music ) First plugin I wan na share with you is a simple little plugin, but it’s really useful. It’S called Duplicate Post and basically it allows you to duplicate your post and pages and possibly some other stuff too. I find it really useful when you’ve got an existing post, that you really like, and it’s got a nice layout and format and whatever and you wan na, create another post or page. That’S got a similar layout and format.

You can use this plugin make a copy of it and it’ll even allow you to create a copy and kind of make it as a new draught and then go for it, Edit. The text edit, the images and you’re ready to go. It’S a lot easier, sometimes doing that than starting with a blank screen completely from scratch. I use this plugin on pretty much all of my sites because I just find it really useful and I’m actually surprised why they haven’t added this functionality to the WordPress core, because it is really useful. Go check it out: Duplicate, Post, (, smooth, electro, chill music ). The next plugin is for Google Analytics, which is a service. I recommend, If you’re, not aware of Google Analytics, it allows you to track all the users and visitors to your website, see what they’re doing see where they’re. Coming from? How many pages have you — Tonnes of information? Basically so that you can make some informed decisions around your website and your marketing and all that kind of stuff?

Now the thing with Google Analytics it can be a little bit tricky to add to your website. It involves copying and pasting some code into the footer or the header or some stuff, like that. A lot of messing around which I aint got time for and I’m sure you haven’t got time for either So with this plugin, which is called MonsterInsights. It makes it really easy You just instal the plugin connect it to your Google account select. Your Google Analytics account By the way you’re gon na need one of those They’re free to set up. You can get one over at google.com/analytics or something like that. Just google, it you’ll find it. You connect it to your analytics account and basically it does all the rest for you. You get your tracking up and running and you can set up some more complicated things like ecommerce tracking and that kind of stuff.

Just a quick note: I’ve had a quick look and I think for those advanced features you may need to upgrade to premium Hey whatever For the basic tracking, it’s totally free, So yeah Go check it out. (, smooth, electro, chill music ). The next plugin is a forms. Plugin Most websites need a form If you wan na, be able to kind of get in touch with you that kind of stuff. It’S good, have a form, especially on your contact us page. I’M gon na recommend a couple of plugins for this really, depending on how much money you’ve got and what sort of thing you’re looking to do For a really easy basic sort of form. I would recommend HappyForms, which is, as I said, a free form, plugin and really easy to build some cool forms and add them to your pages and posts. In fact, I’ve done a full video on this plugin a little while ago, I’ll put a link to that. In the description and probably serve well somewhere, If you want a bit more information about HappyForms and how to use it and all that kind of stuff do check that out.

A premium plugin that I’m gon na recommend is Gravity Forms which is a plugin. I use a lot. I’Ve got a developer licence, which is great value because you can then use it on as many sites as you like. Now you might want Gravity Forms if you’re looking to do something a little bit more complex If you’re gon na build a multi-page form where people have to fill a form and go to the next page and you get that kind of status across the top. It’S really good at doing that, Or maybe you wan na, integrate it with something like MailChimp or Constant Contact, or do some other really funky stuff with your forms. The good thing about Gravity Forms is that it’s got a whole load of extensions that are available with a developer licence. I think

And you can just add those gravity forms in it. It does some really cool technical, advanced stuff. If you’ve got some complex form requirements, then go for Gravity Forms. If you just want a simple contact form, then HappyForms will probably do it. Just fine (, smooth, electro, chill music ), So the next plugin is for SEO. Now, as WordPress comes when you instal, it is pretty good at SEO. It does most of the stuff right because it puts page titles in the right places that kind of thing, But if you want a little bit more control and you wan na, take your SEO to the next level, then you’re gon na need a plugin

The plugin I’ve been using for quite some time is Yoast SEO It’s one of the more popular SEO plugins out there. It’S had millions of instals and I just find it really good. A couple of things that I really like about it is: it makes it really easy to optimise your content. You basically add the keywords that you’re focusing on and it will read all your content and give you some recommendations on how you can improve it.

It also generates a XML sitemap, which you can then submit to Google. Tell Google about the post and pages you’ve got on your site. How often you update them All kinds of stuff really and that can really help your SEO and help you get indexed by Google and hopefully come up in the search results. If you’d like to learn more about Yoast SEO, I got some videos on the channel on how to set it up and do your sitemaps and all that kind of stuff. Again you’ll find links to all these videos in the description, ( smooth, electro, chill, music ). The next plugin is all around website speed. Now, when it comes to website speed, the main factor is actually gon na, be your hosting funnily enough. If you wan na find out more about hosting I’ve done an in-depth guide around hosting reviewing loads of different hosting companies. Checking out the speeds that kind of stuff

So if you want the fastest hosting then do check that out Again link in the description and probably in a card. But if you got the best hosting, but you wan na go even faster or maybe you’ve got rubbish hosting and you can’t afford to change. And you wan na squeeze a little bit more speed out of it. Then you’re gon na want a performance plugin And then the one that I’m gon na be recommending today is called WP Fastest Cache. It’S a free pplugin, but there is a premium version available, although I’m not quite sure. If you need the premium version, I’ve got both and not seen a lot of difference, You’re pretty fine with the free one. What this plugin does is it sets up a caching system on your website.

Now, without getting into too much techie stuff, a caching system is generally a good thing to have, because what it will do is create the pages on your website before a visitor comes to see them and when the visitor arrives, he can see this page straight away. That’S already been generated without WordPress having to generate the page every single time. This plugin has also got a load of other performance, enhancing features, including GZIP, and optimising your HTML and CSS and JavaScript. All that kind of stuff Go check. This plugin out, When you get it instal it tick all the boxes and see what effect it has on your speed. (, smooth electro, chill music ), So 2019 is gon na be the year of the page builder End of last year we had WordPress version five released and with that came the Gutenberg editor Now Gutenberg is sort of a page builder, post builder type of thing. It’S got blocks and you can drag and drop them. Add elements that kind of stuff

However, Gutenberg is a bit basic and if you want something a little bit more powerful that allows you to create some really nice pages and home pages and service pages and landing pages. You’Re gon na want Elementor, which is my preferred page builder right now. There are others available and they’re fine as well like Visual, Compser and Cornerstone, but right now I’m just loving Elementor. It’S so easy to use so powerful. You can just drag and drop things onto your pages and your post

It comes with a whole load of templates, which they are quite a few included with the free version. But if you want some more, you need to upgrade to pro. I just find it makes web design with WordPress so much easier and quicker and better. So if you haven’t seen Elementor go check, it out, Go and instal it. Now It works best with themes that I think are designed for it, but I’m pretty sure it will work with any theme that you’ve got Go, get it Go instal it. I think you’re gon na, like it

(, smooth electro, chill music ). The next plugin certainly is an essential one. You’Re pretty gon na want to instal this on every single WordPress website. You create It’s called Updraft and it does backups Not really exciting or anything like that, but something that needs to be done because bad things can happen to your WordPress website. Things could go wrong when you run an update, you can break it yourself. I mean that pretty easy, I’m breaking websites all the time You can get hacked, There’s a lot of bad stuff that can happen to a WordPress website, So you want a safety net and that safety net is a backup. The reason why I’ve chosen Updraft is it’s really easy to use You just instal it, and then you can generate a backup. Just by clicking a button, You can save the backups automatically to remote storage. Like Dropbox Google drive or something like that. You can also download the backups to your computer for safekeeping too

Then, when it comes to restoring the site, it’s pretty easy, You just go to upload the backup files or just restore them straight from within the plugin, Makes the whole backup process really easy. The plugin is free. I think there may be a premium version if you need some extra bells and whistles. If you’re not currently doing backups of your WordPress website, then you need to start doing them today. Ideally Go and instal. This plugin generate your backup and you can sleep sound in the knowledge that your website is gon na, be okay, (, smooth, electro, chill music ). The next plugin often gets overlooked. I think it’s been included in pretty much all of my best plugins guides ever since I started doing WordPress and YouTube and all that kind of stuff The plugin is Akismet Generally it’s installed by default when you instal WordPress, Although I think you need to turn it On and you do also need to go and get an API key

What Akismet does is it’s get rid of all that horrible comment spam that is a bit of a problem with WordPress blogs. You’Ve probably noticed that on your site, when you start adding content and you leave your comment forms on because, obviously you want some comments on your content. You start getting loads of weird stuff coming through that comment, form

Trackbacks pingbacks other random comments, often linking to dodgy drug sites. That kind of thing You don’t want any of that, and it’s too much to do it manually, going for every single comment and clicking the spam button. It’S too much Akismet. Does it all for you? It’S powered by servers that look at all the dodgy messages across all the WordPress websites, so they kind of have a good idea in terms of which comments are spam or which ones are legit. I’Ve never seen this plugin spam a legit comment, So no problem is on that front. I just instal it on every single site. In fact, I just activate it on every single site because, as I said, it’s generally installed by default, It just gets rid of all the spam and you don’t even notice it. It just does it in the background and that’s how it should be If you’re not running Akismet log in to your dashboard, now turn it on get an API key and say goodbye to comment. Spam.

(, smooth electro, chill music ) Plugin number ten is Redirection. Now this plugin is really useful, as it allows you to easily create 301 redirects. If you don’t know what a 301 redirect is, it basically allow you to redirect a visitor from an old URL to a new URL. This is useful if you are creating a new website, for example, and the structure of the site has changed. You can repoint the old pages to the new pages posts and products as well. That way, if a visitor follows an old link from somewhere on the internet, they don’t hit your page and get a page not found They’re seamlessly moved on to the new page and they don’t even notice it. I can’t stress how important 301 redirects are. If Google comes in and finds a page not found error 404 page, Maybe Google followed a link on the internet somewhere you’re gon na get a bit penalised and it’s gon na start de-indexing your site and generally play have it with your SEO.

If you do create a new site and change structure, you are gon na wan na use this plugin to create your 301 redirects. Other cool features with this plugin are that if you change the URL on a post, it will automatically create a 301 redirect for you to the new URL. So you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing and visitors getting lost and getting 404 pages, and that kind of thing Really good. Plugin, It’s free and just really useful (, smooth electro, chill music ). The next plugin is one that I use on pretty much every single WordPress site. I create It’s, not very exciting, not really interesting, but it’s useful. It’S called Simple Sitemap and it allows you to create a sitemap page for your website. That’S what it does It does. It really well It’s pretty flexible in terms of what you can show on the sitemap

I think that having a sitemap page is a good thing to have in terms of SEO and visitor experience. You can create this page with the plugin. You can add a little link to it and to your footer. It makes your site look all legit and professional. I think it’s really good for Google. I did a video recently on how to create the page with this plugin Again you’ll find the link in the description (, smooth, electro, chill music ). My next essential plugin is called Easy. Social Share Buttons.

I’M afraid this plugin is a premium plugin, but I think it’s worth the money. I use it again on pretty much every site that I set up. It basically allows you to add social sharing buttons to your post and your pages. The reason why I love this particular plugin is that it’s got so many options and so many features

That might sound like a bad thing and it might like it’s a bit overwhelming, but trust me it’s not. It’S actually really easy to set up The options for flexibility are just great because, depending on the site that you’ve got you’re gon na wan na add different types of social networks, and maybe you want them down the side of the post, or maybe you want them At the bottom of the post or the top, It basically gives you all that flexibility and allows you to add the social buttons that you want in the style that you want and in the location that you want So highly recommend it Go check it out. I did a video on it quite a while back, so I’m not sure how up to date that is, but again I’ll put a link to it in the description. ( smooth, electro, chill, music ). The next plugin is a related posts. Plugin

This is kind of cool if you wan na, add some posts to the bottom of your existing posts that are related. Does that make sense Anyway? I think you get what I mean. The reason why I like this plugin is that it’s really simple and straightforward, and in fact I use this on wpeagle.com. If you go, take a look at that post Scroll down to the bottom You’ll see it in action. Basically, just add some nice text links at the bottom of your posts to other related posts on your site, Good for your internal, linking which is good for SEO. It just kind of points visitors on to other content that they might be interested in, and hopefully, increases engagement and page views and all that kind of thing One thing to be aware of with related posts. Plugins is that they can be really resource, intensive and slow down your site. The good thing about this one is: it doesn’t do that It’s really efficient, it works really, and it’s really fast.

Go check it out: (, smooth, electro, chill music ), The next plugin, I’m gon na recommend is actually attached to a service, and that service is Iubenda. Am I saying that right? It just never sounds right Now. What Iubenda offer is a easy way to create your privacy policy and your cookie policy and all that kind of stuff. Basically, this plugin then enables you to easily add those things to your WordPress website. I’M not gon na talk about this in too much detail in this video because I got a full video. In fact, I got two full videos on how to use this service and plugin You’ll find links to them in the description. If you’re not running a privacy policy or a cookie policy on your site, then you really should, especially, if you’re in Europe, because those bureaucrats in Europe they love coming up with laws where you need to add all this stuff to your site, just to stay legal

Go check out the videos if you haven’t, got a privacy policy or cookie policy. Now, if you’ve got a really simple website without too much going on, then you could probably get away with just using that free version and create a very simple cookie and privacy policy. That way, if you’ve got a more advanced website, maybe an ecommerce site. That kind of thing Amazon, affiliate site, then you may need to upgrade to the paid version, but it only costs like seven dollars a month or something I probably should have looked this up before I started recording, but it’s only a small amount Go check them out And go check out my video tutorials on how to get them all set up. (, smooth, electro, chill music ). The next plugin is useful if you’re setting up a new site – or you need to do some work on your site, and you want to kind of take it offline, stop visitors, looking at it while you’re doing some major changes. That kind of thing Plugin is called Maintenance and it basically does what it says. It allows you to put up a really cool, looking maintenance screen so that when visitors come to your site and you’re doing some work or maybe it’s a new site – that’s not quite launched. Yet you usually have a nice with your phone numbers and your social network links

That kind of stuff You can turn it on and off as and when you need it Simple, free but really useful, Go check it (, smooth, electro, chill music ), There’s a lot of plugins in this video. Isn’T there We’re nearly there? I’Ve only got two more to share with you, Let’s get on with that. The next plugin is called TablePress. I don’t use this on every single website, because not every single website needs a table, But if you do need a table, then this one is pretty good.

Allows you to easily add your data. You can import from Excel using CSV files that kind of stuff You can see an action on my WordPress hosting post. You can find a link in the description to that one. I mentioned it earlier On that post. I’Ve got tables with data, and I’m using this plugin. It has a free version and a premium version. The basic version allows you to create basic tables. Basically, I said basic a lot there. It’S pretty gon na be fine for most peoples needs. If you wan na, add a few extra bells and whistles, maybe you wan na make the table more responsive or add the functionality so that people can sort the data within the table. Then there are few extensions that available

They’Re only a few dollars and you can just kind of pick and choose the ones you need It’s a really good plugin for tables, So go check out. Tablepress (, smooth, electro, chill music ) Final plugin I wan na share with you today, is called Really Simple. Ssl I’ve mentioned it a number of times in my SSL videos. Most hosting companies nowadays provide you with a free SSL certificate, which is a really good thing to have. For those of you that don’t know an SSL certificate allows people to connect to your site over a secure, encrypted connection That makes them feel really nice and safe when they’re filling in forms or going for a checkout

Now, even though hosting companies provide you with a free SSL certificate, you do need to configure your WordPress website in order to make use of it. What this plugin does is it does that, for you, You just instal the plugin turn it on and job’s done. If you want more information about securing your site with SSL, I’ve done a few videos on this You’ll find the links in the description.

That brings us to the end of this video Hope you found it useful. I hope you’re gon na go and check out some of those plugins that I mentioned. I think you should. I think they’re gon na really improve your site Well done for making it this far in the video. Not many people get to the end of my videos, funnily enough, If you enjoyed it and you found it useful. I’D really appreciate a like. Just click on the like button below Really helps me out. Remember, WP, Eagle merchandise is available on wpeagle.com, Go check it out, Get yourself a t-shirt, You’ll be the envy of all your friends, possibly If you had already subscribed, which I’m sure you are because why wouldn’t you be, But for whatever reason you forgot, you can do It right now, just by clicking on the eagle

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