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QueContent Composer OTO

QueContent Composer OTO

What is QueContent Composer ?

QueContent Composer is an innovative web-based app that allows anyone to click their way to content, and it’s been updated with new features for 2020!

500 new journal prompts and 4 new categories
More fonts added for greater creativity
Margin flexibility to make formatting easier
Increased writing lines (one of our most requested features)


​ Simply select your category, questions, and output to create worksheet pages, journal pages, printables, report content, book content, and much more.

Over 1500 done-for-you questions and prompts in multiple categories.
Add your own categories and questions.
Edit any question to make it unique in seconds.
Download in PDF, Word, or PPT format.
Make your content unique fast and easy with the ability to edit, save, and upload your own questions and prompts.


QueContent Composer is perfect for:

  • Publishers
  • Content creators
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Anyone who needs content!

QueContent Composer (Front End Offer): Web-based app tool that creates content fast.

DFY QuePrompt Templates (OTO #1): 60 Templates in PPT and Word for Journals, Worksheets, Checklists and More.

DFY QuePrompt Content (OTO #2): Massive bank of white-Label articles for QueContent Composer, plus Print Publishing Training Pack and exclusive tutorial on using PLR with QueContent Composer.

Content Creation Quickstart (OTO #3): Content creation quickstart. Detailed 76 video product creation training.




Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

hey it’s Jim thanks a lot for joining me and right now I am looking on the inside of cute content composers tutorials page and this is a new cloud-based software that came out from Amy Harrop and she’s done a couple of things you know she does a lot with publishing and and creating content I shouldn’t just say publishing but she makes some really good tools that are useful for you if you’re doing

publishing or you’re trying to write ebooks or articles for blog posts or that kind of thing and that’s what cue content composer is great for so let’s take a look here so basically on the tutorial page you’ve got like four or five videos here that kind of walk you through different aspects of using the software right and you can do a lot of cool stuff with this like you can make journal or notebook type books if that’s something you’re interested in those are so cool because they’re so easy to create right I mean as as the software is is sort of

maturing and making it possible to create those kind of like interior pages that are just lined or dotted or if you want to move up the value chain like being able to do like what we see here on on the screen where you actually got like writing prompts or questions for the journal along with lines you know those things are sell better and and have like more value for the end customer they’re also much harder to create because you have to sort of if you’re doing it manually jump through page by page write your questions in you know make the lines kind of set it all up for t

he book format the size all that not impossible but as there’s more and more software out there that allows you to sort of make this stuff happen quickly you know that makes it much easier to publish those books and kind of opens it up for more and more people to sort of join in and start selling those kind of book Amazon which is great right because frankly like with this software you know there may be hundreds of people who buy this but like that’s such a small

amount of people in terms of like competition on Amazon and stuff who can actually create these kind of books that you can really you can really stand out and have some good opportunity there now the way this this software works basically you can just kind of create those journal type documents there quote-unquote load document or like medium content content books and interiors like this I would call like a medium content because you actually do have like questions and prompts in there which is more than the sort of low content which is just like lines inside the journal and there’s no words at all so yeah you know and

then basically once you create that you can just go straight to PDF if you like what you’ve got or if you want to sort of dress it up with a cool like border or other kind of template around the page then you can put that out to Word or PowerPoint and she shows you kind of you know where to get templates and how to use those she actually has some available that you can just use and put your content on so then you’ve got some like fancy borders around your pages and can

really make things look nice right now I will say that beyond doing those kind of journal books you can also do all sorts of other things like write ebooks or turn these into blog posts or anything so it’s not just about sort of the the journal book notebook kind of thing this is cute content composer can be used for you to take questions and right answers for example or create ebooks so it’s a lot of cool stuff and I definitely recommend kind of checking it out and and just watching her walk through the the tutorial and the video the overview of it on the sales page because it’s you know something that creating content is like a way to make money right and so people need content silly and if you can supply that for them or you can create your own and sell it as books for

example on Amazon or as PLR or meaning private label rights you know those are all opportunities for you to add value and have things to sell which you know when you’ve got things to sell that’s that’s a great way to make money so cute content composer I think pretty good and what I’ve done I’ve put together a couple of awesome bonuses to so why you can create great content with this what I’ve done is given a couple of bonuses which are ready to go PDF interiors for low content books one is just lines and the other is dotted like bullet journal type pages and all you have to do with these is create covers

and you can use that interior over and over again and just upload those on Amazon on KDP and you can basically you know start selling books that are you know journals notebooks you know anything you want and you can reuse those over and over again so I value those quite a bit because they’re not the easiest thing to make once you’ve got it made and you can reuse them like I said over and over again so check out those bonuses at the link below and learn more about them and cute

content composer might be worth checking out if you’re into creating content but you need a hand with it so thanks a lot for joining me hey listen I appreciate it I really do and I hope if you decide to go and look at cute content composer that you find it useful you know that I have it like mislead you here or anything like that cuz that’s certainly not my intention I just you know bringing this up because I know as a content creator it’s nice to have tools in the toolbox that help me you know with creating stuff so that’s uh that’s that and listen you have a great day and thanks for joining me

QueContent Composer OTO