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ProfitMail OTO

ProfitMail OTO

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ProfitMail OTO

What is ProfitMail ?


  • Fully Cloud-Based Autoresponder
  • Allows You To Instantly Import Your List and Start Mailing Within SECONDS!
  • Everything Has Been Created 100% From The Ground Up To Guarantee The Perfect Mailing Experience For Your Customers! And The Highest-Converting Features For YOUTo Rake In Top Commissions!
  • One-Time Payment Only…NO Monthly Fees!
  • Built-In Drag & Drop Editor Ensures You Create KILLER Emails!
  • Use Our HIGH-CONVERTING Templates Or Create Your Own!
  • Auto-Pruning Keeps Your List FRESH And Your Opens HIGH!
  • Included API Integrations With All Sending Servers & SMTP!
  • Perfect For Affiliates, eCom Sellers, Offline…Everyone!
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!

Video Review for Front End Only

Text from This Video

hi guys it’s Chris here with Welcome to this profitmail review. Now for those of you out there who are looking to get into email marketing if you’re not good you should be but maybe you’re put off because most email autoresponders they come with a high monthly fee in order to use their service profit mail does not to me it looks a lot like get response which is the email autoresponder that I generally use but unlike get response this is a one-time payment order responder so you can send unlimited emails to your mail list

collect emails use automation for a one-time fee so there’s nothing like this out there which is why I’m excited to show you what this is all about and how you can make money from it so there’s a lot of people out there saying you know this is incredible and the throne and a thousand completely unrelated bonuses and there’s people out there saying don’t use profitmail it’s really bad but you can use my product which is even better link in description both are wrong what I’m gonna show you is exactly how you can use it to make money using a bunch of extra products that I’ve thrown in with it that I think some of you might need to use as well in order to get the most out of it

so today we’re gonna take a deep dive into how all that works and how all those products work together so before we get into it drop a like on this video hit subscribe and tell them that bow notification if you want to be updated with new products coming out like this all the time that are gonna help you to make money online a lot easier also over any moment you want to jump ahead during this video make sure you first click the link in the description what that will do is first take you through my bonus page which looks like this and the way my bonus page

works is it is integrated with the official profit mail vendor website so what that means is if you click on any of these green buttons it will lock in all of these exclusive necessary products before then sending you off to the profitmail website and if you do decide to purchase you’ll not only get profit mail but you’ll get all these products as well that I’m about to talk about that a lot of you might find you’ll need to use as well so the first bonus I’ve gotten for you is a two-part bonus called email marketing success and list building on a budget now why do you need two of these will I find these are two great products and there’s golden nuggets in each so I just threw them both in now profit

mail is a tool it’s an autoresponder tool like get response like Aweber but it’s a tool that is only gonna be useful if you know how to use it so these two are really just training on how to build manage nurture a list build trust all that in order for you to be able to get the most out of a tool like profit now so I threw that in there bonus number two I’ve gotten for you is copywriting expert and copywriting implements two products this is focused on copywriting often something that is overlooked if you are about to be sending emails to people if you’re about to try to sell anything if you’re doing anything on social media where you try to just drive traffic somewhere and you don’t understand what copy is you don’t need to be a copywriting expert but if you don’t understand what it is if you don’t understand how it works if you don’t understand a little bit of selling language how to push buttons

with your words whether it’s verbal or written you need to know so I threw these two products in there so you know you’re gonna be able to write more effective emails push those emotional buttons on people and make them buy from you when you get around to sign to your list or whether you’re already trying to drive traffic to a product bonus number three kind of builds on that so I’m thinking okay maybe you’re new to making money online so the basic set up what you want to do is get a website together so throwing a product here biz landing page which works with

WordPress which is what you should be using and you don’t need any coding or development experience you can put this plug-in on there create a landing page and then a second product here traffic secrets Unleashed is going to help you drive traffic to that landing page we can sell your own product or so on a fiddly at product if you sell any affiliate products you’re going to be collecting email so that’s going to tie in with the copy it’s go-time with the email products there that I’ve got a few and obviously if you’re selling online you don’t want to lose any of the audience’s or people come in to your site so a tool that profit mail is gonna work really well that’s really how a basic online money making funnel looks like you have a product in mind maybe it’s yours maybe it’s from an affiliate network you have a landing page you have a good copywriting on your landing page you collect emails by using different methods

of getting traffic then they funnel into email lists you need an autoresponder like profit mail so all these cogs are kind of work together the next bonus ties into all that so you might be thinking what is affiliate marketing and I don’t even have a product but you do want to use something like profitmail and you do want it create passive income we’ve got a fully at marketing success e which is going to give you an all-encompassing look at what affiliate marketing is and how it works and then we’ve got click back marketing secrets Clickbank of course there’s one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world so whether you’re into the yoga niche or the basketball niche or the econ niche or the garden English or the Technische or

whatever there’s products on Clickbank that you can market and make 50% sometimes 75% Commission’s on link it up to your landing page use your copy use profit mail to send automatic emails to people getting in on your list and really you’ve got an all-encompassing system here for making money bonus number five is the vendor has hooked me up with their bonus products which are separate from what I’m offering you what I’m offering you is products that are gonna go hand-in-hand with profit more perfectly to create an or like a system of making money online but their products that they’re throwing in as well pretty good crush

it with YouTube YouTube cash YouTube celebrity we’ve got Google traffic backlink basics SEO tactics WordPress video attention SEO skill mastery traffic inclination keyword tool software viral infographic traffic pricing table generator product creation formula targeting Instagram video course and reoccurring income of course so if you go through these as well you’re gonna get a lot of different knowledge of because it’s all the internet marketing kind of arena there’s gonna be a lot of crossover you’re gonna get a lot of knowledge out of these products as well so just a ton I value there so that all sounds good to you step one link in the description you’ll go to the bonus page lock in all these products my products and those products by clicking these green buttons that will send you off to the prophet may allah’s peace I would recommend going through

this in your own free time checking everything out making a more informed decision making sure it’s right for you if you do decide to purchase you’ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this under the green button we profit mail under the blue button all those products that I just talked about so hold up I they’re easy peasy you can get started right away my emails here if you have any problems now keep you out on this countdown because this is all a launch week special so any discount pricing you get when you look in these bonuses and get sent off to their website or any bonuses they will no longer be available so make an informed decision but basically the sooner you get in the

more you’re gonna get you’re getting get all those products you get to be able to put into action the system that I just told you about which makes the absolute most out of profit now so without further ado let’s get into a demo profit Mel so you can see exactly what I’m talking about an amazing mass email Center that’s the easiest to use that’s on the market right now let’s quickly check how it works so while we’re on the dashboard we can see a campaign I ran on the 20th of March we can see all the statistics about it we can view the logs for it and then we can see a detailed report on it so we can see D successful deliveries total opens unique opens click rate total clicks total opens and abuse reports with this

we can create our future campaigns to have much better results but let’s get into how to actually use profit mail how to launch campaigns and how to use its revolutionary automation editor after clicking on campaigns we can see the two campaigns I’ve ran we can see the results we can see the open rates and click rates you can also see the statistics and edit it but let’s try and create a campaign from scratch and let’s see how that works so it’s very easy you just click on create campaign you are led here so now we can choose between a regular or a plain text we’re just going to go with the regular now we’re going to choose our list and we just choose the default list as you can see profit mail is 700 to subscribers click on save and next at our setup we can

choose our campaign sales profit mail choose our email subject let’s go with your feet may and now from name we just choose our name email we can use trusty sending server value and we can reply to our main email then we have the signatures tracking exact track open so we can see all of the statistics if you don’t want that you can turn off these options save and next template we can create our own template or you can choose a template layout we also have some themes that you can use for your own and we’re just going to try and edit one of those so we just click on it which is email builder Pro and now we have this revolutionary drag-and-drop email editor as you can see we can edit anything we want

from text to the image if needed what’s more we can just drag and drop any kind of element we want from here if I want a button we can drag it right here and here’s our button we can see a lot of options for it so we can customize it however we want if we want we can hide it for mobile so it doesn’t mess with our layout we can test the layout by clicking on the buttons up here so we can see how this email will look on an iPhone on a on a tablet on a desktop and we can edit it depending on that if you want to delete it just click here and it’s done the layout is back to normal we can choose anything we want from progress bar to image headers to navigator bars and so much more we can customize our emails to make them look amazing and very attractive for our customers we’re just going to save and close perfect and now

we are going to our schedule our schedule is extremely simple you just choose your delivery date and the delivery time that is dependent on the time zone you chose so we’re just going to choose the time right now and just click Save and next and we are all set to send as you can see here we have all the info if you have anything wrong you can quickly change it they just send a test email put in our email and we can consent and it’s done the email was sent as you can see we have email here we can look through it we can click on the buttons if we put any links we can see the timelines products and everything we want it’s even got

this cool drop down here that’s very attractive and now let’s head back to our automations here we can see the automation I made for our previous campaign but let’s create one from scratch again so we just click on add new we put our name profit mail launch and we just choose our default list there we go and now we click on get started and now here we are now here we can choose the way our automation will work we just have to choose our trigger and we can either welcome new subscribers say happy birthday we have a lot of options let’s just choose the most common one welcome new subscribers click on confirm and now we can choose our our next actions so we can either wait when they contact obscure our email list or we can just send an email and here we can set up our email we can just do that real quick and now we just click on save and next we just go through this option again which is gonna click on start choose the already made of team and just click on next and

close there we go now we can choose an amazing action so we’re just gonna go with condition and we’re just gonna go with hello our previous email and click on confirm and now we can see we have two different options so if a subscriber opens our email we can send them a new email or wait but if a subscriber doesn’t open our email we can send them a follow-up to make sure that okay or to make sure they’re active within our list again we can just wait so if I would if a subscriber opens the email I would normally put wait and we can put how much time we want them to wait before getting

a new email from us we’re just gonna put one hour and then we can add our next email we would have to go through the whole setup again and of course if a subscriber doesn’t read the email we can send them a follow-up instantly and we also have a lot of different things we can if you do if you mess anything up again you can just go back here we see the insights of course as we just started our automation we don’t have any any stats but we can see anything we want so you can see how many people open our email how many people don’t open our email we can see how many contacts are in queue for waiting and how many emails we’ve sent out and if we go over to lists we can see these subscribers and the email list I created we’re not going to create a new list we’re just

going to try and add a new subscriber and see how easy that process is to just click on new subscriber and we let this list so now we can either manually add a new subscriber or even better we can just click here and import our CSV file as you can see you can upload the CSV with your email list and profit manually take care of everything for you furthermore we have all sorts of subscription forms and subscription forms or even to allow your users to update their profile within profit mail so let’s say for example we are going with a signup form we are led to this page now here we can customize our signup form depending on whatever we want to do but you get a clear idea of what’s happening each of our profit mail users are getting their own customized signup from URL for your own list you can

see it right here and if we open it and we’ll let this page which is a personal signup page that allows your potential customers to sign up to your own email list you can see they have to put in their email and they have optional to put in their first name and last name of course we can customize this however you want but we suggest just keeping it like this easy and on point so let’s now go to our sending servers which I’m super excited to show you if we go to sending servers if you go to sending servers we can see the ascending server I already have for testing profit mail it’s mailgun but we have a ton of other API is that you can use let’s quickly check them out so we have Amazon’s angled mailgun elastic emails bug post any type of SMTP and even send mail any of these services you can integrate them with profit mail mailgun Amazon are free to use so it’s an amazing opportunity for you you don’t even have to pay for a service before using profit mail so only non profit mail is an amazing tool that you can use to increase your email list create amazing automations gain subscribers extremely fast with our opt-in forms and have even

done for you email themes alright guys hope you enjoyed that demo hope you’re looking forward to getting your hands on to profit now now really quickly if you go through the link in the description you’ll see a little bit of a write up here that got on profit mail more specifically the pricing so the front end is currently $17 and you do only need the front end to basically utilize the other products that I’m throwing in and make money with profit mail but there are certain one-time offers that you can upgrade to if you wish so all the details are here there’s also a pro upgrade $27 which unlock unlocks automated automation follow-ups and sequences that you can apply which I would recommend

personally and then we’ve got one-time offer to enterprise upgrade so this has really done for you products done for you promotions that you can just plug into your autoresponder basically and that will have all the emails you need to send and basically they’re doing all the work for you so if you want to use recommended products and have everything ready for you so you just have to send it off to your list go with that if you want to use your own products and you want to find your own you know products in your own niche then I’d recommend Pro and I more so than this so it’s really up to you everyone’s different there’s also an agency license if you’re an agency and you have virtual assistants doing an email for you and you want to switch over and you need extra licenses and you

might want to get this as well really really cheap considering agency lays is generally 200 bucks or more so figure I figure out which one is right for you if you have any questions drop them in the comments hit me up on email or social media I do reply to everybody if not enjoy profit mail whatever version you get you get all the bonuses so don’t worry about having to upgrade to get all the upgrades you really don’t it’s really up to you you’ll get all the bonuses you can put that system into action and if you have any questions get in touch I reply to everybody and if not enjoy it best of luck to you and I’ll see you next time take care

ProfitMail OTO



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