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ProfitMail OTO

ProfitMail OTO

OTO1 :Pro Version

Get FASTER Results With PRO Features: Automated Follow-Ups, DFY Emails, Built-In Stats & MORE!

OTO2:Enterprise Version

Add More POWERFUL Features To ProfitMail – Your Own Email Business, Faster Emailing, 1-On-1 Priority Support And MORE!

OTO3 :Reseller License

 SELL ProfitMail Licenses To Your Clients & Keep 100% Commissions

OTO4 :Internet Marketing X

Get All Current And Future Products Completely FREE & The Know-How To Become An Internet Millionaire…

ProfitMail OTO

What is ProfitMail ?


  • Fully Cloud-Based Autoresponder
  • Allows You To Instantly Import Your List and Start Mailing Within SECONDS!
  • Everything Has Been Created 100% From The Ground Up To Guarantee The Perfect Mailing Experience For Your Customers! And The Highest-Converting Features For YOUTo Rake In Top Commissions!
  • One-Time Payment Only…NO Monthly Fees!
  • Built-In Drag & Drop Editor Ensures You Create KILLER Emails!
  • Use Our HIGH-CONVERTING Templates Or Create Your Own!
  • Auto-Pruning Keeps Your List FRESH And Your Opens HIGH!
  • Included API Integrations With All Sending Servers & SMTP!
  • Perfect For Affiliates, eCom Sellers, Offline…Everyone!
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!

Video Review for Front End Only

Text from This Video

Hi guys it’s Chris here with selfmadenewbie.Com. Welcome to this profitmail assessment. Now for these of you available in the market who’re watching to get into email marketing if you’re not excellent you will have to be however maybe you are delay on the grounds that most email autoresponders they come with a excessive month-to-month rate in order to use their carrier profit mail does to not me it looks so much like get response which is the e-mail autoresponder that I quite often use but not like get response this is a one-time fee order responder so you can send unlimited emails to your mail record

Acquire emails use automation for a one-time rate so there’s nothing like this available in the market which is why i am excited to show you what that is all about and how you can earn cash from it so there may be various men and women out there announcing you recognize that is amazing and the throne and a thousand utterly unrelated bonuses and there’s individuals available in the market saying don’t use profitmail it can be rather bad but you should utilize my product which is even better link in description both are flawed what i’m gonna show you is strictly how you can use it to earn money using a bunch of extra merchandise that I’ve thrown in with it that I consider a few of you could have to use as good in order to get probably the most out of it

so at present we’re gonna take a deep dive into how all that works and how all these merchandise work collectively so before we get into it drop a like on this video hit subscribe and inform them that bow notification if you want to be up-to-date with new merchandise popping out like this always which can be gonna aid you to become profitable online a lot less difficult also over any second you want to jump ahead during this video ensure you first click the link within the description what so one can do is first take you through my bonus web page which looks like this and the way my bonus web page

Works is it’s built-in with the reliable revenue mail seller internet site so what that means is when you click on any of those inexperienced buttons it is going to lock in all of those uncommon fundamental products before then sending you off to the profitmail website and should you do come to a decision to buy you’ll be able to no longer best get profit mail however you’ll be able to get all these products as good that i’m about to talk about that a lot of you could find you’ll ought to use as well so the primary bonus I’ve gotten for you is a two-section bonus known as e mail advertising success and record constructing on a funds now why do you need two of those will I in finding these are two exceptional merchandise and there is golden nuggets in each and every so I just threw them each in now profit

Mail is a instrument it is an autoresponder device like get response like Aweber but it surely’s a tool that’s most effective gonna be priceless if you know how to use it so these two are really just training on how to construct manipulate nurture a record construct believe all that in order so that you can be competent to get probably the most out of a instrument like revenue now so I threw that in there bonus number two I’ve gotten for you is copywriting proficient and copywriting implements two merchandise this is occupied with copywriting customarily something that is overpassed if you are about to be sending emails to individuals if you are about to take a look at to sell some thing if you are doing something on social media where you attempt to simply pressure site visitors somewhere and you do not have an understanding of what replica is you do not ought to be a copywriting proficient however if you happen to do not understand what it’s when you do not recognize the way it works if you happen to don’t realise slightly bit of marketing language the way to push buttons

Together with your words whether or not it’s verbal or written you have got to comprehend so I threw these two merchandise in there so you realize you’re gonna be capable to put in writing more amazing emails push those emotional buttons on people and make them purchase from you whilst you get round to sign to your record or whether you are already looking to pressure traffic to a product bonus quantity three kind of builds on that so i am pondering ok perhaps you’re new to making a living on-line so the fundamental established what you wish to have to do is get a internet site collectively so throwing a product here biz touchdown page which works with

WordPress which is what you must be utilising and you don’t need any coding or progress experience you could put this plug-in on there create a landing web page and then a 2nd product right here traffic secrets and techniques Unleashed goes to aid you drive traffic to that touchdown page we are able to promote your possess product or so on a fiddly at product in the event you sell any affiliate products you are going to be amassing e mail so that’s going to tie in with the copy it’s go-time with the email products there that I’ve got just a few and definitely if you’re selling online you don’t want to lose any of the audience’s or individuals are available to your web page so a software that profit mail is gonna work rather well that’s relatively how a normal online money making funnel looks like you could have a product in intellect perhaps it can be yours perhaps it’s from an affiliate network you will have a touchdown page you’ve gotten a good copywriting in your landing web page you accumulate emails by means of making use of unique ways

of getting visitors then they funnel into email lists you want an autoresponder like profit mail so all these cogs are style of labor collectively the subsequent bonus ties into all that so you maybe pondering what is affiliate advertising and marketing and i don’t also have a product however you do want to use anything like profitmail and also you do need it create passive sales we’ve bought a completely at marketing success e which goes to offer you an all-encompassing seem at what affiliate advertising is and the way it works and then we have bought click on again advertising secrets and techniques Clickbank of direction there may be probably the most biggest affiliate networks on the earth so whether or not you’re into the yoga area of interest or the basketball area of interest or the econ niche or the backyard English or the Technische or

Some thing there may be merchandise on Clickbank you could market and make 50% usually seventy five% fee’s on link it up to your landing web page use your copy use profit mail to send automatic emails to individuals moving into in your record and really you may have got an all-encompassing process right here for earning profits bonus quantity five is the seller has hooked me up with their bonus merchandise that are break free what i am providing you what i’m providing you is products which can be gonna go hand-in-hand with revenue extra perfectly to create an or like a approach of earning money on-line but their merchandise that they are throwing in as well lovely excellent crush

it with YouTube YouTube money YouTube famous person we have now bought Google visitors back link fundamentals search engine optimization methods WordPress video attention search engine optimization ability mastery traffic inclination key phrase device software viral infographic traffic pricing table generator product construction formulation focusing on Instagram video direction and reoccurring sales of path so for those who go by way of these as good you’re gonna get a number of extraordinary capabilities of considering that it can be all the web marketing variety of area there’s gonna be plenty of crossover you are gonna get numerous talents out of those products as well so just a ton I value there so that every one sounds excellent to you the first step link in the description you’ll be able to go to the bonus web page lock in all these merchandise my merchandise and those merchandise by using clicking these green buttons a good way to ship you off to the prophet could allah’s peace i might propose going through

This in your possess free time checking everything out making a more advised determination making sure it is proper for you if you happen to do make a decision to buy you’ll be sent a digital receipt which appears like this below the green button we profit mail underneath the blue button all those products that I simply talked about so maintain up I they are handy peasy which you can get started proper away my emails here when you’ve got any problems now maintain you out on this countdown since that is all a launch week designated so any reduction pricing you get whilst you seem in these bonuses and get despatched off to their internet site or any bonuses they’ll no longer be to be had so make an instructed choice but sincerely the sooner you get within the

More you’re gonna get you’re getting get all those products you get to be capable to position into action the procedure that I just told you about which makes absolutely the most out of revenue now so without additional ado let’s get right into a demo revenue Mel so one can find precisely what i’m speaking about an potent mass e-mail center that is the easiest to use that is available on the market correct now let’s quickly determine the way it works so while we’re on the dashboard we are able to see a crusade I ran on the 20th of March we are able to see all of the records about it we can view the logs for it and then we can see a targeted document on it with a view to see D effective deliveries total opens specific opens click price total clicks complete opens and abuse stories with this

we will create our future campaigns to have a lot better results but let’s get into the best way to without a doubt use revenue mail find out how to launch campaigns and find out how to use its revolutionary automation editor after clicking on campaigns we are able to see the two campaigns I’ve ran we will see the outcome we can see the open rates and click on charges which you can additionally see the information and edit it however let’s try to create a campaign from scratch and let’s have a look at how that works so it’s very handy you simply click on create campaign you might be led right here so now we will select between a common or a plain textual content we’re simply going to head with the normal now we will choose our list and we simply choose the default list as you will find profit mail is seven hundred to subscribers click on on retailer and next at our setup we will

pick our crusade earnings revenue mail decide on our e mail field let’s go along with your feet could and now from name we simply choose our name e-mail we can use trusty sending server price and we are able to reply to our important email then we have now the signatures monitoring precise track open that will see all the information if you do not need that you could flip off these options save and subsequent template we can create our own template or you could choose a template design we even have some topics that you should use for your own and we’re just going to take a look at and edit a type of so we simply click on it which is e-mail builder professional and now we now have this innovative drag-and-drop e-mail editor as you can find we can edit something we wish

from text to the photo if wanted what’s extra we will simply drag and drop any type of detail we wish from right here if I want a button we are able to drag it correct right here and this is our button we are able to see plenty of choices for it with the intention to customise it however we want if we wish we will disguise it for mobile so it doesn’t mess with our design we are able to scan the design by way of clicking on the buttons up right here for you to see how this email will seem on an iPhone on a on a tablet on a computer and we will edit it depending on that if you wish to delete it simply click here and it’s executed the layout is back to usual we can pick some thing we want from growth bar to snapshot headers to navigator bars and a lot more we will customise our emails to make them look strong and very appealing for our consumers we’re just going to avoid wasting and close superb and now

we’re going to our agenda our schedule is extremely simple you simply decide on your delivery date and the supply time that is dependent on the time zone you selected so we’re just going to decide upon the time proper now and simply click on keep and subsequent and we’re all set to ship as you can see here now we have all the information when you’ve got some thing wrong which you can swiftly alternate it they only send a scan email put in our e-mail and we will consent and it is achieved the e-mail was despatched as you can see we now have email right here we can look by way of it we are able to click on on the buttons if we put any hyperlinks we can see the timelines products and the whole thing we would like it is even received

this cool drop down right here that is very attractive and now let’s head back to our automations here we are able to see the automation I made for our earlier crusade however let’s create one from scratch again so we simply click on on add new we put our title revenue mail launch and we just decide on our default record there we go and now we click on on get began and now here we are actually right here we are able to opt for the best way our automation will work we just ought to choose our set off and we can either welcome new subscribers say glad birthday now we have quite a few choices let’s just pick the most original one welcome new subscribers click on on confirm and now we are able to opt for our our next actions which will either wait after they contact obscure our e-mail list or we will just send an email and right here we can established our e mail we are able to simply try this real speedy and now we just click on on save and subsequent we simply go via this option once more which is gonna click on start decide upon the already manufactured from crew and just click on on next and

Shut there we go now we will decide upon an mighty motion so we’re just gonna go along with condition and we’re simply gonna go along with hi there our previous electronic mail and click on on confirm and now we will see now we have two exceptional options so if a subscriber opens our email we are able to send them a new e-mail or wait but when a subscriber would not open our email we will ship them a follow-up to make sure that okay or to ensure they are lively within our record once more we can simply wait so if i might if a subscriber opens the email i’d mostly put wait and we will put how so much time we want them to wait earlier than getting

A new electronic mail from us we’re just gonna put one hour after which we can add our next e mail we might have to go via the entire setup once more and of direction if a subscriber doesn’t read the e-mail we can send them a comply with-up instantly and we also have numerous distinct things we are able to should you do if you mess anything up once more that you could simply return here we see the insights of path as we just started our automation we don’t have any any stats but we are able to see whatever we would like so you can find how many persons open our e mail how many persons do not open our e mail we can see what number of contacts are in queue for ready and how many emails we’ve got despatched out and if we go over to lists we can see these subscribers and the email record I created we’re now not going to create a brand new list we’re just

going to check out and add a new subscriber and spot how effortless that system is to just click on new subscriber and we let this list so now we can both manually add a brand new subscriber or even better we can just click on right here and import our CSV file as one can find that you can add the CSV along with your e mail list and revenue manually take care of the whole thing for you moreover we have now all kinds of subscription varieties and subscription forms and even to allow your users to replace their profile within profit mail so shall we say for illustration we are going with a signup kind we’re resulted in this page now right here we are able to customize our signup kind relying on anything we need to do but you get a transparent suggestion of what’s going down each and every of our profit mail users are getting their own custom-made signup from URL on your own record that you may

See it correct right here and if we open it and we will let this web page which is a personal signup page that permits your potential purchasers to sign as much as your possess electronic mail record you’ll discover they have got to put in their electronic mail and they have got non-compulsory to place in their first identify and final title of course we will customise this however you want however we recommend just retaining it like this convenient and on point so let’s now go to our sending servers which i’m tremendous excited to exhibit you if we go to sending servers if you go to sending servers we will see the ascending server I have already got for trying out revenue mail it’s mailgun but we’ve a ton of different API is that you can use let’s rapidly determine them out so we now have Amazon’s angled mailgun elastic emails trojan horse post any style of SMTP and even send mail any of those services that you could integrate them with revenue mail mailgun Amazon are free to use so it is an mighty opportunity for you you don’t even ought to pay for a carrier earlier than utilizing profit mail so handiest non revenue mail is an mighty tool that you should use to expand your e-mail list create effective automations attain subscribers totally fast with our choose-in forms and have even

performed for you electronic mail topics all right guys hope you loved that demo hope you are looking forward to getting your arms on to benefit now now really speedily in the event you go by way of the link within the description you’ll see a bit bit of a write up right here that obtained on profit mail extra principally the pricing so the entrance finish is presently $17 and you do simplest want the entrance finish to truly utilize the other products that i’m throwing in and generate profits with revenue mail however there are designated one-time offers which you could upgrade to for those who desire so the entire important points are right here there is additionally a professional upgrade $27 which release unlocks computerized automation follow-united statesand sequences you can apply which i’d suggest

personally after which we’ve got received one-time offer to company upgrade so this has rather executed for you products executed for you promotions which you could simply plug into your autoresponder in actual fact and so that it will have all the emails you have to send and basically they may be doing all of the give you the results you want so if you want to use recommended products and have the whole thing ready for you so that you just have to ship it off to your record go together with that if you want to use your possess merchandise and you wish to have to find your own you already know merchandise to your own area of interest then i’d suggest pro and i extra so than this so it’s particularly as much as you everybody’s different there may be additionally an agency license if you are an agency and you have virtual assistants doing an electronic mail for you and you need to modify over and you want additional licenses and you

Could wish to get this as good quite relatively affordable on the grounds that agency lays is typically 200 bucks or extra so figure I figure out which one is right for you if you have any questions drop them within the comments hit me up on electronic mail or social media I do reply to every body if not enjoy revenue mail some thing variation you get you get the entire bonuses so don’t fear about having to improve to get the entire upgrades you relatively do not it is relatively as much as you you’ll be able to get the entire bonuses that you could put that method into action and in case you have any questions get in touch I reply to every person and if no longer enjoy it exceptional of luck to you and i will see you next time take care

ProfitMail OTO