Profit Tearz Review & Bonuses : Should You Buy it Or Not ?+Profit Tearz OTOs Upsell

Profit Tearz Review

Profit Tearz Review – extempore review bonuses on all there is to Profit Tearz Review it hi this is JP for example that we totally welcome to my extempore review it is a pleasure to have you all here now this is a revamped ok of yeah all stemple ad and suffer ok that was launched  Profit Tearz Review at eleven a month ago but this is a new version okay a ribbon on the all application and software okay on which allows you okay to use your phone okay as a teleprompter okay because actually these people that actually doesn’t come up with an idea and grab the phone and start talking without hi-c tape without a stutterer mmm okay and but they want to do a video so badly so this app this software

Profit Tearz Review

ok allows you to use your phone as an teleprompter okay on which as you see of the news there’s people that should look at the camera but on the camera they seen what they need to say okay and with this app it goes with the same thing you look at the camera okay but in a phone there is a story that actually you are reading okay so I am in the members area all for this product okay on which I will tell you all about it okay this is a frequently asked questions in all the page the bonuses that I will tell you in just a second and the counter cree-cree generator RK and more ideas for podcasts

Profit Tearz Review

okay now it is a compel so you stick around okay because you’re going to need this and also I have a kid cool bonus package I’ve been prepared for just sclusively alright and actually you won’t find my bonuses elsewhere okay and spent a lot of time putting these bonuses all together okay and I don’t want you to miss out of course you are more than welcome to shop around and see what other marketers offering and you can go back to check mine as well but you have to hurry because you have this timer okay on which when you reaches zero okay this patient will come down and you will lose all your bonuses then I then prepare for your exclusive it okay now starting right now with the first bonuses okay the first one is a tutorial okay on which you will learn how to create high quality videos using an unknown method okay you have to okay be prepared be ready and be blown away with this simple method actually to allow you and help you to create high quality videos okay now if you are more aggressive okay you

can use this path okay and broadcast live on YouTube okay and you can make those videos live on a breeze okay I know actually with this software you can get it at no time okay it is a great great tool and you can use it to promote a product and services as well and also sell okay this product as well as a service or agency or resell this product as a your honor but I will tell you a little bit in a little bit more okay now you will have access okay when your video is done okay to a secret weapon okay on which you will maximize your potential earnings okay make your list and like I said make money on the okay now don’t forget that actually these bonuses are absolutely free of charge whether you binding first OTO the first front end

Profit Tearz Review

okay or the audios okay doesn’t matter all the videos will be waiting for you as possibly when you’re finished with your purchase and I will tell you how to claim your bonuses in just a bit now you’re going to get access as well once your videos finish okay the best YouTube ranking horse okay and this is going this will help you quite a lot get ranked for the videos that you make if you do in a promotion okay and if you’re doing for what you’re doing for even actually what you’re selling okay and this will help you quite a lot and also dear vendors bonuses okay which I will tell you in just a bit which are okay and as follows okay the WordPress mobile coupon plug-in the modern internet marketing if you want to use it on this room it will be a great at UofL due to maturity motive modern video marketing okay a video marketing profit kit extremely is built in pro plugin so modern social media marketing find your niche and YouTube leads you will have all these bonuses on the members area okay now continuing with this okay I will tell you how to claim those bonuses okay tomorrow May 1st at 11 a.m.

Eastern Standard Time okay this product will be alive okay when you click the link down below this video you will find in this page okay however this bottom will be live as I said at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time okay on May 1st okay now when you click on it they will take you to the sales page okay you have two options to buy whether it’s for personal use or for the actually you want to use more videos because only personal you will find also the maximum length of the video of five minutes okay and you can sell okay if you want

to buy only $37 price maximum 10 minutes for video and you can sell it your clients okay this is in fact the sales page pretty simple pretty straight to the to the point is discovering nasan are also apt are surprising expensively the equipment with your smartphone okay each car it is an app and also a software okay an app bills his bill buyers ok the apps the app has a software built-in okay on which you can edit your video okay add this story okay start talking do your video edit your video and boom that is it high quality high quality stuff now when you purchase this product alright it will take you to a JB suit on which this product is hosted okay and you will find a list of the products actually you have bought okay doesn’t matter which whether you bought the front and audio Tio’s my bonuses will be there as well okay you don’t have to worry about and then you will take you to a page that looks like this alright this is about our JB’s you received ok on which down here okay you will get a tax access to diem bonus that I am talking to you right now this is the access for your purchase and this light blue button will get access get you access to and the those bonuses

okay but you have to hurry because you have this time okay before this goes away now prices and observes okay icon like I said okay for $27 you have access to the program and the app okay so use it you know on your phone okay now like I said okay you have two choices okay in the front end you can buy it for $27 which is a limited to five it’s or $37 okay which will give you the ability to sell those videos to your clients okay and give you 10 minutes per video okay now the pro version it gives you more advanced features okay to take your videos on to the next level and make your videos look like real love really come from a house production okay like it was

done with Adobe pro or Premiere Pro you know although those high quality or Sony Vegas I don’t know if they still exist now I think it’s the Vegas only but it would look like actually your video teeth are done like that I mean in a studio on a high quality student for sixty seven dollars you can get access to the pro version now like I was saying before if you want to sell just feed your videos to high quality and videos okay you can get access okay and actually for an agency or for half of 147 and dollars okay you can exceed kleiss two stories I can add maximum of 25 clients to manage their video projects okay you can sell this okay as an agency to 24 clients okay and they pay you for use for using this application okay you can okay you do whatever you want for one hundred and forty seven dollars you can have access to the agency version of extempore now if you want to sell okay as your own product okay you will get access if you want to sell 50 product 50 actually front end products okay you will be given a reserved rights for two hundred and ninety seven dollars okay you can sell only 50 products for two hundred and ninety seven dollars okay just a front-end multiply a fifty by 27 you do the math or okay 100 accounts okay for two three hundred and ninety seven dollars you can sell this maybe two hundred accounts each you have to sell and apparently traffic power to one hundred of people okay you do them up 27 plus 100 okay you do the math for three hundred and ninety seven dollars okay you can have all the abilities to sell okay as I said you can sell 50 or 100 copies according to the

price you paid okay as a commercial license for a prosperous client okay I keep selling a beautiful phone oh I get 50% on all the sales and 100% on the front and just I remember I didn’t talk about deep audios I choose to the math on the front end and I like he said okay how 100% on the front end of the cells of example commercial okay and the commercial version in his price thirty-seven dollars okay you do the math all right now the I stand for cells okay this is the front and you can see thirty seven dollars or commercial or twenty seven dollars on the thirty seven dollars on the commercial on twenty seven dollars excuse me as a personal

use ok Cantonese King online I should be definitely treated like royalty okay okay this is a pretty long or lengthy wait which tell you more about this product okay and here you will find more detail of VD in video how exempt or works okay and if you are a video guy and like to be on camera or you if you want to sell video and tell those videos or trying to find you know clients as an agency okay this is a great great opportunity for you to make Bank okay like I said you will have to hurry because actually this timer when reaches zero okay this page will come down and all my bonuses will disappear okay remember example will be live tomorrow my fear my first at 11:00 a.m.


Eastern Standard Time and you better hurry to get it at the earliest price okay and I totally recommend it actually get it the resellers because if you have the power the ability to at least train 50 ok copies for 297 okay at $37 multiply 50 by $37 just the front end I’m not counting the audios you know their funnel ok guys so this is my take 2 of example I’ll help you find a valuable okay and then get it to work okay it is a great event using myself and actually loved it okay great so yeah there’s no much to it okay and I will see you later on okay guys so take your easy stay healthy stay in door and get your bones to work okay this is JP signing off bye for now stay healthy all right [Music].

Profit Tearz Review