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Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst OTO 1, 2, 3, 4 you well get one front End and four  OTOs’ Options . Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst OTO all links and details bellow with discount

Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst OTO

Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst OTO

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got FE!

Front End ==>Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst FE

OTO1 ==>- Push Notifications

OTO2 ==>Template Club

OTO3 ==>AMP Upgrade

OTO4 ==>SSL Certificate


Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst OTO Details



What is a Progressive Web App?  

The Demo


A PWA is a new web technology that combines the best a website has to offer with the best a mobile app has to offer.  The result: Easy customer access that can increase business instantly for any local business!


The chances are you have been using progressive web apps daily, without even knowing it. It is the next major progression to MOBILE browsing that every website owner should explore because the benefits are enormous!

  • Increase User Engagement of COLD TRAFFIC.
  • Decrease Bounce Rates.
  • Increase Load Times and Site Speed.
  • Increase Performance and Security.
  • Increase Conversions.
  • Boost Time Spent on Your Site.
  • Increase User Activity.
  • Increase Potential Subscribers and Revenue.
  • Communicate with users offline (push notifications).
  • And so much more…

OTO1 – Push Notifications Enterprise Upgrade

Instantly Re-engage & Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Offers While Generating INSANE CONVERSIONS Through These UNLIMITED Permission-Based Notices!

Create, Manage, And Send Unlimited Push Notifications Through Your PWAs.   

PWA UNLIMITED Push Notifications give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Sending timely, relevant notices to those already interested will dramatically increase your responses.

In just a few clicks you can have a non-limiting, traffic pulling & sales generating push notification campaign all set up from a single dashboard! 

  • 40% of web push notification senders belong to either the ecommerce or media, publishing & blogging sectors.
  • Localytics peg overall opt-in rate at 53.3%.
  • 7% push reaction rate on Android devices; 4.9% on iOS (Accengage).
  • Only 8% of marketers use rich push notifications, one source claims.
  • Localytics find app retention rate (11+ sessions) stand at 39% if push notifications are targeted, compared to 21% for broadcast messages.

Front End ==>Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst FE

OTO1 ==>- Push Notifications

OTO2 ==>Template Club

OTO3 ==>AMP Upgrade

OTO4 ==>SSL Certificate


OTO2 – Template Club Upgrade

You want your sites and your PWAs to look amazing to catch people’s attention and keep it. 

As one of our members of the Designer’s Template Club, these additional templates will be yours!

Please Note: The Designer’s Template Club is not needed to use MobiFirst PWA or Push Notifications to their fullest.

Silvio Will Build The Highest Quality MobiFirst Templates For His Designer’s Template Club.

  • Ten Templates Will Be Delivered Directly To Your MobiFirst Template Area Monthly – Totaling 120 Additional Templates. 
  • Templates Covering Various Styles and Niches Can Easily Be Turned Into A Progressive Web App. 
  • Templates Will Be Optimized For Top Performance and Design Quality.
  • Get A Monthly Boost in Template Inventory To Design New Sites For Potential Clients, Current Clients, or For Your Own Sites.
  • Set Your Sites Apart From Others With These Premium Designs.
  • Use These Premium Templates To Design Standalone Websites Or Progressive Web Apps For Clients And Charge Higher Fees For Higher Profits.


OTO3 – AMP Upgrade

In 1-Click, Multiply Your Overall Site Traffic With Supercharged AMP Pages And Double Your Site Conversions With This One Little Tweak!

Now you can create the FASTEST loading mobile web pages with one click for yourself AND your clients!

“According to VP of Google Search, David Besbris, 53% of mobile searches are abandoned if the user has to wait just three seconds for the page to load”

Your site must provide the best user experience – in other words, it must be mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and fast loading – or it will lose out on a lot of traffic & sales and may not even show up in the search results.

  • Multiply Overall Traffic To Your Website!.
  • Increase Site Revenue!.
  • Deliver Great Web Experience!.
  • Reach More Users Across Multiple Devices!.

OTO4 – SSL Certificate

Why are SSLs “required”?

SSLs provide the security that is needed for your customers and you when you are taking payments online, as well as gathering personal information, transferring data, for logins, and securely browsing social media sites.

You’ll recognize a secure site by the locked padlock next to the url, as well as the https protocol. Secure sites boost consumer confidence.

When you come across a site without an SSL or where the certificate has expired, it can be disconcerting for some to see a message that says “this site is not secure.” You’ll also note the “unlocked” padlock.

Some people are even scared away from those sites never to return and often report the sites for being “malicious.” However, many of us know that there is nothing “wrong” or “malicious” with these sites and, as long as you are not submitting payment information, they are perfectly safe to visit.

  • Builds Trust And Brand Power For Visitors And Customers.
  • Allows Orders Or Payments To Be Placed On The Site.
  • Allows Personal Information To Be Collected.
  • Protects Against Cybercriminals.
  • Improves SEO Rankings.


Front End ==>Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst FE

OTO1 ==>- Push Notifications

OTO2 ==>Template Club

OTO3 ==>AMP Upgrade

OTO4 ==>SSL Certificate


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hello everyone scotty carter here moby first ceo with an exciting release to our platform let’s get right into it and let’s show you our mobile first adaptive platform along with our progressive web apps let’s get right into it because this is very very exciting and very powerful okay now with that being said let’s get into this mobile first yes mobile first what you’ve most likely been working on so far is desktop first you know yes we are going to build through a desktop but it is for mobile first we then adapt it to the other screens that is the way google wants it and that’s

the way we do it then you add in the progressive web apps with mobile first well folks get ready for websites about to be changed across the globe okay now i’m not going to spend too much time on the mobile and desktop sites because we really want to see this progressive web apps and progressive web apps has push notifications yes can even work offline i know that sounds crazy but can even work offline let me just walk through the platform real briefly we’ll see if i ever have anything up in here means there’s something that is required oh look at that some tutorials to come in all right let’s go right over here mobile and desktop sites here we go already you see that you’re greeted with a very very nice tutorial

now you’re going to want to import a site okay now depending on the preferences that you have purchased the templates what mind you is what you’re going to be able to build now you can also build with no templates and mobile first all right let’s go ahead and let’s go and make a site so as we would do we use the wizard or manually do it ourselves let’s use the wizard okay now with this in place also is another tutorial showing you exactly what to do again as you watch it those will pop away look at this a wealth of templates now these are active you can look at them view them now let’s say we wanted to use this one for example we’re going to go through here this comes up okay i love it let’s go here let’s create this template and we’ll create the template now just testing and since our hosting is provided on this it already comes with its own generated https link which is really cool see right there i have a working template right now i can view the site excellent look at this i mean this is high quality we’re talking like

wordpress style but without all that is needed for wordpress i can move everything around i can get in here do everything look at this this is absolutely incredible see the three devices right up in here i can click to view it in full screen now these are working look you’re not going to get this anywhere else folks so welcome to that and then when we get over to the push notifications and progressive web apps wow so now here i am now watch the kind of things i can do i can come into the home screen home page now depending on the widgets that you have depending on the permissions that you have wow what you get to build is incredible from a blog button some e-commerce all widget-based so look at this absolutely phenomenal what you get to do so you just simply add a widget go in play around with it design a little bit and then there you go you’ve now built yourself a website put a domain on it boom you are now have

a website up that’s about how easy it is there’s videos of me doing this in under five minutes so all your landing pages your your websites everything now welcome to the mobile first era okay now that’s so powerful but yet we’re going to add to it progressive web apps it’s a new term for most of you but progressive web apps is huge now for a progressive web app you do need an ssl that is a security certificate that is required by all the browsers so you do need that now with that being said let’s let’s go ahead and fast forward and say that you have a site you’ve made it you put your domain on it and now you’ve added your ssl or you had us add the ssl now one other thing i want to show you while i’m right here one other thing watch when i go over into here well first let’s go into options look at all the options you’re going to have header footer my library e-commerce login users localization that’s like different languages your emails download and share analytics legal history we go over into style now style is like on the flip of a button you are now just changing the way everything looks you see how this looks are you ready watch this this is so amazing you can make one site clone it and all of a sudden you’re just going back in there doing the style and look you see how that changed look at that look at that that is incredible scroll

on down even more customization oh even more this is something you can import and just base import and customize even more if you wanted to holy jeez you can just do basically anything with this system it’s powerful mobile first look at this we go over here and we just refresh it let’s go do this in big screen wow now remember or see this you’re building them all the exact same time too as well we’re not flipping back from one to another you’re building mobile first and then it adapts to the other pages all right now like i said progressive web apps click of a button right over into here so this is what your platform is going to look like this or very similar to this progressive web apps you’re going to go ahead and make one create a new progressive web app you’ve already made your site once you’ve made your site you put your ssl on it now we’re going to create that new pwa i’ve already done some of this so let me fast forward to that now i just happen to switch platforms where i have

my progressive web app on my other one but now let’s show you i built my site i put my ssl on it i’ll show you over into here now mine i happen to actually just build like a business type card for myself see right over into here you see i put my domain on it and there we go there we go that is my progressive web app and my website let me show you all right so all’s i did when my site was built i went over to here or i could go right here and i hit progressive web app that is it that is it i essentially gonna click this click of a button it doesn’t get any easier well since i’ve already put my ssl certificate on it my progressive web app is good to go click of a button install an ssl and now you have a progressive web app wow now you see down here more customization i put my name on here description this is a message i put my icon in here i can change the background advanced options yes add to home screen folks this is the

wave of the future not only is mobile first the wave of the future but progressive web apps as well you combine the two you’re just unstoppable all right perfect we’ve customized it i’ve already customized my site now we want to send it some push notifications i go over to here manage push notifications pretty awesome all right now here’s some push notifications that i sent out to as well now what a progressive web app is going to look like an icon on your phone like an app like all those apps you have on your phone now now websites are going to be able to be turned in to progressive web apps that you don’t need to download from a play store an ios store nothing like that it is the evolution of apps now let’s go and create a new push notification let’s show you ones that have already processed all right let’s show you this one there we go process sent to look at all the stats

that come out so perfect there all right let’s go back let’s try another one over into here and there we go i was on the same time there so it looks like there was something that i possibly did wrong now what a great way what a great way did you see that that push notification somebody had become a new grandfather and they got a push notification as that message isn’t that nice all right now let’s go ahead and create a new push notification now this what it is is basically almost like a text message that’ll come across we’ll put push notification attempt here you put your body in here your main content will go right into here control c select the copy and put that in you can put a link at the bottom they can go you can schedule it let’s go here and put in a drag and drop right over into here an icon that they’ll see perfect all right as easy as that i’m about to get ready to send a push notification i simply type in send yes it is this easy it really is this easy there now it will process now this push

notification is going to go out to anybody who has my progressive web app on their phone as simple as that now let me show you what it looks like on a phone let me show you what it looks like installed on a desktop too as well this is so much fun let me get that for you okay now i am back with the desktop version as crazy as this sounds folks yes this will show up like an icon also on the desktop too as well it’s exactly what it looks like okay so this is my progressive web apps installed you see over here i can even uninstall it if i want to i can uninstall it now this is where push notifications will come across see there’s that push notification that i sent right there so now somebody’s

on their computer if they miss the notification a little note will come up in here and then now this is your progressive web app on a desktop pretty awesome functions just like a website everything but now you can send notifications onto as well and this also works in offline capabilities which i’ll show you a little bit all right so that’s the desktop one let me show you as well let me minimize all of this yes that is me and look right there that’s the icon see look at that who doesn’t want to be on somebody’s computer screen all right now what i’m about to bring over is my mobile phone and now i’m actually mirrored my phone right in here

so this is my cell phone i have sent myself my domain it is https right up in here i have a little notification actually i still have to do this you see what is going to happen is now you’ve sent your but uh somebody your website imagine a local business imagine a marketer imagine what you can do with this right now they added you to home screen that’s it they just added a home screen you’re used to this by doing it with apps now you’re doing it with progressive web apps disney’s doing it youtube’s doing it we’re going at it okay this can’t be this difficult right this is just so easy we added it adding and there we have it and there we have it that is now an icon on my phone now let me go in here and show you push notifications see it’s going to look like a text message it’ll be like a little one over top of it um when you actually if you miss the notification let me grab that too as well okay i am back here it is doesn’t it look like an app looks just like an app doesn’t it you click on that and it’s a progressive web app now some of the things that must be mentioned on this obviously ssl very important has to have that another thing maybe

you blinked how fast these open once you’re on somebody’s phone and they’ve opened it once maybe twice is near instantaneous because it’s now part of their cell phone cashed in plus your customers can also uninstall it and select not to have notifications perfect okay so let me show you what it looks like let me go right in here and again that’s it well there’s another one that we have one of our dennis uses it for his dental office what i want to show you is something very very unique if you do remember i said offline now i’m going to show you this and i’m going to take my cell phone into offline i’m simply going to go into airplane mode let’s go well first i’ll do this let me go into airplane mode i’m now in airplane mode okay so i have no data i have absolutely no data now let me go ahead and reconnect all right airplane i’m in offline

mode now to show you watch all right let’s go to let’s try to log into anything nope can’t do it of course we can’t because we know we’re an offline let’s go let’s go anywhere that we’re offline okay just uh venmo no you see we’re offline okay all right but however let’s go ahead and click on this one and i am offline still working now i’m able to view content i’m able to view that first page of that site offline now maybe i’m on an airplane and i’m in offline mode airplane mode and i’m sitting beside somebody and we’re talking and now i get to share them this and then they get to put this on their home screen on their phone wow all right folks so what i’ve just shown you is the world’s first and only mobile first adaptive platform with a very very powerful progressive web apps addition to it with capabilities of sending push notifications welcome to the evolution of online marketing online websites online everything right here in front of you thank you so much

Progressive Web Apps Agency by MobiFirst OTO