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ProfitPrime OTO  –  What is ProfitPrime  ?

The Demo


“The Ultimate “Zoom Killer” – Brand New Cloud Platform Lets You Run Unlimited Live and Recorded Webinars, Create Whiteboard Videos & Join Online Meetings With Zero Monthly Fees!”


  • Fully-Fledged, Online Webinar Solution!
  • Your Own Personal In-Built Whiteboard Usable In Any Type Of Meeting!
  • Real-Time File-Sharing Between Attendees!
  • Comes With A Dashboard Better & More Powerful Than Zoom, Skype, OR Go-To-Webinar!
  • 1-Click Instant Meetings!
  • Scheduled Meetings Along With Custom Domains!
  • Create Unlimited Video Conferences, Live Classes, Webinars + Unlimited Attendees!
  • Record Your Sessions!
  • Share Your Screen, Turn On Your Virtual Camera & Go Crazy!
  • Blazing Fast Servers With Zero Lag!
  • Full HD Quality Meetings!
  • One-Time Payment Only…NO Monthly Fees!
  • It comes Complete With Quality Video Tutorials & More!
  • Perfect For Affiliates, eCom Sellers, Offline…Everyone!
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!
  • Full Commercial Rights – Offer These Incredible Services To Your Clients!



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

ProfitPrime OTO Using profit, prime, is as easy as logging in, creating an instant meeting, and then holding your video conference. Okay. Now we’re inside the meeting and let’s, see if anyone joins. Hey, Radha, hey colleen.

What’s up? Man, oh good, how are you well? I’m really enjoying myself due to the fact that you just shared with me—access to this incredible software called profit. Prime! I’m just blown away by how good this call right now is where life together, the sound, is crisp.

The quality is pure HD. There are zero legs, and I can see so many features here. I don’t even know where to begin by using this incredible software. So how about you walk me through some of these mind-blowing features that I can see right here with profit, prime sure.

So let me get you through all of the features. We have basic features like mute, audio, and mute video. We can share files amongst ourselves. We can share our screen, so I can see yours. Can you see mine? We can record this session say, for a live class, that’s, an important feature for all live meetings to have uh, and we also have a whiteboard, which I’ve just opened up right now that’s, really really cool, I mean it really brings everything together.

It’s like we’re in a real meeting. This works for webinars, too, right yeah. This works for anything you want, and we can do anything we can type. So I can just type here, and you can see it in real-time, right.

Profit, prime, is great. I mean, I really love this, and I love the fact that you can really use it for webinars. You can broadcast it to hundreds of people at once. Uh, there will be no lag whatsoever. Everybody will be enjoying themselves.

ProfitPrime OTO Links AboveProfitPrime OTO

They’ll see that the whiteboard you can share your ProfitPrime OTO screen also besides the whiteboard or you know, instead of your face, yeah, of course, so I can just share my skin right now. I’m just going to share my entire screen with you. That’s really great, I mean, and it really gives you all the features of webinars.

You know, in one simple to use uh software and it works for real uh live meetings as well. You know, video sessions like this one. You can jump in front of your friends, your family, whatever, how about my privacy colleen? I’m really concerned that you know my privacy can be compromised by you by using this.

Like I’ve seen with other streaming apps like zoom, for example, your privacy is highly protected because we don’t really care about selling your data. We don’t look into it. We don’t use it. It for selling it to companies for ads.

We don’t do anything with it. Your account is for you to use. It’s all peer-to-peer end-to-end SSL encrypted. So you know nobody has access to whatever we’re. Talking about right now, yes, not even these support agents have access to your account.

It’s highly encrypted. If I look in the back end, I only see gibberish. There’s not much. I can do that’s. That’s, really cool and it works for how many attendees. If I want to hold the big webinar, making a big event unlimited, you can test it with 500 000 members go crazy.

I mean, this is this? It so cool and says I don’t want to show my ProfitPrime OTO face on the screen, and I don’t want to be alive, but I still want to. You know, make money from webinars because we both know there’s a lot of money to be made in running webinars.

But you know I’m camera shy. Let’s say I don’t want to be alive. Can I use this with recorded videos or with recorded, you know, stuff that I just download from online? Can I really stream this life, uh, as it so it looks like, but it’s not real life too, you know, hundreds of people at once?

ProfitPrime OTOs Bonuses

Yes, you can, so with our done for your products and offers that our users will be able to find in the training pages, you’ll be able to stream webinars of those products and sell them without ever showing your face or even talking man.

This is just mind-blowing, so it’s all included even from the very get-go from the regular offer now; tell me this. Is this a monthly fee? Give it to me straight, not a monthly fee. You pay once you get all of these crazy features for your whole lifetime.

Well, you know I’ll just say it right now: profit prime is the best streaming software, the best webinar software, the best video meeting software. I’ve ever seen with a one-time fee. It’s a complete no-brainer.

So thanks, Kaleen, for showing me this, and you know I’ll join profit prime right now, and I’ll see you and everybody else on the inside. Thank you very much. Radio talk to you later take care bye, bye, bye, but there is so much more.

You can do with profit parents. So let’s just quickly go through all of the settings and options we have on the main dashboard. We have a summary of our whole account. We have a calendar with everything that’s upcoming.

So if we have meetings or webinars set up, they are going to appear right here. We have a chat with all of our meetings, and then we can create different meetings. We can create an instant meeting, make making it publicly accessible, and we can create webinars, podcasts, live classes, and audio conferences.

We can even create our own meeting with our own meeting code, so the meeting your subscribers join is something easily recognizable for them. We can also create preset meetings. So, for example, we can just go right here.

Go profit prime webinar type in profit. Prime is so ProfitPrime OTO great, I love it, and here we can select the type. So let’s just do a webinar meeting category webinar start date-time. So this is based on your time zone.

I’m going to leave it like this estimated period. Let’s, say two hours again meeting code, and if we make it publicly accessible, we can also select a maximum participant count. If, for example, you have a reserved number of spots, we can put 10, so we can do scarcity real scarcity, then we click on save the meeting.

ProfitPrime OTO

Then we have even more options in the meeting configurations, so we can join meetings as guests. So for non-profit prime users, we can enable screen sharing. We can closely control what our participants can and cannot do, including asking hosts before joining detection, allowing joining without devices like cameras or microphones.

So anything you want, you can entirely control the meeting. How you want, and above all, you can instantly invite attendees directly from profit, prime. So as I’m going to show you soon, you can import your own CSV file, and then you can email your users about profit, prime meetings directly from profit, prime.

So if we now go over to contacts here, we can add our own list of contacts. So, for example, let’s. Add let’s, add a new email, let’s. Add the profit prime at and click on save the contact.

Now this contact. If we go back to our meeting, let’s quickly. Go back, we can see they’ve been invited to our webinar by inviting attendees, and if we click on the invite, it will send out emails to all of these emails.

So they can join your meeting through your own link. You can even split your contacts into segments if you want to have some kind of organization. You have different lists. If you have different people you want to do different meetings with, that’s all possible through profit; prime simply select a segment start.

The meeting and that’s it and with our built-in training and ProfitPrime OTO with tens of support agents ready to help you at any moment. Profit prime is a no-brainer. So take advantage of this offer right now, and I will see you inside.

ProfitPrime OTO