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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, it’s Will Weatherly here and welcome to my profit, tweet review. This is a new software by Mike Mckay, Radhu, Hohainu, and Kailyn Mawan. It goes live on July 22nd at 11 a.m. Est, and so what I want to do in this review is have a quick look at my written review.

Take a look at the headline. go into the software itself. I will show you around and then return to my blog to look at the upgrades, the otos, as well as the bonuses that I put together for those of you who pick up ProfitTweet through my link. Then what I want to do is hand you over to a demo, so you get an idea about what ProfitTweet looks like, so we can see the headlines, send unlimited messages straight to the phones, tablets, and computers of millions for a low one-time price. Say good-by to erratic email, marketing platforms, list building, and trafficking software.So what you’re going to do here with this app is essentially use this as a twitter autoresponder, where you can send messages to contacts without limits, and the key here is: how are you going to target people in your niche, and that’s really where I put emphasis in my bonuses, to help you with that very important part of making the most out of profit tweet-and I think targeting is critical when it comes to a software like this, where you’re going to be able to use a bot to follow, unfollow, and do a variety of automated tasks, you’re going to want to have the ability to target people manually as well, and that’s what I have for you: How to target people on Twitter to get the best results, and then I’ve also got Twitter swipes for you, where you can And then I’ve got done for you, twitter keywords, where you can go ahead and find people who are essentially asking the twitterverse for help, and you’re going to be able to go ahead and market to them. Based on that and based on what they’re saying to the twitterverse, you can go ahead and identify these people, uh, direct message them or just tweet them, and then I’ve got some other bonuses here which we’re going to look at once we go inside the app, so let’s go ahead and have a look at profit tweet.

So once you land on the dashboard of profit, tweet, you’re gon na have your ability to post over here, you’re gon na integrate your accounts. You’ve got your activity here. You’ve got an inbox over here and then you’ve got analytics and trends, so you can take advantage of direct messaging people and also have a bot here where you can be able to follow and unfollow, and the demo is going to walk you through how the bot works. First you’re going to want to go through the training, so go here to the training here, and this is going to show you how to login and publish your first post activity, inbox analytics, and trend, and how the app works. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is go through this training and then you’ll be ready for your first post and then you can go ahead and include a photo, a video, a link, a text, and so you’re going to do all this within the app, which is pretty cool, to create a Twitter post. You would simply click here where it says “New Post,” which I’ve already done, and then you would be able to attach a photo, a video, a link, and then text, and then you’ve got a file manager here, and then you’re going to be able to upload over here and add a link over here. And then you can have an advanced option over here to schedule out your tweets, and the demo is going to walk you through this more in more detail, along with how the bot actually functions.

So what I want to do now is head back to my blog and have a look at the upgrades, as well as my custom bonuses. As for the otos of profit, tweet oto number one is the unlimited version. This is going to remove all the limitations of the front end. Oto number two is the “done for you” edition. Three is the reseller edition.

This means you can resell them. Profit tweet as your own product and keep 100 throughout the funnel. is called Imx edition, and this is something that I have so that I have access to all of Mike Mckay’s and Raju Hakainu’s products. So, this gives you access to their current and future products. As for my custom bonuses, I mentioned the importance of targeting, and I’ve got how to target people on Twitter to get the best results. So you are going to want to have some manual tactics here, and that’s what I have for you, so that you can go ahead and target your audience on Twitter and I will show you exactly how to do that.

Twitter swipes done for you, templates and messages you can send to get the best engagement done for you, Twitter keywords, and this is going to help target people on Twitter so that you can reach out to the most laser-targeted audience possible. This is going to give you a wide variety of strategies for using Twitter marketing, underground social media platforms, and so this is going to give you about a dozen different underground social media platforms that you likely have not heard of that do get a lot of traffic, but are unsaturated, Google approved link redirects to any offer. So this is going to allow you to post on Quora and Pinterest so that you don’t have to worry about moderation and getting banned. How to get a landing page builder for only seven dollars? Twitter ads training, also, I’m going to give you Pinterest ads training, a hundred dollars a day, tick, tock secrets, the ultimate link strategies for tick, tock, core strategies, Facebook, laser targeter, the secret weapon, and effortless Facebook profits. So if you’re on my blog, what you can do is go ahead and click any of these blue buttons here, where it says: click here to get profit, tweet, and all relevant bonuses.

That’s going to take you to the sales page and then, when you check out, all of my bonuses will be waiting for you. If you’re on my YouTube channel, you’re going to see two links in the description. One is going to take you to this blog. The other is going to take you to the sales page directly in either case when you check out. All of these bonuses here will be waiting for you, so hold on for the demo. That’s coming up next, and I’ll see you in the next review using profit.

Tweet is as easy as logging in with your twitter account, which we’ve already done and then just selecting what you want to post and we’ll just go with the text pause we’ll do it we’ll keep it simple, select the account on the left side here and we’ll Type, something like welcome to profit to it. We can also schedule it or set it to appeal to users only on a certain location, but we’re just going to send it right now done and if we now go to our twitter profile, you know see right here. Welcome to profit tweet. Just post it along with another one of my tests. You can post photos, videos, links to anything you want directly from this dashboard. What’s more, you can see your own activity.

You can see everything about your account right here and then you can modify and activate your twitter bot from right here, and this is the main feature of profit tweet. This bot, which you can use to reply to people to retweet messages, to follow and follow to automatically send people welcome messages when they follow your account, you can change the targeting if you want to change different tags or keywords, or if you want to focus on A certain type of followers you can change the speed. How many times you want the ball to activate how many times you want him to retweet to follow. You can have the bot follow different filters. You can say exactly what you want to reply to users.

You can follow different tags. You can use different keywords. You can even search for user names. If I searched here for Elon Musk, we’d get his account right here, we’d be able to edit to follow it, and you put it in this auto responder. We can also blacklist.

If you don’t want users to see you or to follow you, you can blacklist them here. You can also blacklist them. You can blacklist different tags if you want the bot to completely ignore them. What’s more, you have your own Twitter inbox right here. This means profit.

Tweet gives you complete control over your Twitter account directly from this dashboard, so you don’t need to open Twitter ever again. You then have different analytics right here done directly by ProfitTweet, so you can see how your account is doing. You can see different trends, and you can select them by location. So if we go worldwide, we’ll see different trends that are raging right now. You can see your schedules. If you have everything placed in different days, you can see them right here, so you can have complete control over your own campaigns.

You can manage all of your Twitter accounts right here, so you can be a fully-fledged social media manager. You have your own dedicated file manager right here, in which you can upload images and videos, so you can have all of them in one simple place, and you can even add watermarks to your own images, so they can’t be replicated at any point. ProfitTweet is an all-in-one solution for never opening your Twitter again and having it on autopilot.

ProfitTweet OTO