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RankFlux Local Edition OTO

RankFlux Local Edition OTO – There Is One Front End And Four OTOs Options , All Links And Details Bellow.


RankFlux Local Edition FE=>>RankFlux Local Edition FE

OTO1 Pro Version=>>RankFlux Local Edition OTO1

OTO2 Delux Version=>>RankFlux Local Edition OTO2

OTO3 Agency +Training=>>RankFlux Local Edition OTO3

OTO4 Reseller=>>RankFlux Local Edition OTO4


What Is RankFlux Local Edition:

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We are giving You the ability to get Local Deals Offering Unlimited Google Page #1 Rankings & FREE Targeted BUYER Traffic To Local Business Owners Using Our Highly Profitable & Customizable Agency Website That Accepts Orders & Payment In One Click!

In short, RankFlux Local Edition = RankFlux SEO Software + Agency Site Builder + DFY Pitch Materials.

RANKFLUX It’s a Push Button SEO WordPress Plugin Gets You Unlimited Google Page #1 Rankings & FREE Targeted BUYER Traffic, Sales and Leads In One Click!

ZERO SEO knowledge or skills required!

It allow you to Quickly & Easily Out-rank Your Competitors and get page #1 ranking 99.9% of Time Regardless of Any Google Update by Uncovering Hidden High Traffic Low Competitive Keywords In Seconds that you can add to your website in one click…

In just few clicks setup this FREE Traffic App ,sit down, relax and lets this plugin rank your website and get you targeted traffic every minute.

RankFlux Gets FREE, Unlimited BUYER Traffic
From Google By Getting 100s Of Rankings.

ABOUT AGENCY SITE BUILDER – launch Your OWN Stunning, Customizable And Highly-Profitable Agency Websites With Point-N-Click Simplicity…

Its an all-in-one Agency Solution that builds Agency Website, Get Clients,Accept Orders &Deliver Services From A Single Dashboard In Few Clicks.

Its Allow Customer to launch their own money making agency business in few minutes selling services to small business owners, local business owners and international business.

it Includes everything you need to build a profitable Agency Business. Clients can order any service in one single click and no need for registration to complete the order. Paypal, stripe and payment after service options are integrated for easy payment transaction. It has many important section which are important for any business website and everything is fully dynamic.

Plus DFY Materials To Pitch & Sell Your SEO Services:

SEO Explainer Video
Email & Telemarketing Scripts
Ready Made Sample SEO Proposal
Commercial Graphics Template
Business Card
SEO Audit Sample Contract.

Here Are Some Powerful Features Built Into RankFlux:
Keyword Finder: Get 100s of Google Page #1 rankings & free targeted buyer traffic in no time. Find high traffic, relevant, low competition keywords for your website, blog or business.

Competitor Analysis: Full SEO competition analysis of any keyword. Quickly & easily outrank your competitors on Google Page #1.

Google Suggest Keyword: Long Tail Keyword Suggestions & Optimization including search volume, CPC & PPC.

Rank SPY: Get keywords that any domain and any web page are ranking for…this includes: Organic and paid keywords, Keyword positions, Results snippets, Extra SERP elements, Search volume, Cost per click, Competition value, Website rankings, Traffic cost, Estimated traffic value.

Content Analysis for Longtail Keyword: RankFlux scans your content and suggests optimization for each keyword, such as keyword destiny, keyword format etc.

Spy Competitor Backlinks Strategy: RankFlux analyses how your competitor rank their keywords with backlink strategy. It gets you details like their backlink sources, traffic, domain strength and also their backlink type like affiliate, .gov, short link, organic link, naked link.

On Page SEO Analysis: Helps you to improve the internal linking patterns of the website and remove broken pages. Not just that… you’ll also get URLs of linked pages, No follow/do follow attributes, Text after and before the anchor, Relevance, Link type, Link status.

Question Keyword Suggestion Tool: Improve your content with question suggestion from the Google question. This helps you generate better headline using the exact question.

1-Click Report Generation: Download Keywords & SEO Report into a CSV, EXCEL, PDF, TXT or PRINT file in 1-CLICK for detailed analysis so that you can create a winning strategy around it.

Automatic Search Engine Submitter: Automatically inform the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex) that you have new post to index, so your content will be indexed immediately as soon as you publish.

Auto ADD Long Tail Keywords: Add these to Post/Page Title, Body, Tags, Categories & Menu

Multiple Country & Multilingual Supported: Search and Analyse Keyword based on any country or language.

Faster Site Indexer: Index instantly. Super useful for News website & Blogs.

Smart Internal Linking Manager: Improve internal linking automatically, auto link your Longtail keyword with Tags/terms in your content.

No API Required: No 3rd party service or API is required, RankFlux is just plug and play simple.


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Video review For Front End Only


installing rank flux is super easy log
on to your WordPress admin click on
plugins on the menu then click as new
click on upload plug-in to upload rank
blocks to your WordPress choose file and
click on install now to begin the
uploading process
click on activate plug-in to activate
rank blocks on your WordPress site
click on help and training to access the
training video and support desk go to
settings enable the above were ranked
luck and enable auto ping new post click
on search engine submitter and enable
all search engines for indexing
rank blocks is also compatible with no
sto plugin enable auto generate focus
and auto optimize Meta Description
once you are done with the settings it
time to get ranked blocks into action go
to keyword slider to find high traffic
relevant low competition keywords for
the website blog or business
enter your initial keyword and rank flux
will return hundreds of related longtail

RankFlux Local Edition OTO

keywords with search volume CPC data you
can select all more check your desired
longtail keywords and also export to PDF
CSV Excel or prayer

RankFlux Local Edition OTO

select your desired longtail keywords
and add to text categories menu link
categories or format
click on add tags to add the selected
longtail keywords to tags and use it in
your post or page tags are added
automatically then you can use this as
post tags and get ranked easily in
search engines the next feature is Auto
link manager which helps you optimize
internal linking automatically to boost
SEO select where to auto link keywords
to either post or pages or menu enter
the total link to create maximum link to
create for keyword link rel and open
link options
then click on Save Changes in this auto
link your site content automatically the
next feature is rank spike this gets you
keywords that any domain and any webpage
are ranking for all you need to do is
enter the domain name
you can go to google.com to search for
the number one website or pages for your

RankFlux Local Edition OTO

desired keywords copy the website link
and paste it inside ranked by and see it
in action click on get terms and see
organic and paid keywords keyword
positions result snippets extra ser P
elements search volumes cost per click
competition value website rankings
traffic cost estimated traffic value
the next feature his competitor s ERP
analysis gives you the ability to do in
health competition analysis
lightning-fast ends with a push of a
button enter a keyword and click on get
it will show result of top 100 websites
ranking for that keyword title URL and
analysis click on traffic to get
competitors traffic analysis like global
ranked monthly visits traffic sources
social analysis and domain analysis
click on deep analytics to diagnose and
audit your competitors website for
search engine optimization and backlinks
strategy on page analysis utilizes more
than 70 on page ranking factors analyze
webpages against a huge variety of
on-page parameters
[RankFlux Local Edition OTO]
to easily rank your post / pages on
search engines at an old post / page or
create new post / page you will see rank
flux menu below the post / page body
enter your post / page title click on
keyword suggestion tool to research
longtail keywords to rank your post or
page API source to get keywords from
Google while extract from content to get
longtail keywords based keywords in your
content after selecting the source enter
your keyword location and number of
keywords and click on get terms to get
get keywords search volume CPC edge
competition analysis
RankFlux Local Edition OTOthen select the keywords you want to use
in your post / page
RankFlux Local Edition OTOchoose where to add the keywords to
RankFlux Local Edition OTOthese are categories text navigation
menus link categories and formats you
can as well decide to copy each keyword
and paste in your tags directly on the
current post
RankFlux Local Edition OTOquestion suggestion tool it generates
question keywords from Google question
for a better headline for your content
enter a question location and number of
keywords to get question keywords with
low competition and decent traffic you
can then copy each keyword to the tags
content analysis for longtail keywords
aside from primary keyword just allow
you to scan your content and suggest the
optimization for each keyword such as
keyword destiny keyword formatting just
copy any keywords from your content and
paste inside the add custom keyword to
optimize your content
you can copy as many keywords as
possible from your content to optimize

RankFlux Local Edition OTO