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PPC Shortcut OTO

What is PPC Shortcut  ?

PPC Shortcut is a collection of done for you winning PPC campaigns that are ready for your customers to upload to their google and Bing ads accounts.

This really is the ultimate PPC shortcut…

Because we’ve selected the top performing clickbank, jvzoo and warrior plus products

And created all the ads, completed the keyword research and created properly structured ppc mega campaigns that are ready to be deployed in just a few clicks.



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

in this ppc shortcut PPC Shortcut OTO

review i’m going to be showing you a training and shortcut that’s going to allow you to copy guys that have done over 2 million dollars in ad spend across PPC Shortcut OTOs


various networks and you’re going to be able to copy all of their best campaigns that are actually making money and make sure you stick around until the end of this video as i’m going to be showing you all the different otos and PPC Shortcut OTO

upgrades that they’re going to be offering you so that you PPC Shortcut OTO
can make a better decision on whether or not this is right for your business and for those of you that are new to my channel my name is mike thomas i’m a seven figure affiliate marketer and i do these reviews


every single day so that you can make better decisions on what’s PPC Shortcut OTO

right for you and for your business on upcoming courses and softwares and make sure that you hit that like button below and the subscribe and bell notification button so that you can get notified of all the hottest internet marketing


products coming out and get the best prices bonuses discounts and more and at any time during this review if you want to check this product out feel free to click that button below and you can take a look at it again at any time but before we PPC Shortcut OTO


get into the product i want to show you my bonuses really quick that you’ll be getting if you purchase this through my link so my first PPC Shortcut OTO

bonus that you’ll be getting is you’re going to get access to a live training to make sure that you get your first campaign set up PPC Shortcut OTOs


in record time so if you’re someone that is a little bit worried you need a little bit of extra support where you’re going to get a live training on how to do that my second bonus is a 2020 traffic sources guide so you’re going to get all the best traffic sources in 2020 not stuff that


worked five years ago but stuff that’s actually working today bonus number three is i’m going to give you access to 40 cheap traffic sources that you can get started with in your PPC Shortcut OTO

business today so even more traffic for your business and i’m going to give you my award-winning affiliate income secrets course this is my personal PPC Shortcut OTO


course that i put out this teaches my affiliate marketing business and you can not only have access to that but i’m going to give you resell rights you can take that resell it and keep 100 of the profits now before we jump onto the sales page i want to tell you guys that david is a an amazing traffic expert now he’s been doing this for


years now and he gets amazing results and before i even decided to review this product i told him i was like david i want to see what you’re doing like show me some proof here that i can show people so that you’ll they’re going to know that you’re the real thing PPC Shortcut OTO so here this is proof of not from last year not from like months ago this is proof from


october 1st to october 10th PPC Shortcut OTO where he was able to do 122 000 euro which is 130 000 or something like that in sales here from using ppc uh from pay-per-click traffic uh here’s another one here you can see funnel sales coming in october 10th uh 609 dollars october 9th 1200 1 400 1 000.


900 1500 just amazing funnel stats new contacts he’s adding look he added in over a thousand new leads he’s got 543 000 leads that he’s added into the system


um that’s incredible uh here’s his current balance on his uh it looks like a jvzoo screenshot here he’s been able to make 46 thousand dollars in the last what 30 days here from jvzoo that’s pretty incredible uh 241 thousand dollars in revenue here and also


here’s another one that he’s he just promoted to digital day care uh he’s able to make seven thousand dollars in commissions from that so i mean he’s the real deal he’s really doing this uh let me bring you to the sales page it says here


save time get more leads and make more money our best done for you campaigns campaigns that are proven to get results paid traffic doesn’t have to be expensive get started for five bucks get access to 15 proven campaigns in multiple niches everything is optimized


and ready for you we’ve done all the keyword research made everything compliant um no paid nope traffic and affiliate marketing experience needed so you don’t need to actually know what you’re doing and no waiting to actually get this done here’s more more income proof that they have here from this here’s david


uh and uh and his partner uh and it’s just that simple they’ve got the keyword research uh done they’ve got the the ad copy done uh actually building out the uh the campaign they’ve done that for you they’ve done all the tweaking which is that that’s one of the hardest parts with uh paid traffic is a lot of times with paid traffic they start out and they tweak things and tweak


things and tweak things and they are not profitable in the beginning which is why most people quit and they tweak it until it becomes profitable so they’ve already done all that for you so you can just copy that um bring you down here more regular training okay so


here’s here’s how it works follow the step by step done for you campaigns uh you kick off your campaign with as little as five bucks now you can sit back and watch your leads and everything come in from a proven campaign i think that’s for me that’s really powerful the fact that you don’t have to worry like am i doin


g this right uh am i messing up a big part of this that i should be doing that i’m not doing and now i’m screwing up and i’m losing money blah blah blah like they’ve taken all that away from me so they’ve got the step-by-step training here from two people expert ppc marketers pay-per-click marketers they’ve spent over two million dollars running


ads that’s incredible uh just here’s all the click look at all these clicks three million clicks coming in with um and here’s a testimonial ppc shortcut is an amazing product uh someone who is using paid traffic to generate leads and sales this adc course is a perfect weapon this is a newbie friendly system etc yeah so it’s it’s


got all that in there all that included in there on the front end offer you get the step-by-step training you get the done-for-you campaigns and you get the bonuses all for really really cheap just around it’s gonna be around during


the if you’re here during the launch period it’s gonna be around 13 for that if you’re here after um then you you missed out on the launch pricing make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss out on on those launch pricings here but um yeah that’s the front end offer let’s go


over and take a look in the actual members area so this is what you’re going to get once you purchase access to the members area you’ve got all your different campaigns in here ready for you to go and when you click on those it will have you you can watch the video to set it up you download your campaign and you’ve got the different bridge pane the bridge page resources


here to use with that uh and then you can uh there are done for you upgrades i’ll go through the upgrades in a minute but you you have to apply to there’s like jvzoo that you want to go through warrior plus uh and they’re gonna have all that uh


all your affiliate links there that you’re gonna that you’re gonna need to go with this uh to be able to set up all these campaigns with this so um that’s that’s the front-end offer that you’re gonna see there let’s walk through the otos s


o here the oto so you’re gonna be offered uh and this is gonna be kind of neat for you guys to see here um there’s the first one is twenty seven dollars they get three done for you bridge sites so sites you can actually send people to so like you don’t actually send directly


to the affiliate offer that’s how a lot of people get in trouble uh you try to post like a jvzoo link on uh on like facebook or google and they’re not gonna allow the affiliate link so you need to actually have a page in between to send it to so that’s done three done for your bridge pages and then they have a down cell


that’s just one of them next one is 30 extra mega campaigns so you’ve got more campaigns plus google ads training or you get the downside which is 15 and i guess you don’t get the training


the next one you upgrade ninety seven dollars uh for the pp ppc kit done for your service so they’ll do they’ll build out your campaigns for you or you can just get ppc kit they’re going to offer your download credit for 67.



Then they have four master classes for 147 and then for 297 they’ve got a new split testing software uh that will will allow you to split test your campaign so just extra optional softwares


there that you can get into so you’ll see here the funnel they’ve got all this stuff here it’s all optional you can get what you want and not get what you want if you just want the front end offer if you just want one on the sales page get that pick and choose which ones you want if you don’t want any of them uh it’s completely fine but if you if you do want those bridge pages and more done view


campaigns then you have and you or you want the dump view service or the the split testing software you want to check that out then you can uh you can do that at your uh at your discretion okay so what do i think about ppc shortcut well if i had to say something bad about it here’s the thing it’s paid traffic


you have to spend money on traffic you have to spend as little as five dollars a day to get started and to start putting money into this to get that traffic back that being said doing other forms of traffic if y


ou’re going to do seo if you’re going to do social media if you’ve tried this already you know that those traffic sources take a lot of time and there’s no way to scale them out i’m doing this review video it’s going to go up on youtube and there’s only


a finite amount of traffic that’s going to come to this video just because it’s going to be based upon people searching for it if you’re doing pay-per-click advertising you can put an advertisement out there you can put it out to millions of people in the world and get a ton more clicks but in order to do that you need to know what you’re doing which is where most people fail most people


don’t have any idea how to do pay-per-click advertising so they go out there and they try it they fail with it and then they they never do it again with this product this is what i like about this is that this is based on their done for


you campaigns they’ve actually tested these these are working if you’re someone that wants to just have it all done for you then this is a perfect way of doing that and if you want to learn how to do that if you don’t just want to take that fish if you want to actually learn


how to fish you can upgrade and get that training as well and learn how to do ppc marketing i’m personally going to take a look at that training as well as i need to learn how to do this i need to get better with ppc uh traffic as it’s the lifeblood of really taking businesses from a great income into an amazing income


thank you so much for checking out my ppc shortcut review if you like this video click that like button below as it really helps out with the youtube algorithm and if you want to check out this product you can click the link below or up here and check that out


as well and if you like my reviews click that uh subscribe button and the bell notification button to get notified of all my review videos coming out i really try to give you guys the info on the best products the best bonuses and the PPC Shortcut OTO

best discounts for those thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you again in my next review video thanks

PPC Shortcut OTO