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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video


Hey, please watch this short video, and you will get the answers. You are [ Music, ] seeking all right good day, guys how you are going it’s marked Barrett here. First things. First, on behalf of myself and my partner, James Fawcett would like to say a massive, massive thank you for stopping by today.Profit Mayhem OTO

Look we’re, very bloody excited for what we’ve got on offer here today. So let’s just dive straight in, okay. So look for those of you that know us are pure. You don’t. James and I are in our own right super affiliates.


Profit Mayhem OTO


Okay, we do very, very well on a daily basis and produce at least a thousand to two thousand dollars a day as affiliates us dollars. Okay, um, we’ve been doing very, very well for the longest time, teaching people our process as well.

But I’ll be honest: up until now, it’s been a very mechanical process with a lot of moving pieces. Okay, so affiliate marketing in itself is rather easy. What we do has a lot combined that sort of compacts into a pretty big process, all right and honestly, for the longest time, James and myself have been discussing – probably for at least 12 months about.

We really wanted to build uh an application, a piece of software that’ll take every single one of the things that we do put it all together in Profit Mayhem OTO a simple point-and-click process for you guys. So for those of you that you know a little bit technically challenged or you might be struggling, we wanted to make the process so streamlined in one piece of kit, one software so that you could um.

You know, basically, move forward and see the types of affiliate marketing results we have. Okay. Now we looked around. There was honestly nothing on the market that even compared to what we wanted to do so truthfully, um, with months and months of planning and, to be frank, quite an amount of development costs.

Uh, we’re happy to say we have finally put together the worlds. First done for your point and click affiliate marketing software that takes everything from traffic list. Building affiliate marketing combines it all together and puts it in one piece of kit, so we’re very happy to check this out. Yeah, good day, guys.

Profit Mayhem OTOs

I’m pretty excited about sharing some of the results that I’ve been getting with profit mayhem, um. You know it’s. It’s pretty awesome to be able to generate. You know Profit Mayhem OTO some free traffic, as well as even on top of paid traffic, and generate some of the results that have really been garnishing here with profit mayhem.

So I’m just going to jump into my affiliate stats here, and, as you can see here, I promoted a product called one-page profits, and I was able to generate 47 sales at 800 in the last three days. So you know the results: are there so once you get hot Profit Mayhem OTO targeted buyers that the conversions really explode and you really are being able to guys a lot of um sales in upgrades now? On top of that, I’ll be able to do Rebuilds 2.

0 in the last three days, and I did an additional 451.41 cents, so I was pretty excited about that before that my conversions were sitting around about 2 and using profit mayhem um well, as you can see here bridge.

This is what the original page was, and then once I kicked in profit mayhem, it went up to nearly five percent conversion rate and 451 dollars, so pretty excited about the results. Guys, um, as you can see here, not all the results here are part of it, but you know it’s a pretty significant number when

you actually look at some of the results here in the last three days of 800 bucks, so guys um Yeah, I just wanted to show you really quickly some of the results on profit mayhem, and I really look forward to you guys, um, cashing in on um.

You know some of the results using the system that’s being shown to you today, cheers guys all right cheers James now, as you can see guys, we originally set out for the prophet mayhem software to literally just replicate what we’Ve been doing okay, but what we found is for whatever reason it may be,

because it’s all in a one, simple process that it’s, just skyrocketed our conversion rates as well, meaning that we’re actually doing better than what we were originally doing, somehow I don’t know how that’s happened.

Profit Mayhem OTO links bonuses

It’s, replicated the exact exact same process, but whatever it’s working better okay, so it’s. Pretty awesome, so guys, the nuts and the bolts of this okay is profit. Mayhem is a point, click and profit app that we’ve built okay; it’

S literally. Do this do this? Do that all inside of one cloud-based app, Profit Mayhem OTO meaning it’ll work on any single device? You have you literally pick up a copy now, at one load time, price jump in you.’

Ve got the whole process all inside. Okay. You set everything up, and away you go; it’ll run itself on autopilot. For you now, this is an absolute world. First, okay, um. Some of the things we’ve had to do to go through development required a lot of approval.

Okay, required approval from the traffic networks required approval from um in integration. Standpoint like this is a true world’s. The first piece of kit – and I can see why nobody else has done it because, truthfully, it was a little bit of a pain to build um.

Our developers Profit Mayhem OTOdeserve a hell of a lot of kudos for what they’ve done here for us, but mostly for you guys, okay, so we’ve put quite an amount of money into this. What we’re looking to do is help you achieve exactly what it is we do as affiliates all right, like I’ll be truthful.

Profit Mayhem OTO

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