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ProfitMeet OTO

ProfitMeet OTO – What is ProfitMeet  ?

The Demo

Ultimate “Zoom Killer” – Brand New Cloud Platform Lets You Run Unlimited Webinars, Video Conferences & Online Meetings With Zero Monthly Fees!

Fully-Fledged, Online Webinar Solution!
Comes With A Dashboard Better  More Powerful Than Zoom, Skype OR Go-To-Webinar!
1-Click Instant Meetings!
Scheduled Meetings Along With Custom Domains!
Create Unlimited Video Conferences, Live Classes, Webinars + Unlimited Attendees!
Record Your Sessions!
Share Your Screen, Turn On Your Virtual Camera & Go Crazy!
Blazing Fast Servers With Zero Lag and FULL HD Meetings!
One-Time Payment Only…NO Monthly Fees!
Comes Complete With Quality Video Tutorials & More!
Perfect For Affiliates, eCom Sellers, Offline…Everyone!
100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!
Full Commercial Rights – Offer These Incredible Services To Your Clients!


Have Virtually UNLIMITED Meetings!
Launch A Fully-Fledged Online Business In Seconds!
ProfitMeet WILL Changed The Way You View Online Video Conferences and Webinars From The Ground Up!
Create Unlimited Meetings & Have Them LIVE Anytime You Want, All For A One-Time Fee!
Trust in Our Cutting-Edge Tech Which Provides The HIGHEST Level of Security & Privacy!
One-Time Payment Only…NO Monthly Fees!
Comes With Free Commercial License!
Stop Stressing About Zoom Cutting You Off After 40min…That Worry is Now Gone!
ProfitMeet Has Been Fully Tested By Us Personally And Is Proven To Be The BEST Online Meeting Solution!
ProfitMeet Will Give YOUR Customers The Best Online Meeting Experience Possible!
All-In-One Panel Loaded With Tools To Make Money Online!



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ProfitMeet OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

profit meat review hey what’s up guys this is art from art of marketing  and ProfitMeet OTO

this is my profit meat review demo and 5595 bonus to it now guys what is profit meat it is a brand new product released by mike mckay and radu hajano you ProfitMeet OTOs

know that products from these two guys are always absolutely amazing now this one will make you money while saving you money at the same time so ProfitMeet OTO

it is essentially a platform where you can do live webinars you can do pre-recorded webinars you can do zoom like meetings without having to pay for zoom or for go to webinar and obviously zoom is a monthly charge

or a yearly charge and go to webinar is a monthly charge or a year yearly charge as well so you are saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars ProfitMeet OTO while uh

being exposed to tens of thousands of people potentially and actually live calls live webinars live presentations are the best way to sell anything from just

software from doing affiliate marketing to selling high ticket items okay so guys i’m going to review it for you right now and obviously i have a huge

profit meet bonus well over five thousand dollars before ProfitMeet OTO

i’m going to share my screen make sure to smash the like button for the youtube algorithm make sure to subscribe to the channel click on the bell and leave me

a comment tell me where you are from and let’s jump into this profit meet review let me share my screen and even before i’m going to show you the sales ProfitMeet OTOs

page i just wanted to show you how how much i’m paying for go to webinar okay so as you can see this is my subscription to go to webinar pro it is 249 euro per month so 300 bucks a month totally worth it but again

this is something that i could avoid with profit meat and you can avoid next up zoom as you can see these are the prices option for zoom uh you know it

starts with a free option that this is just one-on-one meetings then as you can see 139 euro per year so 150 or 200 or 200 and this is all per year so essentially you know two to three hundred dollars per year that you have to pay for

zoom depending on how big the meetings are so with that being said let’s check out the profit meet sales page as you can see it says run unlimited webinars and video meetings at a low one-time price brand new zoom killer

software lets you run unlimited done-for-you webinars in the cloud for free for traffic and commissions say goodbye to webinars and zoom expensive

limiting monthly subscriptions okay so guys again everything is unlimited for a low one-time fee it’s actually 17 okay we will talk about the pricing in a second so let’s check out the rest of the sales page as you can

see it works in three simple steps and they have some massive proof behind it so again you can have thousands of people on a live webinar but the thing ProfitMeet OTO

is if you are going to pay for go to webinar you’re gonna have to have the most expensive package which is like five or six hundred dollars per month again you have unlimited webinar visitors and meeting

visitors with profit meat so they have the proof right here they have the income proof obviously they have the comparison of how much you have to pay for zoom ProfitMeet OTO

which is again a yearly charge of a few hundred dollars some testimonials uh scrolling down here again profit meat that’s the name of this new product and let’s keep on scrolling you can go for all of this in your own time and by

the way you’re getting done for your products to sell on these webinars as well so they have a little demo right here i’m going to say have the same demo both on my blog and on my youtube channel more testimonials

guys this is a pretty long sales page a 30 days money back guarantee so you can go through all of this in your own time and again radha mike and kyle

and these these are the three guys behind this product let’s check out the inside of the members area so this is how it looks like as you can see it pretty

much looks like a go to webinar dashboard so we have upcoming events hosted meetings attended meetings and instant messaging by the way what you are also getting is an sort of like an autoresponder

so you can add people to your profit meet platform and then you can message them so that’s another plus so we have the dashboard right here then we

have instant meetings so you can start a meeting join a meeting or you have meeting history as well right here and then we have all the meetings right

here listed so the full list of your meetings then we have segments so this is if you want to segment your visitors and your subscribers so we have you ProfitMeet OTO

know you can edit all of these so we can ecom store local accountants health and fitness you know these are the categories that you’re going to be creating

then we ProfitMeet OTO have contacts so this is where you add all the contacts so again this is actually working like an autoresponder as well so you’re saving money

on the autoresponder as well then we have users so obviously you’re gonna be one user you can add more users if you want to with sub accounts

and then and that’s essentially let’s go back to the dashboard and let me actually click on start a meeting and show you how this works so we can

do an audio conference a live class a podcast a video conference or a webinar so let’s do a live class let’s click on it and actually because i’m recording

this video right now it won’t be able to access my camera and my microphone so i will click on don’t allowed so what you would normally do is

click on get live and you would start recording okay so this is how it works super simple i will have a full demo showing all of this and again on my blog and on my youtube channel so you can check this out and right

now let’s check out all the upsells and actually how much you will pay so you will pay 17 guys comparing this to go to webinar to zoom to any other platform

you are first of all saving hundreds of dollars and this is a one-time charge of 17 a total no-brainer you have a few one-time offers as you can see ProfitMeet OTO

the pro version 4693 the done-for-you pack 3693 reseller 197 and imx 97 if you want to see exactly what these are on my blog i have a full funnel breakdown

so with the unlimited edition ProfitMeet OTO uh you will remove all the limitations and you will actually add extra top-notch features next up the enterprise edition

these are more more exclusive functionalities of the software plus extra training modules the down free edition comes with five done free products

that you can sell and keep 100 of the profits to yourself at the reseller obviously this allows you to sell profit meat as your own product and keep 100 of the profits on the whole funnel and imx bundle for 97.


This is something that gives you access to all uh current and future products from mike and radu completely free of charge and you’re also gonna be getting additional

case studies okay so guys this is what’s in the final let me show you the bonus i have in store for you i do have an amazing huge bonus definitely

the biggest bonus package to profit meat out there so first of all profit meat goes live at 11 a.m eastern on october 16th to pick it up from my link if you want to

get all of these bonuses just pick it up from my link just click on one of these blue links if you are on my blog if you are watching on youtube the first link

in the description would take you to my blog and the second link in the description will take you directly to the sales page after 11 a.m eastern on october

16th first of all you’re gonna ProfitMeet OTO get a total of three custom made bonuses three different ways you can get more people onto your live calls and webinars seo secret seo hacks uh you’re gonna get additional software

control press wit pix pro logo studio vidconnect with promo pages facebook vidmatic big traffic fire sale im strategy content marketing blueprint

facebook ads domination free business and free business pro pro get started seo monetizing your blog newbie traffic system page one ranking

seo and traffic traffic strategies traffic unleashed unlimited niche viking email marketing instagram marketing pinterest marketing youtube marketing

and also the youtube rank analyzer and you will also get a bunch of dollars of the day ordered products rapid niche profits targeted traffic cash search

newbie traffic formula additional bonuses uh local seo leverage new age seo blackhead seo get google traffic backlinks basic traffic explosion 10-step

auditing seo seo skills mastery traffic inclination recurring income course targeting instagram product creation for my udemy profits video opt-in

blog book buzz machine flash pages link tweets scarcity log a squeeze question client extractor image grab viral suite action simulator facebook

audience builder instant publisher pin book social tracker traffic cover facebook traffic engine facebook photo contest responsive lighter

ProfitMeet OTO

youtube video gallery pinterest portfolio post grid post widget courses plugin authority traffic monsters facebook live reaction as impressed phase on vid builder press play image and video commenter social poster

slick pop and vidbot guys on top of all this you will get my mega bonus my mega bonus is a total of 116 ws of the day and product of the day awarded products and this means that the total value of this package is 5597

all of this is yours for free just as thank you for picking up a profit meet through my link again just click on one of these blue links to pick it up from my

link and as always guys check out my full written review i do uh put a lot of time and effort into these review videos and we review posts for you guys so right

now let’s sum up this profit meet review you’re going to be hosting unlimited video meetings live conferences or webinars and webinars a low one-time fee of

17 but with that being said this is the early bird price so make sure to show up early you can stream recorded videos like it’s a live video so you don’t actually have to go live you can just use any other video a video calls

for friends clients business partners and these are all in crisp quality you can run live simulated or pre-recorded webinars you’re gonna get included

done for you affiliate offers to promote build an autoresponder another huge one and again zero monthly fees that’s a huge one now what i don’t like about

profit meat i’m not sure how the support will look like okay so i do know that they don’t have live support so like with autoresponders for example ProfitMeet OTO

aweber has a 24-hour live chat support so it is amazing but with that being said i do have to pay a few hundred dollars per month for it so they don’t have

life support ProfitMeet OTO but with that being said they do have support so maybe gonna have to wait for a few hours or a day and they will fix their problems for you

but it’s not not life support that’s definitely uh one of the things that i don’t like about profit meat okay but with that being said you know for the price you can’t really match anything like this on the market guys before we go

let me show you how to claim my bonus so after picking up profit meat for my link just go to your warrior plus purchase history click on your icon with your name go to the purchase history find profit meat click on it and you

should see an additional button saying bonuses from art that’s if you use my link okay so this is all done automatically so you don’t have to send me emails or receipts and guys for the last time profit meet goes alive at 11 a.m eastern

on october 16th make sure to use my link to pick it up to get all of these amazing bonuses again i have the biggest bonus to it out there and if you have any

questions please leave me a comment please like ProfitMeet OTO this video subscribe to this channel click on the bell and i’ll be seeing you shortly in the next review video ciao

ProfitMeet OTO