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RankZPresso OTO

RankZPresso OTO

What is RankZPresso ?

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7 in 1 Cloud-Hosted Software Ranks Videos Completely Autopilot With Zero Manual Work
Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine

It’s easy to rank in youtube (as well as Google in 4 steps )

Keyword Rich Title
And Ranking = traffic, leads, and sales

7 in 1 software does these all at the push of a button

What’s Included 

So, the customers get everything they need to rank their videos from one single dashboard
-Title Generator
-Description generator
-tags generator
-keyword generator to get profitable keyword ideas
-trending videos finder to find what’s working now
-video rank checker to spy on the competition and gather intelligence from them
-automatic backlinks builder the ultimate weapon for guaranteed ranking. Users won’t have to spend hundreds of –bucks on backlinks alone

-Features and Benefits

Ranking and traffic from youtube and google -100% free traffic. Never pay for traffic again,
Drive traffic to blogs, stores, build list, make money
Unlimited videos – no limit
Automatic backlinks from 5000+ sites – never spend money on backlinks again
Fully cloud-based software. Nothing to download and/or upload
100% Automatic – no manual work
Totally newbie friendly


RankZPresso is for YOU – No Matter What Business or Niche You’re In – If you Need Passive Income, This is The Software For You…

We made it so SIMPLE and powerful so that ANYONE, even if you are NEW to this whole “internet software” or this “make money online” experience – you can use this software and get results.

If you’ve tried every other software out there promising to find you mines filled with gold & then never got any result from it, you need to try this.


Video review for Front End only

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rank Z press so the review what does it do do you need it I’m going to show you the sales page the OT owes the prices and we’re going to go inside the website and we’ll go step by step showing you what it does my name is Bryan Toder of Bryan Toder comm and I show people just like you had to finally make money online be sure to subscribe to this channel and ring that Bell for the updates and if you

want to find out how to really make money online starting a good business a solid business I have a step-by-step program that you could look at it’s at Bryan Toder comm just click on the link below this video and you’ll be there ranked zip resolved I don’t know why he calls it that but this is interesting you know if this would actually work it would be a great product so this is going to give you all the tools that you need to put together the perfect YouTube channel with all the the right videos the keywords the the the titles the whole Schmeer so I’m gonna give you an analogy so let’s say you have Apple TV or you have some kind of online service like Verizon to get your movies and

your and your shows and everything you need to know and someone says hey I have an app for you and you can get Netflix and you can get your movies and you could get your prime Amazon Prime and you can get all all the channels that you want wouldn’t you say well yeah but I already have all that I have Apple TV and it actually works oh no but I have something too to sell to you and and it’s gonna it’s gonna do the same thing but you you can do it on your TV yeah but I have one of these and I could do that on my TV with Apple TV well when I looked at this program ranked zip pres Oh Renzi pres oh I had the same feeling because I can do

the same thing on YouTube now realize that YouTube is it’s owned by Google and YouTube yes it’s a video site but it’s really a surge search engine it’s a search engine it’s important to know that you could do almost everything you want about videos keywords descriptions thumbnails the whole thing using YouTube so I’m going to show you inside this program and then we’re going to go to youtube and I’m going to show you how to do this for free okay so again this would be really fascinating if this was a really great product so what is this it’s

a new revolutionary point-and-click cloud base app to hack video rankings what a mouthful and it’s going to generate massive and free traffic and that’s that thing again free traffic well when I show you how to make money online with the link Bryan Toder comm it shows you how to do this free traffic on YouTube which is what I do and you’ll see while I show you this product we’re gonna go to my channel and you’ll see what I’m doing and I don’t we be doing this for a little over a half a year so and I’m waking making money I’ve got night 3 traffic I get everything for free and it cost me nothing nothing so this says get an insane noise word amount of free and rapid traffic from Google and YouTube well you could do that anyway tell you that now ranked and Bank the away oh I like that it’s it’s like it might steal that like but no convenient its yeah and I will tell you it’s very convenient because everything’s in one place but but so is YouTube it’s all in one place idea for you ideal for

you bees well here’s the thing YouTube is not that hard to figure out the thing is using a tool like this it’s going to make it more complicated and I’ll show you why no prior experience I don’t know why that is that why that’s even there because you still have to know how to make a video and again unlimited free traffic no set up much much more so let’s go look through the sales page real quickly and I’ll show you what it is and we’ll stop and go back and forth and and you’re gonna learn how

to do this and again at the end of this I’ll show you what you really should get and it’s not even my product it’s it’s a it’s a YouTube genius and you’ll see what I mean this is module one it’s the title generator what does that mean you need titles for your videos so here is my channel and here are my videos and here are the titles down here like errant render ins PL are on PL are the honest review keyword

research case study video me speech ello review it now the title is really important because it has the keywords and it’s what people search for so it’s it’s very very important in your video let’s look at Marcia’s channel and let’s go to videos by the way them is this is Maj and my I am the blue one and as you could see I’ve only been doing this for months he’s been this for years and yet I’m kind of doing better than he’s doing which is interesting because he has this tool he owns this tool but so let’s look at some of the the titles by our traffic free traffic collection net method now would you type that into Google buyer traffic free traffic collection method so personally I wouldn’t say that that’s a great title but the program will make a title for you morning traffic 100 percent free and he’s not even getting that many views which means he’s not even doing what he said to do using his program so let’s go into it so let’s go to the title generator

and I’ll type in make money with PLR because I love PLR get titles from YouTube mmm nothing that’s impossible no results let me try this how to make money no results money all right it’s good of something else just then just want to see what’s going on here just the word money it’s got to be no results hey mosh this doesn’t work alright I’m gonna pause this video I’m gonna give them a little time I’m gonna pick up some Advil really it’s got a headache and I’m gonna make a fair video seriously I’m gonna pause this and see if that’s working and about a half hour or so alright see you soon okay ladies and germs I give up it’s been a couple of hours and I understand that things don’t go right on the internet it’s the internet if I had bought this I would have

already asked for my money back within not 30 days but if in three hours or so so I’m having some tonic water to calm me down and I will show you what this is supposed to do and how you can actually do this yourself for free on YouTube and then I’m going to recommend someone else’s product that is a hell of a lot less than this is so where were we left off oh the title generate a total generator so I just put in the word money and as you could see it says no results so maybe he’s broke I don’t know I wanted to I actually wanted to put in make money with PLR because when I was playing with this it actually showed it up it showed everything up but what happened was it gives you the titles and the titles are the titles under the videos so if you look at mine I’ll show you all my videos let’s say it’s this one

vid Nami free trial update info so they’re keywords and what he’s going to do is just give you a list of random titles for something that has that that’s related to the keywords so if I put in search search bar I would put make money with PLR okay and this is the same exact thing that they’re going to charge you to get so see this is a good guy vid society and how to make money with PLR this is why in there I should be a knight this is mine right here alright thank you guy so that’s what it did that that’s all it did it’s going to show you the different titles but it’ll be a list the problem is you don’t really see what it’s attached to as well as this does so just to show you maash doesn’t reall

y do what he said to do so and I said this earlier ten minute ten men by buyer traffic is not something someone would type it in it wouldn’t be a good keyword it wouldn’t be a good title let me see 24k sarcastic traffic so I’m gonna type that in let me see 24k sarcastic traffic alright say it right alright what would come up it’s it’s about sarcasm right what what else would come up look at this Chris Pratt Jake yeah so he doesn’t do what he said that you should do so that’s the title generate a generator this is the thumbnail spy so what this supposed to do to make money all right I think something would come up no results goes the entire internet damn so with Pilar all right so I’m just doing that to copy this so I’ll go in to Chrome and put that in I’ll just use that and these are the thumbnails this is exactly the same exact thing that you would have gotten I swear but it’ll be thumbnail thumbnail from there just like that just a list of thumbnails and these some of them are good I love this one that’s a really good look that’s two in a row so but these are my thumbnails are damn good

this is a good one right here step-by-step this one all right this is a good one thumbnails how much would that cost you nothing nothing because it’s it’s a search engine on YouTube let’s let’s keep going let’s go to a link builder like so what you’re supposed to do is supposed to put the the video in here and you’re going to generate backlinks so let’s go to this guy yeah and I will preview see if this even works okay that’s the one okay I won 100 backlinks that’s fine keywords PLR how about that PLR all right build backlinks all right this is what you get I really don’t even know what I’m looking at however let’s talk about back links and this is an article I will put this below

this video and basically it’s about don’t do backlinks it does work but most people do it wrong and what happens is you get thrown off of the platform’s Google YouTube you get it so if if you just want to stay active on on the search engines don’t do this this is really dumb and the way they’re doing it on his product this one it’s just don’t do it I just please just don’t do it and the link for that article is below this video so you go to it description generator now this is interesting so what you would put in make money with PR and look at that no results alright so what this actually would be it would be your descriptions so here’s how you do it for free so that how to make money with PLR you click on that guy and hey look at that there’s a description now what would happen is and I saw this video was that was in that description thing here generator it did have this video in it so you got all of this now you got you you end up getting his links his language it’s not yours and you you’re going to literally have to

rewrite it so what’s the purpose of this by the way this is free because ok tag generator now there’s a couple ways you could do this make money on with Geo are alright so I look at that alright that works so this won’t really help you why because this isn’t telling you anything it doesn’t tell you how it’s ranked or anything like this so let’s go to my channel if I go to youtube and type in make money with PLR oh look at this there are the tags how it is us you know really so here’s it here’s a video I did a while ago good PLR versus bad PLR tags tags four five six these are the good ones these are so let’s look at mosh and look let’s look at some tags okay so this is mashes video morning traffic notice no tags tag generator he wants you to do it no tags and he doesn’t use n screens or he doesn’t you info cards he doesn’t do anything that you need to do to actually succeed on YouTube only has a few views and really I’m not trying to make this guy look bad I’m just saying he’s not doing what he said you need to do this product is supposed to do all this stuff and he’s not even doing it so like keyword generator is this gonna be the same thing she were your keywords in there make money with PR right you put that in I think it’s gonna happen and you could do this on this so how would I do this so if I go to this is to buddy and I could you put in a keyword make money with are right so this comes up and you can use that and I click on that what’s nice is it will give you the right related keywords or common video tags and this says this is good it only brings in 44,000 searches which is wonderful that’s it you don’t want to have a bazillion because that’s a problem so when I go to something like this it would list all of the keywords the thing is it doesn’t tell you if it’s really going to work for you this will so there will be a link below this this program it’s called to buddy and it’s a monthly fee it’s not expensive it’s wonderful the people who use to buddy rank really well on YouTube that’s what this product is supposed to do it’s supposed to rank well that’s the name rank Z Prez oh right now eligible rank the rank checker well I’ll just tell you now it’s not gonna work anyway so this would the two buddy would do that I can find the rank I could it’s not hard to do but this is kind of funny the the trending videos this might actually show up alright so what it does is it shows you the different trending video so if I go back to let’s see keyword Explorer making oops money online alright these are the related ones alright so these are the video searches now this is what would tell you that your you’re gonna it’s going to tell you that the thing is it this is going to tell you anything this tells you everything so it also gives you is that is this a good keyword well no for the first for the reason is that making money online is so popular there are 125 million video videos that people are searching for so if if you had a video called making money online it’s just gonna get lost so that’s what this is for and on mashes channel it tells me that he doesn’t even do the basic basic basic beginner stuff that anyone who has a channel does he doesn’t do any of it it’s really it is amazing let me just look at something all right this has 300 views which is okay but let’s look at it there’s no description none remember this has a description generator because it ranks your your video better he doesn’t even do that look at this his description is go here and it’s a link no tags no cards no end screens no soap radio I almost forgot the OT O’s I’m just gonna show you what this is because just don’t buy this thing this this is the funnel this is how much this will cost over two thousand dollars and you don’t need this because you could do this on YouTube for free so that’s my report folks here though I I do want you to see something this is what I truly recommend instead of washes mish-mosh thing get this it’s the YouTube channel mastery by Adam Payne this will work seriously Adam Payne who who runs us he’s one of the top guys in the YouTube business the link to this page is below this video and you can see on this page my mentor philip he recommends this and there’s Gary it’s a friend of mine so what this actually does is it’s how to create your optimized channel and that always it’s a it’s a tough road if you don’t know what you’re doing and this is not expensive and if it was me I would get it in fact I’m getting it real briefly because this isn’t a review this is what you get module 1 is choosing a niche and that’s you know if you don’t get that right nothing will work module 2 just create and optimize your channel he will show you how to do that most people get stuck at this point because creating a channel it’s it’s like furnishing a house you know you got it you got to put everything where it’s supposed to be and most people just don’t get this and then they end up with a terrible channel and nobody shows up and when they quit so this is going to show you how to create it and optimize it then the analytics again another stickler even for me and I’m getting this and I’m going to relearn how to do analytics because it keeps changing and changing growing your channel the one of the biggest questions on YouTube is how come nobody is subscribing happen nobody is watching my videos well that’s the problem so this module will show you how to get over that there are two upsells one is about video playlists and the other one is about advertising so if you want that fine if not but this is $47 for the main product and seriously maybe that’s all you need there is no guarantee why because he’s done with those people who buy something they look at it they don’t do anything and say oh it doesn’t work not like Marsh’s where it didn’t work mm-hmm this will work and Adam he knows his stuff and he’s really good guy and if you get stuck he will help you and I guaranteed that well that was a strange rank Z pres o review so it kind of went south and ended up here so I would recommend this product get it there’s a link below this video and here it is the YouTube channel mastery click this button right there and you’re in and if you have any questions you know how to find me and if you want to find out how to make money online even on YouTube there’s a link to Bryan Toder comm follow this video of course my name is Bryan Toder of Bryan Toder comm I show people just like you had a finally make money online subscribe to this channel ring that bell

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