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Picture NFTizer Review

PictureNFTizer review

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Picture NFTizer Review – Overview

Creator Andrew Darius et al
Product Picture NFTizer
Launch Date 2022-May-25
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Official website Click here to visit
Front-End Price $24.95 One-time
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Level
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Niche Software
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly Recommend!

Picture NFTizer Review – What is it?

The Picture NFTizer app helps you convert phUpsell taken by your phone and pictures created by any NFT generator app into actual NFTs on the blockchain

Picture NFTizer is an app with proprietary PNT technology that allows people to convert phUpsell taken with their iPhone and pictures created by any NFT generator app into actual NFTs on the blockchain.

I want you to realize that contrary to what the sales pages of many so called NFT generators tell you the pictures they generate are not actually NFTs.

These are just pictures like phUpsell on a phone that can be used as NFTs but they are not NFTs yet.

The Picture NFTizer App is not only a 100% turnkey solution for converting pictures to NFTs it can also help you discover how to overcome the number one problem that NFT creators have with their initial collection sales on OpenSea.

Everyone has pictures and now they can turn them into NFTs.

And it won’t work without uploading them to OpenSea and calling it a day.

OpenSea is an excellent platform for secondary sales that can lead to lucrative royalties but unfortunately due to overcrowding right now the chances of a new series making a successful first sale there are slim.

Picture NFTizer is the first app of its kind that allows users to turn what they already have into an NFT

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Picture NFTizer Review – About Creator

This product was created by Andrew Darius et al. He is a passionate online marketer and a very prominent figure. Over the past few years he has been known to have a passion for technology which is reflected in the products he has successfully launched for numerous users.

Here are some of his previous successful releases that you may have heard of: Storyxy NFTcollectionMaker v2 MotionNFTmaker Leadono 2.0 VSLmaker 2.0 Speechdio 2.0 NewscasterVocalizer 2.0 Motioney and more.

Picture NFTizer Review – How Do You Use This App

The Picture NFTizer app is very easy to use just follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Enter a name and description for your collection.
Step 2: Enter the maximum number of NFTs in the collection and click a few buttons to deploy the NFT contract on the Ethereum network.
Step 3: Copy/Paste the code to your website and start selling.

Picture NFTizer Review – Features and Benefits

  • The world’s #1 NFTizer app with PNT technology
  • Customize and deploy your NFT Ethereum contracts directly from the dashboard
  • Highly optimized Ethereum NFT contacts. Reduce NFT minting fees by up to 60%.
  • Includes FREE Software Updates
  • Cloud App – Nothing To Install
  • As Easy As It Gets To Use

Picture NFTizer app turns phUpsell and pictures into actual NFTs on the blockchain

Are you ready to discover the first market-breaking app with proprietary PNT technology that allows you to convert phUpsell taken by your phone and pictures created by any NFT generator app into actual NFTs on the blockchain?

If so not only will I show you a 100% turnkey solution but I’ll also show you how to overcome the #1 problem that NFT creators have with their initial collection sales on OpenSea.

PNT technology does all the heavy lifting:And because PNT technology does all the heavy lifting you only need to fill in some basic information click a few buttons and you have your NFT ready on the blockchain.

PLUS – to do all this you don’t need any NFT or technical experience at all

Contrary to what others may tell you their own phUpsell and pictures are not NFTs yet: I hope you realize that contrary to what many so-called NFT generator sales pages tell you the pictures they generate are not actually NFTs Not NFTs. These are just pictures just like the phUpsell on your phone Can be used as NFTs but they are not NFTs yet.

Unless you’re a popular influencer don’t just upload a picture to OpenSea and call it a day: If you’ve tried to pre-sell a collectible by uploading to OpenSea I ask you a question: have you ever sold ?

Aside from already popular influencers and their friends hardly anyone I spoke to sold anything after uploading their images to OpenSea. Don’t get me wrong.

OpenSea is a great platform for secondary sales but too crowded for initial sales: OpenSea is a great platform for secondary sales that can bring you great royalties Initial sales there. This seems like a chicken-and-egg problem you need to have a sold-out collection to get people interested in trading your NFTs on OpenSea but selling out on OpenSea with a newly created collection is almost impossible Possibly unless you have built a large following or There is luck for big lottery winners.

OpenSea Chicken/Egg Problem: Below I’ll show you how to solve the OpenSea chicken/egg problem but first let me explain what NFTs are why phUpsell or pictures you generate from NFT generators aren’t NFTs yet and how others can sell them collection of NFTs.

By the way if you don’t want to use your phUpsell to create collections and you don’t have software that can generate images for NFT collections there is a link in the members area for an app that can generate image collections for you.

What Is NFT?

Without going into technical details NFT basically refers to print in the digital age which is the same as online real-world art print.

But there is a very important twist – it is minted onto the blockchain.

What is NFT Minting?
Minting is the digital engraving of picture tokens into the blockchain it cannot be removed but it can change owners.

The result of the minting is called NFT.

At a high level NFT simply means unique.

What gives NFT value and why pictures have no resale value until minted:It is the immutability of the blockchain that gives NFTs value because pictures minted to NFTs can demonstrate verifiable identity and scarcity.

This is pretty much everything you need to know about minting and NFTs.

As you can see until pictures become NFTs through minting to the blockchain they have no resale value at all.

The problem is that because an Ethereum contract uses a special Solidity programming language there are a limited number of developers who know it.

That’s why hiring such a developer is expensive and even finding one isn’t easy.

It’s hard to hire a developer experienced in the Solidity programming language and their labor costs are very high which is the main reason why most people just upload their favorite images to OpenSea and hope for the best.

Although the app will deal with blockchain Andrew Darius wants Picture NFTizer to be as easy to use as any simple web app.

He asked developers to hide any complexities about Ethereum contracts and make contract customization as easy as entering a name and the maximum number of NFTs to mint.

He wants to ensure that users deploy their contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few button clicks.

Also unlike OpenSea he wants users to own their own contracts and have full control over the contracts and their NFTs.

Finally he asked the development team that the only external application that users need to install to use Picture NFTizer is a simple and free Chrome or Firefox add-on.

Picture NFTizer app is so easy to useAnyone without any technical skills or even prior knowledge about NFTs can deploy their own NFT contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and get ready to mint NFTs as fast as possible.

No technical skills or even prior knowledge about NFTs are required: The input required to customize an Ethereum contract is as simple as a description text linking to the name and price of the location where the image is hosted. After your name description and price are complete all you have to do is click a few buttons to deploy your contract to Ethereum blockchain.

Full ownership and control of your NFT blockchain contracts:The only external application you need to use Picture NFTizer is the Metamask browser plugin which is available for Chrome and Firefox and can be downloaded for free from the official app store.

Using your own Metamask gives you full ownership and control of your NFT blockchain contracts.

Picture NFTizer doesn’t even have admin access to your NFT contracts only you can:This means that unlike OpenSea Picture NFTizer it does not use a centralized contract for all of its users’ NFTs not even admin access.

It makes your contracts more secure as you will be the only one who can change any contract parameters using the Metamask plugin.

Copy/paste the code to your website and start selling right away:Best of all Picture NFTizer provides you with a web code that not only allows people to buy your NFT from your webpage but also mints their purchased NFT into the blockchain as soon as they pay.

While creating code like this is usually a complex step Picture NFTizer makes it as easy as possible.

As a Picture NFTizer user all you need to do is copy/paste the ready made code from your account into your web page and you are done.

Fee Update and Bonus Access Pass for the Secret “Alpha” Group:Picture NFTizer’s PNT technology is light years ahead of the competition and includes all updates so you always have the latest version.

That’s why you can be confident that whatever progress happens over time you’ll get it.

Your membership is also a pass to the secret “Alpha” group where you can not only share your favorites but also discuss all NFT-related content with others including hot new trends to learn about NFT hot downtrends.

Special Limited Time Early Access Pricing:Because we believe in rewarding early adopters we will give you instant access to Picture NFTizer at a special limited-time early adopter price.

This means that if you get access today you’ll get massive savings and grandfather access right away.


We also want to remove any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking the risk for you. You will have a full 30 days to try the software. If you try our software and system and you don’t think it’s right for you we’ll gladly refund all your money

There is 100% no­-risk

We’re here to support you and we won’t keep you a penny unless we surprise you with our product. If you have any dissatisfaction within these 30 days please contact us. We will send every penny back to you promptly. Nothing to ask.

Picture NFTizer Review – Price & Upsells

Picture NFTizer FE ($24.95)

Picture NFTizer Upsell

You can also consider the following upsells with more advanced features:

Picture NFTizer Upsell 1:Picture NFTizer PRO

  • 10,000 Pictures Max Collection Size
  • 30 More Collections
  • Upgraded NFT Contract With Burn Feature
  • Full One Year Access

Picture NFTizer Upsell 2: NFTizer Whitelist ($47)

  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Unlimited Whitelists (one per contract)

Picture NFTizer Upsell3: Picture NFTizer Multichain ($47)

  • Deploy on Solana
  • Deploy on Polygon
  • Deploy on Avalanche
  • Deploy on Binace Smart Chain
  • Deploy on Fantom
  • Deploy on Harmony
  • Full One Year Access

Picture NFTizer Upsell4: Picture NFTizer Reseller ($97)

  • License To Provide Services
  • Unlimited contract deployment (unlimited collections)
  • UNLIMITED Max Collection Size
  • Change the maximum number of mints for deployed collections.

Picture NFTizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to install Picture NFTizer on my computer?
A: No Picture NFTizer is cloud software so you don’t need to install anything on your computer

Q: How much do updates cost?
A: We provide all updates for version 1.x free of charge for the duration of the license.

Q: Do you provide tutorial videos?
A: Yes we have created a whole set of video tutorials.

Q: How do I get support?
Answer: Simple! Visit us at support.explaindio.com

Q: Do you have money back guarantee?
A: Yes we do offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Just drop us a message and we will refund your purchase in full.



Picture NFTizer Bonuses

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