Profit Tearz Review


Profit Tearz Review

Profit Tearz Review  prophets peers review and three thousand nine Profit Tearz Review hundred and ninety seven dollar bonus hey what’s up guys this is art from art of marketing and this is my profit tears review I have a huge boner stupid war of almost , Profit Tearz Review  four thousand dollars now this is a brand new product released by Jason Felton and Marc berry two Australian

guys two of my good friends and actually mark is the one that came up with this whole concept in a case study he made one hundred and thirty eight dollars in a single day without selling anything okay so I know that some of you guys out there maybe you’ve tried affiliate marketing and it didn’t work because you actually have to sell something you’re only making a commission when someone else is making a purchase now with this strategy you’re not selling anything or essentially doing free giveaways and you’re making money this way so it’s absolutely brilliant now mark was I think his in the top five or top seven

Profit Tearz Review

Profit Tearz Review

vendors on warrior plus then he took a few years off and n

ow he’s back with his new strategy so he started this from an absolute scratch so he didn’t use his existing list for it or anything like this he made his money from scratch and now you can do because he’ll show you exactly how he did it okay so let me share my screen let’s jump into this profit tears review so this is the sales page and as you can see it’s a struggling newbies does making zero dollars online bring tears to your face profit tears new case study reveals the no selling pandemic proof method this dead used to go from zero to one hundred thirty six dollars plus daily and how you can do to without selling experience or paid traffic so again everyone wants to make money and the pandemic but not a lot of people actually want to spend money people want to save

Profit Tearz Review

as much as they can so that’s why this is a great strategy because again you’re not selling anything let’s just scroll down let’s check out the rest of the sales page three simple steps one hundred and thirty six days this is how much mark actually made and obviously this will work for a larger payments too so as you can see you know he makes two hundred three hundred even a thousand dollars right here the same exact strategy okay so on the sales page they say you know it’s released by Jason Fulton and mr.

X Oh mr. X is Mark Barrett again my good friend so that’s the mystery there for you again 136 dollars and just one day this is a case study profit tears and this is my profit theories review again three simple steps some testimonials more proof so again this can be used for making money this way or any other way because you actually will learn about traffic and this traffic can be applied to anything that Jason right here traveling all around the world some more testimonials all the you know bonuses and everything else so you’re gonna get my bonus is obviously on top of whatever is mentioned on the sales page thirty days money-back guarantee and that’s it again or you can go through all of this in your own time as always let me show you the inside of the members area this is how it looks like a pay so you can see again Jason Fulton mark Barrett welcome to profit tears so we have the welcome video right here then we have training modules as you can see we have welcome to privateers Network sign up and offer the basic method so this is a network that I was not actually familiar with okay so it’s not about warrior plus or JB’s your Clickbank

this is a network working with CPA marketing and it cost per lead marketing okay so it’s just a different way of making money again you don’t have to sell anything because this is CPA is called cost per action okay so if someone takes an action like entering their email or like sometimes it’s even just as simple as submitting their zip code you’re making a commission now these commissions are a little bit smaller you know you won’t be making no $50 per commission you’re making anywhere from 50 Cent’s maybe to $5 per commission but with that being said it is much much easier to actually convince someone to enter their email or enter their zip code comparing to them buying something so that’s why it’s you know instead of convincing one person to buy something for 50 dollars you can convince 10 people or 50 people to

just and their email or enter their zip code so this is the network signup frailing tracker basic method this is how we gonna track all of it then we have profit tiers advanced video number one two and three so this is obviously a newbie friendly you can start making money with this even if you have zero experience but if you already have some experience or if you’re going to be familiar already with this method then they show you the advanced training as well done for your campaign so you’re actually getting it done for your campaign included in the main version so this is not an absolute getting the done free campaign then traffic we have both paid traffic and free traffic so with the free traffic obviously you don’t have to pay for it you can start making money you can see

that this this stuff is actually working and then if you want you can reinvest some of that money that you made with free traffic into paid traffic to scale this up now paid traffic obviously is optional but they just giving you an option of scaling up or not so totally up to you if you just want to do more of the free traffic method you can if you want to scale it up to really start making thousands of dollars per day you can scale this up with paid traffic now case studies as you can see we have a couple of case studies so in the first one they made two thousand two hundred and forty four dollars and fifty cents and then the

second one they made nine hundred and twenty dollars so again mark made one hundred and thirty eight dollars on his first day but obviously he didn’t stop after the first day so he made a total of three thousand dollars plus you know with two campaigns and this is totally replicable and achievable even if you are a beginner okay then we have the bonuses as you can see and then we have some upgrades we will talk about upgrades in a second so that’s essentially it essentially it is a course a video course you are getting get down free campaign as well so no fancy software you just have to watch the videos apply the same strategy and make money so again this is actually something that I really really like for beginners because again you don’t have to sell anything you just have to convince people to enter their email or their zip code or you know it can be an action like filling out a form or something so depending on what the action is the more money you’re gonna be making okay so that’s it that’s what’s inside the profit tears a members area and right now let’s check out the funnel so profit tears as you can see it will be twelve dollars and ninety four cents so does the early bird price for the first six hours so if you want to pick it up for less than $13 make sure to show up for the early bird now let’s check out the upsell so after picking it up you will be presented with a few upsells or one-time offers profit tears OTO number one is the underground secret Commission sites

forty seven dollars and this is a comprehensive method where they are showing you everything essentially you will be tapping into a hidden secret underground Commission site and you’re also getting done for you campaigns to to allow you to profit faster okay so just this will rapidly boost your income okay so this is something additional if you want to make some extra money and this is profit tiers or two number one forty seven dollars profit tiers audio number two for sixty seven dollars we have the advanced 500x edition so here you’re getting a bunch of done for your

stuff okay so you’re getting sixty plus that for your emails to maximize your Commission’s you’re getting swipes you’re getting and you’re getting everything to scale things up to six figures using email marketing okay so obviously with profit tiers what you can do is just take the traffic’s and the directly to the CPA offer and make money this way or you can build a list and just create a six-figure per year online empire for yourself okay so that’s sixty seven dollars audio number two profit tier is audio number three we have done free affiliate profits $197 obviously profit tiers is all about CPU marketing and cost per lead marketing but if you want to make even more money with affiliate marketing that’s one hundred ninety seven dollars and next up we get profit tiers 1k payday so for seventy seven dollars these guys will show

you all the secret methods to generating multiple 1k days with the of just one a super simple technique you don’t need a domain website or hosting and you can just scale things up very very easily with this to 1k per day next up and this is actually the last audio profiteer is licensed rights for $97 here you’re getting the opportunity to sell profit tears as your own product and keep 100% of the profits on the whole funnel okay so not just the main product but the whole funnel me promoting this is an affiliate I’m making 50% Commission’s if you want 100% Commission’s

you can grab the license rights to profit tears and you know make all the money without having to host anything do any selling or even support okay so as always guys audios are optional and you’ll be fine with the main product alone everything I showed you in this video is included in the main version but if you want to make your life a little bit easier maybe with the done-for-you edition or the license rights you can definitely think about taking one of these up now let me show you all of the bonuses I got in store for you because again I have almost 4000 dollars worth of bonuses and let me just mention that profit tears goes live at 9:00 a.m.


Eastern on May 1st now to get all of these bonuses just pick it up for my link and to do so just click on one of these blue links from my blog or if you’re watching on YouTube and the second link in the description will take you directly to the sales page but only after 9:00 a.m. Eastern on May 1st and the first link in the description from YouTube will take you to my blog so you can check out my full written review now first of all I’m going to give you free custom-made bonuses and these are three different ways of generating traffic so obviously these guys will show you a few ways of generating traffic for free and also paid traffic I will show you three additional ways so you can generate even more commissions okay free customized bonuses to profit tiers I’m also going to give you

some additional software bonuses okay so done for your profits that’s softener bonus number one lazy profit software bonus number two and I’m also going to give you a done-for-you pack with a bunch of different things including free done-for-you courses with full PLR which means that you can actually sell these as you own products 49 done-for-you email campaigns that’s another bonus you’re gonna get from me you also going to get my top-selling fiber courses fibre income secrets fiber master class riser and some additional double use of the day awarded products free step profit machines quantum profits piggyback cash system fusion newbie traffic formula and additional software and a bundle of plugins check this out because I’m giving you a massive massive value here so first of all you’re getting a total of 12 plugins plus additional nine so that 21 affiliates advantage plugins and plug-in based sales page writing software squeeze page creator through tags is pub box sales bar plugin short called call to action and also WordPress a responsive slider YouTube video gallery Pinterest portfolio post great post widget WordPress courses plugin client extractor image grab a viral sweet action simulator Facebook audience builder instant publisher pin books Sochi tracker traffic hover Facebook traffic engine and Facebook photo contest now guys this is by far the biggest bonus I’ve ever created to an affiliate promotion it’s 50 free bonuses total but I’m not done because you’re also getting my mega bonus my Omega bonus is a total of 45 plus dollars of the day and product of the day awarded courses you can check it out by going to our tube marketing blog that constellation mega bonus my mega bonus alone is worth $1,500 and all of these other bonuses

are worth two thousand five hundred dollars which means you’re getting a total of three thousand nine hundred and ninety seven dollars worth of bonuses now this is a real-world value okay so you would actually have to spend $4,000 if you would pick all of these up individually and these are not PLR or MMR these are actual bonuses custom made Don free campaigns software plugins all of this is a real-world value now as always guys I have a full written review this will include the funnel this will include all of this written part that’s me and Mark by the way this is Mark and his wife and me and my wife Anna so actually no mark

in person and let’s sum up this profit tiers really so to some of this profiteer ease of review absolutely no selling required to profit again this is cpa marketing and cost per lead marketing much much easier than affiliate marketing this is no BS very so this is proven by 100% results shown by mark in the case studies no paid methods involved okay so you can use free traffic and then if you want you can scale this up with paid traffic or not totally up to you no guesswork the down free campaign is included

a free campaigns to multiple campaigns no special skills and you can create a new passive income stream now what I don’t like about profit tears this is not affiliate marketing and so the payouts are smaller okay so you won’t be making you know ten twenty fifty dollars per sale you will be making probably fifty cents to five dollars per action okay so it’s not per sale but with that being said it is much much easier to actually convince people to take an action like again submitting their zip code or entering their email comparing to actually buying anything so you will be getting tons of commissions versus maybe a few commissions as in filled market okay so this is a – but this is a plus in other ways so it’s just a different way of making money online so again guys profit tears goes live at 9:00 a.m.

Eastern on my first make sure to pick it up from my links to get all of these bonuses again click on one of these blue links from my blog or the second link in the description from YouTube if you want to go directly to the sales page and the first link in the description takes you to my blog and before you go let me show you how to claim my bonus now all you have to do is click on your icon with your name at the top right corner here once you are in warrior + go to purchase history find profit tiers and below the button that says X is your purchase you should see another button saying bonuses from art that’s how you climb it we don’t have to send me emails or receipts guys this is an amazing method again no selling I’ve tried cpa marketing and cost per lead marketing before and it absolutely works so it gets two thumbs up for me if you have any questions please leave me a comment please like this video on youtube please subscribe to this channel for more reviews videos just like this one and I’ll see you very short and the next review video job

Profit Tearz Review