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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Therefore, if your business isn’t included on the search results page, you’re losing out on a vast untapped market of clients that are actively searching for your items to buy. Greetings on your travels. In addition to being a very interesting acronym, I’m Morgan and Neely, and today we’re going through the beginner’s guide to SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it refers to the work that is done to optimize your website for search engines.


In order to convince Google and other search engines that you are the most trustworthy and relevant result for queries connected to your goods or services, you must put in some effort. Google thus bases which websites should appear on the first page on two criteria: relevance and trust.


Because 167 billion queries take place on Google each month, I’ll be using the term “Google” interchangeably with all other search engines. This is a lot. I’m simply going to use the term “google” interchangeably since the majority of searches take place there now. We’re going to proceed because it’s the 167 billion pound gorilla in the room. Okay, I’m terrified, so tell me why.


Why is it crucial? If search engines are the new Yellow Pages, why should we spend our time, effort, and money there? People come here to discover answers. Each month, there are countless trillions of searches conducted, many of which are for your goods and services. Therefore, if you don’t appear on the search results page, you’re losing out on a vast untapped market of buyers that are actively searching for your items since 88 percent of people do their research before making a purchase.


What do they do? Research? Simply said, you must be there. Google, so you must simply be there. So rather than me telling you, let me simply demonstrate. Let’s check out a search result now. Let’s do it correctly, so let’s start by examining the search results page itself to break down the various components of SEO.


So let’s visit Google.com and choose an example company that we should research. Let’s give it a go. Lawyers, lawyers, your profession is really taking off, eh, something like that. Arizona’s Phoenix, indeed.


You urgently need a Phoenix, Arizona, lawyer. The phrase or question that you are seeking answers to is known as a “search query,” and it might include your keywords. For instance, “lawyer” is a keyword, and “Phoenix, Arizona” is presumably a keyword. Let’s now take a closer look at the three components of the search engine results page, or serp. Therefore, these first two portions are here. These are sponsored advertisements, and you can usually tell since they have a little ad flag there.


As you can see, there are two advertisements here, and if we scroll down to the next area, this is the one with the local map listings. Therefore, they are exclusively local companies. Therefore, you won’t display here if you cater to a nationwide audience or don’t have a geographical place that you service. You must have excellent SEO on your website and an optimised Google profile in order to be here. You can see from my company profile that there are often just three firms listed here.


There may also be an advertisement now and then. This is the neighborhood three-pack. This is an example of someone who has paid to be listed locally, and the three listings below it are those that are coming up naturally and organically and that Google has identified as being for Phoenix, Arizona. The top three are these. A larger map of all the various local attorneys will appear if you click on additional locations. You may therefore notice a good number of them before exploring their Google My Business page.


The next and last section at the bottom is an example of one. These are the natural outcomes. Because you have to pay to play for them, unlike the sponsored advertisements, here is where you want to be. So when your advertising money runs out, poof, you’re gone. However, with these, you gradually show Google that you are the most relevant and reliable response, and then you’re going to be here for a very long time. We’re sort of taught to simply pass over the ads and go right down to the organic results, and as long as you continue to demonstrate to Google that you’re better than your competitors and people enjoy these, a lot of people will just saunter down here, click, and locate their attorney. Therefore, I want to return to the top and speak about keywords.


Competitiveness since we’ll be talking about keywords a lot. You must include everything on your webpage. People are using these search phrases, so you need to make sure that your website includes them as well. But some people are far more competitive than others. As a consequence, if you search for “lawyer” in Phoenix, Arizona, you will see around 32 million results. Phoenix is a sizable city.


If we alter it to something less competitive, let’s say a dog grooming company in Phoenix, Arizona, where there are only 2.3 million results. As a result, there is less competition, which is excellent if you are a dog groomer since it means you have if you are using the proper SEO. In contrast to attorneys, who spend a lot of money on advertising, it will be simpler to show up on the top page for that search keyword. The market is very competitive.


People are always vying for the highest positions. Do we need to use just short keywords? Is there anything else we can use besides Google at this time? Before Google recognizes that you should be ranking for these, you need to establish your authority in the smaller, less competitive markets. Therefore, you should start small with so-called long-tail keywords, which are keywords with three, four, five, or six words total. Let’s use more general phrases for this example. If I’m a dog groomer, let’s pretend I specialise in bad grooming. Then, we’ll modify the search terms to “poodle groomer” and “phoenix, Arizona.” You can see how competitive it is since there are only 300,000 search results.


The fact that fewer people are including poodle grooming on their websites makes this wonderful, and it gives me a terrific chance to begin establishing my authority with Google. So keep in mind that if I’m a dog groomer and you visit my website and there isn’t even a mention of dog grooming, just my name, my phone number, and maybe a picture, Google will see it and assume that it isn’t relevant. It is irrelevant. Therefore, this individual must not be a fantastic fit for this keyword: they are most likely not a dog groomer at all. It is therefore our responsibility to check that all of the information on our website is relevant to those keywords, so please tell me everything. I merely need to update a small portion of the text on my website.


Not quite, but keep in mind that we’re doing this for Google as well as our consumers, so they may have information. Google, on the other hand, has very specific preferences for how our webpages should be organised. The backend data of the website, Google, wants to make sure that we have it structured in a manner that it can simply read and understand what our website is about because, in the end, a robot is scanning the back end of our website. These include stuff like our h1 tag and our metadata meta descriptions, which I’ll dig into right now to demonstrate how amazing they are given that we are on a website for poodle grooming. I’m keen on rhyme, so let’s move to this one: puff and fluff grooming and pet sitting.


Although the website is attractive and has excellent branding and colours, Google doesn’t recognise any of it. They saw this explosion. That is awful! That’s not very attractive, and if this was how your website was displayed to end users, your consumers, they wouldn’t gain anything. You’re telling me that I need to know how to code to achieve that, not necessarily because contemporary website builders already have this built in, but rather because this is precisely what Google looks at when they want to rank a website.


As you can see, this website uses the all-in-one SEO plug-in for WordPress, which is amazing since it makes it really simple for non-technical users like you to update all these SEO aspects. In order to do this, you must have your meta title, which is simply the title of each section of your website that will appear on the search engine results page for this example. You can see right here where they choose the appropriate meta description after setting their meta title for puff and fluff grooming and pet city. So there you have it, the fundamentals of SEO for your website’s SERPs. Everything that has to be done on your website was just discussed.


Let’s now discuss the topics off-site. That demonstrates to Google that you are the most reliable result for a search. Okay, then give us a little more context for your trust. I’ll use an example, so consider getting a call from a fifth-grader who says, “Hey Morgan, you’re the greatest basketball player in the whole world.” Will you really believe him?


Most likely not, I believe he has already paid him in full. What if Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant phoned you to give you the inside scoop on this new guy named Morgan? In the whole world, she is the finest basketball player. How would you respond to someone who believed them?


Oh, without a doubt. They are in a position of authority. As a result, you will trust their judgement, just as you would with Google. We could brag about ourselves all day long, but we see this all the time. This is how Google can determine if it should trust your website. People brag about being the finest dog groomer in Phoenix, Arizona, but with superlatives.


Backlinks, or links on other websites, help a website get the authority of other people that it requires. That links back to your website, and Google looks at this as a sign that everything is OK. This webpage is truly excellent. It is currently the subject of backlinks from other websites; quality prevails over quantity. You don’t simply enter your information online, you know.


Consider each remark. Every YouTube remark that says to simply post your website everywhere does so since doing otherwise would make Google seem spammy. It requires Michael Jordan shoes of really good grade. What one thing is it? They are currently able to.


Adding material to your website, particularly content, is the most important thing you can do to get the most value for your money. Your keywords are there to choose those keywords. If you use a dog groomer in Phoenix, Arizona, for instance, you should definitely include the goods and services you provide or that you want your clients to be aware of. Perhaps there are certain grooming techniques that you particularly like. For example, say, for example, that you are well known for being the finest dang toy poodle groomer this side of the Mississippi.


Okay, you should have a separate page with information about the particular service you provide. In light of that, I advise you to double-check your page. Simply create a tonne of material so that when people and, eventually, Google look at it, they understand precisely what you’re about. Once Google does this, you’ll start to move up in its rankings, so don’t worry.


I really hope that this SEO primer was useful to you and that you can put these suggestions into practice right now. If you’re going to start your company and you found this article to be helpful, let us know in the comments below what the most useful lesson about SEO you learned today was. Also, make sure to like this video. subscribe This has been the voyage signing off to you, and if you want to watch these videos first, ring that bell.

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