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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

PROFITZ BUDDY OTO In this real review of prophet z, buddy launching July 8, 2021, at 10 a.m, eastern by David Kirby and al Cheeseman, I’m going to show you inside the prophet z, buddy dashboard that I have JV access to.

There is no training. Of course. This is July 7th, the day before the launch. There is no training inside of the dashboard, but I’m, going to do my best to walk you through what profits the buddy is all about and the fact that it is so powerful.

It should be illegal how to legally steal free buyer trafficPROFITZ BUDDY OTO overnight from viral youtube videos with just three clicks: no, creating videos, no editing, no hard work built for beginners 100 legal, get traffic that converts into sales.

No uploading videos required want to do the same. Follow these three steps step, pick a niche you want to get traffic in. This could be weight, loss, or make money online. Step two, enter the link that you want to send traffic to. This could be anything such as an affiliate link or your own product. Step 3 enjoys the traffic profit.

The buddy will find viral videos. You can get free traffic from and redirect all the traffic to your link before we go any further with this product. Understand that I have two youtube channels, of course: 30-minute marketing.

The channel. You’re watching right now and publisher report, my secondary channel, where I talk about self-publishing, specifically on amazon up. So if you think I have a problem with prophet z, buddy, and the fact that it’s so powerful, it should be illegal, and how to legally steal free buyer traffic overnight from viral youtube videos with just three clicks, then you’Re probably right, but I’m, going to be as impartial as I can.


When I take a look inside of prophet z, buddy, it starts with your dashboard, and your dashboard is going to show you the channels that you have connected. Show you some channel statistics like views—video subscribers comments.

Replies subscriptions keyword, ranks popular playlists, best videos. Recently uploaded videos last comment reply. Basically, they’ve created a dashboard here for you to manage your channel other than using youtube studio.

Then under social accounts. This is where you would actually import your channel, which means that you would connect your youtube channel to this tool and the reason for that is under channel manager.

You’re going to be able to set up campaigns to automatically like and comment as well as to be able to subscribe to other channels, manage your videos, manage your playlist and also upload your videos from here inside of profit, z, buddy versus what I’m.

Guessing is considered to be the hard work of doing it insidePROFITZ BUDDY OTO a youtube studio inside the dashboard, where you can upload your own content and do what people that have successful youtube channels do create real original content and then check your analytics and adjust and make better Content understand how to get more views more watch time subscribers and actually earn the money that you make when you get a successful youtube channel up and running and create your own original content now back to profit, z, buddy channel manager.

Here you have a template manager. Again, auto-reply, template auto comment, template, and I’ll. Tell you right now. If you auto-comment on my youtube channels, I know what they look like. I can see it, and they just go to spam because youtube knows what they look like, and when you go to comments under your youtube studio, you can see them here under held for review.


These are where your auto comments go to die, so no one will ever see them, they are held for review, and then they are deleted and reported as spam, and you can see here, I don’t allow links on my channel.

I don’t allow random comments or anything that’s not legit. It’s very easy for youtube to pick that up very quickly, and they’ll hold them for review, and comments here are removed after 60 days. So doing that is a waste of your time and buying a tool like this is a waste of your money.

Here I clicked on search engine video. You saw that weird error. I’ll go ahead and click it again. A PHP error occurred. You can see that so again, this is the day before the launch, Wednesday, July 7th, at 3 38 p.

m. This launches tomorrow, July 8, 2021, at 10 a.m. So a little less than a day before this launches – and you can see now, this is throwing PHP errors. So there, still actively working to make this tool work or to correct it.

But the basic idea is you come in here, and you have the ability to look inside of the search engine. There was a search option here earlier, so you can see basically the google app settings not found, or you are not connected to the internet – please contact system admin.

Obviously, I’m connected to the internet. I’m still PROFITZ BUDDY OTO connected to the tool, so this is a google API setting between this tool and youtube that they’re probably working on again the day before the launch. Also, note there’s.

No support link in here anywhere there’s, no training to understand what I’m looking at, just simply that you can see that you have the ability to create auto-reply campaigns, and I’ll. Go back to the dashboard here; you can create auto-reply campaigns. You can track ranking by creating a campaign here, track the keyword, the name, and your video id; not sure how that is supposed to help you again; you can find all this information inside of your Youtube studio analytics when you create your account here’s, something called link wheel.

You can create a campaign. It is again giving me all kinds of errors the day before the launch. So again, most likely, they are working on this. So we’ll. Go here. Link video link wheel, create campaign again errors.

I can ‘ T really show you what that’s doing, but the basic idea here, profits buddy, is: do nothing set up and connect your youtube channel and then start liking and commenting subscribing to other youtube channels in the hopes of growing your channel or maybe spamming Comments to other people’s, youtube channels based upon keywords that you create here in this campaign, so campaign name selects the channel.

That would be the channel that you connect, select the template here, targeted keywords here you put in your keyword, and then you would have this set up, and it would run – and you can see here daily max activity number of like and common activity per day value.


Can range from 1 to 50? Please be careful, do not spam. If youPROFITZ BUDDY OTO sends one message using this tool, you are already spamming. A large number of activities per day can be marked as spam by youtube. Of course, as I showed you here inside of youtube studio, when you go down to comments, you can see here the comments that I haven’t responded to, but you can also see the ones that are held for review.

These are where they’re talking about. If you start commenting using this tool, they will go here, no one will ever see them, and they will be removed after 60 days. If you have any questions – or you think this review is not good enough for you to know that you shouldn’t buy this product and waste your time and your money purchasing profits, buddy and the fact that if you want to start a Youtube Channel, you have to do it the right way.