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Phizz OTOs  –  What is Phizz ?

The Demo

The Phizz is a brand new app that’s not like anything you’ve seen before, and it leverages a unique hack that gets the vendor FREE buyer traffic and makes us money with NO SELLING required.


Step #1 – Get Phizz Before The Price Goes Up

Step #2 – Login-In To The Cloud-Based App And Activate Your FREE Buyer Traffic And Choose From five ‘Done For You’ Campaigns

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Phizz Is Battle-Tested And Proven To Make Money

the vendor team thoroughly tested this and made THOUSANDS of dollars with just minutes of simple work.

100% Newbie-Friendly

If you can click your mouse and you have all the skills you need to get results.

Complete System – Nothing Else To Buy

This is a complete money-making app with FREE traffic AND monetization built-in.

FREE traffic starts flowing very FAST

There’s no selling required.

Everything is done for you, so there are no complicated tasks required.

Once you get things set up and start making money, the money keeps coming while you sleep.

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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

Phizz OTOs Phase review: hey? What’s up, you guys! This is iris from, and this is my fizz review demo and 5997.4u bonus. I have a fantastic time-free bonus. I will show you that bonus in just a minute.

What is fizz? This is a brand new product released by Jason, falcon and in a nutshell, you can create different types of websites that will generate free traffic. Okay, so you can develop four other websites, and you can make more than one.

This means that you can use them yourself, you can Phizz OTOs sell them to clients, etc., so we will review them again. I’ll show you the bonus in just a minute and, as always, make sure to smash the like button subscribe to this channel, click on the bell, and leave me a comment.

Phizz OTOs


If you have any questions, let me share my screen. Let’s, jump

into this fizz review, guys, again, if you’re watching on youtube. The first link in the description takes you to my blog review now from here.

If you decide to pick up your copy, click on any one Phizz OTOs of these blue links. All of these are my affiliate links, and this way, you’ll get my bonus, so, as you can see, 9 a.m. Eastern on the march, the 2nd is when the phase goes live and, my first bonus is a huge done for you bonus.

We’ve done for you courses to sell okay. So these are my Phizz OTOs own courses. They are free courses in their pack, and you can repackage them. You can sell them, as is you can put your name on them. You can do whatever you want with this.

You can even give them away if you want to, so a vast down for Phizz OTOs your pack. Now I have more bonuses. I will show you the rest of the rewards in just a minute. Let me show you the sales page right now; as you can see, it says: fizz your minutes away from the unlimited free bar is traffic, push-button done for your campaigns, and a simple newbie-friendly hack.

That makes us money daily with no selling required. So let’s start scrolling. I have some proof. They include five done-for-you campaigns, by the way. So you don’t have to uh. You know, try to figure all of this out yourself.

It uses a no selling hack, and, as you can see, it creates Phizz OTOs buyer traffic, so Jason and sean. These are the two guys behind this product guys. The sales page is pretty long so that you can go for all of it. If you want to in detail again fizz, that’s the name of this new uh software, and also, this is my fizz review.

We have some more proof. We have some testimonials; you knowPhizz OTO all the usual stuff. They have some bonuses right here on the sales page; you’re going to get my rewards; on top of it, even more testimonials, guys, that’s.

Essentially it. You’re getting a money-back guarantee for 100 days. So pretty good security, and again that’s. Essentially it. Let me show you Phizz OTOs the inside of the member’s area. This is how it looks like, okay, so guys I’m, not going to be creating any websites right now; I’m just going to show you how to do it, and I’ll show you some examples.

Phizz OTOs links

Phizz OTO

Okay, so I will have a full demo and a separate teaser if you want to check it out right now. Let me show you how it looks like okay, so we have the dashboard right here, as you can see from the dashboard.

We have an entire website to create more than one website: uh total Phizz OTOs post, total users, article traffic sets, etc. So you know all the usual stuff that you can find on a dashboard. Then we have a website.

You can create a website or manage websites. So let me click on, create a website and show you how easy it is to create a website from scratch and, as you can see, we have actually, I said four: we have six different kinds of websites.

First of all, you can create a website with no template, Phizz OTOs, and we have a list site. So you know people are getting crazy about the top 10 lists or top-five lists. This is a list site that you’re going to create.

Obviously, for traffic play buzz website, quiz site website, uh buzz feed style, and news site. So again, it’s totally up to you. What kind of a class you Phizz OTOs want, and, as you can see, you can create a subdomain or create a custom domain, so again, even if you will complete this for a client, you can live with a custom uh domain, right here.

So let me create on uh let’s, go with a list site. Okay, so let’s, select the template. As you can see, this is the website that is already done for you. So we have ten most amazing last years. You know we can add any list right here.

People love this kind of list, and they go viral. So this is how it looks like; as you can see, you can create it with one click going Phizz OTOs back right here: uh, we have to click on, publish, and the website will be published for you.

So again, I already showed you how it would look like once it is already published. We have all these different pages right here on the bottle. We have all the social media. So, as you can see, you can add.

Quizzes articles, trivia polls, personality, quizzes, badges, and we contact us page. So this is one of these websites that you can create. We have another one. This is a quiz site, so with all the quizzes, as you can see, we have what type of parent you are, what holiday matches your personality, etc.

So this is how it looks like we have another one. This would be a play, bus-style website, so we have, you know, all of these various lists and these famous places to visit – and we also have this BuzzFeed-style website.

So this is something that you can use for viral articles. So again, it’s totally up to you what kind of a website you want to create. All the video training will be included on how to do this, make money with it, etc.

And again, you can set this up for clients if you don’t want to own a website like this yourself, so guys, that’s—the inside of the member’s area. I showed you the examples. Let me show you uh.

The pricing okay, so, as you can see, 19 is what you’re going to be paying for faze, and then we have seven one-time offers. So if you want to see precisely what the one-time offers are, what the funnel is again from youtube.

Just click on the first link in the description. This will Phizz OTOs take you to my blog review, and I have a full breakdown of the funnel, so fizz audio number one is the unlimited edition. So you’re, going to be removing all limits.

Phizz OTOs details

Phizz OTO

Creaite OTO

Supercharging your profits, creating unlimited money campaigns, and getting four additional done-for-you campaigns. This auto number two is a down for your pack, so here you’re getting 20, none for your profit campaigns.

These guys will set up all of this for you, and you can start making uh hands-free income. Physical number three is the diamond traffic edition. Here you’re gonna be getting guaranteed real human traffic to your site’s 100 effective and new sources.

If you need traffic, that’s option number three audio number: four: we have phase profit boosters, uh, so here you’re gonna get a secret strategy with a proven, step-by-step game plan. We’ll also give you 60 plus done for you.

Cash converting, swipes, uh physio to your number. Five is 1k high ticket paydays. Here you’re gonna get done for your high ticket offer. You can uh make one thousand dollar commissions with faze audio number.

Six is the traffic fuel here. You’re gonna be getting free Phizz OTOs traffic from youtube and rank higher on google and youtube. So you have a bunch of different uh modules like like and comment uh channel subscription, video link, wheel, youtube, rank tracking channel, and video analytics and more, and Phys audio number seven is license rights.

Here. You’re gonna get the opportunity to sell fizz as your own product and keep 100 of the profits to yourself on the whole funnel and in a nutshell. It is a business and a box, so guys’ audios are optional.

You’ll be fine with the main version of fizz alone, and everything I showed you in this video will be included in the main version. So right now, let me show you the bonuses I have in store for you again.

The first bonus that I already mentioned is a massive Phizz OTOs done-for-you pack, with free done-for-you courses to sell, so if you don’t want to do affiliate marketing, if you actually want to sell something and keep 100 of the profits instead of 50.

As an affiliate, these are three different courses. You can rename, resell, repackage bundle gives away to sell. You can do whatever you want with these, and these are my own dollars of the day awarded courses, by the way.

Okay, on top of all this, you will get free custom-made bonuses. These are three different ways to get traffic for free to your website. Next time, you’re going to get additional apps from me, so cash cow, that’s.

App number one done for your profits: app lazy profits, app 49 done for you emails, so these are seven email campaigns for seven different products. You can uh plug and play it and make money with email, marketing, Rolodex, poster software squeeze synergy.

Phizz OTOs don’t miss it.

Software link builder software Fiverr income secrets that’s. My wish of the day awarded product a Fiverr master class, riser free step, profit machines, quantum profits, piggyback cash system, fusion, newbie traffic formula, a bundle of 12 best money making plugins, and on top of this, we’re gonna get these exclusive VIP Bonuses, including big traffic, fire sale, im strategy, content, marketing blueprint,

Facebook as domination free business and free business pro get started SEO monetizing your blog newbie traffic system, page one ranking seon traffic strategies, traffic unleashed unlimited niche Viking email marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest youtube marketing.

Youtube rank analyzer, and Phizz OTOs on top of all this, you will get my mega bonus, which recently got bigger. It is now 100 152 w’s of the day’s day product, awarded products and plugins, and software, and much much more.

So my mega bonus alone is worth four thousand dollars, which means that this package’s total value is five thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars. All of these bonuses are yours for free, and I’m going to send you just as a thank you for picking up fizz through my link, guys. As always have a full written review right here on my blog, so feel free to check it out, and right now, I think we can sum up this fizz review so, guys.

This is a never-release, no selling hack, uh. This is a recession-proof business. Obviously, people love this kind of website. Buzzfeed quizzes, all of these viral websites, the list websites – you can create these websites with a push of a button.

You get all the training case study you’re, getting five donePhizz OTO for your campaigns included. Obviously, all of these websites will generate free buyer traffic. You have unlimited income potential. You can create many websites, not just one, and you are getting a 100 days, money-back guarantee so no risk on your part.

I wouldn’t say I like about-face now is a different approach to making money online, okay, so it’s slightly different from selling your own products or affiliate marketing or CPA marketing. So you will have to keep in mind that you have a website like this, and you have to know, check-in, and see how it’s doing once in a while.

It is automated, but you know it’s. Something to add to your make money online portfolio, so just something to keep in mind, guys, before you go. Let me actually show you how to claim my bonus after using my link and deciding to pick up your copy.

Phizz OTOs grab it

So all you have to do is go to your purchase history on warrior plus, so click on your icon with your name, go to purchase history, click on fizz, and below the button that says click here to access your purchase.

You should see another button saying bonuses from artik, so this is only if you use my links or any one of these blue links. All of this will be automated, so you don’t have to send me emails or receipts, guys.

For the last time, 9 am eastern on the march; the second is when fizz goes live; make sure to use my link to pick it up to get all of these amazing bonuses, including this done for you pack with done free courses to sell.

If you have any questions, leave me a comment, and don’t forget to like this video. Subscribe to this channel and click on the bell. This really really helps me out, and this way, I can record more review videos for you guys.

That was my Phys review. Thanks for watching, and hopefully, I will see you in the next review – video ciao.

Phizz OTOs