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ProfitPixar Upsell  1st, 2nd, 3rd . There is One Front End Commercial License as front end option and The three other OTOs. 1st ProfitPixar Upsell is Profit Lead,  2nd is ProfitLogo Pro Version, the 3 version ProfitPixar OTO is Reseller Licenses. There are no other ProfitPixar Upgrade Down Sells. The product is by Daniel Adetunji.

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Front End:=>>ProfitPixar FE

OTO 1:=>>Profit Lead

OTO 2 :=>> ProfitLogo Pro

OTO 3 :=>>Reseller License


ProfitPixar OTO Details

ProfitPixar OTO

OTO 1:=>>Profit Lead

Lead Generation App Finds You Qualified, Unlimited amount of Leads & Prospects Interested in getting any kind of Graphics done.

Get Unlimited Leads Based on:
Business Phone
Business Email
Social Media Handles

OTO 2 :=>> ProfitLogo Pro

Unlimited Logos and Icons in 3 Simple Steps Using A.I

Over 100,000 Stunning Templates in Almost Every Niche

Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Artificial Intelligence

1 Click Export in Multiple Formats

No Monthly Fees, No Pay Per Design

Agency License: Make UNLIMITED Logos and Designs For Your Own Use OR Sell To Clients.

OTO 3 :=>>Reseller License

Create accounts with a single click
Delete accounts
Reseller License
All reseller material


ProfitPixar OTO

What is ProfitPixar ?

The Demo

Product Features:

  •  Drag-and-drop interface
  •  Premade high quality templates
  •  Resize template designs according to various formats
  •  Icons sidebar (Thousands of premium icons)
  •  Up to 500 Google fonts
  •  Stock Images & Vector Graphics
  •  Don’t pay another cent on stock images and graphics.
  •  Instantly get access to 1,000’s of background images and fully customisable vector graphics to use in your projects royalty free
  •  Can sell images and graphics
  •  Formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline)
  •  Alignment options (Center, left, right, letter spacing, line spacing)
  •  Background sidebar
  •  Text sidebar
  •  User upload sidebar
  •  Download options (JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent)
  •  Preview options according to different template categories
  •  Image Filters (Grayscale, Sepia, Black&white and up to 10 more)
  •  Crop, Undo/redo, Layer lock
  • Layers group/ungroup
  •  Horizontal and vertical flip
  • Borders, shadow and opacity
  • Multiple SVG and gradient colors identifier
  • Custom shapes
  •  Canvas pan


Video review For front End only

Text from this video

any freelance work or coaching I have actually used Facebook to to find the manual leads and I found them mostly in Facebook groups so Facebook groups unleash is a good way if you want to be proactive it’s a good way to find people Facebook groups are very niched a lot of them are very active and very targeted so whatever you’re doing you can find groups with people in there who are you know enthusiastic about a topic or a niche and you can talk to these people maybe you can offer something to them so that’s why I threw that one in there bonus number four I’ve got a few as I decided to throw to copywriting products in here because no matter what you’re doing if you’re trying to sell yourself you need to understand selling language whether that’s spoken or written and that is essentially what copywriting is so you can use copy in your social media posts you can use copy you know in your emails when you’re reaching out to businesses on your adverts from your descriptions and titles or whatever of your fiber or upwork accounts and things like that it’s really just understanding how to speak in a way that triggers emotions really hits on people’s pain points and frames you as basically the cure to their problem as a designer bonus number five is the vendor has hooked me up with full access to their bonus vault and their bonus vault looks like this a lot of products in here that again have really add-on to profit pixar so a lot of animations and multimedia elements so bonus number one two thousand five hundred people’s cut out images we’ve got eight thousand

HD videos sixty thousand HD images twenty five thousand vector graphics 750 Ultra HD 4k videos eight thousand HD videos 15 promo videos that can use and edit of course 35% direct response to letter so you know some copy there that you can send out to businesses you don’t have to worry about running your own 727 i catching facebook ad images as well in there so nine great bonus is adding on to the exclusive tools that you’re getting from me if that will sounds good step one link in the description don’t forget it will take through to the bonus page lock in the bonuses by clicking on these green buttons here that will send you off to the profit Pixar website which looks like this go through this in your own time check out testimonials to check out features check out videos we won’t do it now because we’ll be here all day but really that will just help you to make it more informed decision if you do decide to purchase you’ll be sent a digital receipt which looks like this and under the green button will be profit pics are under the blue button all those tools all those bonus it’s so really easy emails here if you have any problems now keep you eye on this countdown timer is when it hits zero this will no longer be available this is a launch week special so any discounts that are activated any tools and bonus as I mentioned won’t be available so think about it make an informed decision but really the sooner you get in the more you’re gonna get the lower price okay so without further ado let’s get into profit pics outlets have a look inside [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I hope you enjoyed that demo now really quickly before we close out the video I’ve got a quick write up again link in the description you can read up on what profit Pixar is more specifically the pricing so the front end is basically everything you saw there in the video and really most specifically everything you see here it’s ten million stock photos a million icons in depth hejdå ting tools multiple download options social media ebook covers business cards everything you need okay it’s all based on the cloud so access from anywhere is a one-time offer number one profit lead so you get lead generation app finds you qualified unlimited amounts and leaves from prospects so even if you don’t want to use Fiverr you want to go purely you know freestyle on your own there’s a tool here for finding leads finding anything else you can reach out on your own manually one time off a non-profit logo agency license so unlimited logos over a hundred thousand

stunning templates stadia autofilter artificial intelligence one click export in multiple formats if you want to get into giving logos to people designing logos you can have that as a service for sure and then one time not for number three is reseller so you can take profit Pixar as your own product sell it on to other people and get all of the profits as well if you believe in the product you know as it is you want to sell a product not use it to make a business you can totally do that as well and that’s sixty seven to one ninety seven as well but materials and tutorials and everything you need so just going through that so there’s no surprises during the buying process everybody’s different I will say that in order to make use of the tools and you know really start making money with it you do only need the front end in my but you know everybody’s different so if you have any questions drop them in the comments hit me up on email or social media I’ll reply to everybody if not enjoy proper Pixar best of luck I’ll see you next time take care


ProfitPixar OTO